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How to Style a Pixie Cut that Never Fails Fashion with Ultra Versatility

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How to style a pixie cut out a striking and brave hairstyle to beauty without making it look ordinary. The pixie cut hairstyles can give you a look that no other haircut can. So knowing how to style a pixie cut is like a whole new kettle of fish to earn.

How to style a pixie cut can be in many versions that you can choose from. But basically, this haircut can give you a roll out of bed and go style of hairstyles.


There are essential things you must need to rock these hairstyles to get the best pixie cut styles. You see, getting a pixie cut is the first move if you want to have a versatile look. The way you style your pixie cut can give you a different look.

Essential Things before Styling Pixie Haircut

Get it Straight and Flicked

When you run a straightener to your hair, it makes a smooth finishing touch. Ironing your hair should not focus on the manipulation, but the end of the hair, it should be flattened. It should be tucked under, spiky on the ends. Or you can flick off to the side.

Come Smooth and Clean

How-to-Style-a-Pixie-Cut-that-Never-03Short hair emphasizes your cheekbones, and you should be proud of it. Cheekbones can be your asset if you put on some glossy sheen with a smooth finish and shine serum. A fine hair can be extra fluffy right after you brush. So you can use dry shampoo if you want to style your pixie cut.


When you are showing texture, it means you have to get your haircut in short. But curly hair needs a pomade to get the job done. Just apply enough of it to your hair and ensure that it won’t look weighed down. 

The Wet Look

How-to-Style-a-Pixie-Cut-that-Never-04A sleek finish needs a styling cream that is what a wet look for your pixie cut. You can use either style with forwarding or backward as long as it will look stylish.

More Volume

A pixie haircut can look thinner or without volume. That is because of the way you style it. If you want to add volume to your hair, you can apply blow-drying to lift the area. Then a round brush to pull your hair away from the root as you dry.

Trendy Hair Fashion on How to Style a Pixie Cut 

Rocker Style

12ecdsdVP4amhuLIRNeed a quick fix? The rocker style is what I have observed mostly to those who have a pixie haircut. A French braid is the easiest way to have a rocker style. 

How to do it:

The first thing to do is take a section of your hair in front and part it into three pieces. Then start bringing the left and right piece over the middle, alternately.  After that, start adding hair to the sections while bringing the left and right parts over the middle. Continue until all the hair in the braid and leave no bangs. Well, this is optional. Lastly, you can secure the braid with elastic or a bow. 

Formal Pixie Cut with Headband

If you decide to have a pixie cut, it means you want to have versatile hairstyles. Aside from rocker style, a formal pixie haircut will do. 

How to do it:

It is a simple style of pixie haircut. Brush your hair down and put the headband on top of it. Then twist little strands around the hairband and hide it well and securely underneath. Use bobby pins if necessary, especially if you have long bangs.

Braided with a Twist

Have you seen a pixie cut braided? This hairstyle for a pixie haircut has a twist that you should pay attention to know how to style a pixie cut.

How to do it:

Prepare to separate your hair in the middle. Then take a small section in front of your hair and twist it up. After each twist, add some more hair from the bottom and twist it up. The hair to add should come from the bottom until you have reached the back of your head. To secure, use bobby pins or elastics.

Twisted Bangs

On every occasion, some hairstyles should fit in with the outfit. For instance, when I want to create something that will get the attention of others, I would make something with a fantastic look. 

How to do it? 

For a pixie haircut, get two small parts of the bangs and twist them into each other. After each twist, I added some hair before I began turning them again. For this one, a clip will secure the ends of the hair. 


Hawk-Pixie cut style

A strong hairstyle for rocking night out should do the technique. The pixie cut is a little bit of rocker style. But when you combined it with a hawk style, here is how you do it:

How to do it?

Using a round brush, blow-dry your hair to the front until 80% dry. Then change the direction of blow-drying to the back and style all your hair backward to create more volume of your hawk pixie cut. Use volumizing hair products if the texture of your hair is fine or thin. Finish it with hairspray and stylish accessories to one side.

Wedding Pixie Cut Hairstyle

A wedding is once in a lifetime occasion in our lives. Traditionally, you can see all the ladies with long hair. But if you are in pixie haircut, it should not be a problem with the entire entourage. For hairstylists, there are plenty of ways on how to style a pixie haircut during the wedding.

How to do it?

A simple hairstyle will do the trick for a pixie haircut. Curl all the hair with an extra small flat iron for short hair. Instead of crossing over the strands, do it under the middle strand to create a loose Dutch braid. Then set it with some hairspray. Finally,  add some accessories that the whole entourage required.

Criss-Cross Braids

Speaking of braids, this is the standard way on how to style a pixie cut. The asymmetrical braids can give you a new image, including your bangs.

How to do it?

The first thing to do is blow-dry your hair up to 80% dry. Then, separate your hair from left to right twice. Your first braid should start on the right-hand side and keep all other hair back with clips. Afterward, create a French braid by adding hair to the upper strand. The direction of the braid should be downwards to your left eye. Do the same French braid to the other side, going to your right eye. After you finish, set the braid with a hairspray.

Festival Hair

This hairstyle for your pixie cut is a combination of braids and twists. Making this hairstyle only means that you are doing a little fun on style a pixie cut.

How to do it?

In the middle of your hair, take a small section and braid it in a Dutch braid to the front. Then divide the end in two and twist back along each side of your head. Place the clear elastic on both ends and make sure that it was well hidden underneath. Then, turn the excess hair on both sides and secure with bobby pins. Also, you can use hairspray. Accessorize your hairstyle for a different look.

Top Buns to Your Pixie Haircut 

It is a trendy look for your pixie haircut and making it is possible to use a hair extension. 

How to do it:

Separate your hair in the middle and make French braids back from your top buns. Secure with elastic and clip your extension to the end of the braids. Make sure that the clip should be inside the buns so it will be hidden. Then wrap the wings around the ends of the braids to create top buns. Secure with bobby pins.

Sharing My Thoughts

When it comes to how to style a pixie cut, you can do a lot of things. From formal to festive to easy-go style, the only thing to be sure is to be versatile. With this hairstyle, it needs a little effort but lots of creativity to style your hair. Adding some accessories also makes your hair fashion endless.

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