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Good Health in 11 Simple Ways to say No to Temptations

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Good health is the key to lift the life expectancy in the United States. Due to improper diet and poor lifestyle, the decrease in life expectancy is continuing to happen. Now, the expectation of increasing it can be possible if you know how to maintain good health.

Good health comes in many principles. These principles can make a big difference in maintaining overall health. It can also reduce the development of serious diseases.

As I observe the lifestyle of people around me, I always see them forgetting the good health standards. They ignore the essence of a balanced diet; exercise and getting plenty of rests which are the keys to maintaining good health.

But the temptations are strong, and it starts with a little piece of sweets, short orders in fast food, more caffeine and alcohol influence by co-workers and peer groups. These temptations were a part of my life a few years ago.

And I realized that maintaining good health with proper lifestyle is the most important, especially when you know that your health is your only treasure. So, when I decided to get in the groove of good health, there are specific rules that keep me on the right track.

Rule No. 1: Eat a variety of nutritious foods.

My daily food selection includes a balance of good carbs, protein, fruits, veggies, and dairy products. More than 40 different nutrients that our body needs can make our body good health.

Rule No. 2: Eat in moderation.

Also, I practiced eating in moderation. Proper portions of eating can maintain your weight, and it is a part of a healthy and balanced diet. Don’t get confused when we say eat in moderation. For instance, you can have a medium-sized piece of fruit for one serving. A cup of pasta equates two meals, and a pint of ice cream contains four servings.

Rule No. 3: Don’t skip meals for lasting good health.

Skipping meals to lose some weight is a myth. And I guess so. So, instead, it actually leads to out-of-control hunger and frequently results in over-indulging. The key to good health is to have at least two balanced meals.

Rule No. 4: Consider some portions of certain foods.

I still eat all the foods so my body will have healthy digestion of food. When you found out the food is rich with salt, fat and sugar, you should not totally ditch out those. You can add some salt, fat and sweets to your diet but make sure in moderation. Unless the doctor advises you, you should follow it.

Rule No. 5: Good health means water is life.

In a year, I only drink sodas and alcoholic beverages on a special occasion. I stay away from sugary drinks. According to studies, sugar is a source of empty calories that can use up essential vitamins and minerals in your body. But water helps not only to hydrate but to aid in blood circulation, the removal of toxins from our bodies and in the regulation of our body temperatures. That is why I chose water over other drinks in the counter.

Rule No. 6: Be active. Relax.

After I programmed what I eat, I learn to manage my stress through a fitness program. Despite having busy schedules, I always keep myself to be active. In some instances, I use the stairs instead of the elevator. And I allot at least 30 minutes of workout daily to sweat and take away the stress.

Then I learn the importance of relaxation. It eliminates unnecessary and preventable stress. And when you feel relax, your body and mind will be organized. My secret in relaxation is to attend yoga meditation. You can also visit some sanctuaries and nature wildlife park to enjoy the calmness of the natural environment.

Rule No. 7: Sleep is the key to good health.

And I always keep in mind that sleep is essential to keep our mental focus. I also include getting enough sleep as much as possible. But I don’t use sleeping pills despite temptation.

Rule No. 8: Have a positive environment.

Good health is not about food and exercises. It has something to do with the environment. Keeping your environment positive can make your life more meaningful. For instance, participating in some social activities like hiking can activate your social health which leads to good health. So, it is essential to maintain good relationships in the society.

Rule No. 9: Have tobacco-free and nicotine-free life.

Aside from alcohol and caffeine, I prevent myself from dwelling in tobacco and nicotine. Most of the death-causing diseases nowadays are from smoking and nicotine. Good health needs fresh and clean air-breathing.

Rule No. 10: Stay away from UV rays.

I know vitamin D is vital like other vitamins. But to maintain the excellent health of your skin, you may want to keep away from parks when you see the sun is at its hottest position in the day time.

If you cannot avoid, you can use cap, umbrella or sunscreen to protect your skin. Remember that healthy skin is a mark of being in good health. Too much UV rays exposure can cause skin cancer. So, protect your skin that covers your body from harmful effects.

Rule No. 11: Take the advance screening of disease.

Prevention is better than cure, and that is the importance of advance screening of diseases. In this method, you will know your health condition. And if you have findings, you will know how to prevent it from going to advance stage.

Being responsible in my health, I grab the opportunities for an advance screening of diseases. Some of the selections that you may need are mammograms, pap smears, colonoscopy, and cholesterol and blood pressure checks to detect and treat early signs of disease.

Our advice: Do your talk.

Well, if you have many plans after reading our rules, make sure that you have the motivation to do it. You can assess yourself to make a plan on the workout. You can also look for the healthy meals that you can enjoy and how many calories you need daily.

The next step is to concentrate and set a limit to sweet foods and sugary drinks. Discipline is the key to good health. You don’t need to do it all at once. You can have it program and according to your schedule, of course.

No pressure here, do your talk.

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