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Overhead Squat Workout: How to Improve Agility and Balance


Overhead squat workout measures your strength and conditioning. So if you want to improve your agility and balance, this workout will do just fine with you. The overhead squat exercise is the real thing!

Overhead squat workout exposes your capabilities to strengthen your muscles and bones. This workout can be enjoyable, and you should know the full package when you start doing an overhead squat exercise.

Some of the health benefits of this workout are increasing the mobility of the joints of your entire body. It improves your sense of balance before doing more advanced training. Coordination and flexibility of your whole body are some of the benefits of doing an overhead squat workout. You can perform well and make a good foundation after doing several sets and repetitions of this workout.

Now the next question is mastering this workout. How can you learn the overhead squat exercise?

Overhead Squat Workout

It is not an easy routine for beginners, but we can guide you to perform it overtime correctly. It is different from bar deadlifts because in doing an overhead squat workout, you should be mindful of a few things.

Make sure that you are well prepared. Meaning, your eating habits and preparedness before doing the exercise should be the first thing you will do.

But what exactly are the steps you need to know for the overhead squat workout?

Simple Steps for Overhead Squat Workout

To begin, you will need a barbell for your workout.

1. Place the barbell over your head with the grip set widely.

Overhead-Squat-Workout-003The grip should be a snatch. You will need strength and mobility in doing this. The technique for this position is placing the barbell at the back of the neck. Your biceps should be in line with the ears, and the wrists should be extended. Your elbows are straight, and ribs are pulled in a neutral position.

2. Start to lower your body.

When lowering your body, make sure not to extend from the lumbar spine. Keep it to your core and brace your hips. If you are familiar with a high bar back squat, this position can apply the same.

3. Control and maintain the position.

Overhead-Squat-Workout-004While in the descent position, make sure to maintain this position until you have reached full depth. Your hip will be slightly below the knees with the foot on the ground. Make sure that there is pressure in your core, and you are pushing yourself against the barbell. It will help to keep your position accurately.

4. Ascend from your position.

From the full depth, make your body gradually ascend while keeping the barbell overhead. Make sure to keep the core tight and push yourself against the barbel while standing up.

5. Do some repetitions.

When you finally ascend, make some repetitions. Make sure that your knees and hips are fully extended, and your core and shoulders are stabilized. It is essential before starting over again. Do not forget to put pressure on your upper back and shoulders against the barbell.

How can it affect the body?

Maybe you are wondering why an overhead squat workout is an excellent exercise to your body, especially to your lower body, upper back, shoulders, and core.

With your shoulders, this workout will help your shoulder to be more stable when lifting heavyweights. For instance, the quadriceps are highly involved in your squat because of the vertical torso positioning. When you are in a deeper knee position, your shoulders will help you to ascend while remaining the barbell overhead.

Also, your core plays a significant role in the overhead squat workout. It supports what you are carrying overhead and makes you move throughout the full range of motion. Also, it helps you braced and stabilized the bottom of the squat.

Who is qualified for an overhead squat workout?

Imagining the intensity of this workout, you will be asking yourself – Am I qualified to perform this squat workout? Well, the answer is simple, and we can show you how to identify if one is qualified for the exercise.

The overhead squat workout is beneficial for individuals who are looking for power, strength, and physically fit.

This workout can give an individual the strength to shoulder for more stability. It also increases the mobility of the ankle, knee, and hips. But if you want to do powerlifting, you should not rely on this workout. This workout will provide you integrity, core strength, and shoulder stability.

On the other hand, if you want to increase squat patterning, this workout will give what you need. The ability to lift more heavy objects is a plus while doing this workout. But it also improves reflexes.

Our Insights

Being mindful of the routine and exercises, you can perform the overhead squat workout correctly. It is not an ordinary squat that you can play along, especially when you are a beginner. Remember that the overhead squat is a total body squatting movement. This workout can improve your squat technique and will enable you to perform correctly.

Fasted Cardio Workout: Unleashing the Secret on Weight Lose Exercise


Fasted cardio becomes popular because of the recent discovery that it helps burn more calories than eating foods before a workout. Hear about the experts who have been sharing fasted cardio and, like me, for sure you will want to try it.

Fasted cardio has been one of my routines for my workout. You want to know why? It is for a simple reason – doing an exercise without prior eating will help you burn more calories and fats.


As you will experience, fasted cardio is one of the techniques why I lose some weight in just a few weeks. Of course, I eat healthy foods and stay away from sugar and carbohydrates and increase the intake of protein and fiber. With all the discipline I made to be successful in my workout, I never missed doing fasted cardio.

It is part of my workout. My routines include fasted cardio and several repetitions that will increase muscle mass in certain parts of my body while burning the fats. It is precisely why I love doing fasted cardio, and I want to share it with you.

Understanding Why Fasted Cardio

I am not exaggerating the facts about fasted cardio. Scientifically, it works for me. At first, my body experienced some adjustments. Of course, I am not used to doing workouts without eating before. But I need to see the results in no time, so I need to have discipline and control with myself. It will maximize the burning of fats, which I need to lose some weight. You see, if you have discipline, perfect routine, and repetitions of workout, all the hardship will pay as you targeted.

Let me explain to you what fasted cardio does to our body? How does it change your routine when doing workouts?

Lose more body fats and calories.

jeansbodyfatIt is the apparent result. When you workout with fasted cardio, your routine will increase the burning of fats and calories. As I have studied the effects of fasted cardio, it came to me that there is an increase in burning body fat.

In my workout, I did some aerobic routines, and I quickly felt the reaction of my body. This is because of the higher fat oxidation than working out in the fed state or eating before a workout.

Just to be clear, you do not need to skip your meal totally when doing fasted cardio. The reason why it burns more fat in a fasted state is because of the food you have eaten recently.

