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Fashion Items: Your Choice to be Classic, Trendy and Versatile

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Fashion items can be trendy or just practical to use. Some of it is versatile that you can match with other fashion clothes. You can check it out in this article.

Fashion items should have quality, and the designs can go well with other of your fashion statement. In my case, I tend to have the following fashion items to sport my look daily.

My fashion statement depends on the occasion. So, here are some of my fashions items that you may want to try.

What fashion items can you wear for your sensible feet?

White Sneakers

I love to do some outdoor activities, and good running shoes are what I need. For a classic look, white kicks are a casual basic that will go with everything.

Ballet Flats

Aside from sneakers, I have good pairs of ballet flats. It can go with skirts and shorts. So better have one from than the real-ballerina brand for perfect pair to your fashion look.

Blahnik Black Pumps

Blahnik black pumps or BB pumps is one of the fashion items that every woman should have. It is time you need to try it for yourself.

Black Ankle Boot

One of the essential fashion items. I have a pair of this, and I already love it. So, own a pair. The only problem is this heeled option in suede will have a smooth transition from day to night.

Strappy Sandals

Classic strappy sandals can be the best friend of every woman. One of the fashion items in the wardrobe can be seen and hit every celebrity on the red carpet. Other than that, they look sexy when I wear it with denim.

What would be Your tops?

Striped Shirt

A classic striped shirt is worn every intellectual, actor, and some artist nowadays. Well, there is a reason behind that. So, this nautical-inspired top will be a mainstay in your closet.

Cashmere Crew Neck

I also have a cashmere crew neck. At first, I thought it could only go well with jeans. But I am wrong. It goes with about everything else.

Silk Blouse

Other than the shirt, I have various silk blouses in different colors. One of the fashion items that perfect for days when I feel bloated but still want to fashion my on the day look. Own one in every color, or branch out with a retro-yet-timeless print.

White Tee

Like classic white sneakers, I have several white tees. I can collaborate this as one of my fashion items and get a real look for from it.


There was a time when I got obsessed with the magical versatility of a turtleneck, but it is with good reason. Get one in a thinner fabric so it can be tucked into jeans, layered under jumpsuits, or worn with literally anything else your heart desires.

Let us check what bottoms we can choose?

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