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Men summer fashion 2019 – Experience the Heat without Sweating!

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Men summer fashion – if you want to look fresh and get the comfort level even the sun is soaring high up in the sky, then you need to check our styles for this summer season. Of course, our summer fashion will fit any styles you want to!

Men summer fashion usually comes in preppy look because the styles always come with polo, shorts and topsiders. Who would love that? I love wearing those when the heat is getting on my nerves.

During summer, I never lose my cool and my fashion. I always see to it that I wear comfy clothes. Well, you don’t need to wear revealing clothes. You can have loose clothes and garments made of cotton.

Other than the preppy look, you can have an athletic or rugged look. Me? My choice always depends on the occasion. For instance, I wear a preppy outfit when I need to attend summer events with my family and friends. And when I feel to be sporty and do outdoor activities, I simply wear athletic clothes with garments that easily absorb sweat.

Typical summer fashions always focus on women styles. How about men summer fashion?

As you read along, here is our suggestion for the essential men summer fashion. It is just necessary, and you can easily follow these simple tips.

You can wear short.

Wearing short is the most common men summer fashion paired with your comfy shirts.

One of my favorite shorts for the preppy look is the chino shorts. Chino sorts have been one of the most enjoyable to wear during summer. You can choose from a different color. But going neutral is the best option.

Neutral, like khaki, is my comfort level when it comes to shorts, aside from denim of course. But also I consider pastels because of the simple yet elegant look if you’ll wear it. Though, it may give you a fatty look in those white shorts. While others still sporting the black short, they cannot be blamed. Black, white and khaki are the most compatible color of short that can go well with any color of shirts.

As I said, I also go for a sporty look. And when I told sportily, I add up some casual touch for the style.

A little piece of advice if you want to wear shorts, avoid too loose like you are playing like a varsity. Who would love to see wearing those?

More so, think twice in wearing denim shorts. Jorts or those shorts made in denim cannot pair with another outfit.

Pair your shorts with your comfy tees.

Speaking of tees, keep your collared shirts in your wardrobe and keep the light ones out. I mean for light are those tees that can make you feel fresh and comfortable.

Men summer fashion can be trendy in a simple design. Designs with graphic and awful jokes can be fun, but as I can see it, simple design is way better. Especially when the temperature hits the peak of it, printed tees can produce more heat in your body. Who would love to see someone losing its cool-wearing shirts? No offence but men summer fashion is more admirable with the simple choice of design.

Then, we suggest that you have to prepare three options for any occasions. Polos and short sleeve button-ups – these are choices that I think you should consider.

Try pairing polos with chino shorts. You will be surprised that for men summer fashion, it will look like smart casual. Other options for polos to fit in the right with summer look are pairing it with neutral colors, tailored fit and pair of jeans.

How about your short sleeves? Well, when it comes to short sleeves, it is better if you go creative. Floral and Hawaiian designs are our top choices for you.

Choose footwear with the comfort level.

During this season, the versatility of footwear is essentials. So, my favorite is white shoes to rock my men summer fashion.

Wearing white shoes as men summer fashion will go well with any color of my shirts and shorts. Trying it on will give some contemporary style.

As men summer fashion for footwear comes in many variations, sneakers, boat shoes, and vans are your options. When it comes to sneakers, choose some low profile sneakers. You can also have it in leather, and you will be surprised – you slay the men summer fashion!

Complete your men summer fashion with really cool accessories.

How about adding some accessories to complete your look for the day? With the scourging heat of the sun, limiting yourself is a no-no.

While the bothersome of the summer season continues, I am come prepared. Like wearing accessories, not only to look perfect but protect my skin and eyes from the heat of the sun.

For instance, I love to wear sunglasses with cool shades. Cool shades sunglasses can neutralize the warmth of the summer season. Before, I just wore ordinary sunglasses. And later on, I experienced wearing the right quality sunglasses. Between the two, I enjoyed using top quality sunglasses. It gives me comfort during the summer season and makes me appreciate the rest of the season.

What can we say?

If you want to enjoy this summer season, we give you some fashion hacks for men. These summer style hacks are what every man should have for their men fashion 2019.

For semi-occasion, I avoid wearing thick clothes during summer. And who shouldn’t? So, I opt for a blazer and make sure that it’s made of cotton or linen. Garments made of these are breathable and give me a refreshing look.

Also, when I wear loafers, I still managed to use socks. Getting my sweat inside the sockless footwear, I think, is not proper hygiene for hot weather fashion. So, a trick I’ll share to you is getting a good pair of socks below your loafer liners or any shoes you prefer to wear. I tried foot powder, but I still want the comfort level of wearing socks.

Men summer fashion doesn’t skip the essence of a handkerchief. Other may say that it’s feminine to bring hanky, but for me, it’s necessary. Getting sweat this hot summer days cannot get any messier if you’ve nothing to wipe off those sweats.

In some occasions like weddings, you can never go wrong in wearing a linen suit. I attended my friend’s wedding last year during the summer season. And I stay fresh for the whole duration of the marriage. Do you know what my secret is? Just pure, I only wear a linen suit and a comfy van Heusen innerwear. Of course, weddings have different themes. Consider my advice earlier to wear clothes made of cotton or linen garments.

Of course, men summer fashion is not complete without your summer fragrance. Set aside your amber, musk or sandalwood fragrance but go with the citrus scent for a brisk. I tried and maintained the coolness fragrance, and it worked out just fine.

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