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Color Corrector Concealer: New Necessity for Picture Perfect Makeup

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Color corrector concealer has an important role when wearing makeup as one of the essentials in your makeup kit; this type of concealer is the latest necessity. And finding the right technique will lead you to the picture-perfect makeup look.

Color corrector concealer

Color corrector concealer has a particular color to work best on your skin imperfections. You can check the makeup color wheel to determine what concealer you should apply to the color you want to conceal. Well, the basic rule is to use the color corrector concealer before your foundation. But you will still need to use a regular concealer to cover the blemishes, discoloration and other skin imperfections completely. Use beauty blender for a more even and smoother texture of your makeup.

Color corrector Concealer: What will be your choice?

Do you want to know what types of color corrector concealer you will need, just in case? The simple rule: if you’re going to cover red spots on your skin, use green concealer. For yellow speck, just use purple concealer. Then you want to take an orange concealer to cover up your dark blue blemish.

For starters, using it will give you lesser worries. It is because you will have natural results as long as you follow the wheel of color.

To give you the details, here are the nitty-gritty of the corrector concealer.

The green is for red.

When we say red, this pertains to pimples and acne scars. Rosacea is a skin problem that hides unwanted redness. If you have these skin problems that cause redness, you will need to use a green concealer. Afterwards, you will now get even base before applying foundation.

Orange is for blue or dark skin tones.

How about those with dark skin tones? Well, you will need the orange color corrector concealer to work well with this type of skin tone. This concealer can help you cover up the uneven undertones, especially if you have dark circles under your eyes. Clearly, if you have lighter skin but have dark circles under your eyes, orange color corrector concealer is not for you.

Pink (Peach) is for lighter skin.

What people with lighter skin need is the pink concealer. The pink concealer is not pink, but it comes in salmon pink or peach in tone. Also, it is created from a mix of red, orange, and yellow hues. You can use a pink color corrector concealer for hiding dark eye circles.

Yellow is for purple and vice versa.

Now, if you have a blemish that is purple in tone, you can choose a yellow color corrector concealer to cover it. The most common imperfection with purple in hue are bruises, veins and under-eye circles.

And when you see yellow spots in your skin, you can use purple color corrector concealer. Purple is the opposite of yellow. Therefore it is the best concealer for yellow spots. You can also use a purple primer to remove a yellow skin tone with a dull complexion.

Why is color correcting makeup?

Why is color correcting makeup?

Color correcting makeup is a technique to put out dark under-eye circles, redness and acne scars. Color corrector concealer deals with the pesky undertones in your skin. It can counterbalance pigmentations and blemishes.

Like regular concealers, color corrector concealer comes in the form of liquids, creams, powders and tubes.  You can have it in different colors to work with any skin type and cover any skin impurities. Using the color corrector concealer is quite tricky at first try. For starters, it is unavoidable to make some mistakes during the application. So we are giving you how to transform your bare face into a quick picture-perfect look.

But first, you will need to keep in mind the following before learning the full package of color corrector concealer.

You will need to figure out your problem areas. If the foundation will not be enough to cover it, well it is time for the color corrector concealer. Trace where your skin imperfections are. Knowing it beforehand will be easier to apply the color corrector concealer.

Before attempting to put on your foundation, apply first to the concealer. Blend it using a makeup sponge to have an even and smoother complexion before the foundation. One of the characteristics of a color corrector concealer is it dries quickly. So right after you applied it to your skin, blend it immediately. Otherwise, you will struggle to spread it across the spot.

Then, when you apply the foundation, you need to spread it like before. Instead, you will need to stipple it. The process of using your foundation should be gradually so you will not ruin the already applied color corrector concealer.

How to achieve perfect picture makeup look with color corrector concealer?

perfect picture makeup look with color corrector concealer

Applying color corrector on your skin is a challenge and needs the technique to achieve it successfully. It is unlike the regular concealer.

So, what will you do when you have dark circles and hyper-pigmentation? What do you need for dark circles color correction? You should use a lavender and tangerine concealer.  Lavender neutralizes the yellow skin tone and gives color to dullness and hyper-pigmentation.  Spread it above your eyebrows and sides of your lower lip. While tangerine concealer will help address the bluish tint from your under dark eye circles.

If you have acne, scars and redness, you can have green, yellow and tangerine. Tangerine concealer is optional if you have under dark eye circles. However, green will be significant when you apply it on your cheeks and pimples to neutralize the redness. Also, yellow is useful for your cheekbones to brighten the dullness.

For lighter skin with dark spots and dark under-eye circles, apply a peach concealer under your eyes and around your mouth to balance the color. Then a yellow concealer should be applied to your cheeks to neutralize the color of your face.

Seeing the transformation of your face using the concealer will give you the much-needed confidence, knowing that you flawlessly cover your skin imperfections.

Dos and Don’ts

Dos and Don’ts

Like other makeup, you will need to remember what to prevent and what to follow to keep your color corrector concealer in its rightful place.

Remember the color wheel when it comes to finding the right color corrector concealer. Choosing the right color will get the right tone to match your blemish.

Color corrector concealer should be applied in thin layers. Or if it is necessary to have a thick application, you should need to blend it more evenly.

The difference between regular versus color corrector concealer is—you will need the latter one for the healthy appearance of blemishes. On the other hand, the smaller and less noticeable blemishes, regular concealer will do. So, check first if scars and pigmentation are needed to be covered by corrector concealer or just a regular one.

Also, you will need a makeup sponge for your concealer. The brush is not necessary because you will only be dealing with some specific areas in your face.

When we say concealer should be used to cover your skin imperfections, we do not mean that you will hide your natural beauty. Concealer colors are used to enhance your beauty.

Quick Tips for You

Using it is not enjoyable for everyone. Those who choose to use it may have reasons like looking great on the picture without using camera filters. But, for those who would like to stick with their makeup and accept their imperfections, are ditching it.

Others may think that it is an independent makeup. Like, it does not need foundation, primer and the regular concealer once you used it. And this thinking is inappropriate. Why? Color corrector concealer is only an option if you want to cover the healthy appearance of discolorations, blemishes, redness or acne scars. Like we mentioned a while ago, you will only need this if necessary. Otherwise, regular use of color corrector as regular one is a no-no.

Don’t make it cover your natural complexion. Putting on makeup does not need to alter your appearance and your inner beauty. So, let it address the redness, veins and boost radiance on your skin. It is where it can do its job best.

Your style, your image

Color corrector concealer needs the technique to have a natural blend with your foundation. Follow the rules of choosing the right color as well as the areas where you need to put it best. Also, make sure that you will only use it if your regular concealer cannot put out the skin discoloration and hyper-pigmentation.

But you can still include it in your makeup kit. Who would really know what you might need it in the middle of your makeup application?

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