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Beauty Tricks: Top 8 Easiest Way of Dealing Beauty Imperfections

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Beauty tricks come in different ways, and if you know how to do it, believe me; your life will be different starting now! Can you imagine doing beauty tricks made by no other than yourself? These beauty tips can deliberate you from using chemical compounds from your traditional makeup choices.

Beauty tricks from your own DIY beauty remedies are great alternatives to rest your sensitive skin from chemicals. If you agree with me, you can take our beauty technique to complete your no-chemical-free beauty tricks.

For me, choosing between natural over full-chemical beauty products, I would love to pick the natural ones. I am certain about the good effects of natural beauty tricks. I tried it over many times, and the results are amazing.

So, I would love to share my experience and results in using these marvelous beauty tricks. So here are my top picks for natural beauty tricks.

The Power of Tea Tree and Virgin Oil against Acne

No one escapes from acne caused by bacteria. I experienced this, and I tried finding some solutions. So when I searched for some effective yet safe way to deal with my acne, I came across with beauty benefits of tea tree oil.

How to use: Get a cotton ball or pad and drop one or two tea tree oil. Just make sure you pick the pure and organic tea tree oil in the market though. On a separate bottle, dilute few drops of virgin oil. You can choose from coconut, olive or jojoba oils. Either these two, you can use it to your acne. Apply during morning and evening after washing off your face. For best results, use for three days.

Lemon and Virgin Oil for Kissable and Softer Lips

Feeling envy with the kissable lips? I have one solution for that. This beauty hack that I tried made my lips more than pouty, but it became softer and inviting. I scrub my lips gently, using lemon and virgin olive oil.

How to make and use: Get a small bowl and mix a quarter cup of sugar with a half cup of extra virgin olive oil. Don’t forget the 2 teaspoons of pure and natural lemon juice. Combine and store in an airtight container like a sealable jar. Put it in the fridge and wait to freeze a bit like a scrub texture. Then you can use it as a lip scrub. You will be proud of it because you made it and the results are fantastic kissable and softer lips.

Natural Glow using Chocolate Bronze for Beauty Tricks

I seldom use bronzer. But when I decided to use a natural bronzer, I definitely used the natural or those that have organic compounds. As I am trying to be on the safe side yet giving me the best results, I found out some beauty tricks on making a DIY bronzer using chocolate or cocoa powder. Though some may find this is a hilarious idea but who cares, anyone loves the smell of cocoa.

How to make and use: On this one, you don’t need to measure. Just prepare enough quantity to use as your chocolate bronzer. The mixture will be organic cocoa powder with a pinch of cinnamon and baby powder. Also, watch out for your skin tone since the shade of bronzer will react to your skin. So you can have the best glow naturally.

Coffee Exfoliation for Younger Looking Skin

My friends and I always argued what the best way to exfoliate is. Of course, exfoliation is needed to look fresh and clean, especially when you are heavy makeup, user, every day. But for me, I exfoliate to reveal more glowing and younger skin since I seldom use heavy makeup.

How to prepare and use: In a bowl, mix three tablespoons of coffee grounds with 1 tablespoon of virgin oil, whether coconut or olive. Then add 1 tablespoon of brown sugar. Mix well and gently massage to your face. After few minutes, you will fee and see the refreshing power of exfoliation using natural ingredients.

Sea Salt Body Scrub

How about body exfoliation using sea salt scrub? You definitely hear about sea salt and its good effects. But what it does to our skin is pretty amazing. But don’t apply your sea salt directly to your skin. You will need something to mix it with.

How to prepare and use: Get one cup of sea salt and mix with a half cup of oil and five drops of essential oil. You can double or triple the combination of your sea salt body scrub, which depends on what your body needs. Gently massage the scrub and rinse thoroughly. Afterwards, pat your skin dry, leaving some oil in your skin. This oil will serve as your lotion for the day. Then you will get moisture the whole day.

Mask it with Yogurt and Olive Oil

It is true; face mask is addictive since it Korean beauty products conquer the market. But what it feels like if you are the one to make your face mask? Compared it to a commercial face mask, why not try the DIY mask that I am using for quite some time.

How to prepare and use: Get a proportion amount of plain and natural yogurt and mix well in a bowl. Make sure the yogurt is plain and natural. Then when it comes to a thick coat, you can apply to your freshly washed face. Leave it to your face for about 15 – 20 minutes for best results. While on your face, relax so the oats won’t fall out. If you feel the mask has dried already in between 15 to 20 minutes, you can wash it with warm water using either your hands or a washcloth. You can do this if you feel like your skin needs some good mask.

Arm your Deodorant with Pure Lemon Extract

Unfortunately, I seldom encounter beauty tricks when it comes to underarm. Well, I have to break it but here is the thing – lemon can do the job when it comes to antiperspirants.

Naturally, our underarm perspires for some reasons. And preventing it will have adverse effects on our body. So we just want to lessen perspiration in our underarm for more confidence, shall we?

How to prepare and use: Get a lemon and cut in the quarter. Rub a slice in your armpit. Another option for lemon deodorant is spray application. Squeeze lemon juice into a spray bottle. Just make sure that when you apply lemon, your underarm is not freshly shaved or waxed. Because after you shaved or wax, the pores of your skin are open which get irritable quickly.

What can we say about these beauty tricks?

Indeed, beauty tricks using natural ingredients can harm you. So before preparing some DIY beauty hack, make sure you have tested your skin if you have allergic reactions with the elements. Otherwise, your beauty tricks will become trick or treat kind of thing.

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