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Choose the Best Foods that are High in Protein

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Foods that are high in protein are essential for your body to build more muscles. It also gives you more energy when doing your workout routines daily. If you want to lose some fat and keep lean muscles, you will need to consume protein food regularly.

Foods that are high in protein have amino acids that are responsible for making our muscles, bone, skin and hair healthy. Looking great with a fit and healthy body will help us do our daily tasks. If you are doing bodybuilding workouts, eating protein food will help you achieve a physically fit body.

But not all foods that are high in protein are healthy. Some may contribute to the increase in your body weight. Therefore, make sure that you have the list of friendly protein foods and those that you need to avoid.

You are wondering why protein can give you more weight? Protein-rich foods have added sugar that can make you gain more weight. If you want to enjoy these kinds of protein foods still, you should only consume the right amount. Otherwise, you will end up reversing your workouts and diet meal plans.

Since we are talking here about foods that are high in protein, we are giving you a list of those you need to avoid. But if you still insist on eating these, make sure you eat the right amount. Remember, in everything, too much consumption of the wrong foods can harm your health.

Foods with protein that needs in moderate consumption

Limit your consumption of dairy products. Packaged dairy products like yogurt and cheese can give you high protein. But, it also has preservatives like artificial flavors and added sugars. If you want to enjoy dairy products as a protein source, check the labels for no sugar and flavors added.

Another protein food that you need to stop considering as dessert or energy booster is the protein bars. This food is tempting because of its size, which you can sneak easily in your pockets or bags. A little bite will not hurt your workouts, but it contains lots of sugar and preservatives that can affect your diet and exercises. Why not have another option for a snack, dessert or energy-boosting food.

On the other hand, we know that legumes can be a good source of energy, right? But the missing point in legumes is high levels of fats and calories. Take it from peanut, one of the plants that need to be consumed in moderation. Because for every 100 grams of peanuts, you can have 26 grams of protein.

After a workout, you will need replacement of protein to your body. One of your options is protein shakes. This shake can be helpful to replace for protein loss during the workout, but you need to see the labels for the amount of added sugars. Too much sugar content can affect your body weight.

Good foods with protein

Your key to be fit and healthy at the same time is eating an adequate amount of protein. The amino acids in protein foods help our body to create more muscles. With each protein food, it has amino acid to build muscles and control your hunger. So what are proteins foods that are good for you?


Start your day with an egg. The egg is an excellent source of high protein foods with many amino acids. Also, you can have omega 3 fatty acids from fortified eggs. The amount of protein in one large egg is 6 grams. This amount of protein can give you the nutrients you need.


If you want to fill your body with a quality high protein food, get some slice of tuna. It is one of the right choices that you have to consider. Tuna can be easily digested so that protein can be broken down into amino acids in no time. It has high-quality protein, and in every 3 ounces of serving, you can get 25 grams of protein.


Other than tuna, you can have halibut. Halibut can give 23 grams of protein for every 3 ounces of serving. It can also provide 2 grams of healthy fats. So if you want another source of high protein, this can be your option.


Another fish on your plate can be a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon has 23 grams in its serving with 3 ounces. Other than protein, you can have omega 3 fatty acids which are essential also to your health.


If you cannot find salmon and tuna, choose tilapia. Tilapia has a mild taste, but you can get 21 grams of protein with every 3 ounces of serving. The protein from tilapia is enough for building your muscles.


Seafood rich in protein is a unique way to build up muscle. Octopus can give you 25 grams of protein with every 3 ounces of serving. But you may be thinking on how you can make the octopus flesh tender. Since it is known to have an elastic or gummy texture, you need to place it inside the freezer. The freezing process of octopus can help you tenderize the meat.


Let us go to the meat shop, shall we? Meats high in protein come in many forms. For starters, you can have steak. The protein in steak can give you 23 grams with every 3 ounces of serving. Your steak can be in round or rib-eye cuts. But you need to choose leaner cuts of steak like round and loin. The best way to cook a steak is medium-rare to enjoy protein in a juicy flavor.


