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Group Fitness Workouts: The New Adventure of Performing Exercises


Group fitness workouts have been the new norm in the fitness world. Trainers around the globe are now looking for a more effective way of performing workouts. If you want to know more about group fitness workouts, you will need to pay attention to the selection of your exercises and the style of training you will have.

Group fitness workouts are more effective than performing exercise on your own. You will be asking why? Because we have simple answers to that as we will give you the ultimate facts about group fitness workouts.

How can you achieve the perfect results? Let us focus on the things that you need to make your group fitness workouts work more effective and accurate.

Keys to becoming successful in group fitness workouts

Being organized with the training session, it will help you build more productive training sessions. If you will observe, a practical exercise has a timed interval, and so does the group fitness workouts. Make sure that you will have a range that will produce more optimal results. Try to incorporate more movements during warm-up to set your body before performing group fitness workouts.

If you finally know the interval and type of exercises you will perform, you can hit the gym. Why do you need that? Doing your workout at home is practical, and you can save a lot of time and money, but if you are hitting the gym and performing group fitness workouts, you can have other benefits.

For instance, you can meet a great coach and team that will encourage you more to perform effectively. You will be taught many things, and sharing experiences can help you improve your workouts.

By improving your workouts, you should have a three-day program that will increase your productivity. With proper conditioning of your body, you can have all the strength you need. Make sure that you will choose the appropriate exercise.

How will you know if it is effective?

Since you are going to be comfortable in doing group fitness workouts, you will get good results rather than doing exercises alone. According to a study of dancers, each one of them encouraged the group to perform well and achieved the results that everyone is wanting.

There are different ways on how to perform it aside at the gym. The first place you can work out better is outdoors.

Top 5 Outdoor Activities you can consider.


What more enjoyable group fitness workouts than hiking? You can take hiking during the weekend with your friends. Look for an excellent outdoor trail and ready your boots. Climbing and walking at the same time can give you good cardio. Plus, you will have fresh air to breathe.


If you are not into walking and climbing, then you will need excellent kayaking. In every stroke of kayaking, it is a good start of physical fitness. This workout is perfect if you want to appreciate both your exercises and your surroundings. The benefits of this workout are strengthening the arms and your core to burn more calories than average.


Another workout for a group, you can do is biking. Of course, you can do this alone, but if you are going to do it with your friends, you will enjoy it. Biking benefits our body because it is right for your health. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and prevents the occurrence of cancer. There are many cycling enthusiasts that you can tap and hit the road for more group fitness workouts.

Join the Volunteer Services for Group Fitness Workouts

If you want to be more productive, aside from getting fit, you can enjoy group fitness workouts from doing volunteer services.

For instance, you can be a volunteer in cleaning the park while preserving nature. Is it a good feeling when you pull the trash from a lake or at the park. And what is right in doing this is a team effort and workout.

Another option that you have is tree planting. There is a volunteer service that involves tree planting. It is a good idea, and according to a study, tree planting as group fitness workouts can reduce your chance of getting type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

You can also enjoy and involve yourself in group activity if you have pets at home. Well, take it as an opportunity because you can walk your dog with other people who walk with them too. And as walking is good exercise, you can meet other people or make friends with pet lovers at the park. Over time, you will have a schedule of walking your dogs.

Another option for group activity as a volunteer service is you can lend a hand in a car wash. With lots of scrubbing and bending, you can work your arms and legs and back muscles to burn more calories.

Be mentally and physically prepared.

Some group fitness workouts can be beneficial to your mind and body as well. One exercise that can help your thought and emotion is yoga. Doing it alone is better so you can have a concentration easily. Still, doing yoga with other people, you can have less stress, a more balanced, and stronger bond so that yoga time will be enjoyable and productive.

Aside from yoga, you can do Chinese meditation practice. This exercise focuses on breathing and balance. One example of this is martial arts that perform gentle moves, focuses and breathing exercises. It is also another form of stress reliever.

Attend some cultural activities.

Yes, there are plenty of shows in the theatre, but what tourists love most is watching cultural activities. If you are a performer, you can dance as much as you want, like nobody’s watching. Be yourself and feel the rhythm you heard. You will be serious about reducing your cardio.

If you want another enjoyable cultural show, seek for a reenactment group that will entertain you as well as burning your calories. In reenacting,  you will have lots of walking, running and galloping. These can burn your calories.

