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Best shoulder workout: Your Top Picks Easy Exercises


Best shoulder workout can be performed by using the right equipment and by following the proper sets and repetitions. Shoulder Muscles are the foundation of your arms and chest as well as your back to perform the daily functions efficiently. So here are the top picks for your shoulder exercises!

Best shoulder workout includes exercises that improve your strength and endurance. Since you can move your arms in full rotation, you will need full shoulder workout. For some people, lack of shoulder exercises can lead to their shoulders to become stiff. Upon waking up or doing heavy chores at home, many observed painful limitations in their movement. As people have felt this, they tend to use some muscle pain relievers from time to time. Many don’t realize that little shifts in your shoulder muscles cause the pain.

Before starting to do the best shoulder workout, you have to ensure that your body is prepared. When doing these exercises, either at home or your local fitness centers, you should always be in proper workout attire. The perfect attire when doing your workouts will be the following: sports shoes, preferably those cross-training ones, dry-fit or sweatshirts and gym shorts for men.

Women can wear yoga pants or cotton leggings, gym shorts, cross-training shoes, sports bra and comfortable shirts. Also, make sure you wear socks, carry a face towel, and bring hair ties or bandanas to the gym. Further, never wear jewelry and accessories that may harm you when you do your workouts.

Always remember that you’re not there to do a fashion show but do your routine workout to get a well-defined, sleek and fit body.

Best Shoulder Workout using Dumbbells

Like other workouts, you can use dumbbells for your best shoulder workout. For instance, you can do various shoulder workouts like front dumbbell raise, dumbbell lateral raises, seated dumbbell overhead press, and dumbbell incline row.

Front Dumbbell RaiseFront Dumbbell Raise

For front dumbbell raise, you will need to get hold of the dumbbells. In standing position, make sure your palms, while holding the dumbbells, are facing your thighs. Then lift your dumbbell to the front with a slight bend in your elbow. Make the full stretched of your arms until parallel to the floor. Move your two arms simultaneously and complete the repetitions for better result.

On the other best shoulder workout, you can do the later raises. Of course, you will still use dumbbells for this one. This exercise will make your shoulder movements more at ease. You can have defined shoulders in no time. So, you can start by making your feet apart equivalent to your hip width while in standing position. Grab the dumbbells in each of your hand and place it by your side facing your thighs. Raise your both arms until shoulder level and lower it after a while. You can do as many repetitions as you can. But make sure that you have warm up your shoulder and arms muscles before the workout.

You can also do exercise your shoulder while seating on a bench or chair. Hold your dumbbells with your two hands and place to your side. Rotate your wrists outwards before lifting your dumbbells to your shoulder height to both sides. Then you can lower your dumbbells slowly. Complete the recommended repetitions for best results.

Aside from seating on a bench, you can also do dumbbell incline row. Use a neutral grip for dumbbell in each hand. Straighten your arms, retract your shoulder blades, and bend your elbow to row the dumbbells to your side. Complete the recommended repetitions and go back to your starting position.

Barbell for the best shoulder workout

Barbell for the best shoulder workout

If you can handle more weight, then you can use a barbell instead of dumbbells. Some best shoulder workout using barbell are push press, upright barbell row, and barbell standing military press.

In barbell push press, you will begin your movement by lifting the barbell from the floor to your shoulder level. Then, make a slight bend to your knees and start moving the barbell from your shoulders above your head. You can lower the bar slowly to your shoulders. Make sure to perform this exercise with the repetitions needed. It will strengthen your muscles in your shoulder, arms and to your back.

The upright barbell row is another exercise to improve your shoulder muscles. Your starting point is to get a barbell with an overhand grip that is less than your shoulder width. The bar should be resting on top of your thighs with your arms extended and your elbows slightly bent. Make sure your back is in a straight position while raising your elbows to the side. The barbell should be in the level of your chin so you should keep the bar close to your body as you raise it. To get into your starting position, you will need to lower your back down slowly. Complete the repetitions.

If you can only raise the barbell to your chest level, you can do that as well. The barbell standing military press is lifting the barbell against your chest before lifting it over your head. Before doing this exercise, you will need to choose the right weight for your barbell. So, if your barbell is above your head, your shoulder and back muscles will make some pressure. Bring down the barbell slowly to your chest level and the necessary repetitions.

Machine Rear Delt FlyMachine Rear Delt Fly

Other than barbell and dumbbell, you can use the machine rear delt fly. You can do the best shoulder workout with this machine. Before seating on the bench facing the machine, you will need to adjust the weight selection first. Also, change your seat and the handles. Once done, sit on the bench and get a hold of the handles. Pull out your hands to your side and back, contracting your rear delts. Move-in semicircular motion with your arms slightly bent. In this movement, your shoulder muscles will be the focus of the exercise. You can slow down in your rear action and return to your original position. Make the necessary repetitions for best result.

Thoughts to Ponder:

Doing the top best shoulder workout can have modifications as long as you seek advice from your trainer. While doing each exercise, you need to have proper breathing. Breathing is essential as proper pacing in your workout. You need to follow the recommended sets and repetitions to each exercise.

Your workout plans also depend on your capability and health status. Before getting into a workout program, you will need to prepare yourself. Getting the body shape you want cannot be achieved in a single workout or one-day exercise. You will need a routine or workout plan to have an excellent form of your muscles.

Furthermore, you can maintain the excellent body shape you desire by eating the right food and doing some routine exercise. Making yourself fit both mentally and physically can make a difference in your life.

To wrap up, best shoulder workout with proper skills and equipment can help you achieve your goals to have perfect and well-toned muscles.

Bodybuilding Chest Workout for Perfect Shape Pecs


Bodybuilding chest workout is essential for the perfect upper body shape. And to have the ideal form, you need to make sure you are doing your routine correctly. So, you will need the best exercises for your perfect shape chest using your dumbbell and barbell!

Bodybuilding chest workout, like other workouts for your muscle group, should be performed to balance your pecs. Pecs or pectorals are your primary muscles in the chest. It has two categories—major and minor.

As you will read along, you will learn about the best bodybuilding chest workout. You will have to know the best exercises on how to build chest muscle that will balance the form to your major and minor pecs. Upper pecs are the large fan-shaped muscles, which you can see as the chest wall. While small pecs are not visible to your eyes, they can be found under your major pecs. Minor pecs are your muscles that connect the shoulders and chest to function simultaneously.

Best bodybuilding chest workout

Also, the importance of doing the best bodybuilding chest workout is to keep your arms work well in lifting objects and other daily tasks that you are doing. Now, let us get moving to make your chest admirable to everyone.

Barbell Bench Press

You can start your bodybuilding chest workout using your barbell. The barbell is one of the essential tools in bodybuilding. So we take advantage of it in this exercise. Your starting point in the barbell bench press is to lay your back flat, and your feet stay flat on the ground. Make sure that the barbell is placed on the bench’s rack. While in this position, lift the bar slowly off the shelf and hold it above your chest in a proper distance. Hold it for a second, then raise the bar slowly. Place the bar on the rack once sets and repetitions are completed.

The bench press exercise is useful for building body mass, especially in your chest. Just make sure that at your first try, do this with just enough weight that you can lift and grasp.

Incline Barbell Bench Press

Another form of a good bodybuilding chest workout for a barbell is the incline bench press. Your starting position is the same as the bench press. But you will have to set up your pad in an arched form that should be comfortable with your hips and lower back. Extend your arms upward and remove the bar from the rack. Then, you can lower the bar slowly to your sternum by flexing your elbows. With the proper distance, extend your elbows to return the bar after completing the sets and repetitions.

Incline Dumbbell Press

Incline Dumbbell Press

Other than a barbell, you can use dumbbells for your bodybuilding chest workout. Using the dumbbells, you can create and define muscles in your chest by doing incline dumbbell press.

Your starting position in this exercise is lying on an incline bench and holding your dumbbells in each hand over your thighs. You can adjust the bench to your preferred angle. Make sure your hands are facing each other. Then you can raise the dumbbells slowly to your shoulder width while rotating your palms facing front. At this point, it is vital that you have a full grip of the dumbbells. Also, you will need to lock your arms at the top and hold it for some time. You can raise and lower down your dumbbells with the recommended sets and repetitions. After completing the repetitions, you can place the dumbbells back on your thighs first, then on the floor. It will be the more comfortable and safest way to finish the incline dumbbell press.

