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E.Coli Bacteria Infection: Simple Ways to Prevent a Deadly Complications

E.Coli Bacteria Infection: Simple Ways to Prevent a Deadly Complications

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E.coli, for others, is killing bacteria that come from the intestine of animals. Naturally, it is harmless to humans, but with the gene mutation, it became one of the causes of diseases.

E.Coli Bacteria InfectionE. Coli can be transferred from fresh meat to our plate. The outer surface of meat during butchering is one of the methods in which the e.coli can be spread. Other ways of how it can be outbreak are contamination, improper waste disposal and usage of unsanitized equipment.

In some cases, you can experience disease caused by e. Coli because of eating undercooked ground beef. Also, eating raw fruits and vegetables can increase your chance of experiencing ill. But how will you know if you are sick?

Sometimes people can get sick without their knowledge. Since e.coli is a form of viruses, bacteria and parasites, early symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea. Also, the respiratory illness can be formed.

In general aspects, the spread of bacteria can be avoided if you have lesser or no exposure from eating and drinking contaminated foods like undercooked meat, fruits, and vegetables. Also, unpasteurized milk and milk products, apple juice and untreated water. The only catch if you want to prevent from e.coli exposure is that you will have to be careful when preparing food and eating it as you will have no idea if the food is contaminated or safe to eat. Therefore, proper cleaning and proper way of cooking are essential.

Signs You are Infected

Mild symptoms of e.coli bacteria are an upset stomach. If the infection is more than a week, you will experience stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and a bit high in your temperature.

If these symptoms are gone within ten days, you are lucky to get well and no need to take medications.

But in some cases, those who are infected with e.coli, they develop life-threatening symptoms. You can have symptoms like kidney failure, seizures and stroke. If these symptoms are left untreated, it may cause your life.

How to Get Treated

There is no direct treatment for e.coli infections. But there are ways on how to get well once you are positive with e.coli bacteria infection. To keep your body status healthy, you need to stay hydrated. It will keep your kidneys functioning well.

The next thing you can do, which is essential is to cook your food correctly. There is a difference in cooking steak at medium rare versus half cooked. You can set the temperature of at least 71 degrees celsius. Also, if you want your vegetable half cook, make sure that you washed the vegetables.

Better Tips on How to Prevent E.Coli Bacteria Infection

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And this is our favorite tip when it comes to infections. If you are aware that you are exposed to e.coli, you will need to prevent it from infecting others. Controlling the disease from spreading is one of the tips that you will need to remember. It is the priority because spreading infections can be prevented. You should not let others suffer from the diseases you have. One way to control it is preventing from preparing food for others. It is the highly contagious factor of spreading germs.

Wiser Picks

Make sure that you are eating hamburger patties that are color light red in the middle. If you see red color, you should cook it more.

In food preparations, you should have separate space for cooking of food and eating. Make sure you wash your hands, counters and utensils before using it. Unsanitized and unclean cooking tools can be a source of e.coli bacteria.

Choose to drink and eat food that is purified, especially when it comes to milk products. Also, you need to choose safe water. Ensure that your drinking water is boiled or treated, so there is no presence of e.coli bacteria.

Aside from washing your hands, make sure you also wash the vegetables, fruits and meat thoroughly with clean and safe running water. Some of the plants need scrubbing so the surface can be smooth and clean; especially, vegetables like potatoes and carrots. These vegetables are grown beneath the soil, so the tendency of having bacteria is high.

If you have a farm, you will encounter live animals. As mentioned earlier, we can be exposed to e.coli bacteria from domesticating live animals like cows, pigs and sheep. Therefore, our tip is to make sure you wash your hands after contact with live animals. It will keep you safe from e.coli infections.

Our Food Safety for E.ColiOur Food Safety for E.Coli

Indeed, at first, e.coli is not a deadly infection, but if you keep it untreated, it may cause your life. You can avoid e.coli infections from spreading and getting it by yourself if you know how to make your food safe to eat.

The clean and proper way of preparing your food is the ultimate key if you want to be excluded as patients of this infection — especially those with the low immune system, which is susceptible to acquiring infections. Also, taking vitamin supplements and eating healthy foods can increase your immune system in fighting bacteria and viruses.

Make sure to have habits of enough sleep and drinking plenty of clean water. Exercises and a healthy lifestyle are also significant.

E.coli infections can be prevented and cured. But if you are too careless and left it untreated, you will notice that it will be risky.

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