Self Care at Home, The Recommended Spa-Level at your Home


Self-care at home does not need to be a professional stylist, derms, and manicurists to make a spa-level at-home beauty. Let us grab this opportunity while staying indoors to learn self-care at home. There are plenty of the best ways to achieve a spa-level skincare routine.

Self-care at home, aside from maintaining your beauty while staying indoors, can be a way to relax your mind. It is not a secret that this quarantine manifests the feelings of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Emotion and mental health at this time are crucial, so the best way to avoid this argument is to bring a sense of relaxation, such as a spa.


At home, I did some spa-level self-care. The spa is my favorite self-relaxation, and it helps me cope with the quarantine. Staying indoors is all time is not that easy, and going to my favorite spa, salon, and derm clinic is impossible.

However, it should not stop you or me from getting a self-care routine. I tried many DIY skincare routines. Also, I gave my hair some treatment, and even manicure and pedicure did not escape my beauty remedies at home.


Why do we need to cleanse if we are staying indoors? Well, as part of any beauty care routine, cleansing is essential.

For my self-care at home, I do the double cleansing to prepare my skin. I used an oil-based cleanser for deep removal of makeup and unwanted dead skin cells. Then my second cleansing solution is foam or cream-based. Cream or foam-based cleansers are gentle cleansing solutions compared to oil-based. It keeps the pores cleaner.

After I did the double cleansing, I used warm water and a soft clean cloth, pathing my face. I made sure of the areas where oil and congestion of dirt reside.


This second step of my self-care at home depends on the type of skin. There are different types of exfoliation that you can try.

As for me, I got oily skin, so the exfoliation solution that I used has enzymes, a powder that can exfoliate and polish skin after cleansing.

I tried using a liquid formula for exfoliation. But it became too harsh on my skin. My derm doctor advised me to skip using a liquid method unless there is a presence of blend chemical exfoliants. Also, it is better not to go over and do more exfoliation, which can damage the protective skin layer.

Facial Mask

Self-Care-at-Home-The-Recommended-Spa-03It is not the surgical or N95 mask. Beauty face masks are essential, especially staying indoors has a different effect on our skin.

Oily skin is prone to breakouts, so a clay-based or facial mask with vitamin C is what I used during my facial mask session. It is my favorite self-care at home because I feel relaxed whenever I use a facial mask. And I see the difference in the morning. My skin is no longer dehydrated, dull, and oily.


So you want to feel the real spa experience while staying at home? Well, I suggest you should do steam as part of the beauty routine.

I tried doing steam once. I fill a bowl with hot water and position my face over the bowel. Then I put a towel over my head. It will let the skin open up. For a twist of steam, you can put slices of oranges in the bowl. That will soften your skin while opening the pores.

Moist and Massage

For my finale of self-care at home, I used a quality moisturizer and an excellent massage to my face. The moisturizer will keep my skin hydrated. The massage, on the other hand, will give my facial muscles to boost blood circulation. Make sure that behind ear lobes, around the nostrils and forehead have been massaged. These areas are most neglected, so do not forget it.

Why is self-care necessary?

Self-care is essential even if you stay indoors. My self-care at home does not only focus on beauty, but I also mind my physical, mental, and emotional state. While staying indoors is required around the world, I never missed the chance of learning how to eat healthily, reduce stress, and exercise regularly.

Before quarantine, my self-care starts visiting my favorite spa, salon, and derm clinic. But with the busy schedule, these things became my last priority.

So other than beauty routines for my self-care at home, here are some over-all care to do.

Complete Rest

Self-Care-at-Home-The-Recommended-Spa-004Sleep is a massive effect on our health, both emotional, physical, and mental. With the quarantine being implemented, everyone is advised to stay indoors. So the tendency is sleeping late and waking up late. That could contribute to significant health issues.

My routine for proper sleeping is drinking enough water and eating at the right time. I skip drinking caffeine and sugar that could keep me awake until past midnight. I also make sure that my bedroom has enough light for me to sleep but keeping the bright light of the sun in the morning, which can wake me up too early. And no distractions like television, computers or laptops.

Workout at Home

Since going outside nowadays is not feasible, I simply make a workout routine at home. There are lots of exercises at home, like push-ups, yoga, sit-ups, and some workout that needs equipment.

Exercises while at home are necessary to boost your physical and mental health. At first, it will be hard for you to follow the sets and repetitions, but with a proper routine, the results will be surprisingly practical and visible.

Eating Healthy

ferecommended-Spa-05Aside from sleeping and exercises, I also make a diet for me as part of my self-care at home. Of course, it will be useless if I sleep and exercise correctly, but I have a poor diet. All the discipline will be of no use, after all.

For my diet meal plan, my secret for a healthy meal is avoiding artificial sugar, high carbohydrates, oily foods, and salty snacks. I choose to eat fewer carbs and high in protein. I avoid red meat and switch to white meat (chicken) and nuts for protein substitution.

On the bright side, I learn to prepare and cook my own food. Since I can do this, I control what I eat, and I can avoid those unhealthy foods.

Get Organized

Another self-care at home that I did is organizing my things. Decluttering my wardrobe, makeup kit, and shoe cabinet made my thoughts focused on what should be done more importantly.

Sharing My Thoughts

The effects of self-care at home can be felt when there is self-discipline, and you are focused on your goal. The results of self-care that you can do should have effects that will satisfy you.

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