Incline Dumbbell Pullover

You can also do the dumbbell pullover by starting in the position wherein you lay on the bench press with your shoulders are only supported. Then, place your feet on the floor. Make sure your head and neck are at the edge over the bench. Your hips and shoulder should not be aligned so position your hips in lower angle than your shoulders. If you have done this, you will need to get hold to your dumbbells with your hands crossing in a diamond shape. Your palms should be facing the ceiling, then move the dumbbells over your chest with your elbows bent 10-15 degrees. Hold and slowly lower the dumbbells backward over your head. Make sure your arms are in line with your upper body and parallel to the floor. The movement of your dumbbells should be in an arc-like motion.

While doing the incline dumbbell pullover, make sure you squeeze your chest. Repeat the exercise’s recommended sets and repetitions.

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press

With flat bench dumbbell press, you will need to lie on a flat bench with dumbbells in each hand. While holding the dumbbells, make sure your palms are facing forward. Then you can bend your elbows slowly upwards until your upper arms are parallel to the ground. Make your arms in the straight position while pushing the weights outwards in an arc shape. Lower the dumbbells slowly. You should feel a stretch in your chest, muscles and shoulders. Do the recommended repetitions and sets.

Machine Decline Press

Machine Decline Press

Other than dumbbells and barbells, you can use the machine decline press to enhance the muscle functions of your lower pecs. It offers more stability for beginners.

For bodybuilding chest workout, you can use the machine decline press. First, you have to make adjustments on the seat of the machine. The handles should be aligned with the lower portion of your chest. Your back should be rested on the pad of the machine. To feel some stretch in your chest muscles, press the handles to move your hands to extend fully. Just make sure your elbows are not locked. Hold this position for a while, then return to your original position. You can perform this exercise to your capacity.

Incline Cable Fly

You can also have the incline cable fly for a bodybuilding chest workout. In this exercise, your starting position is the same as the previous workouts for your chest. You get to set the pulleys at the lowest level of the machine before you lay down your back on the pad. Make sure your pad is set at 45 degrees in between the pulleys, and the weights should be just right to your capacity to hold. While lying, hold each handle to your sides and pull it over in front of your face with your hands together. Then make a slight bend of your elbows and lower your arms at both sides in a wide arc until you feel some pressure to your chest. Return your arms back to the starting position. Complete the recommended repetitions for this exercise. Make sure to maintain the motion and weights as you continue.

Peck Deck Machine

Peck Deck Machine

If you want a more intense bodybuilding chest workout, you can try using the peck deck machine. It is a weight machine, which you can sit and have two levers behind the seat. The bars can be pulled toward each other. Another device that you can try is the peck deck machine.

You will need to sit on the platform and make a rest to the pad. Place your forearms against the deck levers and hold the handles. Then, pull your arms carefully toward each other. If you feel the pressure to your chest, release the handles. Do the recommended repetitions to build more muscles in your chest.

Dips for Chest

Dips for Chest

For a simple bodybuilding workout for the chest, you can use the dips for the more effective building of chest muscles. Also, it can jump-start the muscles in your chest before a more intensive workout. Also, you can improve your balance and control over your body weight. On the other hand, if you want your chest to broaden, you should start using dips. One of the disadvantages of using dips is to develop your chest to be more extensive.

So if you want to use dips, hold each side of the dips and lean forward. You need to place your elbows a little bit wider than your shoulder. Then move your knees forward while contracting your abs to maintain the position. After holding your position for a while, make sure that your head is aligned with your spine as you go down the dips. To increase bodybuilding chest workout using dips, you can load some weight to your back. You can also slow down in doing repetitions for this exercise.

Thoughts to Ponder:

Doing the bodybuilding chest workout have the modifications as long as you seek advice from your trainer. While doing each exercise, you need to have proper breathing. Breathing is essential as proper pacing in your workout. You need to follow the recommended sets and repetitions to each exercise.

When doing exercises, either at home or your local fitness centers, you should always be in proper workout attire. The perfect attire when doing your workouts will be the following: sports shoes, preferably those cross-training ones, dry-fit or sweatshirts and gym shorts for men.

Yoga pants or cotton leggings, gym shorts, cross-training shoes, sports bra and comfortable shirts can be wearing of women. Also, make sure you wear socks, carry a face towel, and bring hair ties or bandanas to the gym. Further, never wear jewelry and accessories that may harm you when you do your workouts.

Always remember that you’re not there to do a fashion show but do your routine workout to get a well-defined, sleek and fit body.

Another thing your workout plans depending on your capability and health status is before getting into a workout program. You will need to prepare yourself. Getting the body shape you want cannot be achieved in a single workout or one-day exercise. You will need a routine or workout plan to have an excellent form of your muscles.

Furthermore, you can maintain the excellent body shape you desire by eating the right food and doing the same routine exercise. Making yourself fit both mentally and physically can make a difference in your life.

To wrap up, bodybuilding chest workout with proper skills and equipment can help you achieve your goals to have perfect and well-toned muscles.

How to apply Bronzer: Simple Way to Achieve the Perfect Glow Effect


How to apply bronzer correctly is what makes the contouring look perfectly. Bronzer adds some effect of sun-kissed glow in your darken areas. It enhances your makeup color to look more radiant. But what it really takes to enjoy the full impact of bronzing is doing it with contouring.

How to apply bronzer should be learned by many to put some shadow after contouring. Bronzing is the technique to create a natural warm look in your face. You can have a slimmer face that will emphasize your cheekbones and your jawline to be chiseled.

That is why bronzing is essential in our makeup. As you read along, you can define the difference of bronzing with contouring. You can have the techniques and the right bronzer for your skin tone. You do not need to worry about the skin type if you are bronzing. Other skin care products before the application of bronzer have covered your skin type.

Choosing the Right Bronzer

Each beauty product has different types that will complement your skin type and skin tone. Various kinds of bronzer define your contour makeup.

For instance, you can have a matte bronzers to give more depth to your face. You can use this bronzer as a way to contour your cheekbones, jawline and forehead.

The shimmer bronzer is used by stylists to give faces a subtle, luminous and glowing effect. This bronzer can give you a natural glow whenever the sunlight hit your face. Unlike matte bronzer, you cannot use this for contour. Also, you should avoid shimmer bronzer if you have blemishes and bumps in your facial skin. The shimmer effect will bring more focus to your flaws.

With the sheer bronzer, this can give you a natural glow effect. You don’t need to apply too much sheer bronzer. Just the perfect amount will provide you with a noticeable look.

Bronzed your skin tone perfectly

Choosing the perfect bronzer for your skin tone is essential. One wrong shade can ruin everything, from your primer to contour. So, here is your ideal guide to bronze your skin tone.

Make sure to follow the first rule of all beauty products. That is, choose a bronzer with one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Applying too much bronzer or any product will give your makeup an unnatural or exaggerating look.

Natural Skin Tone

What bronzer is shade perfect for your natural skin tone? Natural skin tone, also categorized as medium or olive skin tone, should be one to two shades darker than your skin color. Like other beauty products, bronzer shades should complement your skin tone to achieve the natural warmth of the skin.

Therefore, when you have natural skin, you should have a matte bronzer. It will enhance more the natural warmth of your skin. You can add highlighter for a shimmer effect.

Dark Skin Tone

Shimmer bronzer or the glowy one can lift the dark skin tone. The bronzer that complements dark complexion is the sheer shades. Just make sure to avoid using a matte bronzer to keep away your dark skin tone to look too hollow and dull.

For dark skin tone, achieving the sun-kissed skin is hard to achieve. But, it can be achieved by learning some makeup techniques. One way to make a perfect bronzer for your dark skin tone is by mixing a liquid bronzer to your foundation. By doing this, it can create a natural radiance.

Fair-to-Light Skin Tone

Natural radiance is essential for wearing our makeup. So, light skin tone should have a color palette for light and dark shades bronzer. Having many shades for bronzer will give you more than one option for bronze blending.

Other choices come from illuminating bronzer or powder with a bright finish. Using either of these two can make a subtle finish for a natural look. Just make sure you avoid the shades of reds or browns. It will make you look orangey.

For your skin undertones

Other things you need to consider before applying bronzer is the undertones of your skin. Like with your skin tone, your bronzer should complement with your undertones.

