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How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger – Your Nitty Gritty for Big Eyelids

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How to make your eyes look bigger means to lessen the big appearance and give a more appealing look for your eyes. Reducing the presence of large eyelids without piling too much makeup has been a challenge. But we got you cover with the tricks and finding the nitty-gritty on details of makeup for big eyelids.

How to make your eyes look bigger is creating glamorous and striking eyes with dark shadows and eyeliner instead of painting on a total makeup mess. It is the outcome we want to reduce the appearance of large eyelids without putting too much makeup on your eyes.

If you have big eyelids, it means that you have smaller eyes. Worst, you are always struggling to find the perfect eye makeup for you. Colors, styles and brushes cannot help you if you don’t know how to make your eyes look bigger. Many of the makeup is not looking after the eye shape. But we are on the other side of the coin!

We know that most women, regular women who are not models, have limited knowledge of putting eye makeup if they don’t have the perfect eye shape.

To create a masterpiece, we are giving you the basics of how to make your eyes look bigger and defining the natural shape of your eyes. You will find here the tips and techniques that you can also use for your eye makeup, whatever results you will like.

Making your Small Eyes Bigger

The things you need before starting your makeup session are a liquid primer, eyeshadows in golden-bronze, natural, gray and white shades, eyeliner pencil, brush (eyeshadow and angled brush), eyelash comb and mascara. Just in case you missed some points or go in excess, you can have cotton swabs and makeup remover. You can add other stuff that you think you might need to do this makeup. Take this easy peasy lemon squeezy steps on how to make your eyes look bigger.

Step 1: Primer first before anything else

So, if you have all the things you need, you will start your makeup on how to make your eyes look bigger by putting on the primer. Your primer is essential for your makeup to last longer and avoid smudging and melting on your face after an hour or two.

Step 2: Making the perfect eyebrow

After you’re done with the application of primer, you need to know the shape of your eyebrow. Giving justice to your eyebrow will help in the enhancement of your eye shape. You can start by applying the concealer around the edges of your brows. It will define and sharpen its form. For more accents, you can add a shimmer to highlight the brow. Blend it for a more natural look.

Defined eyebrows – this is one of the answers on how to make your eyes look bigger. When makeup focuses more on the surrounding of the eyes, it will frame up the eye area.

Step 3: Showing off the crease.

When you are done in prepping your eyebrows, make sure that your next move will be on your eyelids. Making your eyes look bigger, you will need to add dimension to your crease. It will make your eyelids smaller. You can use matte, warm brown or light colors to show off your eyes. Try to combine different shades to highlight your crease.

Step 4: Use eyeshadow but make it look natural.

Eyeshadow plays a significant role in fashioning your eyes look bigger. Well, nothing beats eyeshadow makeup. For the enhancement of small eyes, you will need to apply neutral brown or gray powder eyeshadow above the crease of the lid. Then make shadow by depositing in an arc shape. Start in the middle of your eyelid toward the outer corner of the eye. Use the round eyeshadow brush on this one.

Step 5: Highlights the shadow.

For more enhancements of your eyes, you can use the highlights to certain parts of your eyes. Choose light shades, white or ivory eyeshadows, and apply it as the second layer to create highlights. Focus your application at the inner corner and the center of your eyelid, though.

You can also add shimmer at the inner core of your eyes. It will catch the light and give more appearance to your eyes.

Step 6: Use contour to give shape to your large eyelids.

Another game to play on how to make your eyes look bigger is contouring. You can make your eyelids smaller by creating a contour in the area of your crease to the eyelash lines. Make sure you use dark shades for more capable of more modest eyelid appearance. Blend your contour using a fluffy brush to avoid queues and still look natural.

Step 7: Make your eyes visually pop by using a pencil eyeliner.

Bigger eye makeup includes the use of pencil eyeliner; You can choose either light or black shades of eyeliner. But we suggest nude or light shades of waterproof pencil eyeliner. Black will always be versatile with your other makeup. But nude or light shade color can bring out a more substantial appearance to your eye. It will make the whites in your eyes to appear larger. Also, flesh-toned pencil eyeliner can create the illusion of extending the whites in your eyes. It will make your eyes bigger.

Step 8: Doing your eyelashes.

