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Herbal Skin Care and Pure Essential Oils for Glowing Skin

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Herbal skin care and essential oils are the best options if you want to have a naturally glowing skin. Skincare products with natural ingredients have no chemicals that can harm your skin. The only precaution we should be considering is allergic reactions to your skin on certain products.

Herbal skincare may have different effects on each type of skin. Nowadays, both men and women opt for natural ingredients for their skincare products. When it comes to our skin, the best way to take care of it is by applying herbal care.

Recently I discovered some herbal skincare and essential oils products that seem promising. These products are harmless because it contains natural ingredients and pure essential oils. I have tried lots of products; from leading to international brands, but what I found really shocked me.

So I have decided to share here some of the herbal skin care products that I already tried. At first, you can find it to be simple, yet the effect is promising. We all know the impact of using products with chemicals that can harm our skin overtime.

Herbal skin care as Chamomile aftershave is first in our list.

Chamomile has a natural soothing effect. It has anti-inflammatory, which is excellent as an aftershave. If you are a keen observer, you will see patches of redness, flaking, itching, and general irritation around the mouth, chin, and cheeks that resemble sunburn. Therefore, men who often shave their beards can use chamomile as an aftershave to have a soothing feeling after. According to a dermatologist, chamomile has an alternative to cortisone, a chemical that soothes the shaved area. How to prepare chamomile herbal skincare: You need to boil water for three minutes and steep a chamomile tea bag. This process will release the anti-inflammatory enzyme in the tea bag. But before applying it to your shaved area, place the tea bag in the fridge and let it cool. Once the tea bag is cold, apply it directly to the shaved area for instant relief.

Then, for radiant skin, use cinnamon.

I always wanted to have glowing skin without using too much skincare products. Then I found out about cinnamon with antioxidants that also make our skin glow.

We suggest, for more effective results, sprinkle half a teaspoon of cinnamon on your coffee grounds before brewing. By doing this, the aroma and taste of cinnamon will have an excellent mixture to your coffee.

To maintain healthy skin, use green tea.

Green tea has natural potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-ageing effects. It is the reason I always save space for green tea.

According to the study, using lotion or serum with green tea for about 30 minutes can reduce DNA damage and the risk of sunburn.

Last summer season, I use a lotion with green tea on top of my sunscreen. Then I compared it to my friend who only applied sunscreen and did not use green tea. My skin has less sunburn and dryness.

Are you having problems with wrinkles? Use collagen from hot peppers.

When I first read about this, I cannot believe it. Spicy food can be a source of herbal skincare. Few know hot peppers containing vitamins A and C; both are a source of collagen to maintain the elasticity of our skin.

Of course, you cannot apply peppers to your skin. And since it can be eaten, that is the only way you can enjoy the effect on your skin. There are many dishes that you can add hot pepper, jalapeño or cayenne.

Drink herbs to ease skin problem.

Skin problems are common because toxins are present in our bloodstream. These toxins trigger inflammation that can be seen in our skin over time. Herbs like red clover can be helpful to soothe red, scaly and itchy patches of skin.

You can enjoy red clover as herbal skincare in both ways. You can have a red clover tea or add to your skin. If you’re going to drink red clover tea, steep one to two teaspoons in hot water for half an hour, and sip two to three cups daily to have full benefits. As a supplement, the recommended is 40 to 160 mg per day. Ointments are also available that contain 10 to 15 percent red clover flower.

To reduce inflammation, enjoy the turmeric.

One of the effective means as herbal skincare is the turmeric. It has anti-inflammatory compounds which can reduce the risk of having skin problems. Unlike ginger, it has a lesser stingy taste. You can add some turmeric to your meal. Some make tea out of turmeric for better results.

Add some essential oils for herbal skin care

One thing I learned about herbal skincare is adding some essential oils.

I found out that there are several essential oils which can add to beauty routines as herbal skincare products. Here are a few of the essential oils that could enhance your healthy and glowing skin.


Similar to tea tree oil, cajeput has been distilled from the bark of the white wood tree. It has excellent properties for astringent and clearing inflammation. Also, it has antiseptic to eliminate the bacteria causing breakouts. Another use of cajeput, it is used to get off whiteheads.


Famous for its calming effect, you can never go wrong with lavender. I tried adding some of it to my herbal skincare, and I never regret it. It calms my skin and helps me relax. A zen moment it is.

Rose oil

Rose oil is a calming powerhouse to battle acne during pre-period flare-ups. After all, it has an antidote for hormonal acne. Meaning it can balance the breakouts in your skin. If you have hormonal acne, try this one for your herbal skin care products.


If cajeput oil is for whiteheads, I used geranium oil for blackhead and breakouts at the same time. Well, it does not blast breakouts totally, but using geranium helps a lot. This oil slows down the effects of aging and regulates oil production. Excessive oil production is one cause of blackheads.

What can we say about herbal skincare?

Herbal skin care products and essentials oils which we have shared with you are just a few of those available. These are effective as the first-hand experience.

Of course, we recommend that you should visit your dermatologist if breakouts happened and severe skin problems occurred. What we have here are DIY remedies that you can use at home for essential skin solutions.

Though herbal products have natural ingredients, it does not mean that you can go all the way without seeking medical advice. Herbal skincare products can have better results if you have no allergic reactions.

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