For instance, you will need to use golden brown bronzers if you have warm undertones. Go with neutral shades and avoid red-toned bronzers to work well with cool undertones. For yellow undertones, you will need to have a peach or pink bronzers.

How to apply bronzer: Gels, Creams, Powders, Liquids, and Spray

Different shades of bronzer come in many forms. You can have gels, creams, powders, liquids, and spray. If you have not realized yet, some bronzer can be used for your body and not just on the face alone.

For your perfect bronzer, here are the types of bronzers that you can choose. Make sure that it will complement your skin tone.

Cream-Based Powder

This bronzer works well with dry skin because of the softness and natural blend of the cream. With this, you can apply this bronzer without using a brush. The perfect parts of your face that you can apply your bronzer are the high points of your face.

Powder Bronzers

Among the bronzers, this is the most versatile and user-friendly. However, you can only use this bronzer on your face. Others would already notice that powder bronzers can give more confidence than creams. Powder bronzers have different finish when applied.

Spray Bronzers

Unlike powder and cream, spray bronzers have less consistency when applied. Highlighting is not the forte of spray bronzers. But you can find some spray bronzers that you can use on your face or add with your moisturizer.

Liquid Bronzer

If you are not comfortable in using your cream bronzers, you can have the liquid type. The liquid bronzer comes with a thinner texture than cream. So, you need bronzer brush to blend it seamlessly. You can have liquid bronzer if you have dry skin. It will make your application more comfortable than any bronzers.

Gel Bronzers

For other beauty experts, being an expert in using bronzers can result in a more stunning effect. You can have gel bronzers for an extraordinary impact. If you want to have a more sun-kissed glowy effect, you can mix the gel bronzers to your sunscreen. It will give you a natural looking finish as well.

Make Use of the Right Bronzer Brushes

Of course, you need brushes in applying your bronzer. Given that there are several types of bronzer, you will need different brushes as an applicator of each type. Make sure that you always use a clean brush when applying bronzer. Here are the different brushes that you need to learn and use an applicator.

Synthetic Brush

The bristles of the synthetic brush can only hold a few products. So, this brush can work well with cream bronzers.

Natural Brush

On the contrary, natural brushes will not be useful with cream bronzers. Its bristles can hold much product, which is suitable for powder bronzers.

Round-head Brush

For the quick application of matter or sheer bronzer, you will need this brush. Though this will have extensive coverage, you can have a smooth finish and even distribution.

Fan Brush

Fan brush has an only limited amount of products that it can hold. Since you will only need to apply a small amount of shimmery bronzer, you will depend on this brush. At the same time, the fan brush is lighter than any brush.

How to Apply Bronzer: Step by Step

Application of bronzer is different from contouring. Like what we have mentioned earlier, contouring gives shadows to specific areas in our face. While for bronzer, it gives your makeup the warm effect. So, here is your guide in applying bronzer.

    1. Hold the brush that perfectly matches with your bronzer. Make a gentle brush to your cheeks first. Put a smile on your face to know the tip of your cheeks.
    2. Make a sweeping motion to your temples and forehead for a more blended natural look.
    3. Do some bronzing to the center of your nose. You need to have more bronzing on this part because it has too much exposure from sunlight.

Spread it Right with Ideal Blending Brush

After you put your bronzer, make sure you blend it evenly. It is the final touch for your bronzer. So, you need to choose the right blending brush to make sure that your bronzer will come out naturally.

Kabuki Brush

Choose a kabuki brush with short and thick bristles to work well in bronze blending.

Duo-fiber Brush

This brush can blend both cream and powder products. The lighter tips of the bristles make the blending less messy.

Quick tips in Applying Bronzer

Getting a hold of your bronzer and brush, you will need to keep in mind the following tips and reminders.

  1. Use gradual amounts of bronzer if you are using a liquid or cream formula. Do the swirl, tap and apply routine to your bronzer brush.
  2. Bronzing comes after contouring. Therefore, make sure that you have done the right contouring. Too much contouring can make your appearance unnatural. So, use the bronzer to neutralize the contour.
  3. Shimmery bronze can last only for a few hours. If you want to add a little shimmer to your makeup, make sure you will not get too sweaty. Otherwise, shimmer bronze will wash away.
  4. Make time in applying your bronzer and other makeup. But the amount for you to use should be enough. You can always add more after a while or if your makeup washes off.
  5. Use the right shade and avoid too dark bronze makeup. Darker or lighter shades of bronzer can make your complexion too dull or dingy. If you want to achieve the sun-kissed effect, apply the right amount.
  6. Learn and choose only the part of your face where you need to apply bronzer. Full coverage is not suitable for bronzer.
  7. Make use of the right blending and brush applicator in every type of bronzer. When you have the right brushes, it will give you the result of the perfect glow.
  8. You can have that glow and sun-kissed effect by using the right bronzer. Not all that glitters are gold, so make sure that you will be using the type of bronzer that complement your skin tone and undertones.

Brief reminder:

Indeed, using bronzer can make you look prettier, but it can also harm your skin. Bronzer beauty products can have compounds that may harm your skin if you have sensitive skin. So, make sure to use products with natural and organic makeup. In this way, you can still protect your skin from harmful compounds. You can also opt for hypoallergenic compounds to keep your skin healthy. Indeed, it will be challenging to use the right beauty products, but the most important is to have a consultation with your dermatologist for some medical advice. Making your skin healthy can give you a more glamorous look.

Easy Eyes Makeup Transformation for More Natural Glamorous Look


Easy eyes makeup creates a significant transformation in our personality. You can imagine doing a makeover in any means you want. As the saying goes that our eyes are the windows to our soul, does our eye makeup reveals our inner beauty? So, let us take a quick look into the world of eye makeup ideas!

Easy eyes makeup can be quite effective if we know how to do it by ourselves. The knowledge on how to do your own makeup gives you the freedom to express yourself. You can have your own sense of fashion without ruining the rules and tips in doing stylish makeups.

There are several types and kinds of cosmetic products in the market. The beauty tips on how to do easy eyes makeup can be seen online and in various women’s magazines. But before jumping into the makeup zone, you need to check first if you have allergic reactions to cosmetic products.

There are beauty products with harmful ingredients and toxic chemicals. These properties can affect your natural eye looking makeup over time. According to the Food and Drug Administration, there are ingredients in beauty products that need to be avoided. These compounds are parabens (methyl, propyl, ethyl, butyl), butylated hydroxyanisole, talc, dimethicone or polymethylsiloxane, and Kohl or the color additive.

You may also consider your skin type and weather conditions. There are cosmetic products that work well depending on the climate temperatures. Just to be safe, you can have natural and hypoallergenic beauty products.

You need goals in doing makeup

You can achieve the easy eyes makeup ideas if you have the advantage of the latest beauty products and tools being sold in the market. Together with the techniques and skills in doing makeup, you will get the beautiful results you desire. Just keep in mind your goals in doing makeup.

Applying makeup brings out your best features. You enhance your appearance to be noticeable in an excellent way. It gives you a radiant look that will make you feel confident and have self-esteem. But the most challenging in putting on some makeup is to transform your imperfections to natural beauty. A compelling makeup application will do you no good if the style doesn’t match your facial features. In this case, you need to understand the importance of staying power, making the right coverage, and accurate colors with smooth textures. These are the essence of makeup application. And it is not just about painting the perfect beauty. Real beauty comes glamorous naturally in all angles, with the right makeup.

What is the ideal makeup to flaunt inner beauty?

There are two types of makeup from which you can choose to achieve real beauty. You can try either organic or mineral makeup, or even have them both. For the record, these two sets of makeup have different ingredients.

If you are thinking of the organic makeup, you should know at least a few things about it. From the name organic, it comes from plant-based materials and derived from natural ingredients. Meaning, the preparation of organic makeup does not involve mineral oils, artificial dyes, different types of parabens, and harmful insect repellant.

If you’re opting for mineral makeup, the ingredients on this one come from natural minerals of the earth. Yes, you read it right! The procedures in making mineral makeup involve turning actual minerals into powdered form. Afterwards, it’s formulated solely in the natural process, without using chemicals like synthetic oil, waxes, and preservatives.

Organic or mineral makeup, how does it work?

Organic and mineral makeup has different components; therefore, their effect as beauty products are different. The commonality that they have is they both work beautifully in sensitive skin and provide a natural coverage for your flaws. Also, there is organic and mineral makeup that stays on your skin for about 10 hours maximum.

