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Organic Teabags Oppose the Harmful Effects of Microplastic in our Health

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Teabags come in many forms to be convenient for us to use. But little did we know, it has some components that can affect our health. Some effects are harmful, and it is not easily recognized.

Teabags contain tiny pieces of plastic materials, not larger than five millimeters. These plastic materials are called microplastic elements.

The microplastic materials in teabags are categorized as primary microplastics. The primary is those found during laundering of synthetic clothes, tires, facial scrubs and in some personal care products. On the other hand, secondary microplastics can be found in larger plastic objects.

The microplastic materials in teabags

When it comes to teabags, the effects of microplastics are harmful. The toxic chemical substances can be dangerous when ingested. Therefore drinking tea in teabags made of microplastics should be avoided.

It is because, according to the study, drinking tea in microplastic teabags contributes to almost 11.6 billion particles with 3.1 billion nano plastics in each cup. So imagine if you have more than a cup?

But only a few are aware of this fact. The equivalent of microplastic in quarter teabags made can have 16 micrograms. It is given because you soak the whole tea bags in the cup. Therefore microplastics will be released from it.

Do tea lovers have a choice aside from teabags?

Knowing this fact, tea lovers are wondering why microplastics have been involved in teabags. Before, it is made of paper-like bags, but as technology innovates, teabags change.

Plastic polymer, also known as polypropylene, is added in the making of teabags. It is another way to seal up and keep the shape of teabags even soaked in hot liquid. For the marketing of tea products, this is one way to increase positive consumer feedback. But the polypropylene affects the endocrine system over time, which can lead to severe chronic conditions.

Other Means to Enjoy your Tea

Despite the harmful effects of microplastic found in teabags, the excellent benefits of tea are still in there. There are many ways to enjoy tea other than those in the teabag.

Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea

At first you, it will be unusual for you to drink loose leaf tea. But you will find it more flavorful than tea being ground to fit into the usual teabag. How much it costs? Well, this is cheaper than that tea in the bag. It can also reuse for another serving without worrying about the flavor, aroma and the harmful effects of teabags.

But how will you enjoy drinking loose leaf tea?

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