Take it from me. I usually do a workout at the end of the day. So I see to it that I ate healthy foods, rich in protein and fiber. I ditch foods with high amounts of carbohydrates and fats. Our body needs more protein for the workout. This nutrient will give the power to perform better and get effective results.

Get rid of the fat cells.

In most cases, which I have experienced as well, I encountered the stubborn fats or the fat cells that make it hard to burn. Hard to imagine? For better understanding, our body is covered by fats that have two types of receptors – alpha and beta. These receptors are the reasons why you have a hard time burning fats.

So what shall we do? To burn the body fats, you will need the right amount of blood flow to your cells, and as you can imagine, you just have to work out. It will make the receptors release fatty acids that build up body fats. In this way, you can quickly get rid of the body fats.

You are asking me how I did it? During my workout, I see to it that I focus more on the parts of my body with less blood flow. These parts of my body need to increase blood flow through the workout. So I guess you should choose the perfect routine to target the body parts which build up more fats.

It gives more comfort to your stomach.

I get it; you might think that fasted cardio can upset your stomach. Well, you got it wrong. Instead, fasted cardio gives comfort to your stomach before and after your workout. Think about it. If you eat before a workout, you will experience discomfort, indigestion, and possible nausea. Practically, you can experience this kind of situation trust me because I did it once or twice. I wonder why, and then I observed that before my workout, I eat. So when I tried the other way around, I felt something strange. Of course, in the right way because it changes the way I feel towards my stomach. Comfort, proper digestion, and a feeling of lightness were the things I encountered.

Achieve the target routines and repetitions.

Most of the time, we failed to complete the routines, and we seldom achieved the repetitions of each session. Wondering why? Something is not wrong with the choice of your exercises nor the food you eat. As you can see, there are many distractions that you may encounter if you lose your focus. For me, I determined my weaknesses, like eating most of the time. Some had advised me to do a workout before my day starts. But I am more comfortable doing it at the end of the day. This is the time I want to unleash my stress and burn calories that I may take too much.

Now, what may be the sideways of doing a fasted cardio workout?

Of course, not all workouts will ideally give you what you want. For instance, with a fasted cardio workout, there are few things I want to share after a while of doing it.

No more HIIT workout.

Fasted-Cardio-Workout-003Note this one. If you are doing high-intensity interval training or HIIT, you might not consider fasted cardio workout. As I am saying, this workout does not require eating before the session. You will be dependable on the nutrients available from the food you ate for the day.

HIIT needs more sugar, and when you do not have enough supply of glucose in your bloodstream, your body cannot handle the intensity of your workout. Given that you have muscles to provide glucose, this is not a good idea because your body cannot oxidize fat. Hence, you will perform poorly.

Take it from me. I did it once, and I do not want to do the same. Maybe you consider skipping HIIT for a fasted cardio workout.

It can lower blood sugar during a workout.

No more questions that if you like nausea during training, maybe a fasted cardio workout is not for you. Most importantly, when you adapt to a new methodology of exercise, give your body some time to adjust. Never expect that your body can efficiently react after you shift your workout technique.

Since you will not be eating moments before a workout, never hesitate to supply your body all the nutrients a couple of hours before a workout. We eat for pleasure and enjoyment, but this should not be an excuse for overeating. For fasted cardio, eating with the right amount of calories is still advisable. No excuses, my dear!

Remember that when I do fasted workout, I am always relying on my body’s stored energy. However, when you experience a heavy feeling during an exercise, you should take a break and get some source of glucose. Aside from protein, you will need glucose to perform well.

Too much stress hormones in the body

My workout routine is not perfect. I faced different problems, and one of those is the increase of my cortisol levels or the stress hormones. I am puzzled because I got easily annoyed the first few weeks after I did fasted workout cardio.

As I observed, I trumped and found out that exercise may be the reason why cortisol levels in my body are increasing. I cannot just believe in this, so as I further read about cortisol, it happened that eating habits can be the cause of why I get so stressed quickly.

According to what I have read, it is because of fasting. Prolonged fasting can lead to increased cortisol levels in our bodies. Higher cortisol levels may promote fat storage; therefore, it will slow down the burning of fats.

However, fasted cardio workout is not about fasting. Take note that you are still going to eat, but you should observe a proper amount of healthy foods as sources of protein and fibers. Hydration is also essential.

What can we say about it?

Fasted cardio can be useful if you perfectly balance your eating habits. No one can gain if you skip eating meals and hitting the gym. Do not be desperate to lose some weight to the point that you will sacrifice eating healthy foods to get nutrients.

Workout Hairstyles: How to Look Good and Fashionable in Simple Ways


Workout hairstyles will make you look excellent and fashionable even if you are done working out. Being stylish and trendy can still be possible if you know how to work in with your working outfit. So let us get started, shall we?

Workout hairstyles can be simple and complicated at the same time. But you can still have it. With your hair short and long, you can do different workout hairstyles. Of course, you can decide what you are going to have, not until you get your face so sweaty. Most hairstyles you can see are ponytail or bun.

Workout Hairstyles 01

Now, to keep your look tame and fresh all the time, these are the workout hairstyles that you can have. You should not worry about the styles as long as you keep your hair in place that you will be comfortable.

You should not forget that when you do fashion, you should prioritize being comfortable and confident. Make sure you know the shape of your face and the hair you have so you can decide later what kind of workout hairstyles you will have.

4 Ways to Workout Hairstyles Every Woman Loves


wrh05 It is a universal hairstyle for ladies who would love to tame their hair. But when you do a workout, avoid high ponytail. Instead, make a fashionable low ponytail. This ponytail will keep your look intact, and the loose strands can be pulled back off quickly. Make sure that at the nape of your neck, you tighten the area so no hair can fall apart from your ponytail.

Another type of ponytail is the stay-put, which side braid is an essential part of this workout hairstyles. You will need to take the top section of your hair and braid it toward the back. After that, include it in the ponytail.

