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Fashion Tips with Hijab in Any Occasions to Look Elegant and Class

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Fashion tips for hijab have been going crazy around in Muslim countries. As part of the religious obligations, Muslim women can have their way to style their hijab. After all, every woman has the right to stay beautiful and elegant, regardless of their belief.

Fashion tips on how and when to wear hijab are what you can have as you read along. There are different ways on how to sport hijab without looking awkward. We are aware that the veil comes in many colors. And if you are not aware of what is to mix and match, then you will not achieve the glamorous look you want.

Wearing hijab in different looks needs to have the best fashion tips now. So we have here the collection hijab fashion tips.

Hijab Fashion Styles

Nowadays, wearing the hijab has been influenced by modern fashion tips. Therefore, we are giving you some of the fashion tips to wear, mix and match hijab with a stylish look.

Hijab + Seasons

One of your fashion tips for hijab during summer is, style it with baggy pant and sandals. You can add some cool shades glasses for a more chic look.

On winter, you can pair your hijab with a leather jacket. Our fashion tips also come with maxi skirt and wedges. Then you will look great with your veil.

Hijab + Abaya

Another modern way for hijab is matching abaya to look elegant, which can be your party wear.

Hijab + Chic Look

You can also pair it with jeans and sneakers. It is one of the modern ways to wear hijab and gives off the impression of a funky and chic look. In universities, this look can give a classy and modest look in a glance.

Styling it with a red sweater and black jeans can give you a chic look with a twist in colors. Then you can complete it with the right makeup that can complement your entire look.

Hijab + Special Occasions

Pair your hijab with simple silk scarf, bright colored dress with a gold belt wrapped around your waist. It is a stylish way to attend a wedding or special occasions.

If you have a round face, pair your hijab with a simple scarf and long coat. It is one of the fashion tips that will give you a chiseled look.

Mix and Match with your Hijab Fashion Tips

Get ready for your wardrobe to mix and match for your hijab. Our fashion tips come in different essentials to have a perfect look without losing the essence of the veil.

White Shirt

White shirt with button-down can layer under sweaters, with skirts or tucked in jeans. Your fashion will never go wrong with a white shirt.

Blazer for All Occasions

Having plenty of blazers is the last thing you need to have. Just make sure you will have a classic color of blazer. It will be easier to pair up with your white shirt and pants.

Animal Print Garments

Best animal prints that you should have are brown, beige, black or any neutral color shade that can work with any other colors. Wearing animal print with your hijab can make you look chic. Make sure you pair it right and keep it from getting out of hand.


Flats with comfortable sole are a great pair that can become your go-to. Our fashion tips when wearing flats with your hijab are, first, you can wear flats with your pants. Second, since it’s a great pair, you don’t need to replace it every six months.

Layering Piece

Choices between pleated top or layered dress are essentials for layering pieces. You can atop it with cardigans, blazers or jackets. It can go well with hijab. So you don’t have to worry about ruining your fashion because it does not match with your hijab.

Black and White

One of the fashion tips when wearing hijab is a combination of white and black. These colors symbolize simplicity and elegance at the same time. When paired with hijab, you have the class that is not too much. Make sure that you have minimal accessories to enhance your look more.

Special Occasion like Graduation

How do you wear a hijab during a special occasion like graduation? Are there any fashion tips that can handle the situation? Of course, we came prepared for this one.

Graduation or conference is one of the occasions that wearing hijab should look fashionable. So here are the best fashion tips you can work with your hijab during this gathering.


Since you made it after all those years, then jumpsuit will give you the impression of being a nerd. But most students preferred this as a sign of simplicity, and it can go well with hijab.

Maki Dress

If you are not into a jumpsuit, then maxi dress can be still flowy under your graduation gown. Most of the time, graduation happened during the summer season, so wearing airy maxi dress is timing. Nothing looks wrong when paired with hijab, so definitely you can have this. Make sure the materials are made of a lightweight like nylon.

What to do?

Actually, you can pair any dress with your hijab during graduation. But there are certain things that you should need to avoid, though.

When wearing hijab with a maxi dress, don’t forget to create a waist. You can have a belt, or you can simply tuck in your top with your skirt. Otherwise, you look terrible.

Color choice is essential, like designs and garments. So, keep the colors neutral to remain classy and professional.

Then you can have your shoes. Though few can only recognize the beauty of your shoes, I think you should still wear the best one that fits the occasion. Make sure that your shoes are comfortable to walk in. Wearing pumps on this day is not necessary. What you need to maintain is a professional and classy look which your shoes can wrap it up.

Of course, let us not forget the makeup. With the rest of the fashion tips here, there is only a single rule in wearing makeup. That is to keep a neutral and elegant shade that can look glamorous.

Again, make your accessories and jewelry attractive yet straightforward. You only wear this because it highlights certain parts of your body which complement your fashion. You don’t need too many glittery and noisy jewels. It does not help believe me.

What can we say?

Which outfit really looks best with hijab? Well, hijab can undoubtedly look fantastic with any outfit. The secret is to wear a solid neutral color hijab which definitely gives you an elegant look. Also, your hairstyle with your veil is bun but make sure to do it a little low from the standard height.

Indeed, fashion tips when it comes in wearing in hijab are simple. The essential advice we can give is to wear every fashion with confidence.

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