If you’re still looking for a great deal with organic makeup, then you’re reading it now. Organic makeup is toxic free, which comes with some skin health benefits. It contains vitamins, essential oils, and minerals that’ll perfectly protect your skin over time. You should also watch for the labels of USDA or Ecocert on the beauty products before trying to use it.

On the other hand, mineral makeup cannot promise you the extended effect of skin health benefits. But it can offer you promising selections of colors. The most famous range of mineral makeup is the natural hue. The natural mineral makeup brings out the mild sun-kissed filters. Given this, it is still used among celebrities worldwide including Hollywood celebrity stars. The effects can be seen in a long-lasting brilliant and bright natural sun color.

One of the false claims about mineral makeup is about its treatment to acne. That is because of the presence of the mineral Zinc in the makeup. This mineral is believed by many to treat acne, but actually, the only effect it can do against acne is to reduce the swelling. Acne and other skin diseases can be cured with the proper skin care products, not mineral makeup.

SPF is another advantage of some mineral makeup as compared to organic makeup. However, you still need to put on your favorite moisturizer or sunscreen before exposing yourself under the sun. Then you can add mineral makeup with SPF for more protection.

Easy eyes makeup tips for newbie

That being said you are now ready to choose and do your own makeup. If you are doing your makeup as one of your first tries, that is not a problem. You need to practice and know the right techniques for the specific composition. Most famous makeup stylists took years to understand and practice the tricks on how to put on the best eye makeup for almost every type of face and skin.

You will need to learn the proper blending of colors with your skin tone. Making it less compelling can show off the natural beauty inside you. One of the secrets to attain the look you’ve always wanted, you should know how to use the proper brushes for application and blending. Here’s a makeup step by step for beginners to learn those quick and easy eyes makeup:

More impressive tips eyeshadow

What else can make your eyes makeup look more impressive? If you can master these makeup tips, you can always make your eyes more attractive and expressive. Here are some tips by makeup artists to create that natural looking eye shadow with sophistication and elegance.

  1. Gilded smokey effect – If you’ve already applied some eyeliner, you’ll need makeup with gold dust. Then, use a slightly wet smudge brush to overlay your eyeliner with gold dust. There you have it, your very own eye makeup smokey look. It may be an effective eye makeup for brown eyes.
  2. Foiled effect – Put any shade in the center area of your eyelids. Afterwards, use an eyeshadow brush to spread the shades until you’re satisfied with the foiled effect in your eyes.
  3. Golden brows of a catwalk model – If you need to have a break from the subtle effect of your makeup, choose the stronger look. Take it from the ramp models with golden eyebrows. Put a pure shade of brown and some mascara to your eyebrows and apply some golden dust using a detailed brush. Now you can have that astonishing golden eyebrows.
  4. Dramatic gold eye – This look can be more dashing and noticeable when this style of eye makeup is applied to blue eyes. Use a primer that can hold the gold dust for a long time around your eyes. It can be more striking if you add some mascara on your lashes.
  5. Retro-chic effect – You can achieve this effect by using champagne or brown silk on your eyelid. Then layer it with some bronze dust on top. The final touch comes with a winged line at the upper lash with some black eyeliner and mascara. This style is the eye makeup for green eyes, to make them shine.

Easy eyes makeup with glitter for a more exciting look

Another look that you can try is eye makeup with glitter. This look can be used if you want to get everyone’s attention to look in your eyes. Applying glitters in your eyes should be a combination of chic and colorful look. If you’re going to keep it natural, you could choose eyeliner with black glitters. But if you want to be dynamic with your easy eyes makeup with glitter, you could choose any colors that will bring some sophistication in you. Wearing glitter makeup always needs to complement with the right dress and occasions.

Extreme makeup is considered complex in fashion. But with the right jewelry and accessory selections, you can pull this one through with your natural eye makeup looks. Another thing, when it is time, you have to apply an eye makeup remover to your glittery makeup carefully. And you need to use some cotton pads and oil to remove the glitters in a sideways direction.

Defining the eyeliner for easy eyes makeup

If you have skin sensitivity, you need to avoid those makeup with glitter contents. Go for the natural looking eyeliner. You can use pencil, liquid or cream/gel eyeliners. They have the same components as those with film formers, pigments, and thickeners.

The most crucial ingredient is thickeners. It has stabilizer compounds that make the eyeliner stick to your lids. The easiest to apply as eyeliner is a pencil. Pencil eyeliner does not make a précised application to your lids. But the result is natural and can be transformed into a smokey eye effect. Gel and liquid eyeliners have almost the same impact on applications. It can be used to create thin and thicker line effects.

The application of eyeliners should be made before putting your eyeshadow and mascara. Before applying eyeliners, you need to put a primer or concealer. After using the eyeliners, you need to wait for 30 seconds to have enough time in stabilizing your eyeliners. Afterwards, you can finish it off with a little polishing of the eyeliners.

Eyes transformation with eyeliner

Eyeliner can magically enhance your eye shape. You can use both soft and sharp lines of eyeliners. In using both lines for eyeliners, you can experiment on different effects.

For example, you can try the upside down cat eye. It is a unique fashion statement for noticeable eyeliners. Another effect is the ombre eyeliner. To achieve this effect, you start by marking the ¾ of your upper eyelashes line. You can use a light shade eyeliner. Afterwards, you can put a darker shade of eyeliner starting from the outer to the middle part of the eye. To blend the shades, you can use an eyeshadow brush in the central part darker shade ended.

Others are not used to applying liquid eyeliner. They feel uncomfortable and awkward in their eyes. Therefore, instead of using a liquid eyeliner alone, you need to apply a tightlining eyeliner. Tightlining eyeliner is a technique that can soften the contrast between your upper and lower eyelids. To minimize the visible space between your eyelids and eyeliner lines, you can easily use this technique. You can also apply single tightlining eyeliner for a more natural look.

For smaller eye shape, you can make it bigger by using white eyeliner. Just line your bottom eyelashes with white eyeliner. It will emphasize your eyes. You can also use your eyeshadow as an eyeliner. Grab a thin liner brush and use your eyeshadow to make a line similar to eyeliner. The effect is softer than that of eyeliner.

Easy eyes makeup life hacks for eyeliner

If you’re struggling to apply eyeliner, follow these simple eyeliner tips from expert stylists. You won’t imagine a more natural way when putting an eyeliner after these techniques.

The first thing you need to do is make dashes in your upper eyelash line. Then, join these dashes with small strokes and finish it off with a solid line in a single stroke. For more sharp edges, you can use a liquid eyeliner to form a solid line.

If you’re using a gel eyeliner, it can be messier especially when you’re in a hurry. You can always use a concealer to take away those smudges around your eyes. For a perfect winged eyeliner look, you just need a card with a flat and curved edge. It can be used to mark a line with your liquid eyeliner. With this, you’ll no longer struggle in making a winged eyeliner effect.

Just hold on to your small brush with angular tips. You can use this to apply the melted kohl liner. Also, you can use mascara as a replacement for your eyeliner, but you need to use a thin makeup brush though. Then,  filch it over with a mascara wand. Finally, apply it as a regular eyeliner. It is best used mostly during travelling.

To achieve the beauty of eyeliner, you need to take care of your eyeliner and brushes. You can rub alcohol to the tip of your pencil eyeliners with the sharpener as well. This also for hygiene purposes. Having said that your eyes could be easily infected if you’ve become too friendly in lending your sets of makeup. Since you care about the makeup you’re using, you might also want to check the labels of your eyeliner. Select toxin-free eyeliners to avoid chemicals that can affect your eyes.

Natural eyeshadow looks to blend well in any occasion

But if you are not into the darker shade of eyeshadows, you can always try those with natural looks. Skin-toned or lighter shade eyeshadows are easy to blend; these shades are more accessible for those who have limited time in doing makeup.

Natural makeup colors can provide you with a subtle but glamorous look. There are sets of makeup that you can apply as wet or dry. These types of makeup do not fade or morph easily. It also does not leave creases in your eyes.

A better choice of makeup can stay longer for about 18 hours. Eyeshadows that can last this long have creamy gel textures. It dries quickly after application but maintains the smoothness of the makeup.

Other eyeshadows have fantastic shades in natural color. Some eyeshadow makeup does not need a primer, but it still does not flake all over your skin.