Our Thoughts in Group Fitness Workouts

Indeed group fitness workouts can help you burn more calories than performing exercises on your own. Make sure to have a good company that will motivate you and enables you to perform at your best. Most importantly, you should choose the right exercises routinely to help you get physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

Powerlifting Equates to Building Strong Muscles and Gaining Strength


Powerlifting is all about strength. When you need to improve your strength, you may need to know how to do powerlifting. Powerlifters are the ones who do this exercise, and they should be capable of lifting even the heaviest weights.

Powerlifting is all about strengthPowerlifting allows you to build more muscles and, of course, burn fats. You can compare it with squat, bench press or deadlift. But powerlifting strengthens your skeleton; therefore, reduce the risk of injury during sports activities.

When doing powerlifting, you will need to focus on your strength and proper posture. There is a powerlifting routine that might improve your skeletal muscle. For instance, you can do squat to work on your legs and hips. Then, perform some deadlifts to strengthen your back and legs. And for your upper body, you can have bench press. These are exercises that can assist you in improving your powerlifting.

Another advantage of doing powerlifting is burning calories and fats. Given this as intense and resistance training, your metabolism will improve, which affects burning calories and fats.

What is powerlifting if it does not build stronger muscles. Problems with skeletal health result in osteoporosis. One way to combat this health issue is to practice resistance training. Resistance training, like powerlifting, increases bone mineral density. It also reduces risk factors affecting bone health.

Powerlifting is one of the athletes’ choices to improve their speed and ability to jump vertically. If you want to run faster or jump higher, build a bigger squat through powerlifting. The strength of your back is essential for many other activities, including martial arts, wrestling and fighting.

Best Techniques for Powerlifting

Best Techniques for Powerlifting

Partial repetitions are high for developing strength and allow you to lift more than usual. Also, they can build strength during your weak point to perform better. But to improve powerlifting, you will need to use a power rack to lockout position in this exercise. Also, the area of your movement should have the appropriate training for the assigned repetitions.

More so, proper handling of weight is essential if you want to handle a massive amount of weight. You will still need the assistance of a power rack to lock out whatever position of a movement you need working on.

Variations of Powerlifting

Farmers Walk

Farmers Walk

As of powerlifting variations, this helps you to build overall strength and sufficient grip.

How to do it: You can do the farmers walk by grabbing two dumbbells and walk around with them.

Farmers walk exercise looks plain and simple, but the longer you do this; it will improve your grip strength. Also, it builds muscles in the abs, legs, and shoulders, meaning you build strength in your whole body. You can try other tools to increase your grip strength.


squats powerlifting

As one of the core exercises in powerlifting, the squat is going to be one of the significant workouts in your routine if you’re a powerlifter. It increases your lifting strength. It helps with everyday activities like lifting objects, or if you have to help someone move.

Squats are one of the three most essential lifts in powerlifting, and they are crucial to your success. They are critical to building core strength and improving your overall strength.

Power Cleans

This variation of powerlifting works great for your lower and upper body. These are great for powerlifters, weightlifters and bodybuilders because of the compound exercises aside from lifting. So before trying it out, it will be best for you if you know how to do them. Otherwise, you will be at a higher risk of hurting your muscle joint.



Doing push up is not necessarily means that you are doing a powerlifting exercise. You can do pushups in your house without any equipment at all. Why is it essential in powerlifting? In powerlifting, you need a lot of chest strength for the bench press. Pushups can be useful for warming up your upper body to get ready for big bench lifts. Even for beginners, it is relatively easy, and they are a great way to warm up and avoid injury.

Overhead Press

Overhead Press

Compared to other powerlifting exercises, this needs less main powerlifting workouts. The overhead press mostly works your shoulders and chest. It helps you gain overall upper body strength. Also, it improves building strength to improve your bench press.

Injuries from powerlifting are a lot common to acquire than injuries for bodybuilders or casual weightlifters. It usually depends on how much weight you lift at once. Lifts like the overhead press and bench press, where you’re lifting the weight above your body, are even more dangerous. It is because there’s the risk of the load falling onto you, potentially causing colossal injury.

It is a different exercise for powerlifting, but it is highly intensive. Though it may look simple, it is worth trying. Aside from building muscles, this exercise is cardio intensive.

What you will need are hammer and tire. Take the stick over your shoulders and slam it into the tire. You can repeat this for more tension.

While doing this, it works out most of your muscles to your body. Just brace yourself with your legs and your entire upper body and core muscles when you swing the hammer.

Bench Press

Bench Press

The bench press is the first of the three main powerlifting exercises. While there is a core group of powerlifting workouts, there are thousands of activities that will build your strength.

