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Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Leggings at Work!

Leggings at Work or Office Fashion Statement? Pick your choice!

Leggings at work are the most comfortable to wear aside from dress, which gives no limitations to your legs. Another thing when it comes to leggings, you can pair any tops with it. 

Leggings at work, however, for many is not favorite to wear, especially when they have to attend some meetings. The look and impression at work are essential to portraying, so people will know you mean business.

Nevertheless, wearing leggings at work is an option. There are lots of leggings that you can choose from. Most leggings are worn when people do yoga, but some also select to wear them when going to the office.

Leggings for Yoga

Leggings for Yoga

Some leggings for yoga have pockets that can hold things even if you are doing many routines. But most of us are looking for leggings that give comfort and softness. Remember that leggings are tight when being worn, so you have to consider the fabric being used. Do not look after the brand, but take note of the quality.

Quality is essential above all because leggings should be durable so you can stretch without worries. The length should also consider because you can have leggings that high waisted. It is the right choice if you want to cover your belly. But some leggings make your stomach look more prominent, and you should not fall for that leggings.

There are leggings like capris. These are the most comfortable and stylish leggings. It will keep you warm so better try this kind of leggings for summer fashion. Look for leggings that will look great under your dresses and tunics. Leggings are a good pair with the silhouette. Your style will not impress to be heavy and hot.


When you decide to wear leggings at work, you have many fashion styles to choose from, among others. Here are some of it.

Make sure you have one coat or blazer to mix and match.

Choose the most versatile piece of coat and jacket. Having the perfect jacket can create an ideal layer for your work fashion. Imagine that you have the most versatile jacket and coat that you can match with different outfits you want to wear each day. Go for the jacket or coat that comes in neutral colors and hues.

Choose the right tops.

When you are working five times a week, you will need different tops that can pair with your skirt and pants. Choose tops in silk and high necklines. It is a classic and straightforward tank that will give you a simple look. It will elevate the elegance in you. 

Then you can choose a white shirt. A white top is the most classic item you should have in your wardrobe. You will have an easy match with your coat and jacket and to your footwear.

You will also need a short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops with designs and prints. Button downs and sweaters can be your choice with a neckline that is not too revealing. Remember that what you wear at work will reflect what your personality is. Then make sure that you have a good pair of leggings to match it with your tops.

A Skirt and a Reserve One

You probably wonder if you are not able to get with your leggings at work sometimes. Well, because at work, you will need to be in business attire. Aside from pants, you will need to have two skirts that you can mix and match with your tops.

A skirt in pencil cut with mid-length is the right choice. Then you can also have a longer length one that is more directional and perfectly fit with your top. To sport your tops and skirt, you will need to tuck in your shirt. You will have to consider a neutral with patterns and colorful versions. These work fashion can give a good impression to the people around you because your attire will speak of your personality.

Do not forget the dress.

If you want to skip pants and skirts at work, and like to wear leggings rather then, you will need to get a dress that will show your curves and emphasise your shape. You can have a shirtdress if you want to have a more casual work fashion. Also, the leggings will work best with your shirtdress. It is a little bit more of a winter style. Then you can pair with pumps. Do not forget that you can have your sleeves rolled up if you choose a dress with long sleeves.

Classic Pairs of Pants

A pair of pants is not enough if you want to be more fashionable at work. Because leggings at work are more casual and informal, you will need another pair of pants. You can have a straight cut or distinct shapes pants that can emphasise the shape of your legs.

Versatile Footwear

Footwear is essential if you want to be comfortable and relaxed. Stilettos, pumps, slip-on shoes and doll shoes can be your best friend if you’re going to complete your work fashion. Leggings at work are okay, especially when you pair it with pumps. Getting ready with any of your outfit should be matched with your footwear.

What can we say for leggings at work?What can we say for leggings at work?

Work fashion will need to be presentable, comfortable and reveal your personality with confidence. Therefore, it is best not to stick with leggings at work only.

Leggings at work can be worn when you are going to have a laid back day at work. But when you know there could be some business to attend, you will need to be prepared, such as wearing the right clothes. 

The quality of the clothes you will be wearing is the key to be more comfortable and presentable. The kind of fabric is also important to give you a classy look. Make sure you wear the footwear that will complete your work fashion statement.

Taylor Swift? Is she what we think she is? Or there is more than popularity?

Taylor Swift? Is she what we think she is? Or there is more than popularity?

Taylor Swift has just released her latest song “You Need to Calm Down” straight from her “Lover” album. And boy… the music video is such an eye candy. If you’re an LGBTQ+, a feminist, a fashionista, and a die-hard fan—a Swifty or a Katycat, then you know that the whole music video is swamped with a lot of easter eggs.

Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, with this song, have officially ended their almost 6-year feud, which fans of both singers have been monitoring on twitter, facebook and anywhere online.

So have you seen the latest Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down”? What do you think of all the pizazz and colorful imagery in the star-studded music video that I think Taylor Swift herself had the first hand on it?

Brief Background

Now, let’s take a quick look at several of the setups and beautiful images that popped out in the “You Need to Calm Down” video. So Swifties, we’re gonna use our queer eye to identify them all.

The video opens with Taylor Swift waking up in her satin pink eye mask embroidered with golden “Calm Down” and lingerie. We’ll never forget those lovely 60s curled hair is so matched with her entirely made-up face. The goddess also redoes her poses in her “Blank Space” music video, where she’s in a more luxurious bed. Maybe she just loves waking up.

Those accessories and her outfits, by the way, are all available in her merch store. I supposed a lot of orders are really pouring in. Any Swifty will surely love to have those wearable marches.

Then, we see some table setups with a lot of hidden messages. Seemingly random, these objects are hinting several messages to all her fans and critics alike.  We see on the first table some dice that add up to Taylor’s lucky number — 13. The second table shows six candies symbolizing  Pride Month in June. So when you add the candies and the dice, you will get June 13, the day Taylor told everyone the release dates of her upcoming video and album.

A framed quote, “Mom, I am a rich man,” is on the wall. It is from Cher’s 1996 interview, where she was reliving her mother’s advice to settle down and marry a rich man. Cher replied to her mother with, “Mom, I am a rich man.” A strong statement that tells everyone that Taylor supports feminism, and it’s always all over her songs.

For instance, there are meanings in her song if you just look into it. In her song, Swift, it tells that snakes and stones never broke my bones. It means that it has a reference about the people who tried to bring Taylor Swift down by calling her names.

Competitions to be on Top

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ended all the negative issues against each otherIn the industry where Taylor Swift has been famous, and even on top of the Billboard, there have been some competitions. Well, this little feud has been with one of the famous celebrities, Katy Perry.

Noted as one of the biggest feuds, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ended all the negative issues against each other and continue to focus only on their careers. After five years of bad blood, the two have decided to rebuild their friendship.

But what was the cause of Taylor Swift and Perry’s misunderstanding?

Well, it has not been a secret with us why the feud started. It may seem not a big deal, but it caused some problems. So the dispute started over a backup dancer leaving one of the Taylor Swift’s tour and move with Katy Perry.

That unethical practice has been one of the reasons why the friendship between the two has been made a cracked. Imagine the bond that has been ruined because of this.

But what was the cause of Taylor Swift and Perry’s misunderstanding?

But the dancer, Brownlie, he had a closer relationship with Katy Perry than Taylor Swift. Almost two years working with Perry has made a significant impact and create a bond like family. So joining Perry is not a thing against Swift.

However, the two celebrities have been on fire before knowing this statement. From that feud, there have been many speculations that make the situation escalated. Fans could tell it on how the two are making statements during their interviews while on tours.

Our Side for Taylor Swift

Well, for many of us, it has been standard for celebrities to have a feud. With Taylor Swift, there have been many issues with her career. And one of these is with Katy Perry. But like other else, all feuds came to an end. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s feud ended in a friendly way, like face to face and talking out their differences.

How to Put on Mascara: A Guide for Natural yet Trendy Look Eyelashes


How to put on mascara that will look natural and trendy every day? You might find yourself looking in the mirror and thinking of how you will make yourself presentable. With all the shades of color, you need to be careful about what will suit you best.

How to put on mascara for several occasions is a challenging role for beauties. Well, we all care about how we can always look natural yet trendy. Typically, we do not like to overkill our makeup, especially the mascara.

We all consider mascara as one of the essential beauty products that all beauties must have. Also, aside from choosing the eyeliner and eyeshadow, we should always plan and prepare ahead on wearing it.

As you read along, you will find some tips and styles on how to do on mascara. You may feel a bit awkward in your first try. But later on, putting on a mascara will be less messy and hassle-free for you.

How to put on mascara: Tips in getting the perfect flicking eyelashes

To achieve the perfect eyelashes, you need to avoid these shortcuts when doing your mascara.

In applying mascara, you need to start from the bottom eyelashes. You have to angle your head forward. Make sure that you have enough space for it and to your eyelashes before the application. Because it is very important for you to avoid smudges when you are just starting with your top eyelashes.

Another tip for your fashionable eyelashes is to make sure you only dip your mascara once in its bottle. There is no need for you to plunge the entire wand in and out of the bottle. In doing so, it will dry faster. Dried mascara is the same as your old one. In that state, it will only just become a part of your throwaways.