Professionals can use the subtle and natural color of eyeshadow easily. They are the ones who have limited time in preparing a corporate look. Also, easy eyes makeup considers the natural shades to complement in any occasions effortlessly. Before applying your eyeshadow, make sure that you are done with your mascara.

If you are just starting to adore the wonders of an eyeshadow makeup, you need to consider all the eye shadow tips.

Eye makeup tip no.1 – Begin application with an eye primer.

Before putting anything in around your eyes, make sure you apply first a primer. The smooth surface around your eyes will give balance to the eye makeup. After the primer dries up, you can put on an eyeshadow base to have your eye makeup stay longer. Other alternatives for eyeshadow base are concealer, foundation, or BB cream.

Eye makeup tip no. 2 – Choose the right eyeshadow palette for each occasion.

If you are settled with your eye primer, you should have four shades of color for your easy eyes makeup. The four shades will give you a decent natural look every day.

First, you can have a shade lighter than your skin if you feel like having a dull day. Another shade you can have is a matte mid-tone shade. It can help you put a little trick in your easy eyes makeup. Then you can keep some shades twice or thrice darker to contour your skin. Contouring is an artist’s technique to create more dramatic angles in your makeup. Lastly, you can have a matte black shade eye makeup for a more compelling and stronger look for the day.

However, the shades for your eyeshadow should complement your characteristic. It is better than the eye makeup color you are wearing mirrors your inner beauty.

Eye makeup tip no. 3 – The different kind of brushes for easy eyes makeup are fundamentals. 

You need four makeup brushes as starters. To make your own style perfectly, you need to practice on using and holding the brushes. Knowing the strokes in applying makeup, you can be sure that you can do it on your own correctly in no time.

First, you need to have a small flat eyeshadow brush. You will need to use it for makeup application. Then, the small and medium brushes can be used for blending the eyeshadow makeup. The last one is the smudger. Since you are a natural eyes makeup beginner, you can opt to have the last one.

However, in the future, when you’ve become more familiar in doing your own make up, you will need all the proper brushes. Like other artists, makeup application is like a painting. So, here are the eight brushes you really need to have a total makeover. You will need a brush for foundation application. The concealing brush is the key to make sure that blemishes and acne marks can put out of sight. Fluffy powder and blush brushes are used to apply makeup in your face evenly. But a neat trick for the fluffy brush is you can make it into a flat-angled brush by holding the bristles and flattening them. Also, you will have to use small blending and flat eyeshadow brushes in doing the trick for your easy eyes makeup. The precision angle and lip brushes will come in handy if you are finishing with your look.

The power of brushes relies on how you will hold them. You need to place your fingers on the center of the brush handle to apply your makeup evenly. Avoid holding near the section of the brush head unless you will put pressure on the brush and to your makeup eventually.

Eye makeup tip no. 4 – You need to learn the perfect strokes of each brush.

Now, it is time to learn how to use brushes. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Then let us start.

Hold your flat brush and glide it from the lightest shade. Start the application from the inner corner of the eyes. From this point, you can blend the shade outwards. Make sure that you mix the eyeshadow makeup evenly.

For mid-tone shade, you can start blending above your crease, from the outer corner inwards. The stroke should start from your nose tip going up to the edge of the eyes. Make sure that everything below the line should be clear. Otherwise, you are overdoing your eyeshadow makeup.

Eye makeup tip no. 5 – You emphasize your eyes.

Always remember that your eyes are the first thing in you to be recognized. They say that they are windows to your soul and that I agreed on. Therefore, making your eyes distinct to others is another trick.

To make your eyes dynamic, you need to use now the contour shade. As a beginner, you need to apply from the outer corner carefully. The blending of the contour shade should flow continuously into the crease on the outer half of the eye. Avoid reaching the contour blend above the crease for mid-tone shade.

After applying the contour, the mid-tone shade will follow. The mid-tone tint should be used at the bottom part of the eye. Actually, you can mix the mid-tone and contour shade before applying at the bottom of the lash line. You can blend it from the outer corner of your eyes until to the point of highlighter. Then add the matte black eyeshadow. You apply it between the outer edge of your eyes and adjacent to the bottom lash line. The effect of the matte black eyeshadow makes your eyes more impressive.

Getting our eyelashes chic with mascara

What makes our eyes more expressive than impressive is our choice of mascara. Mascara makeup creates our eyelashes stylish. We can have either a water-and-oil based mascara or an oil-based mascara with no water content.

Mascara with no water content is usually the choice of many people. They opt to use this mascara for being waterproof. It only creates few smudges upon application. The only downside of this mascara, it’s hard to remove.

However, you do not need to experiment on your mascara to find out what fits you. If you have short and fine eyelashes, you can have washable mascara. When you spend most of your time doing outdoor activities, waterproof mascara is what you need to apply with your eyelashes. Your mascara should go in the shade of black-brown to keep a natural makeup looks. But if you want to stick with the ultra-black eyelashes, you can choose the shades of mystic black.

Your mascara tips – Do’s and Dont’s

Before applying mascara, you need to prepare your eyelashes and consider what to avoid before and after doing your mascara. There are some misconceptions on applying mascara. That is what we try to avoid to enjoy the makeup transformation fully in our life.

Before putting anything on your eyelashes, make it a point that you put a primer first. A primer will make your mascara stay longer and more striking. After placing a primer, it’s time you curl your eyelashes.

Achieve proper curling by squeezing down your eyelashes with longer crimp instead of a curl. You must avoid clamping it close to the base of your eyelashes. If you have enough preparation for your eyelashes, make sure that you wipe the brand new mascara wand before the initial application. In this way, you can assess the texture and form of the brush.

When applying your mascara, make sure that you always use a mirror for best results. For smudges around your eyes, you can clean it up by dipping a cotton pad in water or any face-friendly solutions as a cleanser. Remove smudges if it’s already dry. Avoid removing it while wet to prevent more stains.

Mascara and other makeup have expirations, and that is something that we need to be reminded about. After a while, you should always try something new. Everyone has a favorite makeup but trying something new can still be fun and exciting.

Eyebrows tips for better easy eyes makeup

Beauty tricks can also be fun when we compare the before and after. These tricks should touch our eyebrows and define our facial frame and features. The most common cosmetic product that we can use is an eyebrow pencil and gel.

An eyebrow pencil can sometimes be associated with those writing pencil. But it is undoubtedly just the outside appearance. It has a lot of difference in terms of the lead inside it. As the perfect tool for shaping up to our eyebrows, it is the easiest way to learn proper makeup application. You can get what you desire with the right shape, shades, and style similar to ramp models. So there is no need to be afraid of trying what will be the outcome of doing your eyebrow.

On the other hand, an eyebrow gel is perfect for those with natural heavy eyebrows. While using it, the gel can control longer eyebrows. It comes with a transparent and colored gel packaged like mascara. The eyebrow gel also has a wand for easy use.

How to make perfect eyebrows without trying hard

To make your eyebrows like a professional makeup artist, below are their best-kept secrets of creating the perfect brow. You can follow these and start practicing to have a salon-styled eyebrow makeup.

Choose the eyebrow pencil that complements your natural roots. The color and texture of your eyebrow are essential when you choose the appropriate eyebrow pencil.

There are but a few who have perfect eyebrows. Some may have eyebrows that are fully grown, but there are also those with gaps in their brows. To know if you have gaps, make it a habit to brush your eyebrows upwards using a spoolie. In this way, you can monitor if your eyebrows have gaps.

If you have seen some gaps, you can fill it with an eyebrows pencil. Make sure that your strokes are of the same length as your eyebrows. Blend the shades using your eyebrow pencil. Avoid making it thicker than the natural texture of your eyebrows.

Some eyebrows are short, that seems to have no tail end. You can make your eyebrows longer by adding a tail at the end of it. This will give you a more appealing look and confidence. And if you have a uni-brow, try using an eyebrow concealer to separate those brows.

Beauty hacks for eyebrows pencil

It will be fascinating if we can have the tricks of doing eyebrows using cosmetic pencil products. First, you need to watch out for the right shade that you will use.

As mentioned before, the shades of makeup can reveal your personality. The ideal color should be two shades lighter than your eyebrows. It is significantly easy to blend with your natural hair color. It’s like clouding your overall facial frame. The lighter shade, on the other hand, does the opposite effects compare to dark shades. Given this, you should know what to choose.

