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Orangetheory Fitness, One-Hour Perfect Workout for Best Results!

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Orangetheory Fitness is a workout regimen that targets to exercise our metabolism. This one-hour fitness is practical. Have you tried to attend orangetheory fitness?

Orangetheory Fitness is the newest and trendy routine exercises around the world. The concept of this fitness involves working at a sufficiently high level in which your body creates an oxygen deficit the must be restored after the energy requirements level off. It is how orangetheory fitness works. And you should try doing it.

Me? I tried it many times, and it feels good to experience orangetheory fitness. Aside from the one-hour workout, the orangetheory fitness is practically having the ambiance of surrounded by oranges.

With the name it carries, orangetheory fitness has the vibe of citrus to encourage you an hour of workout. Do you know how many calories can you burn with an hour of doing in that fitness? Well, an average of 500 to 1,000 calories can burn your calories. And burning such amount of calories can help you achieve to lose some weight. And who would miss this opportunity?

So, is it effective?

In my experience, it really does its job for one-hour fitness, and I do not agree with other people say about burning calories. Each individual has a different metabolism. Metabolism works based on your age and gender. Some may experience not losing some calories even for an hour of exercise. But there are testimonies that they burned more than the target calories they should lose. The cause of these incidents always comes in one conclusion. It’s the diet.

When it comes to orangetheory fitness, the afterburn theory can play a significant component in fat-burning. Of course, everyone, especially beginners, can have a hard time adjusting with the routine.

You need to come prepared.

Orangetheory fitness is like a one hour battle with different routines that will test how far you can go in doing the exercises.

The orange theory fitness is an individual effort. When we say individual effort, my workout has different variations. It is not a single type of exercise that will keep you busy in one hour.

The first time I tried doing the orangetheory fitness, I felt the intensity and how many times I told myself that I would not give up.

During my workout, fitness instructors of orange theory fitness center measured the heart rate number based on age. The catch in doing this is to hit the orange zone of high effort. Don’t worry; they will encourage you to hit that zone. That is also the reason why they called it orangetheory fitness.

It is for the reason that when you hit the orange zone, it will give you a satisfying feeling. When I am in the fitness center, there are two sets of exercises for each. The first 60 minutes will be spending on cardio exercises like jogging, running or walking. The rest of the workout routine is doing squats, crunches and other core exercises.

What will you expect from orangetheory fitness?

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