Using a headband, you can still sport the high ponytail hairstyle. It is a gorgeous look if you want to look sleek and chic while finishing your workout. It does not need to look old fashioned or conservative when you exercise. You can play with your hairstyles as long as it will not give you irritation and do not forget the headband.

Tied Back


Using a headband, tying back of the hair is one of the workout hairstyles that you can play with. Why headband? It is the most effective way to get rid of the flyaways while your hair is tied into a bun. If you do this, you will get through with your workout without falling hair.


wrh02What is exactly a topknot? If you want to have a look that will give you a messy look but gorgeous, you can try to do a topknot. When you say a topknot, this is a messy bun that keeps your hair out of your face and neck.

A perfect topknot can be done by pulling the top half of your hair back and pin it at the crown of your head. Then you can gather the rest of your hair into a high bun. Why topknot? Well, it can keep any distractions caused by your hair while doing a workout. Use bobby pins to keep any stray hairs underneath your neck.

If you have short hair, you can try topknot, and you can make it half. You can do it correctly by making a side part in your hair. From then, you can tie up the top half into a topknot.

Braided Hairstyles


If you are serious about workout hairstyles, you can try a braided bun. Do not be confused with bun and the braided part. First, for braids, you can keep your hair braided and keep it locked in place while you finish your workout. To efficiently achieve the look, divide your hair into two sections, and weave in a French style. Make sure that it will go back toward the nape of your neck. Then secure both parts together with a hair tie and pin into a bun so no hair will get to our throat.

Making a twist in your braid is another workout hairstyles that you can have. You can have the side of your hair twisted.

Our Insights

The importance of workout hairstyles can be achieved if you know how intense your workout can be. Of course, your routine will depend on how much effort you will exert. Thus it will give you the impression of what hairstyles you will have.

There are lots of hairstyles, but you should consider the length of your hair and how long you can stand the ponytail, braid, and tying up of your hair. The importance of workout hairstyles aside from fashion is it will give you a comfortable and relaxing feeling while performing your workout. It is beneficial, so you will not get bothered by your hair. No more nuisance while achieving to have a fit and healthy body.

Ancient Workout Tips: Top 9 Best Practices and Tips for Workouts


Ancient workout tips can help you build muscles, but the methods can be non-traditional. It means that you will perform workouts with old techniques. Do you wonder what ancient exercises are and the tips you will need to accomplish it?

Ancient workout tips will have a more significant impact on your body and exercise routine. You can choose what kind of workout you will do to get your body fit and healthy. Make sure you have to focus on what kind of ancient workout tips you will have.

Now, you are wondering how many ancient workout tips you will be doing if you know the right one for you. Your capability to perform the routines is essential since it will make your body and mind fit.

Being fit and healthy is vital to get your body prepared on whatever will come your way. We mean by this, if you are going to do some tasks and you will need to be physically fit to get it done, the ancient workout tips will help you.

The approach will be different from a regular exercise routine, so get ready for your body to feel the changes once you do it. So how will you start it?


First, you will need to get yourself familiarized with the different ancient workout tips.

1. Sweat it while you are drunk.

Yes, you read it, right folks. Getting drunk is not an excuse for your workout. Intoxication is one of the reasons why you should sweat it out all that you had drunk before. In Greco-Roman gymnastics, the training of tipsy students should still be completed, but to be fair a little intense than usual.

2. Lifting hot cauldrons to build endurance.

Do you want to know how you will maintain your endurance? Ancient workout tips like ancient Chinese were doing before; they performed a sport of cauldron-lifting. It is one of the workouts involving picking up metal pots but without any poured water. It will test human willpower, which will lead to more endurance and preventing injuries from other exercises.

3. Make training when needed only.

ancw2When you feel tired, do not hesitate to take a break. Know your limitations when you are training. It is one of the ancient workout tips that you should probably know. Getting fit and keeping your body healthy, you will need to perform the Indian Caraka Samhita. It is one of the world’s oldest medical documents. Did you know that too much physical exercise can cause you extortion, exhaustion, consumption, and other side effects that can interfere with your workout? So, make sure you will have enough training.

On the other hand, you can pick short and simple exercises. Basic workouts are the keys, so you will be prepared for everything that will throw at you in the gym. According to Roman philosophers, training should not be strenuous because it will become pointless. Meaning, basic exercises, even if it is short, you can still do some high and low jumping. This routine will always maintain your routine with ancient workout tips.

4. Skip carbs diet.

Carbs are okay when it comes to your meal. But too much of it is not advisable when you are working out. How to replace carbs? Before, many Roman gladiators consumed a dense amount of barley porridge loaded with beans. But it has been an issue because barley porridge makes them too flabby. It became a hindrance during their practice. Guess this is not one of the best ancient workout tips.

5. Sand can be your thread mill.

Sprinters and runners can train through the sand for extra stamina. Do you believe this? One of the ancient workout tips includes this; according to Anarcharsis, a Mediterranean philosopher, the Greeks spent much of their time training through sands. Their sprinters and runners years ago became master of running, which they likely plant a foot solidly or getting a grip underneath the foot to prevent slipping.

6. Flexibility is a must.ancw3

Of course, when you do workouts, flexibility is a must. It is critical, like preventing yourself from slipping while running and sprinting. How would they practice flexibility in ancient times? One thing for sure, Egyptians already practiced yoga, but their antique workout tips involve bending over backward until her hands touch the ground behind him. Special right? But this is a 2000-year-old yoga practice that was proven to be effective.

7. Proper and focus on breathing.

How will you know if you are doing this, right? According to Chinese, between the 2nd and 3rd centuries, they had a medical argument when it comes to breathing. They put it in a phrase – “the human body requires exertion.” It is because our body requires proper breathing, especially when doing workouts, we need to focus on how to breathe. It is significant to help our lungs expand and improve respiration, in which it plays a vital role in personal well-being and designed a particular stretch, otherwise known as Tiger Pawning.

