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Strong Core Workout to a Healthier Lower Back Muscles

Strong Core Workout to a Healthier Lower Back Muscles

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A strong core workout focuses on your midsection muscles. But surprisingly, it connects with your lower back health and hips as well. Strengthening the core muscles is the fundamental of the stronger function of the body.

A strong core workout should be engaging with other parts of your body. There are different kinds of exercises to train your core to be stronger. It also helps to promote more efficient workouts overall.

Why workout for your core?

Why workout for your core?

Well, when you have a stronger core, that means you have a stronger back. Some of the health benefits of stronger core workout is getting rid of the back pain. It also helps the muscles and joints of the lower body to improve reflexes. 

Some of these workouts are easy to perform, and you do not need to hit the gym or get a gym instructor to assist you. You can learn these workouts just by watching online videos and capturing some of our tips and essential reminders before doing each exercise.

Influential Strong Core Workout

Performing the right rhythm and timing will give you the achievement you want from a workout, especially when it involves your core. Toned and well-built abs are one of the assets that most women and men always dream to have.

So if you want to have the same body shape, you should be working for it. No one attains a perfect body shape instantly; perfect body shapes do not happen without a sweat. An intense core workout comes from real hard work and exercises.

Here are some of the strong core workout we suggest you start doing and practicing.

Plank to Reach

Plank to Reach

Your starting position is placing your forearms on the floor while facing down. Also, your elbows should be under your shoulders in a stacking position. Then extend your legs behind you while squeezing your glutes and thighs. The pressure is in this part of your body. Next, pull your belly button towards your spine, and your right hand is reaching out to the floor. You can repeat this on the other side.

Going your Arch Upwards

Your starting position is lying, your face downwards, and your arms are extended over your head. Then lift your arms and legs, putting the pressure on your glutes and lower back. As finishing moves, you should hold this position for 2 seconds and lower your arms and legs to start another set. Repeat this until you feel the muscles in your core and back pain subsides.

Twist it like Russian

What is it to look like a twisting Russian? This term practically means of twisting your waist while sitting on glutes. Then your knees are bent out with both hands in your knees. While doing this, you should be holding a dumbbell. In this position, you will need to rotate your torso side to side. Make sure you move the dumbbell hip to hip.

Flutter Kicks

Flutter Kicks

This movement is useful if you want to train your legs to be stronger and your hips as well. 

Your starting position is lying on your back, placing your hands under your glutes. Then lift your head slowly off the floor, staring at your belly button. Next is take your legs off the floor. Keep your lower back pressed into the floor and flutter your legs. It will complete your flutter kicks movement.

Hip Bridges

This movement focus on your hips. Lying on your back while your knees are bent. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor and your arms at your sides, palms facing down. Then press your hips up and put pressure on your glutes. To repeat another set, lower your hips and start the routine.

Why these workouts?

The benefits that these workouts can give us is because it keeps our body physically fit. Each exercise has unique characteristics, and advantages and those will be the next things you will read. 


For instance, doing this workout will give you a real pump of blood. It is an isometric exercise that requires no movement. To make sure, keep your shoulders down and away from your ears. Your back should be glued to the mat. Vigorous core workout like hollowman is essential if you want to train stronger hips and abs.


This workout targets the lower back, aside from the midsection muscles of the body. If you are experiencing pain in your low back, it should be gone after you perform this workout. At first, this exercise is challenging to implement. If you are a beginner, you can do the workout without pulling. Just make sure you raise your arms and legs off of the ground.

Sit-Ups lower

Sit-ups in letter V position is one of the intense core workouts that you can perform. This routine needs practice, though. But if you master it, you will enjoy the result. In the sitting position, make sure that you will also stay your shoulders down and away from your ears. You should not move it no matter how hard the routine gets.

Planking with your Knee Crosses

Planking with your Knee Crosses

It is another twist of doing plank positions. In this one, you will need your knees to be crossed while exhaling and blowing all the air out of your lungs. Then pull the knee towards the opposite elbow. If you pick the right knee, then it should go towards the left elbow, and vice versa. This routine has been developed because it will make a simple planking position intense.

Planking with Shoulder Taps

Another variation of planking is this position with shoulder taps. This intense core workout also challenges the balance of your body. When performing this workout, the only movement you will permit to do is tapping your shoulders. There are no unnecessary movements if you want to achieve the benefits of planking with shoulder taps.

Leg Raises

If you are raising your legs, it should not hurt your back, especially the lower portion

If you are raising your legs, it should not hurt your back, especially the lower portion. Then place your hands underneath to support your low back and do not drop your legs down very low. Remember, each of these exercises is meant to work for your core. So make sure that every movement has no pain.

Our Insights

Indeed, a strong core workout is crucial if you are doing it right. Make sure that your gym instructor guides you if you are choosing to perform the complicated routines. If you are just new with doing a workout, you will need to start from the easy exercise for beginners. Then the progress will continue if you are getting familiarize little by little.

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