Also, try to have different types of mascara. Later in this article, you will find a wide variety of mascara choices that you may choose for your various occasions. Knowing and learning about it can make your eyelashes more dashing.

However, you need to remember, that when it comes to applying on your mascara, you have to wipe first and curl — wiping off your eyelashes before the application can take away the excess mascara that may cause too many smudges. Then, curling is another part of the eyelashes preparation. Your starting point in curler is from the eyelashes’ roots, near the eyelids, going to the end of your eyelashes. When you curl your eyelashes, make sure you avoid your eyelids get into the curler. Also, a 10-second press of your eyelashes is very much needed to have the perfect flick. Remember to do this before the application of mascara.

What to avoid in your first attempt of mascara application?

Many suggest that waterproof mascara should be the first coat of your eyelashes. Well, it is actually effective in holding the curl of your eyelashes. But, you need to avoid these waterproof formula every time you are doing it. As the name suggests, waterproof mascara involves a lot of cleansers to wash it off. Aside from that, it needs a bit more rubbing to take off some residue in your eyelids.

Aside from that, you are applying the mascara direct to your eyelashes. When putting it, you need to avoid the clumping of your eyelashes. Make sure you comb your eyelashes with a special brush after applying the mascara. Another way to prevent the clumping is to try to wiggle the mascara wand while applying it to your eyelashes. Move your wand in ‘Z’ shape direction while stroking upward.

The most frequent denominator to lose the style of it is when you give up the quality of your beauty products for the cheaper ones. In a way, top of the line beauty products has a more glamorous effect than regular ones. Always remember to consider quality to keep off negative results over time.

Well-packaged guides for beginners’ beauties

The best way to maintain and radiate our inner beauty is to keep away from those overkill makeup. Using too much makeup to stand out from everybody can be annoying. It also loses the goals of putting on makeup.

So, here are simple guides for all the beauties who want to enhance their looks. If you are new and looking for the best ways, here are some guides in chic and sophisticated mascara.

Guide no. 1: Make sure to identify the curl, volume, and length of your eyelashes. Find the perfect color and shades for your looks.

Guide no. 2: Mascara should be the last eye makeup to apply. If there are smudges, better to clean it if it is dry already, wiping the stains right away will result in more catastrophic filth around your eyes.

Guide no. 3: Three in, three out – basic rule to maintain the classy look of your eyelashes. It means to make a gentle stroke thrice inwards and outwards. In this way, you can avoid the clumping of your eyelashes as well.

Guide no. 4: Mascara models are too good to be true. To know the real deal of mascara, see the difference of false eyelashes to natural ones. In most cases, mascara beauty models use false eyelashes to emphasize beauty products. Therefore, you need to know the basic mascara rules – curl, volume, and length.

How to put on mascara: Quick guide for you

If you already read the guide, the next thing is to perform it on our eyelashes. Of course, your first try will not be as perfect as you imagine. So, we prepared a quick step-by-step guide for you.

Step 1: After you finished with your eyeshadow and eyeliner, you are now ready for your mascara. Make sure you find its right color and waterproof formula.

Mascara colors come in as many, as you will decide what and where to use. Basically, the color that you choose will give the impression of your personality. It goes with every beauty products. The most popular is the black mascara, which complements every eye color. But, the black mascara will not fit with your blonde hair. So, you have to look for a brown one.

If you decide to use the waterproof-formula mascara, make sure you have the proper makeup remover for that. As we mentioned before, it is too tedious to get off the waterproof mascara.

Step 2: Before the application, you have to curl it. Curling before putting on some mascara will give you more volume. It will also be easy for you to stroke the eyelashes.

Step 3: After wiping off your mascara, start coating your bottom eyelashes from roots to end. Do not forget to wiggle it in ‘Z’ shape to have a good texture. Then you can finish it off in your upper eyelashes.

Step 4: You can apply a second coating to achieve more volume. If not, use an eyelash brush to get rid of the clump. In this way, your eyelashes will look more natural.

Wear it with personality and behavior eyelashes

If you want to try the trendy mascara styles developed by famous stylists and makeup artists, you are lucky to find it here, right now! You can try it for more exciting eye makeup.

Why not try to have that high-point style. The only focus of the mascara is in the middle part of your eyelashes. Then, you can have the fluttery fringe. This style is the product of two false eyelashes. You need to put the other eyelashes on top of the other one. Then use a white mascara for coating. The fluttery fringe is the most aggressive eyelash style.

However, if you are into a more natural look, no shadow necessary is the style for you. Wearing full mascara can outwit the eyeshadow. It will give you more natural yet elegant look as well.

