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Ways to burn calories – Your Quick Ways to Get Rid of 200 or more cal

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Ways to burn calories have a significant impact if you are planning to reduce weight. There are many ways on how to burn calories, but at first, you will need to know your average calories intake daily.

Ways to burn calories can be in many forms. But it includes doing sports and exercises regularly. So if you think you have too much intake of calories, then you have to know some activities to burn it.

So here it is. Our ways to burn calories involve different exercises. There are many indoor and outdoor activities that you can do to burn extra calories. Simply walking at the park or around the corner will burn some of it.

But if you want to normalize your calories ideally, and then you have to do some sport. Sports are more enjoyable activities than those of regular exercises. But we suggest that you should take outdoor games rather than indoors. Why? Because doing outdoor sports activities can give you more space and air to breath rather than indoor which space is limited only.

Different Ways to Burn Calories


When we say climbing, the most effective is rock climbing. When you do climbing, you can feel every muscle in your body. From young fingertips to your toes, your muscles are working when you do climbing. Your muscles at the back and of your legs will be the key for your body to burn it.

But before going to real rock climbing, you can practice to a rock wall. Rock wall climbing is the best way to measure your strength, balance and practice the movement of your body. If you adapt and learn ways to burn calories through rock climbing, it will be one of the best ways to burn it.


Learning how to swim is making an option for you to have alternatives from other sports. Also, the feeling of being invincible along with the water and waves gave you the adrenaline rush to swim most of the time.

But as one of the ways to burn calories, swimming is one of the total-body workout and a calorie-burning sport. When you do swimming, your muscles in your legs, arms and core are working together to burn those calories.

But did you know that different forms of swimming can have a different percentage of burning calories? Breaststroke can burn lesser calories than butterfly stroke according to a health study. So if you want to burn more calories in a short time, go to the beach and swim against the current. It is one of the best ways to burn calories is swimming.


Though this is very common, running is one of the sports and exercises that many of us are doing to burn calories and lose weight. When doing this, how many calories burn depends on the distance and pacing of your running. For instance, if you run in a short-range, you only burn a few calories. And when it comes to pacing, slower pace burns fewer calories.


If you are not into climbing and running, and swimming is not your thing, you can do boxing. Boxing is one of the intense sports and workouts on our list. If you do boxing, it requires constant motion and quick movement, which needs energy. When you need to have energy, you will need to burn more calories, and the max is about 800 calories per hour. Imagine that. If you do boxing, it will accelerate your metabolism, which makes your body consume more calories.

Team Sports

When you say team sports, this is sports as a team like a basketball, soccer or football. When you do this sport, you require the participation of more than 5 persons. If you join team sports, you should prepare your physical strength, agility and body coordination.


Running can be exhausted, yet it is one of the fastest ways to burn it. But you have other option aside from walking. You can do jogging because it also contributes to burning your calories.

Jogging is one of the top choices of many because of the convenience they can get from it. Unlike running, you can have a lower chance of getting injured in jogging.

Jumping Rope

A typical scene at the park – this is where jumping rope basically can be seen. Maybe in the playground, you can see kids doing it effortlessly. But professionally, doing jumping rope over the recommended time of 30 minutes, you can be exhausted. So we suggest that you should perform jumping rope for a few minutes then recover with other exercises like jogging or walking. This will help your body to regain strength and calm your breathing.


If you want intense sports to burn your calories, then you can do the rowing. Rowing is one of the best ways to burn it. In rowing, your muscles from legs, shoulders and back are working together. Remember the nine critical muscles in our body? In rowing, all of these muscles – hamstrings, quads, glutes, core, lats, shoulders, back, triceps and biceps are working together to burn more calories.

Rowing is an intense sport that needs training and proper coordination of each. You can do rowing in two kinds of the environment – controlled and challenging. A controlled environment is inside an ergometer. While challenging environment pertains to natural set up of rowing, in a windy day on a lake. Doing rowing in 30 minutes can burn calories in our body.

Walking/ Running in a Steep Surface

You can burn more calories if you run or walk on a steep surface. Say a hill workout can be your option if you want to burn more calories than regular walking and running. Hill workouts are movements which require more muscle fibers. Then grab the chance of walking or running on an uneven surface.


Have you heard of this latest fitness called burpees? Burpee is not a regular full-body exercise. When you do a burpee, you will also do squatting down, kicking your feet while in a push-up position, jumping your feet back to your hands and reaching your hands overhead. This is burpee.

When you do this regularly, you already burn more calories than expected. It is a movement that makes your full body to burn calories. The resistance and intensity of this workout are one of the best ways to burn it.

Tabata Training

Aside from burpee, Tabata training is an intense exercise that will surely burn it, but in a short period. Meaning, you don’t require a longer time to burn a lot of calories.

Like burpee, Tabata includes exercises like push-ups, squats, jumping rope and crunches. These exercises comprised the Tabata training, but you can consider other activities to be performed in Tabata training.

When doing Tabata training, you will have to follow the 20 seconds of work then 10 seconds of recovery. Then repetitions should be eight times to complete a set of exercise.

burn caloriesWhat can we say?

I have mentioned that pacing in doing sports and exercises is essential. So if you want to burn it, you have to increase your pacing. If you increase your pacing, you will notice that it also increases the number of calories you burn. This is one of the keys and best ways to burn it with all the sports you are going to do. When you do boxing, team sports, running and climbing, you will need to know the proper pacing.

Pacing can also give you proper breathing, so never take for granted this component to feel the improvement while doing some of the best ways to burn calories.

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