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banana nutrition fact

Banana Nutrition Fact Provides Overall Health Benefits

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Banana nutrition fact has a significant impact on our overall health. Daily consumption of banana will give the nutrients we need. But you need to consume it in the recommended amount. Otherwise, it could lead to some serious health problems.

Banana nutrition fact provides all the nutrients we need. It is a versatile fruit that promotes right health conditions in our body and has a soft curved flesh. The size varies from three inches to six inches long.

The complete banana nutrition fact includes fiber, potassium, vitamin B6 and C. These nutrients are responsible for making our body healthy. So you may ask this query—does banana have protein? The answer is yes. So how much protein banana has? It only has about 1 percent or 1.1 grams protein in every 100 grams.

This is why a banana only diet can put our health at risk. It can lead to several harmful side effects, as we will not have the necessary protein our body deserves.

According to a study, getting vitamins in banana only for the whole day will not satisfy your body with the nutrients it needs. It is a fact that banana is rich with fiber and potassium. However, your body needs other nutrients like calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are essential for keeping our body energized to perform day-to-day activities.

Banana nutrition fact versus the side effects

Most of us believe that consuming anything in one attempt can resolve our nutrients deficiency. This is entirely false. By doing so, you’re not giving yourself a chance to become fit. Otherwise, you’re just giving yourself the worst problem.

The first symptom that you might have is an abnormal condition of your digestive system. Banana nutrition fact is rich with fiber, and too much fiber can affect our digestion. Most likely, constipation and bloating are few of the side effects that will occur. It will affect the nutrient absorption of our body in such a wrong way.

Another side effect that doctors would notice will be a higher potassium level in our blood. Medical specialist identifies this condition as Hyperkalemia. Potassium is good for our heart when taken in the right dosage. We cannot force our body to process all the potassium. Too much intake of banana daily can have a disastrous result like a heart attack. Therefore, moderation in eating banana will have a massive impact on your body.

Also, when you have only bananas in your diet, you can gain more weight. Over time, you will become a bit sluggish than before.

Too much consumption of banana can make you too sleepy. It is not a normal condition if you are pregnant or taking any medications with a drowsiness effect. The carbs cause this health condition in bananas. Bananas’ carbohydrates blocked the flow of amino acids to your brain, according to a study. The blocking of amino acids creates serotonin, which promotes sleep.

Again, banana nutrition fact is good for our body, but we forbid you to have a banana-only diet if you are planning to lose weight. The quickest weight loss programs are usually the ones that could harm us in the worst possible way.

Significance of eating a banana with the recommended daily consumption

The average serving of banana should be two pieces of medium size. It can be a maximum of seven pieces in regular size. Balance nutrients in our body should be observed. So with the right consumption of banana, you can still eat other healthy foods like fish and vegetables.

On the bright side of overeating banana, it can address your difficulty in sleeping. Many other health benefits prove the banana nutrition fact.

Good source of vitamin B6 for blood regulation

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