In some occasions that you will need to adapt with its colorful theme, you can have the glitter, glitter everywhere style. If you have this, you do not need to wear one in your eyeliner. In doing so, it will give an overkill glitter eye makeup. It is too much for the eyes!

If you want to give power to your eyes, you may try the greenery effect. It will emphasize your eyes by adding those bold colors in the outer corners of the upper eyelashes. In this style, you will need to use colored mascara that comes in a green shade.

But, if you are not a fan of green, you can try the blue eyes style. In this one, you will need to have a blue mascara. The application will appear only in our upper eyelashes. Leave your bottom eyelashes in its natural color. This style can create a sparkling effect for your eyes, without using glitters.

Choosing the appropriate mascara color

After knowing the different eyelash styles, you need to be aware of the mascara color you want to use. You need to consider how it will complement your skin tone, hair, and eye colors. Keep in mind that the perfect mascara can keep you away from wearing eyeshadow and eyeliner. So, learning how to put it will make your eye makeup easy.

Try to wear on your eyelashes some vibrant colors like blue, green, or purple. These colors will be fresh for deep brown eyes.

Well, you cannot go wrong with the black color mascara. It always gives you the class and elegance of natural eye makeup in any occasions.

White mascara can be used on some occasions if you want to give some twist in your eyelashes. It goes with other colors, or it can stand alone in your eyelashes. Wearing a white mascara is an option.

Quick tips for mascara

Wearing it alone is a trending beauty looks nowadays. It outwits the eyeshadow and eyeliner makeup for some busy people. So we come up with simple mascara tips.

Tip # 1: Use waterproof formula as necessary only. There is no need to use it daily. According to beauty experts, there are chemicals found in waterproof mascara. The damage can be a result of removing it from your eyelashes.

Tip # 2: Make sure that you use mascara primer as the base of your eyelashes before the application as its effect is satisfying. The primer can make your mascara stays longer. It can prevent too many smudges. It is excellent when you have to attend an all-night occasion.

Tip # 3: Sleep without makeup. Makeup has many ingredients that can harm your facial skin. Even those beauty products that claim to have natural or mineral ingredients; it can make your skin dry and dull if you sleep on it. Be sure to wash off everything before going to sleep.

Tip # 4: To wash off your makeup, use appropriate makeup remover. There are beauty products with equivalent remover. It will make it easier for you to remove your makeup easily.

Tip # 5: If you want to try the color combination and texture of it with your skin tone, you can always try the testers at the back of your hand. Do not use it on your eyelashes. Always keep in mind the hygiene concerns of most beauty products.

Brief reminder:

Beauty products have compounds that may harm your skin if you have sensitive skin. Make sure that you will consider natural and organic makeup. You can also have those beauty products that contain hypoallergenic compounds if you insist on using makeup. But the most important that you need to do is to consult first your dermatologist for some medical advice. No one wants to sacrifice your health just to look more glamorous.


Eye Makeup Looks: Define Your Attitude with Sophistication and Elegance


Eye makeup looks define your attitude and express the inner beauty. It is like giving your eyes the fashion statement that will enhance the natural look of your eyes. To know more about the techniques of putting eye makeup, you can read on to get the details.

Eye makeup looks have unique ways that will make our eye looks stand out than the others. You need to know the proper way of doing it. Also, make sure that you have the proper tools and color that will complement your skin tone.

Furthermore, you can achieve the perfect eye makeup looks if you know what style will be best for your eyes’ shape and color. As for beginners, be reminded that each shape, skin tone, and color of your eyes follow some unique rules. These guidelines have set straight the proper way of putting on eye makeup.

Eye makeup looks using eyeliner

For instance, putting on the right eyeliners depend on your skin tone. Make sure you pick the right color of your eyeliner. Like if you have a darker skin tone, you can have darker shades of eyeliner. With light complexions, light browns will do the trick. Other styles come with new eye makeup looks that make the eyeliner stand out against your skin tone. This fashion statement will give you dramatic styles than most conventional looks.

How eyeshadow blends with the different eye color?

Aside from eyeliner, you can play with the eyeshadow to complement your eye color. For hazel eyes, you can have the different eyeshadow looks with shades of lavender, gold, and silver-grey.

So, are you worrying with your brown eyes makeup? If you have brown eyes, you can add hints of gold, pink, grey, purple, and green. On the other hand, if you have darker brown eyes you need to make sure to go with lighter shades. Then, darker tones will complement with light brown eyes. Blue eyes do not need the dark shades of eyeshadow. But the colors of shadows that easily complement with blue eyes are orange, copper, purple, and pink light shades. On the contrary, green eyes can take the color of pink, purple, peach, beige, and dark browns eyeshadow.