You can have other protein sources from meat. The lean ground beef provides 18 grams of protein for 3 ounces serving. The leanness of ground beef should be in between of 100 to 90 percent. In this way, if you will use ground beef to your cooking, it still has some tasty flavor.


On the other hand, many have trusted chicken meat to provide them with a good source of protein. Chicken is one of the best choices when it comes to meat. Just avoid the skin with fats underneath it. The part of chicken with most protein is the breast. It can give you 24 grams of protein with 3 ounces of serving.


Same with chicken, turkey meat is the right choice of the protein food source. It has a low-calorie content but gives you 24 grams of protein with every 3 ounces of serving. Turkey breast is the best part where you can get fat-free protein.

Green peas

Getting worried because of your eating habit? If you are vegetarian and you only opt for plant-based foods, you need not worry about getting an adequate amount of protein. Foods rich in protein can also be found in some vegetables. We call them vegetarian protein.

As mentioned earlier, legumes contain a high amount of protein. Moderate in consumption, green peas can help you get the protein your body needs. Mostly we can see green peas as a side dish. If you don’t want this approach with the peas, you can enjoy it by blending it with other healthy foods.


Other than meat, you can have complete amino acids by eating quinoa. Quinoa is our favorite grain when it comes to nutritional facts. Aside from fiber, you can have protein. You can enjoy quinoa as toppings to your favorite breakfast cereals.

Chia Seeds

Another topping for your salads is chia seeds. It adds protein to your healthy salads, yogurt, oatmeal, or blend it to your smoothies. Another way to consume chia seeds is by soaking it in water until it makes a rich foam and creamy texture. It would look like a pudding.


Another twist for our vegetarian protein is tofu. This food can give you 12 grams of protein with every 3 ounces of serving. Not bad, right? Enjoy eating tofu with different recipes. Or you can fry and used it to your favorite cuisines. You can also add it to your favorite smoothie.


Cocoa is a good source of protein as long as there is no added sugar. Your cocoa powder can give you 1 gram of protein for every tablespoon. The taste of cocoa powder should be bitter. It is the kind used in baking or making hot chocolate. If you use it for drinking, make sure you add nonfat milk and calorie-free sugar to add some taste. Otherwise, you will end up making a protein drink that can make you gain weight as well.

Non-dairy milk

As we were saying, dairy products can make you gain weight. So choose non-dairy milk or alternatives for fabulous additions to your diet plan. You can have almond milk, plain soy milk and other non-dairy milk that can give you protein with fewer calories contents. Check the label before purchasing the product so you can see the difference.

Protein routine in your meal plan

To keep yourself on the track of eating the best foods that are rich in protein, you need to make an exciting meal plan of your choice. But we can give you some ideas for your meal plan with protein.

Make alternatives for your meat as the primary protein food. You can have seafood protein, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Some exciting recipes for your seafood are steak, fillet, grilled, or baked.

Then you can have a side dish of beans, peas, or any soy products. Soy products can be a part of a meal or sometimes the main dish.

You can also choose unsalted nuts for snacking or toppings to your salads. Some dish can replace meat as ingredients like toasted peanuts to stir-fry vegetable. You can also sprinkle a few nuts on top of your desserts like ice cream or frozen yogurt.

The art of getting an adequate amount of functional protein

Indeed, proteins are essential to our body in building muscles and keeping our body in good shape. Like other food, we need to consume an adequate amount of protein, and it should be in moderation for more promising results.

To remind you that prevention at a young age and to eat nutritious foods over time lead us to be fit and healthy. We can avoid serious health problems and learning some ways to improve your eating lifestyle.

Many have great desires to be physically fit and healthy. To be in good shape while indulging mindlessly with junk foods can harm your health eventually.

So eating foods rich in protein can make a change to your body without giving you a drastic meal plan. Make your choice to have lean protein to keep your bad cholesterol at a low level. Have an eagle eye on details in the labeling of the package. You can see the contents of packaged food, especially dairy products. Further, you have to keep every meal on your table safe to eat. Make sure you store it properly if you consume it later.

Life is good, so keep your lifestyle in good shape.

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