Another thing to remember when making perfect eyebrows, make sure that you do lighter strokes. There is no need for those heavy strokes since we need to blend and fill the gaps in your eyebrows. Also, multiple strokes of lighter shades can result in darker shades over time.

If you still opt not to use an eyebrow pencil, you can brush your eyebrows in upward motions. In this way, you can achieve a natural looking brows without using a pencil or eyebrow gel.

Beauty products need to be kept in a cool, dry place

All the beauty products have expiration dates and suggested storage temperature. You should keep the gels and other cosmetic products away from the heat of the sun. And even though they are not directly under the sun, the storage should always be similar to the refrigerator.

Getting these products exposed to heat and humidity might loosen up the beauty benefits. It would not be as effective as it claims to be.

The eye cream or gel is used to prevent puffy eyes; it reduces swelling under the eyes. Experts say that eye creams and gels should be placed inside the refrigerator. The coldness of the cream will calm the blood vessels under the eyes. It is more effective than storing beauty products under room temperature.

Moreover, lipstick can lasts longer if you are going to store it in your refrigerator. The temperature will keep the chemicals in the lipstick to be still and avoid break down. The decomposition will be delayed, and the temperature will increase the shelf life of the lipstick. Meaning, if you have many shades for different occasions, you can store everything in your refrigerator. However, check each of your lipstick from time to time to avoid expiration.

Since liquid makeup became trending in the fashion industry, the storage seems to question because room temperature cannot preserve the effectiveness of the products. For example, mascara, liquid eyeliner, eyebrow gel, among others, are need to be stored in a cool, dry place. If the room temperature is warmer as well as the inside of your hairdresser’s cabinet, the refrigerator will be your best alternative. You can rely on the temperature of the refrigerator to make your liquid makeup lasts longer after opening.

Our insights

Easy eyes makeup and other beauty products have expiration from the time of your initial use. Make sure that you take note of this in your calendar to monitor your cosmetics. The efficacy is significant to enjoy the fascinating transformation of your inner beauty fully.

Proper storage in a cool place might help extend the shelf life of your cosmetics, but it does not mean that you can use it for more than 6 months or 1 year, passed the expiration date.

Another is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is good for rehydrating your face and body. You can experience the full effect of Aloe Vera if you have burns and itching. Make sure that you stored the aloe in a cool, dry place to maintain its soothing and calm effect. The refrigerator is still best for aloes. Then you have the sunscreen. Sunscreen should be stored in a cool, dry place to maintain the effectiveness of SPF. Cream or spray sunscreen should be noted that if exposed some time after opening, there is a tendency that you should not use it. If you are going to use it, you might need to store it properly.

Other beauty products that can be stored in your refrigerator is the anti-itch cream. Storing inside the fridge is better because of the cooling sensation. There are components in the anti-itch cream that when exposed to low temperature, it will ward off the itching feeling. Therefore, you feel more relax than anti-itch cream under room temperature.

Easy eyes makeup can transform your beauty to be more alluring. You can use either natural mineral or organic makeup. But if you have an allergy reaction, you should consult your dermatologist before doing some makeup.

Best 5 Guaranteed Quinoa Health Benefits


Quinoa health benefits have the five guaranteed nutrition that your body needs. If you are looking for an alternative to carbohydrates and protein, you need to try quinoa. Quinoa carbs are gluten-free with high fiber.

Quinoa health benefits are the same as a whole grain food. However, it does not belong to grass or even related to wheat or rice. It has more relation to the spinach.

The first use of wild quinoa comes from the leaves and seeds. After the development and commercialization, quinoa increases the size of stem and seeds with additional levels of color.


Quinoa origin has a long way history in 3,000 to 5,000 years BCE. The first discovery of quinoa recorded in the side of Lake Titicaca in Peru. Because of being an Andean plant, pre-Columbian civilizations found it. They have cultivated and used by the former.

But later on, Spanish cereals replaced quinoa. Other than in Peru, you can find quinoa in Chile. When the Spanish arrived in Peru, the research and development of quinoa began. From then on, the distribution reached outside Inca territory.

According to historical data, Pedro de Valdivia is the first Spaniards to cultivate quinoa and labeled it as food. Other native Indians at that time began to sow quinoa as a source of their food.


The ecological zones that can adapt quinoa plantation have come up with five groups. These five groups are the classification of quinoa-based on their adaptability.

Dry and Humid Valley Quinoas

Also known as Junín or dry valley, the quinoas grow here with irrigation support. In Cajamarca or humid valley, the water source of quinoa comes from rain. Therefore, it grows up to three meters, higher than the Junín quinoas.

A produce variety in Peru, Nariño, is a type of quinoa with many branches, green leaves, and the grains come in white color and taste sweet.

Altiplano Quinoas

Altiplano quinoas include varieties in low precipitation and average temperatures. Some examples of this variety known as Kcancolla, Blanca de Juli, and Tahuaco. These varieties grow around the lake areas.

There also other types of quinoa that can adapt to high elevation areas. You can have Cheweca, Ccoitu, Witulla, Chullpi, and Wariponcho, which you can cultivate in the mountainous with cold temperatures.

Saltflat Quinoas

The saltflat quinoas need to grow with a unique cultivation process. You need to let the farm soil unused from any growing of crops. Eight years after the last harvesting will be the ideal length of the land to be untouched. This method will allow the ground to have enough moisture content as Salflat quinoas need enough moisture to be absorbed. Likewise, it can restore soil fertility to increase the volume of quinoa produce.

Sea Level Quinoas

Sea level quinoas are a variety which can adapt to more humid conditions and reasonable temperatures. You can find it near seas areas. This location has higher humidity and temperature, making it suitable for sea level quinoas.

Subtropics Quinoas

Subtropics quinoas can sustain high temperature and heat. This variety can adopt various climate conditions; you can identify matured subtropics quinoas if the stem turned into color orange. Therefore, you can plant it as long as you know the area conditions.


The quinoa health benefits come from its seeds. You need to process it before eating. It has protein, dietary fiber, vitamins B and other minerals. Also, it can be a source of healthy carbohydrates as quinoa is gluten-free.

Quinoa nutrition value focuses on the high concentration of protein. It makes the quinoa a lifetime food for people who love to take long journeys. In eating quinoa, 100 grams serving can provide 120 kcal.

Because of the characteristics of quinoa, it is one of the best weight loss foods in our diet program. Moreover, you can get the best five guaranteed quinoa health benefits from daily consumption.

Good for Anti-inflammatory

Quinoa contains nutrients good for anti-inflammation as well as antioxidants. It comes with a massive number of antioxidants.

Quinoa antioxidants properties are responsible for slowing down inflammation. It can also prevent the occurrence of viral diseases, depression, and anxiety. Further, it can neutralize cancer cells. The anti-inflammatory properties can also make you feel and look younger than your age.

How can we attain one of the best health benefits of quinoa? If we include quinoa in our daily meals, we can get the most health benefits of it. We can have positive results of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components.

Regulates Blood Sugar

You can consider quinoa as one of the carbohydrates food sources. However, quinoas’ carbohydrates do not contain a higher glycemic index. It is a naturally gluten-free carb.

What is gluten? Gluten means glue. It is a group of protein with other nutrients stored in the endosperm of cereals grains. Foods based on artificial gluten-free diet is harmful. It causes serious health problems; It can make your blood sugar level high.

Also, it has the same effect as carbohydrates that are not gluten-free. It will result from increasing your body weight. Elevation of blood sugar can attribute to non-gluten-free carbohydrates.

Nevertheless, if you are considering carbohydrates while losing weight, you need to include quinoa or natural, gluten-free foods. Adding quinoa in your meal can boost the nutrients and antioxidants in your body, and your blood sugar level will stay at a healthy level. It has an impressive effect on the regulation of blood sugar despite eating carbohydrates. Further, it helps the digestion of healthy foods as well as to absorb proper nutrition.

Provides Adequate Source of Protein

Quinoa has an exceptional source of complete protein. What is the significance of protein in our body? If you are doing strenuous exercise, you need to have enough protein to support your bones, muscles, and cartilage.

Protein helps to build and repair the tissues we need in our day-to-day activity. It has value to create enzymes, hormones and other body nutrients. If you are wondering, how quinoa consists of complete protein?  It is because quinoa comes with the essential amino acids.