8. The violent movement to get toned muscles.

Do you have a problem with your muscles, not toned? It is one of the ancient workout tips which will create a violent movement. You can start doing some digging, rope-climbing, and extending the arms. It is perfect when you have a buddy during a workout to perform pulling downwards.

9. Keep your tone down.

When you do weightlifting, it is unavoidable that you will create sounds but keep it low. Refrain from making noise when you are doing the workout. It is one of the ancient workout tips that you should practice. It will seem to be understandable, but you have to make sure that whatever weight you will lift, nobody likes a noisy person in the gym. How to avoid being noisy during the workout? Well, discipline is the key to everything when you do exercises.

Our Insights

Ancient workout tips can be out of the blue practices when you exercise. But can you imagine that it is practical and you have to start it one by one so you can have better results?

But the key to these ancient workout tips is discipline. If you have lots of ancient techniques to be successful, but you lack the training to yourself what you eat and your habits, the result you will achieve is not satisfying. So when you workout, you will need to be disciplined with your time and schedule.

How to stay active in winter? 10 Best Things to Enjoy!

How to stay active in winter? 10 Best Things to Enjoy!

How to stay active in winter is puzzling to everyone who got disappointed with the cold. There are different ways you can enjoy the winter without limiting yourself inside the house. For instance, you can think of the brighter side of what you can do when it’s summer.

How to stay active in winter should be a motivation for you to be fit and healthy despite the mentality to stay at home and let your fat build up in your body. Winter can bring the cold, illness and isolation in your body, but you should not surrender to it.

Instead, look for different workouts and exercises that can help you enjoy winter. What is more exciting is doing outdoor activities that can help your body to be active.


Working out in winter can help your body to feel active. But how can you stay active in winter?

Here are different reasons on how to stay active in winter. Imagine the times you want to do outdoor activities, but the cold temperature is keeping you from doing it.

Know that the sun is friendlier than the heater.

Always remember that the sun is healthier than any source of heat to our body, especially the room heater. And keep in mind that there are limited healthy foods that can give you the vitamin you need. So how is this helpful with you being active during winter?

Well, when winter comes, you will probably think that the sun can be harder to come by. And the only thing that you can do about it is snuggled up indoors and wait for the winter to be over. But now it is different because you should keep in mind that sunshine is always healthier than heater anytime. Therefore, whenever the sun comes out and smiles at you, you smile back and go outside instead of sitting indoor.

Stay warm with a workout.

Staying warm during winter does not only mean that you should wear layers of clothes or comforter during sleep. You can also do some workout that will help your body temperature to rise. This way of making your body warm has a soothing and calming effect. But do not consider soaking yourself in a warm bath or lying in front of the heater. It can cause some health problems over time, so look for a natural way of keeping your body warm.

Keep your immune system high.

During winter, our body temperature is getting low, so you should watch out for your health. Keeping your immune system will make your body safe from diseases and infection. When it’s cold, you have a high risk of getting ill, and that is why it is essential to make yourself healthy, especially your immune system.

Breath In, Breath Out!

1jxdzIM6VMA good exercise when you want to beat the cold of winter is breathing correctly; it can give your lungs and body the right way to have enough oxygen. Breathing in and breathing out can help you detox, and fresh air can come in and out of your body. For winter, this is a good exercise, so the blood in your body can have proper circulation.

Watch out for your weight.

Do you know that you have a high tendency to gain weight since you are limiting your movement because of the weather? During winter, your natural body reaction is to snuggle up and do not move until the temperature rises again. How can you avoid this time of the year? Of course, you cannot stop winter from happening, but you can prevent your body from gaining weight.

Aside from discipline with the food you are going to eat, you should set your mind and focus on the things that will make your body participate in some outdoor activities.

Indeed, there are different activities that you can enjoy when winter and you should not keep yourself from doing it. These exercises are essential and straightforward, yet they can give you your body a whole new experience of enjoying the winter.

What are the winter workouts to stay active in winter?

Few people can stand the cold temperature, and you are lucky if you can stay outdoors during winter. With proper gear and winter clothes, you can surely enjoy these winter activities that can be as good as a workout to keep you active.

Doing the Sled

Sled is a thrilling experience of speeding down a snowy hill. After the breathlessly flying down the mountain, you will have to climb back up to the hill, sled in tow and do it again until you are satisfied. You can burn for almost 200 calories in an hour of sledding.

Fat Biking

Sounds funny, but when you know what this is all about, you will think this as one of the best ways to stay active in winter. Fat biking is like doing mountain biking but sports ultra-wide and balloon-like tires. But the catch with your bike is that it has low inflation pressures, which make it perfect for operating on soft, unstable and unrideable surfaces like snow. Did you know that ski areas became bike areas because of this new outdoor activity?

Play snowball fight

euzegVUl6AEnjoy the winter with this traditional and straightforward activity. A snowball fight is one of the classic games that you should do once in a while. What is unique in this ordinary outdoor activity during winter is that you can burn for almost 100 calories. And I think this is one of the exercises that you can stay active in winter. As long as you are doing snowball fights like a civil and decent individual during winter!

Snowshoe is a must!

When you think of outdoor activities that can burn almost 600 calories, you should start doing this workout. Snowshoeing is a killer workout that you can do when you wake up at dawn and padding through the fresh powder after a snow storm. It can help your quadriceps and hamstrings to be strengthened.

Ice climb

One of the extreme activities during winter, but this can strengthen your body and practice your endurance. If you want to achieve the full effect of ice climbing, there are techniques, training and specialized equipment that can give you a one of a kind experience. Ice climbing is one of the popular outdoor activities that everyone loves to try.

Our Insights

How to stay active in winter is not only about outdoor activities and the health benefits you can get. But the best way to enjoy winter is having self-discipline and the right food on your table. Healthy foods combined with proper winter exercises can keep you healthy and fit during winter.

