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Contact Lens: Limitless Ways to Get your Eyes in Fashion

Contact Lens: Limitless Ways to Get your Eyes in Fashion

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A contact lens can be fashionable and necessary, as well. Many years ago, contact lenses were hard to wear, and some said that it irritated. But many still choose to wear it. For some, they required to wear it, but others are wearing it as a fashion.

Contact Lens: Limitless Ways to Get your Eyes in FashionThe contact lens is safe to use if you would ask us, given that it is clean and well-moisturized. But what is the contact lens? They are made of tiny plastic that you can put it in your eyes. Unlike before, today, contact lens became one of the accessories if you want to perfect your outfit of the day.

There are different options for contact lens. You can have a simple design with no range of eye conditions. Also, you can have disposable contact lenses or a pair that you can use for the whole year. 

But how will you know if you are wearing the right lens? Do you need to have a prescription beforehand to get a pair? Well, if you are wearing glasses, it means that you will need a pair of contact lenses with a prescription.

Types of Contact Lens

To be more precise, there are two kinds of contact lenses. The first one is the hard contact lens made of polymethylmethacrylate and the soft contact lens made of gel-like plastics.

Nowadays, hard contacts are obsolete. On the other hand, soft contact lenses are what most people prefer. Aside from gel-like material, it is made of firm yet flexible plastic that allows oxygen to flow through.

Contact Lens for Fashion

Women today use contact lenses as one of the fashion items. It transforms your eyes and creates a new look for you — the color of the lens focus on changing the color of your iris. 

Iris is the part of the eye that gives its color. For instance, your eyes can be brown, black, blue or green. It depends on the color of your iris, and this is what the contact lens is. It has many colors that you can choose from — different shades of brown, red, blue, green, gray or black. 

You have many different choices of contacts depending on its tint or the shades. You can have visible, opaque, or an enhancement tint only. 

First, the visible tint, the use of shade, is used to locate the contact lens quickly when you accidentally dropped it. Enhancement tint, on the other hand, is used when you want to enhance the color of your eyes. Usually, it is a little darker from the visibility tint, so this is applicable for eyes that have light shades only. You will not wear them if you have dark eyes. One purpose of this tint is to make your eye more vibrant and make their eye color more vibrant. The last one, which is the opaque hue are the opposites of the two. This tin can change your eye color entirely. If you have dark eyes, this tint can change it and make it more vibrant and visible.

True Colors for your Eyes

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