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Fashion Hacks: Your Ultimate Guide to Mix and Match

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Fashion hacks are what women look for. They have to find the essential and most accessible fashion tips that they can do. And if you are reading this, then you are looking for fashion hacks.

Fashion hacks come in mixing few pieces of old or new clothing. I love fashion hacks and tips. These tips become handy when you want to add some twist in your fashion statement.

My friends and I are always looking for fashion hacks. We get the best and excellent fashion tips to get ready for our fashion look.

Your Ultimate Hacks for Fashion

These tips come in handy, and we are grateful that we finally encounter these fashion hacks. So, we love to share what we have learned about it.

Fashion Hacks 1:

Have you encountered makeup smudges? So am I and it drives me crazy when I do makeup then it all goes wrong. What I did is I use shaving cream to get rid it off. It works well, and I finally said goodbye to smudges.

Fashion Hacks 2:

Do you have a problem encountered in doing laundry off your socks? Well, as for me, I get annoyed when I lose the half pair of my socks. So, what I did was, I use of lingerie bag. Of course, the bag is different from what I use with my lingerie.

Fashion Hacks 3:

I am bothered when strings of my hoodies are not coming out or get displaced. If you also encounter this, you may want to use a safety pin. This is an easy trick to pull back the end of the string. You may want to try it.

Fashion Hacks 4:

Do you have crayons or candles at home? And you suddenly found that the zipper of your favorite tote bag got stuck? Then I think you will need those crayons and candles. Just like I did, you need to rub the crayon on either side of the zipper. Then you will find it unstuck. Isn’t it simple?

Fashion Hacks 5:

Stains are annoying, especially when it gets to your colored clothes. Of course, you cannot use bleach formula to remove it. So I will give you the trick. Just use vinegar, baking soda, salt and hydrogen peroxide. Using this can remove the stains without discoloration of your clothes.

Fashion Hacks 6:

If you have problems with your jeans like me, then you will need these fashion tips. Now you have no excuse not to buy those awesome pair of jeans that are two sizes too small. And if you’ve gained a little bit of weight, you can sport your jeans like what I did. I can wear with designer tees.

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