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Types of Styles: Wear your Own Impressive Fashion Statement

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Hourglass Body Figure

If you have a full bust, hips, and thighs but you have a well- defined waist, then you have an hourglass body figure. Your hips and bust are almost even. Overall, you can say that your body has curves in the right places.

You can dress your hourglass body figure in two ways. It is either you define your waist or show off your shape. So here how it works.

  1. Your top should be fitted but highlighting your waist and neckline. Wrap tops or peplum blouses can be your choices.
  2. More layers mean you can add jackets with waist length. Trench, blazers, and silhouettes crops can be your add on for your tops. Avoid boxy styles.
  3. If you have an hourglass body figure, the best fitting outfit for you is wearing a dress. Silhouette dress can make your body shape emphasize your best features. If you cannot avoid the loose-fitting silhouette, add some belt to your waistline.
  4. For your bottom, you can try low-rise jeans. Leggings can be optional if not cropped in the waistline. It gives the curves to your hips and legs. Jumpsuits can match your hourglass body shape as long as it will provide details to your waist.
  5. You can add a twist to your belts. Necklace, purses and clutches can level your outfit. Your accessories should match your styles and colors.

Pear Body Figure

Pear body figure is the last choice to know what outfit is best for you. You can say that you have a pear shape if your waist is broader than your bust. Your hips are more significant than your shoulder, but you have a well-defined buttock.

The type of styles for the pear body figure should emphasise your top. Then you can do something to your waist, back, and neckline. You can also add to your outfit the necklaces and earrings.

So, to dress a pear body figure, these are the steps to achieve the perfect fashion statement.

  1. Your top is important. Whatever you wear for your top, you have to avoid plain color blouses. Make sure you go for vibrant colors, and more pattern tops. You can try wearing shirts with scoop and cowl necklines. You can also have blouses with plunging necklines.
  2. Add some layers that will define your tops. Choose jackets with waist-length. Coats can be useful if it has a mid-thigh length. You should avoid emphasizing your shape if you have a pear body figure.
  3. Then, you can still wear a dress for your pear shape body by giving more details to your upper body. Dress with below the knee-length can make your hips and legs slimmer. Maxi styles can bring more comfort and shape.
  4. Since you are having more vibrant and patterns tops, then you should wear everyday jeans. Subtle color for your bottoms will give more attention to your tops. It is necessary if you have a pear shape body.
  5. Your accessories are essential to catch attention to your upper body. The necklace will draw attention to your upper body than your bottom. Also, you can add earrings that match to your jewelry. Your accessories should match your styles and colors.

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