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Types of Styles: Wear your Own Impressive Fashion Statement

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Best Way to Spot Top Quality Clothing Lines worth Your Penny

You do not need to have expensive clothes to fulfill your dream fashion styles. You can still do your styles if you know the trick. There are details that you can check before spending your penny to some top of the clothing lines.

  1. Check the zippers.

For instance, if you will buy a jacket, pants or skirt. Make sure you check the zippers. It is best to have metal zippers to your clothes. Compared to plastic zippers, the metal ones are easy to zip. Metal zippers are not going off track smoothly. It does not wear out quickly. Make sure you test the zippers of the garments before purchasing.

  1. Know the fabric material.

Then check the fabric material is made of. Natural fiber should be your first choice because synthetic fibers need dry cleaning all the time. And you don’t want to put your money all the time for dry cleaning. Natural fibers are cotton, wool, cashmere, linen and silk. It does not mind how many times you are getting to wear it. Natural fibers will not be torn out easily.

  1. Make sure to have a spare button.

If your garments lose buttons over time, then you will need some spare. Make sure that your polo, long sleeves, and blouses have extra buttons. You can expect additional buttons to clothing lines that will need minor repairs after several wearings. With your buttons, you will need to make sure that buttonholes have neat stitching and the buttons can correctly pass through. Buttonholes should not be too small or too big for your pins. It should tug your buttons easily. Once all of these met your qualifications in a garment, then it means that you have found a quality item that worth on spending your dime.

  1. Look for double stitches.

Of course, top of the clothing lines will have strong stitches. But you can also find some local garments that have multiple and perfect stitches. Various stitches mean that both clothes tailored adequately to hold the garments together. Make sure you check if there are loose stitches, curved lines, or missed stitches that can loosen up the dress. If you find some faulty stitches, then it is not worth your penny.

  1. Use the good quality thread.

Strong stitches need good thread. You cannot do the perfect stitching to hold both garments if you are using a wimpy thread. Examine carefully the quality of the yarn used to put the garments together. You can pull in opposite directions the two garments. It will test if a good thread has been used.

  1. Clean and finished edges.

You can also tell if professional tailors have done the stitches if you cannot find the puckers. Make sure you checked both sides of stitching lines. It should have clean and finished edges. If you cannot see any sign of this, then the garment is not worthy for you to spend some money. Necessary seams will define the quality of your clothes; It should be French seams, flat-felled seams and bound seams to classify as the real quality of the garment. The lower quality garment will show serged edges.

  1. A beautiful set of garments.

Another thing for you to consider in choosing the right garments—you will need to cut it properly. You can fit the clothes before buying them to know if adequately cut. As you will try it on, you will need to ask yourself if what is your fashion style.

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