Bench presses give strength to your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Put a few weight plates on your bar, lie down on the bench flat, and pull the weight up and down vertically. Push down through your feet, which must be touching the ground.

Remember, it is vital to keep a perfect posture, even if you have to carry a lighter weight of just one or two plates.

Bench pressing is considered to be one of the most critical lifts within the fitness community. It is in part due to the raw strength that it takes to perform, as well as building multiple muscle groups.

Bent-Over Row

Bent-Over Row

If you want to do some workouts on your lats and upper-middle back, you will need to do the bent-over row. Bent over rows helps you increase the strength for deadlift. It is excellent for core and lumbar strength. Strengthening this area is essential, not just if you’re a powerlifter or weightlifter. It is necessary to avoid injury in daily tasks.

How to do it: Start by bending over and holding the barbell. Next, pull the bar to your chest level and drop it back into the first position. Maintain a good posture and make a set of 10 to 20, and finish a few sets of that.



One of the three core exercises of powerlifting. It may look complicated, but in reality, it’s easy to master. Though it is more complicated than some other activities, mostly because of how many variations there are for it. Your stance starts by lifting a massive weight off of the ground with no momentum, and it’s hard.

Deadlifting can cause injuries to your back and legs if you do it wrong. Always make sure you’re lifting safely, have a spotter, or at the very least, have someone in the gym with you.


Perfect Forward Lunge

Lunges work your hams and quads and will stretch your hips out. One of the great exercises is walking lunges. Building your leg muscles is vital for powerlifting because 2 out of the 3 main workouts involve leg strength. Having strong legs is beneficial outside the gym too.

What is the advantage of doing it?

Advantages of Powerlifting

It focuses and builds strength.

Getting stronger is beneficial to any fitness-related goal, from building muscle to burning fat. For the powerlifter, everything starts and ends with strength. Different purposes usually require focusing on other qualities in addition to power, but building a good base of resistance should be a big part of your focus.

It improves good posture.

Powerlifters emphasize good form. And the excellent way in powerlifting means using a full range of motion. While functional programming is essential, the best thing a trainer can do to help is teaching proper technique. What separates good trainers from bad trainers is the ability to get clients to execute the program well.

Powerlifters take the time, in the beginning, to hammer proper home techniques to the point where it becomes automatic before they worry about anything else. They know that the appropriate method is more effective and safer.

Stay focus and ditch out unnecessary movements.

Focus on your movements will increase the squat, bench, and deadlift. And the goal never changes. A successful powerlifting program has a great job of making sure that every muscle is working. In any case, the most successful people are those with clear and defined goals that stick to the same purpose for an extended period.

Lift the right weight for you.

A proper technique for powerlifting purposes is not always an adequate technique for physical appearance or performance training purposes. The powerlifting goal is to move as much weight as possible, whereas most non-powerlifters perform exercises intending to work specific parts of the body optimally.

In a nutshell

Indeed, powerlifting consists of compound movements that feel good to you. It means that you contact them working the areas you’re looking to work, and they don’t cause pain. You should not worry if the exercises you like are deemed to be preparatory exercises by the powerlifting.

If the powerlifters’ workout goal is to build a bigger chest, but you have never felt the bench press much in your pecs or benching gives you shoulder pain, you should be much better off switching to an incline press or a low-incline dumbbell press. More so, if squats bug your knees or lower back, or if you always seem to turn your squats into something that is more closely resembling a good morning despite working on your form, try front squats, Bulgarian split squats, or low-handle trap bar squats.

Injury Prevention while doing HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training)


Injury prevention during a workout is essential to practice. With all the keys to perform each routine and exercise successfully, injury prevention should not forget. Free from injury during a workout is what everyone wanted.

Injury prevention can be appropriately done while doing your exercise and routine. One of the major causes of getting injured is not following the step by step of your workout. Also, when you force your body to do more than the capability is one of the reasons for the high risk of injury could happen.

For instance, when you know you will be doing high-intensity training, you should know your requirement before starting your exercise. High intense workouts are a physical activity with various intervals with quick rests.

By doing this kind of training, you are burning calories at a higher rate than regular training. Regular high-intensity exercise increases metabolism, cardiac function, improve endurance levels and reduce insulin resistance. But this kind of training is not recommended for everyday performance. The recommended to perform intense training is every 1-3 days weekly. If you follow this weekly routine, you will have injury prevention.

Why intense training?

Aside from injury prevention, high-intensity training is good for our health. You can have different benefits.

