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Bacon Sandwich: Unraveling the Healthy Truth Behind It

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Bacon sandwich, as believes by everyone, has no excellent health benefits. But little did you know that bacon has a good effect on our body.

Bacon sandwich, at first, will be categorized as unhealthy food. However, looking into it carefully, it has been discovered that it gives us excellent effects. With all the health benefits of a bacon sandwich, more reasons that we will enjoy eating it.

Bacon can be harmful in our health, but of course, when we eat it too much. Well, any food that we overate gives us adverse effects. For instance, when it comes to bacon, we listed some of the harmful impacts that affect our health. Remember that this will only happen when you overeat a bacon sandwich.

When overeating bacon sandwich…

Too much-saturated fat will increase our chance of getting health problems involving our cardiovascular system. As you can see, bacon contains too much saturated fat, so a large portion of bacon is not advisable to eat in a single serving.

In your bacon sandwich, make sure that you only have a maximum of four slices of bacon. It is equivalent to one serving, which is less than 10% of saturated fat as recommended daily limit. Otherwise, if you consume more than four slices, you should expect a spike of bad cholesterol in your body.

Another substance that you need to watch out in your bacon sandwich is the sodium content. Four slices of bacon are safe when it comes to sodium intake per day. Take note that a single slice of bacon can give you more than 190 milligrams of sodium. Comparing it with the daily-recommended sodium intake, you have a maximum of 1,100 milligrams per day.

So if you are wondering why bacon lasts for days or months in your fridge? Well, do not forget that bacon has preservatives. To be specific, your favorite bacon contains nitrites and nitrates, which are responsible for extending the shelf life of your meat. Therefore, imagine when you overeat bacon, you are gorging substance that can harden and narrow your arteries. It is one of the harmful effects of an overeating bacon sandwich.

And one more thing, when it comes to bacon, you may need to choose other bacon products. Aside from red meat bacon, you can have white meat bacon. It has lower fat content and a small amount of iron and protein. But don’t be anxious because you can have other food sources of iron and protein.

Of course, anything that is consuming too much will give you the opposite of your expectations.

But when you consume it the right amount…

consume bacon sandwich the right amount

On the contrary, when you have a bacon sandwich a day, you will have the nutrients your body needs. After a thorough observation of what happens when done in eating a bacon sandwich, you will experience the following health benefits of bacon.

Increase good cholesterol

When eating a bacon sandwich the right way, you are getting omega-3 fatty acids. It is a good source, also like fish. While the increase in good cholesterol, you are reducing bad cholesterol. So the belief that bacon causes heart diseases is a total myth. When daily eating bacon in the right quantity has health benefits to your cardiovascular system.

Improves brain function

Brain development is a continuous process in your body. Your brain does not stop functioning; therefore, it needs proper nutrients. One of the essential nutrients that our brain needs for development is choline.

Choline improves brain function and prevents abnormalities over time. According to studies, bacon contains choline, which can help our brain to function well. A correct serving of bacon daily can treat brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. It also improves memory, which degenerates naturally, when you get old.

Limit food cravings but enhance moods

For many, limiting ourselves with the food we want to eat can affect our mood. When it comes to bacon, different things happen. Bacon sandwich can stop your cravings because of the fatty acids that it contains. At the same time, it also enhances your moods. There is a taste in the bacon that has to make you feel satisfied, and your eating experience is fulfilled. Who wants to satiate the appetite but still in the mood?

Another thing, though you have limited food cravings, you will still have enough energy. Take note that bacon is a good source of protein, which you need to be on top of your energy daily.

Maintain blood sugar level

Bacon sandwich is a perfect combination of protein and carbohydrates. It is because of the main reason that bacon has no carbohydrates content. In this part, the sandwich will balance everything since you will have protein and carbohydrates at the same time.

So, this helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Just make sure that you will eat bacon in moderation so the effects will be as sound as this.

Good source of essential vitamins and minerals

Like other food, bacon is surprisingly offering vitamins and minerals, which make the consumption, not a sin. Like other foods, bacon gives a good reason for eating it, but make sure to be in moderation. Vitamins and minerals like zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorus are present in bacon.

Satisfaction without suffering

Eating bacon sandwich has comfort that most people enjoy. The taste of bacon triggers a sense of feeling in our tongue, which enhances our mood.

Therefore, including bacon in our diet is the right choice but in moderation. Too much bacon can affect our brain and body function. It also affects muscle mass and hormone balance.

Don’t expect that when you eat double or triple the daily recommended slices of bacon, it can hasten the functional effects of bacon sandwich consumption. It will only alter the excellent benefits.

Indeed, the bacon sandwich has many sound effects, but it is achievable only when eating in moderation. Good things can come your way by being patient and with discipline.

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