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How Vitamin D Prevents Infections and Symptoms of Coronavirus?

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Vitamin D prevents infections from our body, especially to the respiratory system, which is vital not to get infected with the novel coronavirus. Colds and flu are the symptoms of the COVID-19, but others show no signs. And vitamin D is one of the nutrients our body needs.

Vitamin D prevents other diseases, and we know its primary functions are to improve muscle and bone health. Fortification of foods with vitamin D is one of the scientific studies made around the world to make sure our body can prevent diseases. Different diseases can occur with vitamin D deficiency.

According to some studies, successful trials have been made to prove that vitamin D prevents significant diseases. Recently, it shows that vitamin D prevents infections from coming to respiratory systems.

The bottom line of taking sufficient vitamin D is to have prevention of getting any Respiratory Illnesses and Diseases. Our body needs to be at its most robust immunity during this time. A study shows that foods with vitamin D, including fortified foods, can add nutrients to our body.


How can it stop coronavirus?

Known as the sunshine vitamin, it can protect our respiratory system from infections because the antimicrobial peptides increase. These peptides are natural antibiotic substances in the lungs. So boosting it will prevent viruses causing colds, flu, and of course, the COVID-19.

Based on the observation, daily consumption of foods rich in vitamin D prevents the risk of acute respiratory infection. It shows a higher reduction in the risk of respiratory diseases with sufficient vitamin D in our body against the flu vaccines.

Acute respiratory infections must be addressed because it is one of the major causes of global mortality and morbidity. So it is highly recommended that taking foods rich in vitamin D, as well as supplements, should be daily.

Additionally, vitamin D supplementation has been included in the advice of medical professionals to consider alternatives. Vitamin D supplements are safe and inexpensive compared to respiratory infections due to the deficiency of vitamin D.

Importance of Vitamin D

There are lots of things that vitamin D prevents our body aside from respiratory infections. Here are the different things happening in our body.

Boost Immune System

While helping us to prevent infections, vitamin D regulates the immune system by stimulating natural antimicrobial peptide in immune cells. Which means, it is also present in your respiratory tract that can fight off viruses and bacteria causing infections and health problems.


It is also significant to increase the intake of vitamin D, especially during changing seasons like winter and summer. At this time, the changing weather has a substantial effect on our bodies. The immune system should be at its highest. Therefore, eating foods rich in vitamin D prevents viruses and bacteria from affecting your health.

What is the difference between vitamin D foods and fortified foods?

As I was saying earlier, there are fortified vitamin D foods. Fortified foods are designed to increase the intake of vitamins and minerals. For vitamin D, milk and orange juice are fortified to increase the consumption of vitamin D.

Fortified foods are essential because of limited sources of vitamin D. However; there are dangers that fortified foods contain like artificial sweeteners and fats. It is the reason for reading the labels to avoid sugar in your body.

Yogurt and cereal are some of the fortified foods, but again make sure it has no added sugar or saturated fats. These ingredients will increase body fat. Also, make sure margarine should not include hydrogenated oils.

Foods Rich in Vitamin D Prevents Deficiency

Fortified foods are not only your choice for vitamin D sources. There are healthy foods that you can cook and enjoy. They provide nutrients that can boost the immune system.


Are we enjoying salmon for no reason? Well, you are wrong because salmon provides our body with lots of nutrients. Aside from protein and omega fatty acids, it is also rich in vitamin D. The fatty acids in salmon are responsible for delivering vitamin D in our blood to absorb by our body. The omega 3s keep our respiratory system, endocrine, and cardio in the best condition to function well. With this, our bodies can absorb high levels of vitamin D.


Swordfish-2eryhhAside from salmon, eating swordfish will give our body vitamin D to prevent respiratory infections. At least two servings of fish weekly can provide sufficient amounts of vitamin D. This is important for children and pregnant women. Avoid a large meal of fish like this one because it can cause mercury contamination. So specific amounts of serving in our body will be enough to increase the immune system against viruses and colds.


Eating fish is the best way to have sufficient vitamin D. You can consider canned tuna as one of the sources of vitamin D. The good in canned tuna is an easy way of eating like mixing it in tuna salad and making a sandwich spread with tuna. Indeed, a good option, if you want to increase the consumption of vitamin D as long as the recommended value per day, is not forgotten.


Well, well, well, mushrooms are sometimes taken for granted, but this time, mushrooms are the star when it comes to eating foods rich in vitamin D. However, mushrooms’ vitamin D depends on the amount of UV light absorbs by it. Make sure that the mushrooms you eat are safe and with labels where they produce. There are many ways to enjoy mushrooms, but not one of them is eating raw. Proper cooking and well-done preparation should do the trick in cooking mushrooms and enjoying its nutrients.

Sharing My Thoughts

Like other vitamins and minerals, vitamin D prevents different health problems from worsening or occurring. With the studies about the effects of vitamin D, high chances of reducing the risk of infections and diseases caused by viruses and bacteria can be avoided. However, there are times to consider the consumption of vitamin D fortified foods and natural foods rich in vitamin D. There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. Still, prevention is cheaper than acquiring remedy because of negligence in our health and considering now that coronavirus has no vaccine, and all are susceptible to getting it.

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