The application of loud eyeshadows looks can go well with your eyes if you blend medium and light shades of color. This new shade of eyeshadow can give you a vibrant eye makeup looks.

Makeup can differentiate your eyes with your different skin tones

So, even if you know all the shades for your eye makeup, you can still go wrong if you have no idea what is your real skin tones. Our skin can have a different reaction with makeup. The responses can change the makeup color when applied to our skin.

Therefore, you need to determine your skin tone for you to know the right color combination. Just by looking into your veins, you can decide whether or not you have a warm or cold skin tone.

For cool skin tone, you have bluish veins. The strong and vibrant colors of green, blue, pink, lavender and metallic will complement your cool skin. For warm skin tone, you can have the shades of gold, brown, copper, and green. These shades can give you both natural and stylish look.

Eye makeup can give that powerful look and appearance

But, if you want to have a new eye makeup look, you can use this intense style. It provides a compelling look in your eyes without intimidating others.

You can have dramatic eye makeup by creating a contrasting effect between your black mascara and eyeliners. Adding additional layers of mascara and eyeliners can give you a simple yet slick eye makeup. To add a stronger look, you need to enhance your eyebrows. Make sure that your eyebrows have shape and structure to support your eye makeup look.

Another eye makeup look that can make you more fashionable highlights. Highlights by using glittery shades can make your look more stylish. The highlights should be applied above the crease in your area. Then, make sure to blend the shades.

Techniques to grasp the daunting eye makeup looks

The appropriate blending of colors on your eyes depends on the shape of your eyes. You need to define the shape of your eyes to achieve the perfect eye makeup looks. Also, these makeup tips on how to easily create your eye makeup styles are based on the various eye shapes.

If you have definite defined eye shape, you can apply the following makeup tips to create different designs. The designs will set aside the imperfections you got from this eye shape.

For almond eyes, the weakness comes from the depth and intensity of the eyes. So, if we are giving it some enhancements, make sure that you only stroke once in the top eyelids. You can make the appearance of your eyes more rounded by leaving the outer corner of your eye without makeup.

For round eyes, you can use darker eyeliner to extend your eyelids at the outer corners. You can extend the effect of eyeshadow upward, near your eyebrows. Also, if you will put some shade near below the lower lids, this will create an illusion that makes round eyes more elongated.

Oval shaped eyes can be transformed by using certain make up techniques. You can give more height if you will create a thin line in the outer corner and make it thicken. It will continue towards the inner corners of the eye. If you have small eyes, you can put a line at the bottom eyelashes.

Let us go pink for our eye makeup looks

Given the needs for different eye shapes, there are various techniques on how to put on the right eye makeup style. You have many considerations, but the most important is the color and style.

By knowing the right color and style, you can have the eye makeup look with elegance and sophistication.

So, have you tried the pink makeup looks? You can try different versions of using pink color for eye makeup.

The first version is the pink makeup for everyday wear. Putting a subtle pink eyeshadow across your lids and beyond your crease will give you a natural look with a touch of pink color. You can also add some pink dust effect in your lower eyelash. Just add the lightest shade of pink.

With the second version, you can try the solid pink eye makeup looks. Make sure you properly blend the pink eyeshadow on your eyes. Then, get your favorite dark shade eyeliner and make a stroke in the upper eyelash line. You can have the option if you want to cover all your eyelids. Afterwards, you can see the balance of the dark eyeliner with the dark shades of pink.

You can create the third version of the pink eye makeup. It is a trendy look for eyeshadow. With just a hint of glittery effect and jewel-toned pink, you can transform your eyes with rose gold eyeshadow. This eye makeup look gives you a stand out pink eyeshadow.

The last eye makeup look for pink eyeshadow comes with a hint of violet. You can wear this loud eyeshadow for selected occasions only. With two-toned eye makeup, you’ll have a regular pink eyeshadow then an accent of violet shades. The emphasis should be darker than the overall eyeshadow. Make sure that you blend the two colors properly.

From light to dark shades of eye makeup looks

Blending colors especially with dark hues are the most common mistakes of beauties. Dark shades have an impression of sophistication and elegance. It is the reason why many wanted to have darker shades of eye makeup.

But the problem they always fear is creating even a little mistake in doing the eye makeup with darker shades. Just a slight miscalculation of doing your makeup can result in more significant adjustments in styles and colors of eye makeup.

Therefore, dark eye makeup needs a more precise application, especially those blue makeup looks. Make sure you have all the tools, including a smudge remover, before starting the process. You need to take things slowly while doing your eyeshadow or any eye makeup to lessen the color and style adjustments.