Our body can not produce some amino acids. Therefore, consuming protein is necessary. The common source of protein is meat. In this case, people who opt not to eat meat can now have nourishment of protein from quinoa. You can add it to your meal to have adequate amounts of functional protein and other nutrients.

Champion Food for High Fiber Diet

Quinoa is excellent for digestion because of its high fiber content. Getting fiber benefits from eating quinoa can result in proper digestion, and over time, weight loss.

The most fiber in quinoa is insoluble. However, the soluble fiber it includes still promotes proper absorption of foods—nutrients and minerals from other healthy foods. Also, it makes you feel full to avoid eating between meals.

Fiber foods such as quinoa are essential for your meal plan when you want to lose weight. Over time, it maintains your body to be in good shape.

Quinoa is the champion food for a high fiber diet when combining fiber with protein and gluten-free carbohydrates. With it, you will take fewer quinoa calories than you need to burn and at the same time will increase your metabolism.

Excellent Source for Manganese and Magnesium

Another antioxidant from quinoa is manganese. It has preventive properties to protect the cells, especially the red blood cells, from injury by damage cells. This vital mineral from quinoa maintains the red blood cells and is the primary component of our body to fight diseases and other health problems.

When you are suffering migraine, it can be a symptom of magnesium deficiency. One of the health benefits that we can get from magnesium is relieving of pain from the headache. Magnesium relaxes our blood vessels that trigger our migraine, otherwise.

Other health benefits of having magnesium from quinoa are body temperature regulation, detoxification, transmission of nerve impulses and formation of healthy bones and teeth.


Quinoa has many uses when mixing with other grains and alternative foods for rice. You can have quinoa as fiber-rich and gluten-free carbohydrates when you process it. It can be edible and can offer another option for healthy foods.

Quinoa can be beneficial in many ways aside from daily consumption. The leaves of quinoa together with the stems and grains have many uses too. If you have wounds, you can use quinoa to reduce the swelling and promote faster healing. It can also produce natural remedies for urinary tract infections.

Further usage of quinoa comes from its green forage. During harvest season of quinoa, the waste material can be used to feed livestock most of the time. If you want to use organic insect repellents for your crops, you can also use quinoa to ward off insects.

Quinoa as baby food

Compared to other instant meal foods, quinoa has more nutritional benefits. For example, you can have flour from quinoa that provides more fiber. It will be the best ingredients in making bread, noodles, and biscuit. You can also add it to prepare semi-processed products, only with the right amount.

High-level protein from the plant can be found in the embryo of the quinoa seeds. Almost 45% of protein can be sourced out from its seeds. The percentage is enough to consider quinoa as the first food of the baby. You can have cereal with quinoa flour, for example. As gluten-free carbs, it can reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes during early years. It is also one of the best foods for pregnant women to help regulate their blood sugar.

Quinoa Medicinal attributes

Quinoa can be used as cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. The parts of the quinoa plant can be processed to develop products that have diversified usage.

Saponin is one of the properties that need to remove from quinoa. It is the bitter part of quinoa which is essential for medicines absorption in our body. Saponin is also significant to prevent fungi and promotes antibodies.

Quinoa oil of life

Another product that can be extracted from quinoa is oil. Quinoa oil has similar properties like other vegetable oil.

The oil from quinoa is healthy fatty acids. The composition contains linoleic and linolenic acids. As a result, you can consider it more essential than corn oil.

Quinoa fatty acids can improve healthy skin. Since quinoa has minerals and vitamins, it can slow down aging properties and skin conditions. Some of these conditions are pigmentation, acne, and dark spots. With adequate B vitamins in our body, it promotes healthy and younger looking skin.

Salon-grade beauty essential

Quinoa as a face mask

If you are looking for a home-made regimen like a face mask, you can use quinoa with soy milk. With 1.4 cups of quinoa cooked in soy milk, you need to mix it with three teaspoons of unflavored yogurt. Then add two egg yolks and two drops of mimosa essential oil. Let it cool, and then apply it on your face and neck. For best result, you need to leave it for about 20-30 minutes or until the quinoa face clay dried up. Afterwards, you can rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Quinoa as hair damage protector

Essential amino acids in quinoa can strengthen your hair follicles and keep your scalp hydrated. Quinoa protein is a natural coating to prevent damage to your hair follicles while providing nourishment to your hair follicles. It can also promote hair growth over time.

A healthy scalp means hydrated and well-conditioned. It will keep you from having dandruff which causes by dry scalp. Pollution and dust are also one of the factors in having dandruff.

A home remedy for scalp care using quinoa is straightforward. You need to crush the quinoa until it became a paste. Then, you can apply your hair and scalp. For best result, leave for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off.

Vitamins and minerals keep our hair and scalp healthy; prevents hair tangled and split ends. Also, it maintains the color of our hair naturally. Given this, quinoa promotes organic hair and scalp treatment while reducing our exposure to formulated beauty products.

Quinoa Side Effects

Quinoa can trigger some digestion health problems. Too much consumption of it can cause side effects. Therefore, people with underlying digestion problems need to have limitations in quinoa intake.

Overeating of quinoa for the belief that more fiber can make you lose weight is a myth. Too much quinoa fiber in your stomach can result in health issue like stomach ache, cramping of the abdomen, bloating and diarrhea.

Nevertheless, adequate consumption of quinoa is essential to prevent intestinal blockage, anaphylaxis, heartburn and allergic reaction over time.

In some cases, quinoa can have a bitter taste caused by saponin. The preparation of quinoa is important before consuming it. Therefore, you should wash quinoa thoroughly before cooking.

Saponin is a natural defence mechanism of quinoa against insects and pests in the field. It is a phyto-compound in the quinoa that in some instance is dangerous to our health. You can use saponins as a natural cleanser.

Quinoa Food Recipes

When having quinoa, we need to follow the accurate processing of it to enjoy its rich taste that goes well with other foods. Also, it is a healthy and safe replacement for people with high blood sugar because of its non-gluten-free carbohydrates.

Cooking of quinoa involves techniques to achieve its fluffy appearance. To prepare, wash quinoa twice as long as there is no presence of saponin compound.

If you cook it like rice, you must put the cover on it. Wait for the quinoa to absorb all the water. Afterward, you can remove it from heat and let the quinoa steam for almost five minutes. Once the quinoa is perfectly fluffy, it is ready for consumption; otherwise, it is not well cooked.

Additionally, you can make quinoa into a salad combined with shredded carrots, cucumber and sweet snap peas. It will be complemented to the carrots and size serving of quinoa. You can also add raisins, parsley, and walnuts for a more flavorful taste. Serve with dressings made from avocado, olive oil, white balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Our Insights

Quinoa has nutrients and minerals like potassium, manganese, magnesium, and iron. These minerals, together with carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and flavonoids, can make a difference in our body.

Iron from quinoa plays a role in keeping our red blood cells healthy and promotes the formation of hemoglobin. It is responsible for supplying oxygen from one cell to another.

Consuming of quinoa will benefit us to regulate body temperature and increase metabolism. Also, it increases enzymes activity in our body. More importantly, iron increases brain functions by supporting the oxygen it needs.

Quinoa comes with riboflavin which improves metabolism within brain and muscle cells. It will create proper energy production in cells.

Indeed, the health benefits that we can get from quinoa are impressive and can contribute to our daily consumption of healthy foods. Moreover, it will be beneficial for us to be healthy and fit.

Abundant Natural Health Benefits of Walnuts

Walnuts Benefits

Walnuts benefits prove that size does not matter but what matters the most is the nutrients it can offer. It has protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, and fiber.

One of walnuts benefits promotes weight loss. It can be a beautiful mix in your salad if you need to have another source of protein and fats. It is one of the healthiest nuts.

According to a scientific study, eating 1.5 ounces per day of walnuts may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. It is when you include walnuts in a low cholesterol diet.

It will also decrease your calorie intake as 100-grams calories of walnut measure about 654 kcal. Other nutrients like walnuts magnesium and other vitamins can be found in walnuts.

Walnut benefits to your Body

What are the walnut benefits of consuming it? Here are the top 6 genuine walnut benefits and nutrients when eaten it daily.

Reduce Risk of Heart Diseases with High Omega-3

Walnuts are heart-healthy foods that considered being one of the omega 3 sources.

The health benefits of walnuts can reduce your risk of having heart diseases over time. It can be included in your diet to have an adequate amount of omega 3 fatty acids in your body.