Easy Bodybuilding Moves for beginners to Perfect the Workout


Bodybuilding moves are your secret weapon to achieve the body you are dreaming about. But in doing so, you will need time, focus and consistency. Yes, it takes a lot of effort to make bodybuilding moves.

Bodybuilding moves require discipline to do your routine daily. There are many bodybuilding moves that you can perform and make the most of it.

Before making the moves, you should know the rule of bodybuilding moves. If you are a beginner, you should not force yourself to push harder. You can start your routine with proper intervals and repetitions.


For starters, you will need to have some reminders to take note so you will avoid getting injured. But let us discuss those laters. At this point, you should learn first what are different bodybuilding moves that you can execute.

You do not have to be professional to perform these routines. You should know that you can finish the intervals and repetitions. If you can, then you have the strength, discipline, and focus.

Is it surprising that there are bodybuilding moves that you can enjoy while achieving the goals you have been reaching for quite some time now?

Bodybuilding moves

Doing squat

squat3fromThe squat is one of the favorites of bodybuilders. To be specific, the Olympic squat is a typical workout that can develop your leg strength. The variation you can perform will give your legs, glutes, and hamstrings a good workout.


The Deadlift

It is the second bodybuilding moves that will give impact to achieving your body goals. When you say deadlift, the heavy lifting will show the best results. You can see the difference between your back. It is where you can see lean muscle.

Performing Press

bnchprssOne of the bodybuilding moves which develop your chest muscle is the bench press. Why bench press? Aside from building the muscles effectively, it allows you to use more weight. It will result in your upper body getting bigger and stronger.

If you want other variations, you can do the overhead press. This kind of press will add benefit to your triceps. Make sure that you will solely do overhead press and not with a push press. Why? Because overhead press does not require bending of knees. By doing so, it will make your legs the prime mover that will stop the intended delts.


The Bent-over row

So how do bodybuilding moves work? Well, the key is squeezing the shoulder blades. How can you do this? Perform the bent-over row, which will give you the perfect muscles to your shoulder.

Doing a wide-grip pull-up

widegrippullup123How is the wide-grip pull-up one of the bodybuilding moves? The target muscle of this workout is your full back. It needs a more intensive grip than the regular drill.

Tips for Beginners

How can you achieve bodybuilding moves? For beginners, you might need the following tips to get more patience, workouts, and diet that will surely help you.

Start using Light Weights

As a starter, you will need to grab some light equipment so your muscles will not burn out. Dumbbells and barbells can help you build muscles, but should you do it, make sure you are using light weights.

Basic Movements

Of course, when you are a beginner, you should start with the basic routine. Basic movements come in the forms of squat, deadlift, and barbell bench press.

4 Days of Workout

When you are a beginner, daily working out can be skipped. Instead, you can do it three or four times a week. In this case, you can spend the days off to rest and recover.

Correct Form or Exercises

Make sure that you are training each of your muscles every week. How can you do this? Try to set a routine each week for each muscle and do not forget to know the right form of exercise. Make sure that you have prepared all safety measures.

Eating the Right Foods

Easy Bodybuilding Moves for beginners

When you are working out, you use a lot of protein. So the best thing to manage this is to eat the right food rich in protein like chicken, fish, eggs, milk, dairy products, and some nuts and vegetables. If you think you lack protein, you should consider drinking a protein shake.

Also, you should monitor your calorie intake while working out. At this point, you will maintain your weight and achieve your goals. So we should say to avoid junk food so you can keep carbohydrates and fats. Lots of junk food consists of sweets and salty that can increase your weight.

Our Insights

When you make bodybuilding moves, there are many things that you should remember. For instance, you should make sure that you are eating fruits and vegetables. Also, make sure that there are safety measures prepared before starting your workout. It will help you achieve your body goals.

Avoid some unnecessary habits like skipping meals that build an impression of losing weight without eating. You should also avoid drinking energy drinks to keep you hydrated.

Some natural ways will keep you on track to lose some weight, make sure you have a list of what you eat, a meal plan, and a workout routine.

Group Fitness Workouts: The New Adventure of Performing Exercises


Group fitness workouts have been the new norm in the fitness world. Trainers around the globe are now looking for a more effective way of performing workouts. If you want to know more about group fitness workouts, you will need to pay attention to the selection of your exercises and the style of training you will have.

Group fitness workouts are more effective than performing exercise on your own. You will be asking why? Because we have simple answers to that as we will give you the ultimate facts about group fitness workouts.

How can you achieve the perfect results? Let us focus on the things that you need to make your group fitness workouts work more effective and accurate.

Keys to becoming successful in group fitness workouts

Being organized with the training session, it will help you build more productive training sessions. If you will observe, a practical exercise has a timed interval, and so does the group fitness workouts. Make sure that you will have a range that will produce more optimal results. Try to incorporate more movements during warm-up to set your body before performing group fitness workouts.

If you finally know the interval and type of exercises you will perform, you can hit the gym. Why do you need that? Doing your workout at home is practical, and you can save a lot of time and money, but if you are hitting the gym and performing group fitness workouts, you can have other benefits.

For instance, you can meet a great coach and team that will encourage you more to perform effectively. You will be taught many things, and sharing experiences can help you improve your workouts.

By improving your workouts, you should have a three-day program that will increase your productivity. With proper conditioning of your body, you can have all the strength you need. Make sure that you will choose the appropriate exercise.

How will you know if it is effective?

Since you are going to be comfortable in doing group fitness workouts, you will get good results rather than doing exercises alone. According to a study of dancers, each one of them encouraged the group to perform well and achieved the results that everyone is wanting.

There are different ways on how to perform it aside at the gym. The first place you can work out better is outdoors.

Top 5 Outdoor Activities you can consider.


