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Concealer and Foundation: What comes first for your fabulous makeup?

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Concealer and foundation are essentials in makeup, and both have unique properties. However, the application of concealer and foundation should be in an ordinal manner.  But what should go first and be followed with what?

Concealer and foundation have many classifications, and the application depends on the type of your skin. Knowing the differences between concealer and foundation will help you decide on what types you should use. It will be reckless if you should just pick whatever you want or just because you don’t have any choice or option before buying.

So, being knowledgeable about concealer and foundation is significant to a gorgeous outcome of your makeup. As you read this article, you will know the answer to the question—what goes first concealer or foundation? You will see that applying foundation is the priority in any makeup. Further, you will know the whole purpose of concealer and foundation and why it should not be used interchangeably.

What is the difference between concealer and foundation?

Many are mistaken that both concealer and foundation are of the same purpose in the makeup fashion. Sometimes, even the application of concealer and foundation can be compromised because of the lack of knowledge about the two.

What is the foundation?

For beginners, the foundation is one of the beauty products used as the base of any makeup before application.

Why used foundation? Well, there are many reasons why the foundation is one of the necessities in makeup. Many use foundation to hide facial imperfections and create a layer of protection for the skin against the direct heat of the sun, as long as the SPF properties are present. Also, it makes the right texture of our skin, without changing the color.

According to professional stylists, you need to choose the color of your foundation closest to your skin color and what skin type you have. How to pick the right choice of foundation? One way is to do a color match of your foundation with the color of your chest or the collar bone area.

Kinds of Foundations You want to try

a.      Liquid Foundation

It is the most versatile foundation that any skin type can use. It has a thick texture which makes it convenient to use. Also, it gives extra moisture to our skin, which gives off a luminous finish. Further, it comes in oil-based and water-based formulations.

Water-based liquid foundation can blend effortlessly because of the silicon oil content that gives off light coverage to your face. If you are a woman of color, this is the best foundation that you can wear. Leaving a small amount of shine behind your skin will give it a more glamorous look.

On the other hand, the oil-based foundation comes in extra thick and greasy texture. It is best suited to those with extremely dry or wrinkled skin. With this type of skin, it provides enough dewy and moist.

Another type of liquid foundation is the whipped foundation. This is a liquid foundation with air whipped in, creating a light texture and great for use in all skin types. You will not be bothered if you have dry or mature skin that provides a smooth and non-cakey application.

Foundation applicator: You can use a disposable sponge for an oil-based foundation. You can also use fan brushes and flat brushes for broad pigmented liquid foundation.

b.     Cream Foundation

There are different skin types, and if you have normal, dry and super dry skin, you can choose a cream foundation. The cream foundation offers excellent coverage to our skin while giving great moistures to your skin. And, it works well with various skin tones like liquid foundation. You can also have an oil-based or water-based foundation.

Foundation applicator: If you are decided for the cream foundation, you can use a disposable sponge for the oil-based cream foundation.

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