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Look Taller and More Fashionable with These Styles

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Look taller with the way you dress promises you the real deal. With the right fashion styles, it will create illusions to lengthen your muscles. Do you want to know how to look taller and at the same time, fashionable?

Look taller fashion statements are what petite girls are looking nowadays. Sporting the right clothes to look taller are better options than others. But doing yoga as a belief to lengthen the muscles – I don’t see something wrong about it.

In fact, doing yoga is good for our health. And when we feel good, the tendency is to have a great outlook in our day to day activities.

Doing fashion techniques to look taller is a challenging role for a stylist. But you don’t need to spend too much to complete your wardrobe. Body’s shape and size are actually crucial in every fashion styles we are doing.

So here is what we’ve got for you. Some fashion tips to look taller might give you a shot.

Your Fashion to Look Taller

Get Tailored.

One easy way to be sure that your fashion will make you taller is to get your clothes tailored. Especially when you are petite, your clothes are more often not that too long. So it really is worth getting to know a good tailor. Your clothes may cost a little more, but the quality is there.

Solid Single Color.

Definitely, you heard about this. Forget mix and match when you want to look taller, dressed in one color. Your top and bottoms should be the same color, and you will give an illusion to everyone to look taller.

High-waist means higher height.

Forget about it when we say that wearing jeans or pencil skirts, you can always put it on high-waist style. To look taller, this is one of the effective ways to create the illusion that your middle part of your body is much longer than it really is.

High Heels in Nude Hue

Obviously, high heel shoes are one way to look taller. With nude color, people will less recognize that you wear high heels. Nude color high heels can make your legs look longer and really remarkably chic.

Crop Top for more Upper Body Length

High waisted trousers and skirts paired with a crop top, it will accentuate the illusion of being tall. Also, showing skin can make you look slender as well.

Wearing Fitted in some Parts

To look taller, avoid wearing oversized clothes. But wearing a fitted dress or any clothes, make sure that it gives your waist the highlight of the curves. So, it will create an illusion of you to look taller.

Knee-high boots vs ankle boots

Shorter ankle length boots can give you the leg-lengthening effect. Compare to knee-high boots; it emphasizes the short-length leg. To look taller, you know what to pick for your boots with this styling techniques.

Fashion to Seem Taller

Create the column feel, which means if you wear straight lines, the tendency is you will get to look taller. Other than it will make an illusion to your height, you will also make your body slimmer. Now, who would refuse this fashion?

Things You Don’t Need To Do

To look taller, forget wearing capris. Don’t wear anything that cuts off your leg at your calf. If you wear capris, you accentuate your appearance of shorter than your actual height. Other than that, a jumpsuit in Capri-length will do no good in you. I understand jumpsuit looks adorable unless you don’t want to look taller.

Tight-fitting jeans, dresses, skirts and leggings are a big no-no when you want to look taller. It’s like opposing our ideal column dressing.

And when I say column dress, I mean verticals. So stop patronizing horizontal stripes. Thick horizontal lines will make your height smaller than actual. And the reason you should stop doing this is that it will make you look bigger.

Like I mentioned earlier, mix and match is a sensible fashion thing to do. When you mix the wrong pair, it will be disastrous. When it comes to prints, don’t overdo it. Wear a single piece of clothing with prints, and it’s going to be your top or bottom. Don’t do it up and down or you will appear slightly shorter.

Other things you have to avoid are bold and fun accessories. Though it makes your look livelier, you still need to consider daintier jewelry. Also, you have to watch out for your footwear. With bright and loud footwear, it gives a smaller look to your legs. Then your sunglasses can be sparkly as long as you want.

And other clothes we will get out to your wardrobe are mini skirts and dresses. Though it makes your legs look longer, showing a lot of skin is not helping you to look taller. Instead, it only chopped your body and made you look smaller.

What can we say?

For some who think of other fashion styles, I think you should only keep these things in your mind to achieve the look of being tall.

Better have stripes than prints and patterns designs. Vertical lines are your best friend when you want to look taller. Also known as column dressing which gives the illusion to your height.

But you can still have prints in your fashion statement. But make sure to choose the smallest prints, so it will make you slimmer.

Other than designs, you can choose high-waist bottoms. This style has multiple reasons why you should have it in your wardrobe. Aside it gives the illusion to your waist to get smaller; it also gives the illusion that you are long-legged.


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