What more enjoyable group fitness workouts than hiking? You can take hiking during the weekend with your friends. Look for an excellent outdoor trail and ready your boots. Climbing and walking at the same time can give you good cardio. Plus, you will have fresh air to breathe.


If you are not into walking and climbing, then you will need excellent kayaking. In every stroke of kayaking, it is a good start of physical fitness. This workout is perfect if you want to appreciate both your exercises and your surroundings. The benefits of this workout are strengthening the arms and your core to burn more calories than average.


Another workout for a group, you can do is biking. Of course, you can do this alone, but if you are going to do it with your friends, you will enjoy it. Biking benefits our body because it is right for your health. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and prevents the occurrence of cancer. There are many cycling enthusiasts that you can tap and hit the road for more group fitness workouts.

Join the Volunteer Services for Group Fitness Workouts

If you want to be more productive, aside from getting fit, you can enjoy group fitness workouts from doing volunteer services.

For instance, you can be a volunteer in cleaning the park while preserving nature. Is it a good feeling when you pull the trash from a lake or at the park. And what is right in doing this is a team effort and workout.

Another option that you have is tree planting. There is a volunteer service that involves tree planting. It is a good idea, and according to a study, tree planting as group fitness workouts can reduce your chance of getting type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

You can also enjoy and involve yourself in group activity if you have pets at home. Well, take it as an opportunity because you can walk your dog with other people who walk with them too. And as walking is good exercise, you can meet other people or make friends with pet lovers at the park. Over time, you will have a schedule of walking your dogs.

Another option for group activity as a volunteer service is you can lend a hand in a car wash. With lots of scrubbing and bending, you can work your arms and legs and back muscles to burn more calories.

Be mentally and physically prepared.

Some group fitness workouts can be beneficial to your mind and body as well. One exercise that can help your thought and emotion is yoga. Doing it alone is better so you can have a concentration easily. Still, doing yoga with other people, you can have less stress, a more balanced, and stronger bond so that yoga time will be enjoyable and productive.

Aside from yoga, you can do Chinese meditation practice. This exercise focuses on breathing and balance. One example of this is martial arts that perform gentle moves, focuses and breathing exercises. It is also another form of stress reliever.

Attend some cultural activities.

Yes, there are plenty of shows in the theatre, but what tourists love most is watching cultural activities. If you are a performer, you can dance as much as you want, like nobody’s watching. Be yourself and feel the rhythm you heard. You will be serious about reducing your cardio.

If you want another enjoyable cultural show, seek for a reenactment group that will entertain you as well as burning your calories. In reenacting,  you will have lots of walking, running and galloping. These can burn your calories.

Our Thoughts in Group Fitness Workouts

Indeed group fitness workouts can help you burn more calories than performing exercises on your own. Make sure to have a good company that will motivate you and enables you to perform at your best. Most importantly, you should choose the right exercises routinely to help you get physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

Plogging is the new Jogging! Try it and enjoy new way of burning calories!

Plogging is the new Jogging! Try it and enjoy new way of burning calories!

Plogging is the most refreshing new workout that influences social media geeks. It is one of a kind entertaining exercise that will keep you in shape and, at the same time, helps the environment to be clean. But how did plogging started?

Plogging, also known as “plocka upp,” started from Sweden. The term “plocka upp” meaning is to pick up garbage along the streets. And while doing this, you are jogging. 

So plogging is a combination of jogging and picking up garbage along the way. It is as simple as that, and the great thing about it is you do not need to worry about set practice or set some limitations.

But when you do it, you will still need some requirements like what will be the phasing, what are the tools required, the duration and where is the best place to do it.

Picking up garbage is a good deed that any of us should do and practice. Properly disposing of the litter is our main concern in plogging. People who do it are called ploggers.

Ploggers are those who go jogging and, at the same time, pick up garbage on the streets. How they do that?

How to Do Plogging

The most effective way of plogging is bending forward while picking up garbage then continue jogging afterwards. It is an excellent workout for your core muscles, legs, and back muscles. It will keep your heart rate pumping. You will observe that plogging is beneficial to your health and the environment. So this exercise pays off you and the environment.

How can you tell if it is effective?

Compared to regular jogging, plogging can double the calories burned. According to the study, it can burn an average of 288 calories, while regular jogging can do 235 calories. Also, you are doing exercise for your core muscles and developing your arm strength while picking the garbage.

The Start of Plogging

As you are starting to be amazed at plogging, you want to know when did it begin. Aside it began in Sweden; this exercise is founded by Erik Ahloström and inspired by the Stockholm-based group Plogga. The group had a mission to motivate their runners to be an environmentalist without compromising their workout. It is a philosophy of the Swedish lifestyle called lagom. It is a way of making the earth a better place while taking a random act of kindness. It is where the idea of plogging came from. 

Things You Need to Know Before Doing It

Trying it as your new exercise, you will need to be prepared. Well, you already know the things you need for jogging. But for plogging, you will need some items to get ready. 

For beginners, you will need to be prepared by wearing rubber gloves while you’re plogging. Why rubber gloves? We recommend wearing gloves so it will be safe and secure for you to handle trash easier. 

You should also have separate bags for recycled or thrown garbage, depending on your garbage segregation. Imagine as ploggers; if we can do this daily, we can reduce the trash around us, especially those thrown away to the ocean.

Step-By-Step on How to be a Ploggers

Being a certified ploggers, you do not need training or experience to be one. Plogging is a friendly exercise, and you will enjoy doing it.

1. Equipped yourself with plogging tools. 

Make yourself well protected when doing plogging. Wearing gloves is advisable, and you need to have a trash picker. Also, you should bring a reusable bag and a small one or a size that you can carry around easily. Bringing a larger container will prevent you from jogging and moving freely.

2. Plan your route.

Plogging is an exercise, so you should plan the time and place you will do it. Your route is important when plogging. Pick the streets that you know you can do a lot of plogging. Seeing your surroundings to be cleaned and de-clutter by you will be a nice feeling.

