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Yoga 101 – Your Ultimate Guide How to be Relaxed and Fit

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Yoga has great significance in making an individual healthy. Though there are lots of yoga exercise offerings, it can provide you with different health benefits. Most of these benefits can give you over-all health maintenance.

Yoga involves many more techniques beyond the familiar routine we know and what we sometimes practice. But why we continue doing yoga? What good can we get from it?

According to some medical professionals, yoga has significant contributions when it comes to health and becoming fit. If you do it regularly, you can have less chronic pain. Most common health problems that we have are lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. In other words, yoga gives you less chance of having high blood pressure. But when I tried, it helps me get enough sleep. So I guess yoga really helps a person a lot in many ways.

Key Health Benefits of Yoga

Since we are talking about yoga health benefits, let us know more reasons why we should do it, even at home.

Yoga routines involve all our muscles and joints. So to increase flexibility and muscle strength and mass, you better start doing yoga. Also, it is the key to jump start the vital organs like the heart and lungs to keep up in your daily exercises.

Another critical health benefits we can get from yoga is improved your digestion to reduce weight. It will also give you balance metabolism and protection from injury.

And of course, yoga has tremendous benefits on mental health. If you feel you lack of focus and you feel stress, then you have to turn yourself in doing it. Basically, it helps a person to manage stress, which, on the other hand, has no beneficial effect on our body. Stress is a severe factor why an individual surrender to vices or worst they do things which they totally regret at the end of the day.

So, to give your mind some peace out of chaos, yoga is the key. Simple routines, aside from involving muscles and joints, use meditation and later on proper breathing. According to the study, doing yoga continuously will improve a person mental well-being. It helps your mind to have peace and organize.

Say, if you do yoga you can have all these good things for your health and body.

Know When You Need To Start Yoga

Doing it does not need that you do it in a gym or attend a yoga class. For instance, like me, my time is not like other women who have lots of time visiting the gym or yoga classes. So for me, knowing the techniques and setting a place suitable for doing it will be a great help.

Then I realized I could do it at home. But doing at home is not merely putting a map on the floor. Well, here are my tips on doing it at home.

Tip 1:  Your home has many spaces but believe me, you will need to consider finding a quiet and uncluttered space. The area does not need to be large, just enough for your mats, blankets and other yoga materials.

Tip 2: Set your goals, but be mindful that whatever goals you should set are realistic, and you will not have a hard time achieving it. For instance, start with short duration of doing yoga exercises.

Tip 3: My final tip would be started as a beginner. Though you know for yourself that you can do more than beginner’s yoga sequences, you still need to complete these sequences. By doing so, you can prepare your body from advance and more professional yoga routines.

What to Have and Some Reminders before Doing YogaWhat to Have and Some Reminders before Doing Yoga

If you are serious in doing it, you have to carry all that you need and list some reminders to achieve your goals daily or in a week before you start.

When you decided to perform it at home, prepare all the accessories. But what you need except for soft fabric leggings and comfy tops, you will need to get a yoga mat. You should start looking for the non-slip mat, and the materials are susceptible to sweat or water. Your secondary requirement is to get some blocks. But if you want adjustable and less in your expenses, you can use some books. But in my experience, I opt for pillows, blankets or towels, whichever gives me my preferred support.

Speaking of yoga routines, you will need to choose what sequences you will perform carefully. If it is your first time to do yoga, my advice is to do some routines for beginners. You should not skip this stage of yoga because, in this part, you will learn to do the proper breathing and meditation. When you master these two, you can deliberately perform different yoga routines.

Since you do it at home, the question is, what will be your perfect guide for yoga routines? You can have two sources of class while at home. You can have books or video tutorials on how to do it.

Yoga with Video TutorialVideo Tutorial

If you opt for the video tutorial, you should choose a series of the program where you have put together a series of classes. In this way, putting up a series of yoga classes for each session can give you more learning to your next level of routines.

So while doing it, you have to be careful in your routines. Most common injuries while doing it happen in your knees, spine and neck. So be mindful in these areas. Be watchful that you don’t feel any pain in these areas most especially when you are doing it. Discontinue your routine if you know something is wrong the very moment you feel it.

To prevent this from happening, make sure you do enough warm-up before attempting to start your yoga routines. Also, the potential risk of injury can happen in between poses. And if you missed proper alignment, the tendency of getting injured will be higher.

What can we say?

We know the importance of yoga, especially to professionals who wanted to destress and give their self a favor to have peace of mind. In yoga, not only meditation and proper breathing are things you will learn. You will also learn how to relax your body. Of course, full relaxation can be achieved afterwards.

In my cases, after I do the routines, I feel different as I think that my whole body has been undergone a workout. But it feels good to know that I made some change in my body, which is being physically and mentally fit.

Since day one of doing it at home, I learn to practice it regularly. I never missed any day of my lessons at home. It is because one time that I have missed it unintentionally, the following days have been hard for me to cope with a day of absence.

Indeed, seriously taking yoga contributes to my overall health. Even you can do it for less than 30 minutes, or three times a week if your schedule is tight, then it is enough. At least, you know you are doing something good for yourself beyond your busy schedules.

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