Other than pencil eyeliner, you will need the power of mascara. It is one of the key on how to make your eyes look bigger. Before applying mascara, make sure you use eyelash primer in your eyes. It will make your lashes longer, more volume and alluring.

Then start curling your eyelashes. Do this on both of your eyelashes. Then start the application of your mascara to your lower lashes. Then next will be your top eyelashes.

For a twist, you can also add false eyelashes. It is unnecessary to add the whole package of false eyelashes. Just add in the middle part of your eyelashes will make your eyes look bigger.

Your Beauty Life Hacks for Bigger Eyes

There you have it for the steps on how to make your eyes look bigger. Now, let make it easier for you by highlighting what should be on the top of our list.

What needs to be resolved is always at the center. And this applies when it comes to making your eyes look bigger. The technique in the mascara application is making the coats thicker at the center of your eyelashes. Do this, and you will have bigger and rounder eyes.

Also, make sure that you are not using a mascara wand. This wand can cause the roots of your eyelashes to have more volume than the tips. So, if you want to be successful on how to make your eyes look bigger, keep off the mascara wand while doing this makeup look.

With your eyeliner, pencil eyeliner is not always the key. You can use cream shades of eyeliner. Apply it in the inner core of your eyes to look them bigger. Opt for nude shades of eyeliner to make it subtle and natural.

To make your eyes look bigger, you will need focus at the inner corner of your eyes. You can use highlighter and eyeliner to brighten this part of your eyes. Choose silver or any metallic highlighter to give some shimmery effect. Pair it with the champagne color of eyeliner to have more room in brightening your eyes.

Who would have thought about cat eye makeup can be done only for those who have smaller eyelids eyes? Cat-eye makeup can do the trick on how to make your eyes look bigger. Make sure this makeup can be viewed as a part of your eye. Use dark color on the top eyelids and a thin line under the lower outer corner of eyelashes.

Dos and Don’ts in Making your Eyes Look Bigger

Like other makeup, you have to avoid things that will make your makeup worse. But there are things you will need to achieve the fancy look.

For instance, you will need makeup remover for your eyeshadows if something goes wrong. It goes the same with other makeup you want to do over again. Make sure you use a cotton swab, not a tissue or towel. Gently move the swab over your eyelid to correct any eyeshadow mistakes.

If you want your eyeshadow to brighten and, at the same time, complement your skin tones, you can have metallic shades. Choose from gold or brown metallic shades to fulfill your eye makeup on how to make your eyes look bigger.

On the other hand, keep you dark shades inside your makeup kit. You do not need those shades to make your eyes look bigger. Keep in mind that darker shades can make your eyes look smaller. And lighter shades can make your eyelids to have a subtle and natural effect.

For your eyeliner, you can skip the bottom lids of your eyes if it looks too much. Given that you use false eyelashes, we suggest that apply less eyeliner. You will need to decide where would be the focus – in your eyelashes or eyeliners?

On the other hand, you can choose eyeshadows in lighter shades if you are undecided on the color. The advantage of lighter shadows is that you can add different shades.

Your Style, Your Image

Your Style, Your Image big eye makeupIndeed, making your eyes look bigger is challenging and exciting, yet it is a real transformation in eye makeup. If you want to out of the ordinary, you can do experiments to your makeup.

You can create effects on bigger eyes using double eyeshadow. In doing this, make sure you blend well the eyeshadows for a more natural look. Place the shades correctly, especially when it comes to eyeliners. You can try the ombre technique.

Also, the contouring of your big eyelids will need a bright look. You can have the smokey eye technique, which is perfect for creating a full expression eye makeup. But don’t forget to highlight the contour in your eyes by using the shimmery eyeshadow. Your eye shadows have many tricks. One of those is the lining of your eyes.

Other than that, you can enjoy the transformation of smaller eyes to look bigger eyes. The ideal eye shape that every girl wants to achieve is the appeal of Disney-princesses eye shapes. Sometimes, we find ourselves wishing for a wide-eyed look.

So, you look for means and ways of mastering the techniques on how to make your eyes look bigger. Once you learned all the methods, you can use it to fashion other makeup. Knowing how to do the basics will help you conquer different makeup looks. And the leas thing you need to keep in your mind, you can do experiments to your eye makeup. There are no limitations, right or wrong.

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