3. Encourage your neighbors and friends.

It is pleasant and more enjoyable if you are doing plogging with your family and friends. Spreading the news of plogging to your family and friends can be accessible using social media like Facebook, Instagram and Tweeter. Make it a challenge to your friends, and you will help cleaning your environment instantly.

Plogging is the coolest new workout that influence social media geeksWhat can we say?

There are lots of exercises that you can do, especially when you want it to be more enjoyable. Indeed, plogging will be your top choice. Seeing the transformation of your surroundings from dirty to clean one is an achievement that you can have each day you jog.

Aside from burning calories, you also help your environment to be clean, and everyone can enjoy it. To encourage your friends, you can take pictures of the place you want to de-clutter. Photographs of before and after can motivate your friends and family, and more people is a plus if you’re going to spread the news of plogging. 

Doing plogging exercises can be beneficial to your body, mind and environment. Burning calories and making your environment safe and clean for everyone is unconditional kindness.

Chest and Back Exercises are Essential for Perfect Workout.

Chest and Back Exercises that your Body Needs to have Perfect Workout

Chest and back exercises are important as other workouts. When you have a firm chest and back, it will allow you to do activities more efficiently. Swollen and stiff muscles can prevent you from doing the tasks or activities you want to do, so it’s essential to make your chest and back healthy.

Chest and back exercises can be performed either indoors or outdoors. You can choose the equipment and the duration you want. Make sure that you will be doing the chest and back exercises accordingly so you will not get injured.

To do the chest and back exercises safely, you can have the following workout. These exercises are being performed by many, and the results that they attain from it have been the most significant contribution to unlock the body goals they wanted. 

For beginners, the following workout can be painful, but over time, your body will get used to it. However, see to it that you are performing the chest and back exercises properly. No one wants to get injured on your workout, so safety is still the priority.

For instance, make sure that all equipment like mats and dumbbells are well prepared. Allot 10 to 15 minutes exercise for your chest and back and choose at least three chest and back activities that you will perform alternately. You must also need to repeat the actions for a maximum of three times.

Choose the Best Chest and Back Exercises

Chest Press

Chest press can be your top choice. So how will you do it? 

Simple step:

  1. Your back should be lying on the floor while your knees are bent. Also, your feet are on the floor.
  2. Pick the dumbbells with your two hands, one each side, then extend your arms upwards. Make sure your palms are facing toward your feet.
  3. Then bend your arms slowly while lowering to your side. They should be parallel with your shoulders until your elbows are touching the ground.
  4. After that, reverse the movement slowly to go back to your original position. Do not forget to repeat this three times or as many as you can do.

Chest Fly

The chest fly is another movement for your chest and back exercises. Correctly doing it will improve your chest and back muscles.

Simple Step:

  1. Get your back lying on the floor while bending your knees and make sure that your feet are flat on the ground.
  2. Grab the dumbbells, one in each hand and extend your arms upward. See to it that your palms are facing forward to each other.
  3. Then keep your elbows bend slightly with your arms in a lower position to the sides of your body. Make sure to it that it will be parallel to your shoulders, and your hands are about six inches off the ground.
  4. Reverse the movement and return to start. It will complete a one set, and you can repeat this three times or as many as possible as you can.

Table Top Chest Press

Table Top Chest Press

Simple step:

The tabletop chest press is a more advanced movement of chest press. The primary adjustment that you will need to do is in your legs. Perform all the steps for chest press, but make sure that your legs form is in a 90-degree angle. Repeat three times or as many as possible as you can.

Wide Pushup

For your chest and back exercises, a full pushup is another movement that you can perform. Like an ordinary pushup, it focuses on your chest and back muscles.

Simple step:

  1. In a plank position, your hands should be placed slightly more extensive than usual. It should be shoulder-width and slightly apart from each other. Make sure that your body should form a straight line from head to your heel.
  2. You will notice that your core muscles are tight. So you have to hold this position.
  3. Then bend your elbows to your lower body toward the floor.
  4. After that, press your back to start. It is your first rep. Make sure to have many reps in 50 seconds.

Standing Press

Another chest and back exercises are standing press. This movement can indeed make a difference to your chest and back muscles.

Simple step:

  1. Your starting position is standing up straight while your feet are shoulder-width apart.
  2. Then your elbows should bend in 90-degree angles while your arms are out to your sides. 
  3. Keep this position and start to squeeze your arms together until it reaches your face. 
  4. Slowly release your arms and reverse the movement up to your starting position. It is your first rep. You can complete as many reps as possible in 50 seconds.

Plank with Rotation

Plank with Rotation

Plank with rotation is a modified plank position for your chest and back exercises. How to do this?

Simple step:

  1. In a high plank position, extend your legs and hands under your shoulders.
  2. Then, lower your right shoulder and place your elbow and forearm on the ground.
  3. Afterwards, rotate your body from left and go to side plank position. Your legs should be stacked on top of each other.
  4. Then extend your left arm upward. From this position, rotate your body from back to the center.
  5. Press your left hand to the ground and then turn right to get in a high plank position. Finishing this movement will serve as your first rep. You can do as many reps as possible. You can switch to other sides.

Plank with Leg Raise

Another movement you can do when in the plank position is raising your legs. While doing this movement, you are making your chest and back muscles strong. So who to do it?

Simple step:

  1. In a plant position wherein your elbows are under your shoulders and hands on the floor, you should lift one of your legs upward. 
  2. Make sure that it is aligned with your hips. Your butt and hips are stable when you do this. 
  3. After lifting your one leg, put it down and repeat the starting position with your other leg.


Like the way you see the superhero superman, you will have to do this movement the same with it. 

