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Looking for the Perfect Fashion with Elegant and Beauty?

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Fashion and beauty looks, when combined, is astonishing. The key that every woman needs is the right design and color of the fashion that will complement the beauty they hold. Regardless of the skin color and body shape, fashion and beauty looks will feature accessories, and another way will complement each other.

Regardless of your age, you can have the fashion and beauty looks. So what could be worn to be classy and trendy?

Fashion and Beauty Looks: OuterwearFashion and Beauty Looks: Outerwear

Trench Coat

You got to hold with your trench coat. Way back to 1850s, this type of jacket has been the ideal clothes of women. And nowadays, you might try to wear it but give it a little modern touch like rolling up the sleeves.


Set aside the thought of wearing blazers as if you are going to be informal fashion. But consider the fact that you can wear blazers with a pair of jeans and heels. Also, you can wear blazers with a tight-fitting dress. The best blazer that every woman should have is a black blazer. It can go well with other color and style.

If coat can be worn oversized, blazers should be at the right length, which is a hip-length style and precise shape at your waist. Then try to stretch your arms forward to know that your blazer fits well or too restrictive for your movement.

Slip Dress

Well, for some, this type of dress is mind-blowing. For the conservative individual, wearing a slip dress in the street is inappropriate. However, with modern technology and fashion, you can wear this dress as a symbol of being laidback and a little grunge-chic style.


Choose skirts that will give your butt a pencil shape. Why this shape? Well, it is flattering and classic for many to see a woman in a pencil skirt. If you have a piece of a pencil skirt, then you have a powerhouse wardrobe. A good pencil skirt should be flexible and will keep the shape throughout. And to be safe with the color, choose neutral colors. But printed will do excellent but you can wear it with limitations.

Little ‘Black’ Dress

Most women required to have a little black dress in their wardrobe. So here it is. Why should we need this black dress and why it should be little? Little black dress is an iconic dress of women from known celebrities. When worn, you can never fail to have a fashion and beauty looks. You can have the look of a classy, sharp and fashionable lady in a black dress.

When we say little, don’t take it literally little. This dress has a knee-length or mid-length dress to your legs. If you finally found the right fit and length of your black dress, then probably you will need to think of how you sport it. To have fashion and beauty looks, you can try different footwear with your dress. The shoe will be your final touch on what look you will have for the day.

Footwear Fashion

Footwear Fashion


One of the fashion and beauty looks accessories that you every woman should have in their wardrobe are pairs of shoes. You can have it in color red or black. But to seek to be classy and fashionable, black pumps will look great. A pair of pumps does not only match with a skirt or dress. How about pairing it with your jeans? Well, it will be awkward at first try but when you realize that it gives you the confidence; then go for it. Pumps with a round-toe and pointy-toe are your choices.


When it comes to jeans, men or women have a bunch of jeans in their wardrobe. Notably, women love to collect different color and design of jeans. But the most favorite is dark wash jeans. It is a staple type of jeans for women.

But jeans have rules when it comes to your shape. Ideally, when you have an apple shape body, you will have to look for higher-waist line straight cut jeans. When you are pear-shaped, you can look great with boot-cut jeans. Luckily for ruler shape body, you can sport wearing skinny jeans.


Don’t think that wearing boots is like going some rock climbing or whatever involved in a rocky surface. Different type of boots can be used that depends on their style. For instance, to have a fashion and beauty looks; you can try matching ankle, heeled or rugged boots. But to look fashionable, classy and trendy, you will need to wear no-heel boots. This boots can look good with skirts and jeans, opposite with what most people believe about wearing boots without heels.

But don’t push your luck for a no-heel boot. Be yourself and if you prefer to have heel boots, then make sure that it has a stacked heel under two inches. It will make you a longer leg line and a little height with comfort.

women Topwear Looks

Topwear Looks

Button Up

Fashion and beauty looks can happen if you can sport a button-up shirt. A most casual button-up shirt is in color white, but don’t be afraid to try wearing patterns and color. Some are also wearing neutral patterns like dots or subtle animal print. Designs or prints of button-up shirts depend on your personality. Nevertheless, whatever fashion and beauty looks, you may carry to yourself; it will build more confidence in you.

White T-Shirts

Oh yes, let us not forget the shirts. White t-shirts are the most classic top of many. It has been the favorite of those who opt for simple fashion style.


When getting a bag, make sure you choose those with many pockets in a rectangular shape. Right size, not too small or big, can give you maximum storage. When it comes to color, nothing can beat being in neutral form. Not only in makeup or color of clothes but when it comes to accessories, neutral colors can be easy to pair with.

True Essence of Fashion

Fashion and beauty looks depend on someone carrying it and seeing it to another person. But what we wear is the mirror of our personality, mood, attitude and character. Our fashion will always define our true self.

Few things can be done to look classy and elegant without trying hard. For instance, following the style tips, we mentioned in this article. The above fashion pieces are the top choices of famous celebrities. From high waist jeans to little black dress, from high to no-hell boots, the fashion and beauty looks have been in Holywood yearly.

Hold the pieces together.

Fashion and beauty looks can be classy or trendy, but sometimes it can be worn both. How will you do it? The technique is the right matching of clothes with the right type of apparels.

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