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Olive Oil

Unbelievable Reasons for Adding Olive Oil to Everyday Meal

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Did you know that Athena won over the people of Athens by offering them a gift? Did you know what that gift was? It was nothing other than an olive tree. There is another fact about olive, that is- Greeks consume 12.8 kilograms of olive oil per year — compared to four kilograms in North America.

Over the years many studies have looked at the health benefits of Olive Oil. Now a Day, doctors are also recommending Olive Oil to cook an everyday meal. Olive Oil is a liquid fat obtained from Olive Tree crops found in Mediterranean regions. It has not only a vibrant flavor but also has so many health benefits. Let’s take a closer look at few benefits of adding olive oil to your daily meal.

Heart Health

The natural olive oil contains a fatty acid that reduces cholesterol growth and prevents heart problems. The U.S Food and Drug Administration recommends eating two tablespoons of olive oil daily to get the best result.

Prevents Stroke

A group of Scientists in France has suggested that olive oil might be the helpful preventing stroke. They found that older people who regularly used olive oil for their meal had a 41-percent lower risk of stroke, compared with those who never used it.

Reduces Pain

Olive Oil contains a compound that has strong anti-inflammatory properties. That is why; Olive Oil reduces pain due to chronic inflammatory diseases like arthritis.

Prevents Stomach Ulcers

Olive Oil Contain antimicrobial properties that help to fight the bacteria which is responsible for causing stomach ulcers.

Reduces Risk of Cancer

Several studies have suggested that acidic components of Olive Oil protect the body against cancer growth especially bowel cancer. Another study has found that hydroxytyrosol, a significant ingredient of olive oil also may be helpful for preventing breast cancer.

Olive oil keeps your hair and skin healthy that delays your aging; it boosts your immune system, prevents depression, and improves digestion. However, consuming too much olive oil can lead to diarrhea also. So, experts advise taking an appropriate proportion of olive oil to achieve the best result.

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