Simple step:

  1. Your starting position is lying on your stomach and extend your arms in front of you. 
  2. Your legs should be extended behind you as well.
  3. Make sure your palms are facing down while extending it.
  4. Then lift your legs and arms at the same time.
  5. Hold this position and release it. After you do this, it will be your first rep. You should complete this within 50 seconds and rest for 10 seconds.

Reverse Snow Angel

Reverse Snow Angel

Another movement which can help your chest and back muscles. This exercise will give your body a workout that will strengthen your front and back. 

Simple step:

  1. Your starting position is like superman’s workout.
  2. Only, you will have to lift your chest off the mat and move your arms in a circular motion.
  3. The movement should be at your side and next to your body.
  4. After that, you can reverse the movement to be back in your starting position. It is your first rep. Repeat as many times as possible.

Our Insights

Chest and back exercises should be given priority during the workout session. It should be included because most of the movement you do involves lifting and holding equipment. In daily activities, you are using your hands most of the time, so you should keep your grip stronger.

Perfect Workout for Perfect Body Shape: Top List for You

Perfect Workout for Perfect Body Shape: Top List for You

The perfect workout is a combination of different routines. You can do it in the gym or at your home. It can be an intense or easy workout, but surely it will give your body the total health benefits of exercising.

The perfect workout for men and women is essential in achieving the results of doing exercises. You can select your preferred workout and make it your routine. Then over time, you can choose the perfect workout you can enlist in your routine.

So how will you categorize a perfect workout? There are plenty of exercises that will fit your body. Your target muscle group is essential and making sure that you are working with it will have a good effect on your health.

How will you achieve perfect workout at home?

Working out at home is the perfect place for many, especially to those who have limited time and have a strict schedule. So with limited time, you will need a workout so intense and can give you the best results. 

Make sure that you will use the yoga mat when you workout at home. And watch out for the duration because there is a different workout that makes your muscles stronger and improves your posture. Sometimes you will find the perfect exercise relaxing, and it should be.

For instance, you can do traditional boxing. It will focus strength to your arms, and at the same time, it will burn fats around your biceps and triceps. Just make sure your fist is well protected, so it will not get hurt.

Some Perfect Workout

Some Perfect Workout

Other than boxing, you can try different exercises that will give you the perfect workout. You can perform pushup, pullup and plank using a barrel. For beginners, these workouts can be intense, so better do it with a professional gym instructor rather than doing experiment movement.

You can also try the wall sit movement. Your starting position is leaning against a wall. Then your knees should be bent at 90 degrees, like a squat down position. Make sure your shins are vertical to the ground. Hold this position and complete a single set. Hold the position as long as you can. But do not force yourself to do it.

Another perfect workout that you can try is the deadlift. A Romanian deadlift can give you the ideal results. Your starting position is lying your face down on the ground. Then your hands should be in a pushup position. Then push yourself up, but your hips and legs should stay on the ground. Hold this for one second then return to starting position.

Why do we need a perfect workout?

The significance of doing the perfect workout is to improve performance and body function. You can also manage your weight easily and makes your body more toned. It also enhances your balance and prevents to have injuries during a workout because perfect workout means the movement is suitable for your weight, height and body shapes.

And that is one rule in finding the perfect workout for you. You should include the fact that everyone has a different mindset when it comes to exercise. One can say the routine works out just fine, and one can say otherwise. But you should not influence your decision with this kind of thinking because everyone is unique when it comes to workout.

What do we need to achieve it?

Foam Roller

When you are doing the workout at home, you can make it perfect and comfortable by using a foam roller beforehand. Did you know foam roller can increase our blood flow and improve the quality of your tissue? Yes, a foam roller is essential before a workout, but you can still use it daily. It will strengthen your muscles and prevent trouble spots. Good blood circulation prevents your body from tension and pain, which becomes a hindrance during a workout.



Warming up and cooling down your body is essential for your workout. And dynamic stretching means that before a workout, you will need to hold your muscles in a fixed position for an extended time. It also considered the standard protocols before doing the exercise. 

According to research, it regulates blood flow in our body, which is good for our tissue. Unprepared tissue creates health problems in our body, like damaging your muscles and tendons. So for a perfect stretch, every movement should have 60 seconds and more if you feel like you need to stretch more.

Preparing your Core Muscles

Wondering what might be your core muscles? Well, core muscles include in your back, abdomen and muscles and getting your muscles prepared, some injuries can be avoided. Also, the perfect workout provides balance and stability. It also ensures proper posture for your back. Some exercises that you can do are planking and bridges.

Three Dimensions Movement

Movement can be made in many directions during your workout. You can do the front, back and side to side, or even rotational. It will make every joint and muscle to move while working out efficiently

To achieve the moves in three dimensions, you can move in multiple planes – the transverse (top and bottom), front (front and back) and sagittal (right and left).

Pulling is better than Pushing

Pulling is better than Pushing

One of the perfect workouts for your body is pulling rather than pushing. Traditionally, you are always doing pulling than pushing movements. But to help improve your posture and reduce your injuries, you will need to train to do the pulling. It will also develop your balance. But this movement is beneficial to your back and make more strength to your front.

Alternative Weights

Did you know that high-intensity workout does not mean that you should focus on heavy weight lifting only? You can do alternates weight lifting. You can do heavy, medium and light. Making the alternatives will train your muscles and make them optimize and fitter than before.

Cooling down is essential as warming up.

Doing the perfect workout can help during intense workout so you can achieve its goal.Cooling down makes our muscles and nerves to recover from the workout. Doing the right cooldown will prevent muscle soreness and creates a faster recovery. It also prevents the clotting of blood in our veins, which leads to dizziness. The fresh blood increases the resting of the pulse quicker in a safe manner. So you will not get worried if something might happen in your heart.

Our Insights

Doing the perfect workout can help during the intense workout so you can achieve its goal. With proper eating of healthy foods and enough sleep, the ideal workout will help you attain the goals. Also, make sure that you will perform the exercise that will suit your body shape and weight.