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How to Do your Eyebrows: Your Ultimate Guide for Perfect Eyebrows

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How to do your eyebrows is like making the frame of your face. Your eyebrows are not just an arch that can be made into any shape you wanted. It is the statement of your character. So, it is true that once you do your eyebrow, there is no turning back!

How to do your eyebrows merely is saying your personality. Many say that the eyebrows show many things about our self. Like any other part of your face, you need to do your brows as well. It will complete the rest of your makeup fashion.

But how do you groom your eyebrows?

To start with this eyebrows tutorial, first, you will need to clean your face. Use a small wet towel, soaked in warm water and rub it gently to your eyebrows.

Then find your ideal shape and style of eyebrows by measuring the inner corner of your brows in line with the sides of your nose. You can use long objects like a pencil or makeup brush to measure it. You will need to find three points to shape your eyebrows. The first point is the meeting area, where you line up against the outside of your nostril and the inner corner of your eye. Then the second point is the top of your pupil when you look straight ahead. The last point will be the end of your eyebrow.

Before plucking and styling your eyebrows, you should first be familiar with the shape of your eyebrows. It will depend on the shape of your face. As you read along, you will learn more about your eyebrows.

Now, you are ready to tame those wild eyebrows, as you’re now familiar with its shape. Use tweezers to pluck those unwanted hairs and shape your ideal brow line. Start plucking a few extra excess hairs below your eyebrow. And never pluck your hair on top of your brow.

Aside from plucking, you can define your arches using other methods. You can try waxing around your eyebrows. If there are leftover wax, you can remove it with warm water. Also, you can try threading. It is how to shape eyebrows if you want to groom it before pulling off your eyebrow makeup.

How to Fill in Eyebrows

The shade of your eyebrows should be one to two shades lighter than your hair if you have dark hair. The same rule is applied if you have blonde or light hair.

Aside from your eyes, your eyeshadow plays an essential role in making your brows noticeable. It also makes your brows less edgy and natural.

Other than eyeshadow, you can use eyeliner to do your eyebrows. You can fill eyebrows using eyeliner. But you should not draw outside your brows.

If you are not into eyeliner, try eyebrow gel to make your eyebrow steady. You can find different colors of gels. Some of it comes in clear, light blonde, dark blonde or brown. If you don’t have any brow gel, you can use mascara brush or petroleum jelly and hairspray as a make-up setting spray to set your eyebrows in place.

What are your best eyebrow pencils?

The typical makeup tool for your eyebrow is the pencil eyeliner. It is essential if you want to make fuller brows. Aside from that, you will need a good brow pencil to transform your eyebrows. Depending on the eyebrow pencil you prefer, here is the list that you want to choose from.

Brow Precise Micro Eyebrow Pencil

If you want a lightweight pencil eyebrow, you can have this one. It has seven shades, which include colors that can go well with red hair. You can wear it for fuller brows, looking so naturally.

Brow Wiz

Who would not appreciate an eyebrow pencil that can make your eyebrows appear super real? If you have this pencil, it will create hair strokes to look like your natural follicles. It is the top choice of many since the strokes are unnoticeable.

Eyebrow Enhancer

Looking for another brow pencil that you can pair with any of your OTTD? This one is for you. It has three shades only, but you can do many shades to complement your hair color and your fashion. Also, you will need this eyebrow enhancer to complete your face makeup.

Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

This 3-in-1 eyebrow pencil provides many results. It is an angled pencil, which pulls off hold of a wax, precision of a pencil and impact of a powder. The opposite end is flat to fill in large spots. If you are practical when it comes to makeup, you will need to have this.

Brow Definer

If you want to have bolder eyebrows, you can use this pencil with a wax formula. It can be easily washed off using water when you are removing the rest of your makeup.

Universal Eyebrow Pencil

This specific eyebrow pencil can be used in any hair colors. Just by pressing, you can have color that will complement your blonde hair color. And a little more laborious can make it go well with dark hair color. Also, every time you are going to use it, it gives your hair biotin and hair strengthener.

Brow Lift Pencil

With this eyebrow pencil, you can use it for dual purposes. It has a powder highlighter that can make your arches to look higher.

Brow Tech to Go

If you are enjoying using brow pencil with a dual purpose, you can try this one. It has a dual function of waterproof and brow gel. Isn’t it amazing that you can have these both in one pencil?

Brow Contour Duo

This eyebrow pencil has four functions. You can switch it between a lighter or darker brown shade, a highlighter, and concealer. This eyebrow fill-in pencil can make your eyebrow look sharp.

Eyebrow Types for Each Face Shape

Eyebrow Types for Each Face Shape

Now, you are holding your eyebrow pencil; you will ask yourself how to do eyebrows. If you don’t know what eyebrow shape will go well with your face shape, we got your back. Here is the list of eyebrow styles. You can transform your eyebrow using the following eyebrow shape.