Given the intense workout, it will help you burn more fats. If you want to have tone muscles, intense training is right for you. The routine in intense training is to burn away stubborn fat. Due to intense exercise, it will lead to an increased rate of fat oxidation.

Moreover, intense training can contribute to your appetite. With the entire workout, your digestion also increases, but it also reduces your appetite. In this event to your body, it increases insulin sensitivity, which means that intense training regulates your blood glucose at healthy levels. Having regular sugar and less appetite is one perspective of injury prevention.

How to start intense training?

After getting the benefits of intense training, which injury prevention is more critical among others, you can start doing some intense training. Such as circuit, pyramid and EMOM, these are the high-intensity training that you can perform.

If you want to try circuit, here are the things you need to know about this training. Circuit training is involving different muscles in-circuit motion. You will only spend an average of one minute in each station then moving to the next station. The time of recovery, movement and adjustment to the new station is your rest.

When we say pyramid, though the structure is like a circuit, the repetitions in each station is different. Doing the pyramid is choosing either step up or down the number of repetitions. You have a choice. Unlike with circuit, you will need to stick with the routine.

More so, have you heard about EMOM? EMOM or Every Minute On the Minute is just like playing words in your head, but it has a deeper meaning. In EMOM, your interval is our focus. Within one minute, you will have different ranges; but in each interval, you will have to complete the designated number of repetitions in each exercise, respectively. If a minute has already passed, then you need to restart on a new minute. And work to complete your repetitions all over again.

Are you wondering when the best time to rest while during high-intensity training is? The answer is simple. Since we do only high intense training thrice weekly, you will need to have a 24-hour rest after each day of training. Following the proper intervals in between exercise, you are practicing injury prevention routine. Some injury that needs to prevent is not always in terms of physical. Prevention in other aspects can be referred to as physical and mental burnout.

Therefore, refrain from skipping your rest day. Especially when you are doing high-intensity training, you need to prioritize the rest days. Your body must recover after the high-intensity exercise.

How to do high-intensity training?

For injury prevention, you will need to know how to do high-intensity training properly.

First, to make sure that your heart has a regular rate while doing high-intensity training, you should monitor your heart rate. Typically your heart rate will increase while doing high-intensity exercise. Keeping your heart rate’s track is a way of injury prevention during high-intensity training.

Before making the moves, don’t forget to warm up. A proper warm-up will enable your body to perform high-intensity training. Some of the warm-ups you can do are slow jogging, stretching or simple exercises that can prepare your heart, lungs and muscles for intense training.

Your form is your key for injury prevention. It is a habit that when we do a workout, we forgot to look for our formation. Our form during training will ensure that we are far from getting injured. If some exercise you are too complicated for you to perform, you have the free will to choose not to do it. Forcing yourself in high-intensity training that you cannot act is like getting voluntarily to be injured. It is vital that when you do a high-intensity workout, your form will not be lost.

Injury prevention also involves hydrating yourself and getting healthy food after and before the high-intensity training. With intense exercise, you will need more energy.

Other Tips for Injury Prevention

How about when you decide to stick with your simple and less complicated routine? Well, we have some essential tips for injury prevention during a workout.

What you wear controls your body temperature. When you do a workout or simple exercise, your dress is your safety precautions. Choose fabrics that are breathable and lightweight. Also, prevent wearing dark colors during hot and humid weather condition.
When winter, the opposite choice like wearing thicker fabric and dark in colors so it will keep your body warm. Also, you should consider wearing the right shoes. If you are comfortable with your footwear during high-intensity training, you will prevent injury with your feet. Over time, it will be a key for injury prevention.

What can we say?

When it comes to injury prevention, we have prepared some practical ways on how to do workout safely. Of course, the first thing that you will need to know is to be aware of your body. If you feel pain in your body after doing the high-intensity training, then you should stop and consult your doctor.

So to know if your body is in good form before and after a workout, you will need to do some warm-up and cool down. In this way, you can feel the condition of your body. Warming up is one way to condition your body during workout and exercise, especially when high intense training.

While doing high-intensity training, injury prevention routine includes proper pacing. Remember that you only have a day to recover from the intense training. But if you feel that your body is still in pain, then you have to rest until your body is prepared for more intense exercise.

Lastly, you should look for techniques to make the perfect form, proper pacing and the routine of high-intensity training. Techniques are vital so you can have an injury prevention routine.

Knowing all these about injury prevention from doing high-intensity training can be a lot of help to assure that you will successfully achieve your goals.