Eye makeup looks excellent in gold

After taking the dark shades of eyeshadow, you can try the gold eye makeup. This eyeshadow color and style is usually what ramp models wear. Some may also try this eye makeup for parties. Wearing this eye makeup will make you stand out. So, you need to wear it correctly. By practicing and learning the techniques in applying the gold eye makeup will do the trick.

Eye makeup looks – Quick tips for day and nighttime

It’s necessary that you can have eye makeup styles that can smoothly go along during daytime and nighttime. As eye makeup looks can transform you in many ways, one of these is to make you noticeable with a look of elegance and sophistication. To have that day and nighttime eye makeup look, below are some techniques.

Tip # 1: Enhance your eyes with dark shades. Make sure it sweeps from eyebrow bones to crease.

Tip # 2: For a beginner, you can have the matte-eye powder beauty products. It is a perfect texture that goes well with any skin type.

Tip # 3: The perfect eyeshadow technique with a single color of eyeshadow can be tricky to apply. Make sure you do the layering many times around the eyelash line. Make blending strokes at the crease to prevent a broken line over time. Proper blending will make the fades naturally.

Tip # 4: Deep-set eyes need only light and natural shadow under the brow bone and at the inner corner of the eye. Use a dark shade of eyeshadow for upper eyelashes.

Tip # 5: Blending is essential in eye makeup looks. For smaller eyes, you need to create an arc of medium-toned color in your eyelid. The creases in smaller eyes are not visible. So, with proper blending, you can have a natural crease.

Tip # 6: With thin eyelids, make sure you apply the lighter first then, the darker shade at the corner of the eyes. In this sequence, you can have a more dramatic effect.


Tip # 7: Prepare the eyelids with a concealer or based primer before applying the eyeshadow. It will hold the makeup longer. Also, it will give you a smooth texture before putting on the eye shadow.

Tip # 8: Make use of the concealer to maintain the brightness and lessen the puffy-eyes and dark circles under the eye area.


Tip # 9: Hold the mascara wand and stroke back and forth with a little wiggling of the mascara. The application should start from the roots towards tips, to create illusions for lengthy eyelashes,

Tip # 10: Make sure that you put some black mascara. It gives shape to your eyelashes and defines your eyes.

Tip # 11: If you have short eyelashes, you can try to use false eyelashes. However, you need to have individual false eyelashes with that full fringe. False individual eyelashes are more natural looking.

Tip # 12: Simple and natural eye makeup looks have been the favorite of many. Natural shades are always on the go on any occasion if you opt to use darker shadows. But, with the natural look, you can add two coats of dark mascara.

Brief reminder:

Beauty products have compounds that may harm your skin if you have sensitive skin. Make sure that you will consider natural and organic makeup. You can also have those beauty products that contain hypoallergenic compounds if you insist on using makeup. But, the most important that you need to do is to consult first your dermatologist for some medical advice. No one wants to sacrifice your health just to look more glamorous.

Shoe, an Integral Part of Styling. Take Look At These New Trendy Shoes


Approximately 40,000 years ago footwear invented to protect our feet from harsh substances. The earliest shoes were soft and made of leather. Gradually, it started to gaining popularity, and now it is the part of the style.

Somewhere I read, style starts with your shoe. Without wearing a shoe, we cannot imagine going outside. Now a day, having lots of lovely shoes are as important as having lots of dresses in your closet. It is an integral part of our fashion. Wearing right outfit and putting makeup will not be enough if you are not wearing footwear that matches with your outfit.

There are lots of varieties of footwear. You will need high-heels, flat sandals, metallic, embellished pumps, and so on to complete your look. If you are going to party you will need high-heels, if you are going for a walk you will need a comfortable shoe, and for office, you will need a formal pump. All you need to do is to pick up the shoe which is required.

Like other years, different types of shoes are going to rock in 2018 also. If you see the runways in fall 2018 New York, London, and Paris, you will see the glamorous presence of shoes; from statement-making boots to sparkling kitten heel pumps, hottest shoes from different brands are hitting the floor. Dior, Jacquemus, Fendi, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Marni, Pucci, and what not?

From the runways, you can select your shoes for 2018. There are some trends to set the tone for this years’ new look for sure. This year, a few trends such as cold-shoulder tops, millennial pink will make a slow exit. So, don’t spend money on buying these.

Well, what shoes are you going to wear in this year? From disco boots to intergalactic sneakers, you can scoop up best styles immediately. There are lots of shoes are on trend this year to satisfy your style preferences. Even for rainy weather, there are tons of boot style to choose.

 DiscoShoe 01

These are shiny and can give you a glamorous look. These can be found in any form such as boots or sandals.  If you are going to Disco, don’t forget to wear this to outshine the floor.

