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Types of Styles: Wear your Own Impressive Fashion Statement

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Types of Fashion Styles

Given the different types of styles or dressing style names from head to toe, there are fashion styles that you can try. You may ask what my fashion style is? As each style has a different personality, you need to select your preferred outfit. Yes, our gear mirrors our character. Therefore, choosing the right fashion style is the key to channel your complete personality.

Bohemian Styles

If you love the exotic look with patterns and textures, you can choose the gypsy look. Gypsy look is the idea of a bohemian fashion statement. The intricate designs, peasant blouses, chains and hippy ponchos. Unlike other styles, the bohemian look has a different appearance.

Casual Style

From bohemian, you can have an elegant with comfort in your casual style. Casual fashion is wearing a subtle way, with appropriate accessories and simple clothing. It is a total opposite of bohemian outfit. Usually, black shade of pants and single color tee will complete the casual style. This fashion statement does not go trendy but focuses on simplicity.

Chic Style

If you are not into casual or bohemian style, you can try to be chic in your way. Chic style prefers to be trendy and fashionable. Stylish designs and striking outfit are what will complete your classy form. You can be a chic rocker style, skateboarders, geeky chic style or even a bohemian chic style.

Classic Style

Like casual fashion, classic style focuses on simple elegance. The tailoring of the fabric needs formal and shows stability with just a single glance. If you are into a traditional style fashion, your wardrobe needs a simple elegance.

Grunge Style

Grunge style, on the other hand, is a look from the late 1980s and early 90s. The 80s to 90s fashion is more likely made of layering and oversized casual tees with a pair of good leather jackets. Other may opt for a baggy and messy look in this style, but it will still give you a class fashion statement.

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