Prevent Coronavirus in Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Family Safe.


Prevent coronavirus from getting mild to severe symptoms through the recommended health protocols of the World Health Organization (WHO). Fear and anxiety surprised the world after hearing about the coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China.

Prevent coronavirus as soon as the first symptom emerges is the most effective way of precautions. But understanding all about the coronavirus is the first thing we should know.


The coronavirus is defined as a virus that causes illnesses from the common cold to more severe diseases. According to the World Health Organization, this virus is likely the same as acute respiratory syndrome and the Middle East respiratory syndrome.


The virus has a solar corona around it when experts saw it under the microscope. Corona is a Latin word which means crown.

The first case of coronavirus has been recorded in Wuhan, China, last January 7. It was later called as COVID-19 by WHO.

The Symptoms

With careful studies and researches about the coronavirus, the symptoms detected and recorded to a patient with fever, cough, and shortness, and difficulty of breathing.  However, these symptoms can only be observed under mild COVID-19.


For severe cases, it can lead to pneumonia, multiple organ failure, and if not properly treated, death can be next.

The incubation period of this virus is 14 days, from the day of infection and the onset of symptoms. But early signs can be seen within 5 to 6 days.

But there is a catch with the infected individuals. There is what experts call as asymptomatic patients. It means that no symptoms at all can be seen through the virus is in the patients’ systems.

What happened to our bodies?

When a virus enters our body, the spread of the virus will start infecting the respiratory system. The virus will begin to multiply in the respiratory tract. Frequent colds, sore throat, runny nose, and fever are mild symptoms as the first levels of getting infected. Then it will move to the next level to pneumonia.

Since there is no vaccine yet, some mild cases became severe cases. After having pneumonia, it will be followed by multi-organ failure and death.

For now, there is no vaccine yet. So what should we do to prevent coronavirus?

How to prevent coronavirus?

A9Cs4AlZxGThis is the question of many, especially the family with children and elderly household members. Well, the golden answer for that is boosting your intake of vitamin C.

Vitamin C improves our immune system. There are sources of vitamin C, like fruits and vegetables. You can also opt to take supplements as a substitute for it.

Also, to prevent coronavirus, you need to protect yourself literally. For instance, when going outside to buy essential needs, doctors highly suggest wearing a face mask and hand gloves. And I never forget to bring at least 70% or more alcohol-based sanitizer in my pocket for extra precaution of personal hygiene.

Indeed, the immune system is vital at this time of battle with the unseen enemy, the COVID-19. But there are other things that you can do to ensure your good health and be fit all the time.

And here is how you do it:

Spend some time outdoors.

Staying indoors during a pandemic is essential. But it does not mean that you should stay at home all the time. You can check the latest pronouncement in your community. If you are allowed just in your yard, you can walk or jog. Since no vaccine yet, make sure you have your protective gear, especially face mask.

Plan your Workouts

Workout at home is one of the essential things you can do during the quarantine. There are several things that you can use to monitor your exercise. Like a journal, tracker, or workout apps, these will help you plan for your workout routines and schedules.

Take Virtual Sessions and Classes

9DY0pueLD3Since going to the gym is limited for the time being, you can look at online classes and sessions. This will improve your workout at home and, at the same time, will keep you updated with the routines you can perform at home. Self-training can be difficult at first, but with proper guidance, length and intensity can be improved.  

Develop indoor games

Boosting the immune system needs emotional and mental health as well to prevent coronavirus. Quarantine makes a person annoying and builds the emotion of anxiety. So you can have indoor games with your family to strengthen more ties. As a workout, there are virtual games that you can play.

Sharing My Thoughts

To prevent coronavirus, a healthy lifestyle, and proper hygiene are essential to take into account. These are the crucial things you should consider.

Enough and regular exercises are your body needs. At home, I schedule my daily activities to improve my health. Exercises cleared my mind and gave me an adrenaline rush.

Staying motivated to follow these various methods on how to prevent coronavirus is a bit challenging. The disruption and stress from the pandemic make it harder. Believe me, but knowing what the virus can make to our body, it helps me focus on things to do to prevent coronavirus.

Making a schedule to everything like meal plans that can help maintain healthy eating foods. Also, the routine workouts to follow and avoid are included in my list.

Since quarantine is giving me a more schedule than before, I can do lots of things for myself. Taking myself is one of the ways on how to prevent coronavirus.