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Soft Drinks - Watch Out 'cause Nothing is Good in It

Soft Drinks – Watch Out ’cause Nothing is Good in It

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Soft drinks can be refreshing, yet it contains many unhealthy ingredients such as artificial sweetener and flavoring. You cannot categorize soft drinks as carbonated water or vice versa because soft drinks have no health effects on our bodies.

Soft drinks versus sparkling water, which is healthier? Though the two have the same carbon dioxide components, sparkling water is more robust than soft drinks.

Sparkling water has sodium and other minerals that are mixed together. It is infused with carbon dioxide under pressure. But there are flavored sparkling waters that are unhealthy because of artificial colors and additives. So make sure that your sparkling water has no flavor or added sugar. Artificial sweeteners or flavoring has many side effects.

Side Effects of Soft Drinks

Especially when you are drinking too many soft drinks in a day, you will notice the difference in your body.

Failure of the Kidneys to Function

According to studies, many are suffering because of kidney failure. For those with impending kidney-related problems, you can trigger it if you will drink soft drinks. Our kidneys have limited functions if there is a higher risk of health problems. So skipping drinking soda can prevent further issues over time.

Increase Blood Sugar Level

Because of the artificial sweeteners and flavors, soft drinks contain too much sugar that our body cannot able to process and use. The sugar that our body intakes transform into energy, which we can use for daily activities. Otherwise, soft drinks are a factor of developing Type 2 diabetes.

The artificial sweetener can also result in being overweight. It can happen at an early age, meaning when we are at the age of before becoming teenagers.

It is not a refreshing drink.

soda is not a refreshing drink.Yes, soft drinks can dehydrate you, not replenish what you have lost. When you are hydrated, it will be hard for your body to produce urine, which helps your body to eliminate waste. So if you feel like drinking water and re-hydrate yourself, you can look at water and other hydration drinks. But not soda.

Watch out for caramel flavor in soft drinks.

You should carefully check your soft drinks; make sure you do not see any caramel coloring. The color is a sign of chemical reactions to sugar with ammonia and sulfites if under high pressure and temperatures. These chemicals can result in getting cancer, which can destroy lung, liver and thyroid. Also, the caramel flavor can link to vascular diseases.

Too many calories can result in heart diseases

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