Eyebrows with angel arches and longer ends

This shape is suitable for those who have round faces. It adds a bit of dimension and definition to the look. Also, it creates a slimming effect until it appears oval.

Contoured and well-balanced eyebrows

This eyebrow style is the perfect shape when it comes to brows makeup. How to do eyebrows like this? The secret is to ensure that the thickness of your brows will look natural. To make it balance, know that when you have a high forehead, large eyes and lips, you should go for thicker brows. Otherwise, you can have slimmer arches. Make sure it has a balance with other makeup.

Soft and Round Arch Eyebrows

When you have a heart-shaped face, this style will complement your face shape. Go for the type of brows that will create curves. You can quickly achieve this by creating soft, rounded browns with the natural color of eyebrows.

Angled Peak Eyebrows

This type of eyebrow is best for square face. It is adding an angle to your eyebrow to create the illusion of having a longer and narrower face. Also, this type of eyebrow creates a softer and less edgy look for a square-shaped face.

Short-Length Eyebrows

If you have an oblong face, you may want to get this look. Make sure you pay close attention to where your eyebrow ends.

Linear Eyebrow

This type of eyebrow shape is without high arches. With your diamond shape, you will need to have this style to have a look of shorter face length.

Your Eyebrow Styles

How to do your eyebrows using the latest style? You can have a feathery texture if you want something lush-looking and laissez-faire approach. This style will look great to any shape and size of eyebrows. It creates the illusion of a full eyebrow looks in less than a minute. To make this style, start by using a brow gel. Then brush the hairs up and outwards direction. Your final strokes will be towards the temples to finish it off.

Another style you want to try is high and bright. Highlight the arch under your brow and blend it. It will draw the light under the brow, will also emphasize the shape of your brow. You can try matte highlighter for a more natural and luminous finish.

While the straight tails are the type of eyebrows that will make a facelift in an instant. This style will elevate your brows to focus up and out into the point towards the temples of the face. You can use brow pencil in tracing a straighter tail on the top line of the brow.

But if you love the simple style, you have to try the soft arches. It has no lines but only curves in the angles of your brows. This style creates a feminine look. You can use a mini sponge or brush for brow powder. Use a spoolie to blend any colors.

Things to Remember for your Eyebrows

Your Eyebrow Styles

To achieve and maintain your perfect eyebrows, you will need to remember some ideas on how to do eyebrows. It is essential to know what to avoid and what you can do for your eyebrow looks.

Here is the list of the things that you need on how to do eyebrows.

  1. Make sure your eyebrow color will complement your hair color. In this way, you can achieve the natural look and framing of your face.
  2. Opt for eyebrow gel. Unlike pencil eyebrows, you can use a gel in doing your eyebrows. It will hydrate, enhance and define your eyebrows while filling the gaps. Using gel will still provide you with a natural look.
  3. But you can also have your favorite eyebrow pencil. The most practical eyebrow pencil you can have is multifunctional. Choose eyebrow pencil that includes brows color, invisible taming wax and double-ended pencil. It gives fleek in your brows.
  4. You can always admire your work from time to time. While doing your eyebrows, check if your eyebrows have the same styles. Step back a little and look if you are doing it right.
  5. It will be beneficial to go to a salon for a professional eyebrow looks. DIY at home will save you some penny, but getting your eyebrows done by a professional occasionally is not bad at all. You can visit your salon and let your beautician gives some standards in your eyebrow. Afterwards, you can maintain it.

To have the best brows, you still need to know what to avoid how to do eyebrows.

  1. Even your eyebrows are well-groomed; avoid leaving it without a quick sweep of eyebrow pencil or gel. There are brow pencils that can give you a natural look. So have it to your eyebrows to provide more frames to your face.
  2. Your hair color and eyebrow should be in the same shade of color so stop doing what others fashioned such as five shades darker than your hair color. It is not a good look for your makeup fashion.
  3. Not all hair is needed to be bleached. Your eyebrows are not made for bleaching. If you bleach your eyebrow, you will take away your facial definition.
  4. Don’t do too much plucking of your eyebrows. Make sure you pluck only the excess hair in lower areas of your eyebrows. If you do too much plucking, you will have a hard time making the styles of your eyebrows.

Your Style, Your Image

On how to do eyebrows, it is fundamental to know the shape of your face before doing some styles to your brows. Also, making shapes to your eyebrows is essential if you know the things to avoid and essential. Like other makeups, you will need to remove all the makeup at the end of the day. With your eyebrows, you have to be gentle so that hair follicles will not fall out. Then use a moisturizer around your eyebrows.

Indeed, how to fill in eyebrows with knowledge and the professional beautician will make the perfect eyebrows.

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