Rain wearShoe 02

Plastic rain wears are the ultimate trend in this year. From thigh-high boots to sandals, these fantastic plastic pieces swarmed the runways.

Edgy FloralShoe 03

You cannot think of spring without the flower. These edgy cuts and darker hues shoes can be your latest pick.

LadyShoe 04

This high-heel will give you a retro look. These are adorable as well as, comfortable to wear.

Summer SandalsSummer Sandals

Summer sandals are full of color that will give you a fresh feeling. This street-style shoe is sure to be a dominant hue in this year.


They are trendy, and if you want an elegant look, Fishnet is a must. There are various forms of Fishnet such as boots, and ankle boots; choose one of your choices.


Mules can be fitted with your everyday outfits. These backless shoes are always fashionable and will add an extra edge to your look.

These shoes of different colors and styles are going to rock in this year. I am sure you are unable to resist buying a new pair of trendy shoes. Just choose what you like best enjoy being trendy.

These Trendy Hair Ornaments Change Your Hair Look Every Single Day

hair ornaments

Hair accessories are undoubtedly exciting and impressive. It will never go out of style as it can add a touch of glamour to your hairstyle. You can use them as a part of your everyday hair styling. It will wonder you by giving new hair look every single day.

From crazy curls to fancy braids, any hairstyle can be beautifying with using hair ornaments. See the runways of The New York Fashion Week, Paris and Milan- using hair accessories are enormous. You will see an old trend in new ways such as 1920’s aristocrat polka dot face veils, some recycled version and few new types of accessories. In a word, 2018 hair accessories trend is refreshing. Keep reading to check out the 2018 trend and decide which one you are going to add to your collection.

2018 Hair Accessories

Pearl Clip

Hair accessories Pearl Clip

Pear clips are stunning and look great in every type of hair. It can add a touch of grace to your look and make a lasting impression. They can show a staying power on your hair and match with any outfit. Adorn your hair with this lovely accessory and find out cuter version of you.

Simple Hairpins

Hair accessories Simple Hairpins

A small-sized simple hairpin can style to your everyday hairdo. You can use it with your daily outfits. If you choose a simpler version, it will go well with any dress. If you want a classy look, try to pick the fancy one.

Big Bows

Hair accessories Big Bows

Big Bows especially the silk one is fantastic and looks great. At a time, they are childish and sexy. Big bows can add playfulness to your look. You can use colorful sort of them. They are dramatic.

Lace and Ribbons

Lace and Ribbons

Once upon a time lace and ribbons were popular among rural Asian girls. Now lace and ribbons took place on runways also. Low ponytails wrapped with colorful lace and ribbons will give you a sporty look. You can wear them during your gym workout or swim time.

Braided Headband

Braided Headband

Braided headbands are inspired by 80’s style. Whether you want elegant look or simple look, braided hairbands are perfect for any type of look. They are full of colors and have the playful effect.



Scrunchies are the most relaxed accessories you have ever used. They are fun to wear. You can wear printed scrunchies or colorful scrunchies that suits your outfit. Scrunchy placed on your low ponytails will give you a casual look.

Leather Hairband

Leather Hairband

Leather hairbands are inspired by 80’s hairstyle. They are super easy to use and cool with messy hairdos. It can quickly bring you into the limelight. Make sure you have leather hairbands in your collection.

Floral Accessories

Floral Accessories

Fashion designers are using the decorative effect in various accessories. Flower always give a fresh and natural look. From roses to lilies, floral designs look great to any type of hair. They are vibrant and full of color. They should be in your collection to peep up your hairdo.

What you have got?

These hair ornaments are listed in 2018 trend. All of them are beautiful and perfect for styling. Now it’s your time to choose the suitable one for you.

Hairstyles like The New Trendy Hair Buns to Create Impression

hair buns

Hairstyles are essential to creating an impression, and it tells a lot about a person’s image. Whether you have beautiful hair or not styling your hair is necessary. Even if you do not have healthy and beautiful hair that can create a negative impression; you can overshadow it by styling your hair correctly.

Hairstyles for women around the world creates impression. However, sometimes it is challenging for them to find an appropriate hairstyle that suits their look. For that, many women do not try different hairstyles. They go for traditional and common hairstyles that are easy to do.

You cannot deny the fact that repeating the same hairstyle over and over is always boring. You must want something new. If you are looking forward to getting a hairdo that goes well with a casual look, party look and all; that is hair buns of course. Different types of hair buns can give you casual yet elegant look and fit any outfits. Whether you are wearing a gown or t-shirt; buns match with them.

Celebrities are also spotting with hair buns in runways and parties. You can choose a hair bun style from them of your choice. Hair buns are the trend in this year. You will see different types of hair buns in 2018. Some of them will be in a pattern for 2019 also. Let’s take a look at some hair buns styles that can be your next choice for styling your hair.

