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Applying Nail Polish

Applying Nail Polish, Know the Secret like an Expert

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Applying Nail Polish, A smooth coat of paints on nails makes women feel graceful and attractive. It gets the appreciation that woman loves most. Applying nail polish is nothing but an art. So you have to wear nail polish properly.

Applying Nail Polish, Many women do not know how to apply nail polish correctly. That is why they use nail polish but do not get the result that they are expecting. Some simple ways can do the magic. By following these tricks, you will be able to apply nail polish like an expert.

Step 1 Applying Nail Polish 1

Firstly, you have to clean up your nails. Remove the old nail polish from your nails if you have any. You can use remover for it. After removing nail polish rewash your hand correctly. It is essential to file your nails to give them a good shape.

Step 2red nail polish finger

It is a common tendency for girls to shake nail polish bottle before applying. Do not do it. Shaking will create air bubbles in it. Instead of shaking the bottle, just roll the bottle back and forth between your hands. Don’t ignore this process.

Step 3Applying Nail Polish 3

If you are going to apply dark color, use one coat of transparent color before that. By doing this, you nail polish will last longer. Also, it will protect your nails from staining. Start applying the base coat from the cuticles. Dry them properly. Always work from the left to the right of your nails.

Step 4bare hand red nails

To clean up the colored edges easily you can use petroleum jelly or Vaseline. Now the fun time starts. Choose your favorite color nail polish. Dip the brush in the bottle and remove any excess polish from the brush by wiping the brush on the rim of the container. Wipe the other side of the brush on the opposite side of the edge gently.

Step 5coating nails red

Now, it’s time to apply the brush to your nails. Start from the cuticles. Drag the brush down in a straight line. Now move your brush from left to right for even coat. Repeat the process.

Step 6Applying Nail Polish 6

Allow your nails to dry. Now give it a second coat for a brighter color. To avoid smudging the first coat use more nail polish but lighter strokes. Use 3rd stroke only if you want full color. Other than 2 strokes is enough. Let it dry.

Step 7Applying Nail Polish 7

Now rub off the smudges of nail polish on the skin around your nails. Use remover and old makeup brush to do this.

Step 8Applying Nail Polish 8

It’s time for applying top coat. You can use quick drying top coat. There are lots of fast drying top coat available on the market. Choose the good one. Apply top coat over each nail using 3 strokes.  Make sure strokes are very light. Dry it. Your nail polish is ready.

Step 9five red nails

Though your nail polish is ready, your work is not finished yet. Use nail care oil after applying nail polish. It will moisturize your nails, and your nails will look good. Don’t wash your nails right after applying nail polish. Wait at least one hour for cleaning them.

It’s time to flaunt your nail polish. Look at it. Don’t you think it’s so perfect and so nice?  Apply nail polish whenever you want as you are an expert now.

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