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Evening Primrose Oil for Miracle and Evident Beauty Results

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Evening primrose oil is one of my favorites to maintain healthy skin. This biennial plant native to North American provides various health benefits that will surely give you the same advantage as it did for many. If not, the evening primrose oil can be more than its claim.

Evening primrose oil comes in different forms, such as a capsule containing 500-1,300 mg. But my favorite package of evening primrose oil is the oil itself in a 150 ml bottle.

Now, you may wonder what health benefits and the significant impact you can get from evening primrose oil. For me, there are several facts that I learned about evening primrose oil, and that is why I am using this. The beauty and health benefits of primrose oil are evident.

There are several studies that I have read about this kind of oil. This kind of oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which everyone knows that this kind of fatty acids can reduce inflammation in joints. That is why I advise my mom to take it to control pain during an attack of rheumatoid arthritis. Of course, this is not a cure but prevention for severe pain in joints.

Did you know that it is cold-pressed seeds from a botanical plant? Years ago, Kings and Queens of different continents used this oil for their traditional medical treatment. From then on, studies and researches concluded various benefits of evening primrose oil.

What can you get from the evening primrose oil?


When I first used the evening primrose oil, I observed significant changes. First, from my dry and rough skin, after three days of using primrose oil, it transforms my skin into a smooth and moisturized type of skin. My scalp and hair became elastic, as well. It makes a big difference in my complexion. From rough and irritated skin, I have a more radiant, and my skin has been rejuvenated.

The most amazing part of using evening primrose oil is my scars disappear slowly. I had a big one blemish on my leg, and after applying primrose oil regularly, it noticed it flattened the texture and lessened the color of the scar.

What are the limitations of using this oil?

Like other products, there are warnings to keep in mind. And as for me, of course, I did not set the facts that using the evening primrose oil can give some side effects when used for long term medications. But gladly, I am using the right amount and as needed only.

So the question is – is it safe to use the primrose oil capsule? Correct dosage, as advised by your physician, will be the right move to do. Common side effects while taking primrose oil according to my mom when she first took some of it are headache and upset stomach. Rashes, as claimed by others, were not experienced by my mom, which has no allergic reaction to any medications. Taking primrose oil capsules has no complete study to support diabetic problems.

When pregnant, taking this will increase complications of pregnancy. It can cause blood thinning for those taking medications for hypertension.

But, the evening primrose oil is different when used as beauty medications.

The beauty benefits of using it are caused by different acid or omega fatty acids. Five fatty acids can be found in the oil – Linoleic acid, y-Linolenic acid, Oleic acid, Palmitic acid, and Stearic acid. These are fatty acids that can give you the full benefits of it.

The combination of these fatty acids can result in various health benefits, such as relief from skin conditions. Well, except, of course, from what I have discussed earlier. One way I enjoy it is, its combination with the evening primrose and coconut oil.

Another common problem that it can solve is acne breakouts. Ample application of the oil can diminish the breakouts. It is possible because of the potent antibacterial properties that your skin needs to be healthy and can fight any skin conditions.

Sharing My Thoughts

What I have experienced with it is that it can be your experience too. Just make sure that you know your skin type, and if you have a present skin condition, it is better to seek your doctor’s advice. Experimenting with essential oils and other skin products can be dangerous.

But if you are eager to try and curious about what will be the results, you can check various online videos and tutorials so you will not miss any details.

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