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Types of Styles: Wear your Own Impressive Fashion Statement

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Aside from tops, there are also various types of styles when it comes to wearing bottoms. Like headdresses and tops, below are the different types of bottoms that are popular and common across the world.

Miniskirt, kilt, denim, and leather pants are popular types of styles to go with your favorite tops.


Part of fashion styles is wearing your shoes. Shoes for men and women are fashionable in many ways. It is essential that you wear the right shoes to complete your outfit.


Espadrilles are shoes that can be worn by men and women. It implies the summer season every time you will see it. Another thing with espadrilles, it only needs a small space when packing your clothes for travel.


Footwear like clogs is made of wood originally. But, it redesigned to be made out of the leather top with heights from low heel going up to the platform. It is common in Sweden.


From Morocco, you can try on the babouches. Babouches can be made into different colors and designs. Most common babouches have pointy ends. You can add accessories on it to make it according to your likes.


You can choose from a variety of boots. For instance, you can wear Uggs. Uggs are boots made of sheepskin to keep you warm and dry. It is common in Australia. But when you go to the USA, you can feel the vibe of cowboy boots. It is the origin of cowboy boots but is no longer just in ranches or dance groups. Nowadays, cowboy boots are a big hit across the world.


In Canada, the people there love to wear shoes to their comfort level. The casual footwear is moccasin. It is made of single soft leather or deerskin and stitched at the top. The word moccasin came from the Powhatan language.

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