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Home Manicure

Manicure Brilliant Process that You can Do at Home

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Manicure DIY will not be wrong to say that beautiful nail is as vital as beautiful skin. People do notice nails. How much you dolled up that does not matter if you have ugly, uneven and unclean nails. No one will appreciate these nails.

Manicure shows personality. A girl with clean and beautiful nails is always considered to be healthy, and beauty concern. Unfortunately, nails are always ignored than face and skin. For many girls, it is not so important to take care of nails as they think nobody will notice nails. They are wrong of course. Beautiful nails are an essential part of beauty.

Many girls do know the value of having beautiful nails but do not know how to make them beautiful. Manicure is essential for beautiful nails. It can give your nails an elegant look. In today’s world, it is challenging to manage time to go to parlor for a manicure.  Also, it is costly. So, for many of us going to the salon for a manicure is an expensive habit.

Easy Steps DIY

That means we don’t need beautiful nails? Of course, we need beautiful nails, and we will get it through at home manicure. You can do at home manicure and get parlor like the result if you follow some procedure. Let’s go through these steps.

Step 1

Home Manicure 1

At first, you have to give your nails a shape according to your choice. Do not soak your nails before filing. Soaking makes your nails soft so they can easily break.

Step 2

Home Manicure 2

Remove old nail polish. Use remover to do this process. Wash your hands afterward.

Step 3

Home Manicure 3

Now it is time to prepare manicure water. Take a bowl of warm water. Add shampoo or liquid soap. Baby shampoo will be best in this case as it is chemical free. Add few drops of lemon juice and olive oil in it. It will make your nails stronger. If possible mix almond oil in it. Mixing almond oil will make your skin soft, and it will be easier for you to work on surfaces around the nails. Soak your hands in this mixture for 10 minutes. You also can add lemon juice and honey in warm water to soak your hands and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.

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