Hair Buns Styles

The Low-Slug Bun

Hairstyles The Low-Slug Bun

The low-slung bun is beautiful yet simple. It gives a classic look, and you can make it at home with minimal equipment. Undoubtedly, this hair bun will provide you with a glamorous look if you want to be party ready.

The Sleek Side Bun

Hairstyles The Sleek Side Bun

If you want to look ultra-polished, try sleep-side bun. It will give you an elegant look. You can beautify this bun using hair accessories also.

Braided Bun

Hairstyles Braided Bun

For centuries, women are using braid to style their hair. If you want to give that braid a modern look, make a bun of it. Now a day, braided buns are famous among college girls.

Space Buns

Space Buns

Space buns or double buns will give you a fresh look. They will give you a feeling of your childhood. They are easy to do, cute and unique also. Space buns are perfect for spring and summer as it will make sure you are looking fresh and young.

Messy Bun

Messy Bun

Girls love messy bun looks. It will give you a lazy-girl version look, and you can try this hairstyle with any of your outfits.

Flowery Bun

Flowery Bun

Flowery buns are easy to do, and they are admittedly cute. It goes well with casual, semi-formal and formal evening parties.

Beach Bun

Beach Bun

Beach Buns are utterly perfect for summer. It adds an extra edge to your face, and these buns are super trendy.

Sock Bun

Sock Bun

Sock buns are classic and fashionable. These buns are perfect for your summer look. Using sock, you can make this bun. Sock buns are an obsession for many girls.

Avoid repeating the same hairstyle again and again. Try these buns and enjoy styling your hair daily in new ways.

Trendy Highlighters for Perfect Fashionable Eye Look!

Perfect Eye Look

Trendy highlighters are what most of women around the world would love to get. They use these highlighters for the appreciation of their looks. Undoubtedly, makeup is necessary to beautify their looks. Whenever we talk about makeup, we consider our lips, chicks, and eye. But above all eye is, of course, one of the most critical parts of makeup. 

Trendy highlighters are for beautiful eyes so they can speak thousands of words. These highlighters can make a girl attractive. Beautiful eye makeup can give an extra edge to eyes. A complete eye makeup needs various products like eyeliner, eye pencil, eyebrow pencils, Kohl, and highlighter. Without using a highlighter, you will not get the perfect eye looks which you are expecting.

For anyone who has dull, puffy skin and under eye bags, the magic of highlighters is apparent. If you have a family function ahead, a gathering or getting ready for an occasion, proper eye makeup is needed. Highlighters will allow you to experiment with your looks.  Highlighters are the secret weapon for a youthful and healthy glow. Highlighter can help you minimizing dark circles and decrease the look of wrinkles that will give you a young look.

Many of us know, Rihanna’s all-time favorite is 3D hyper-metallic gold highlighter. She did not invent golden makeup, but she developed a gold highlighter that is the most prominent sensation now. This year is going to be the glitzy year. Gold highlighter with stark-black eyeliner is going to be the trend.

Your Trendy Highlighters

This year is the year of highlight and, spring is always a better time to create a glowing look.  The little touch of highlighter can help you to get that bright look.  This year there are quite a few highlighting trends that you can try out. They are easy to apply also.

Golden Highlighter

Trendy Highlighters Golden Highlighter

The golden color is always a smart and elegant color for trendy highlighters. It is more appealing if it is applied to darker or paler skin tone than the other skin tones. A little bit of golden highlighter can give you a party look within a minute.

Bronze Color

Trendy Highlighters Bronze Color

If you want to have a simple look, then it will be best to choose a bronze color as your trendy highlighters. It will give you a natural look, and it is perfect for daytime.

Light Highlighter

Trendy Highlighters Light Highlighter

The light highlighter is suitable for girls who want a soft glowing face. For girls who have darker skin, they can use this highlighter.


Icy Silver

If you have the fair skin tone, go for an icy-silver highlighter. It looks amazing on fair skin color and it can set as trendy highlighters.

Pearl Color

Pearl Color

The right amount of pearl color for trendy highlighters will give you an elegant look. It brings more appealing to the fair skin than others.



Glossy highlighters will bring shiny looks. Apply a little amount of glitter to beautify your eyes, and you are ready for the party.

What can we say?

Your eyes will get a stunning look if you can choose a perfect highlighter for them. There are hundreds of highlighting products available on the market. Try to choose the good one. Pick a highlighter that suits your skin tone and use it correctly. If you are confused which one goes well with your skin tone and which is not, then you should talk to any beauty expert. Just use Eye highlighter and outshine the world with your glowing and shiny eyes.