Omega 3 fatty acids are healthy fats that you need for your diet. A single serving of walnuts can suffice.

Prevent the Occurrence of Chronic Diseases (Heart Attack, Diabetes, Cancers)

Walnuts nutrients have preventive measures to slow down inflammation in our body which can start the progression of heart attack, diabetes, and cancers.

One of walnuts best nutrients is magnesium. Walnut Magnesium is about 158 mg per 100 grams. Walnut magnesium has a multitude of functions in our body, which includes the healthy maintenance of our bones, heart, nervous system, muscle tissue, cells, and hormone regulation.

How can walnuts prevent the symptoms of cancer?

The polyphenols in walnuts help fight the stress causing inflammation in our body; it reduces the risk of certain cancers such as breast, prostate and colorectal cancers. It enables the blockage of hormone receptors in our body. This blockage can help reduce the risk of hormone-related cancers like in breast and prostate.

In what way do walnuts slow down diabetes?

Another benefit of walnuts in our body has something to do in the risk reduction of type-2 diabetes. Being overweight increases your risk of high blood sugar and diabetes. Therefore, if we want to have low blood sugar, we should look first at our weight. Is it proportional to our height?

Is this applicable also with heart diseases?

It goes the same with our heart. When your blood pressure is not at normal levels, it means that you have a high-risk chance of getting heart disease and stroke.

Having walnuts as supplements for high blood pressure should be monitored. It is very risky if you just east walnuts without hesitations.

Another factor for getting a high risk of heart disease is having a high level of bad cholesterol. Not all cholesterols are bad, but it is not good if we exceed the baseline of cholesterol level in the chart.

For example, if you are experiencing high blood pressure, you should be careful about consuming walnuts. It is the same with people who have elevated blood sugar.

Walnuts health benefits decrease inflammation that can lead to serious chronic diseases. The best way to have prevention from inflammation is to include walnuts in our diet meal.

Promotes Healthy Gut with Good Bacteria

The nutrients found in walnuts promote a healthy gut.

If you have an unhealthy composition of the microbiota, it can contribute to inflammation and diseases in your gut. This condition increases your risk of obesity, heart disease, and cancer.

Eating walnuts may support the health of your microbiota and your gut. It includes an increase in bacteria that produce butyrate, a fat that nourishes your stomach and promotes gut health.

The walnuts benefits can influence the makeup of your microbiota. Enough intake of walnuts nourishes your body and can be beneficial in the bacteria that live in your gut.

Walnuts for weight loss

Eating walnuts can suppress your appetite.

In a study, after consuming walnuts for five days, the participants have high resistance on tempting foods like cake and potato fries. The suppression of appetite has a massive impact on diet plans. It helps us to avoid foods that high in calories and sugar contents.

The walnuts benefit to our body can be beneficial in losing weight. Though walnuts are calorie-dense, only a few amounts of calories were absorbed into our body. Walnuts help you control appetite and hunger without causing digestive health problems.

Improves Brain Activities

Our brain is functioning for 24 hours a day even when we are sleeping. It is crucial that we need to infuse our mind with nutrients to keep sharp and alert all the time.

Indeed, walnuts are good for our brain. It has nutrients like vitamin E, protein, and fats that improve our learning skills, memory and anxiety reduction.

One of the common diseases due to the lack of nut nutrients is Alzheimer. It is a disease due to brain cell damage as we lack the absorption of nutrients good for the brain.

Given this, it is essential that we consider eating walnuts for better brain activities. Over time, walnuts will help us process things around us accurately. Our reflexes will stay sharp, and we will not experience short memory term lose.

The walnuts health benefits also include protection of our brains from inflammation, as we have the right nutrients when we are using it in our day-to-day activities.

Natural Ways to Increase Fertility Health among Men

Daily consumption of walnuts will increase the chances of improving sperm health.

Our lifestyle nowadays begins to have harmful effects on our health, especially in sperm health. Processed food, refined grains, sugar intake, too much coffee, alcohol, and other less ideal eating habits have contributed to reducing sperm function.

Adequate eating of walnuts can have effects on the fertility health among men. It may improve sperm shape, vitality, and mobility. Also, it has the property to protect the damaged membrane of the sperm.

Other Walnuts Benefits

For Radiant and Healthy Skin

Consumption of walnuts promotes radiant and healthy skin. With walnuts vitamins, you will have adequate nutrients for your skin. The role of vitamins B and E from walnuts can reduce stress to our body.

High-stress levels in our body can result in various diseases and can have visible effects on our skin. For example, when we have so much stress from our work, it can formulate wrinkles, and the process of ageing is advancing.

To have glowing skin, using walnuts as a home remedy is another excellent option to test the walnuts benefits in your skin. Walnuts have hydrating components that will keep our skin to look young and fresh.

As preparation, you need to blend 4 pieces of walnuts with two tablespoons of oats, one teaspoon of honey and cream and four drops of olive oil. If successful, you will come up with a walnut paste or walnut face mask with natural ingredients.

Apply the mask on your face and neck areas and let it dry to make sure that your face and neck absorb the nutrients from the mask. Afterward, you need to wash the areas with warm water.

Walnut Oils

Other than walnuts intake, we can have walnut nutrition through its oil. During the cold-pressed process, the walnuts nutrients are still intact in oil.

Walnut oils are best for skin moisturizers, getting rid of dark circles, and promotes glowing skin. As for moisturizers, walnut oil is effective when applied in lukewarm temperature.

The walnuts oil will penetrate your inner skin and prevent the occurrence of dry skin. It is essential that our skin is moisturized as healthy skin can protect us from skin diseases.

Using walnut oil in your scalp daily will keep you from experiencing dermatitis. Walnuts oil has anti-fungal properties that prevent your scalp from having infections. It will also keep your scalp hydrated with 100% organic ingredients. Note that, having dandruff means that your scalp is dry and lack of nutrients.

Dark circles under your eyes are noticeable especially when you are working late daily. Not enough sleep is one of the reasons for dark circles under your eyes. Lukewarm walnuts oil is said to help get rid of the dark circles. With its properties to calm the nerves under our eyes, walnuts oil prevents the puffiness and recovers the usual form of your eyes. It can lighten the portion of your skin under your eyes.

Natural Care for Hair and Scalp

Other than skin, we are conscious of our hair and scalp. One of the things that people often look after is their hair. Salons and other beauty-product boutiques offer regimens like hair masks, ointment for a healthy scalp, shampoo and conditioner for daily maintenance. They also claim that these products are 100% safe to use and have no side effects over time.

We need to provide care and treatment in our hair and scalp that will reduce the adverse effect on some of our unhealthy daily routine and lifestyles. Best results for hair and scalp treatment are noticeable if we have adequate nutrients from walnuts.

Generally, it recommends applying walnut oil thrice a week will produce the benefits to our hair and scalp. It can be mixed with virgin coconut oil or olive oil for more impressive results.

Our scalp and hair need nutrients from insides; therefore, we need to prefer healthy foods that will provide and strengthen our hair follicles. Aside from being good omega-3 sources, walnuts have also potassium.

Walnuts potassium contributes to a healthy scalp and hair. The benefits of having a healthy scalp are an excellent prevention of getting bald and keeping our scalp hydrated to prevent the onset of dandruff.

Given this, if you have proper treatment and care to your scalp and hair, you can make your hair longer without split ends and breakage. You can apply walnuts oil daily in your hair for stronger and shinier hair.

Other than oil, walnuts can be used as natural coloring components. The walnuts husk can be used to have a better hair color. Walnut oil is very reliable for skin and hair treatment because of the protein contents. Walnuts protein promotes the glowing and vibrant color of our hair.

Recipes of Walnuts with Benefits

Salad Dressing/ Toppings

Walnuts oil can be used in salad dressings. This oil is cold-pressed to preserve the nutrients of walnuts while extracting it. Other than this, there are proper ways to prepare recipes while maintaining walnuts nutrition.

The most common use of walnuts in our meal is to make it as topping to your favorite meal. When you are avoiding fats and salty taste in your cooking, you add semi-crushed walnuts on top of your meat dishes.

By adding walnuts toppings, it will increase the taste of your meal without frying or adding sauces. In this way, you can achieve a healthy recipe without worrying that you ruin your weight loss program.

Moreover, you can make your dressings at home. With natural fruit puree and apple cider vinegar, you can create combinations with crushed walnuts. Ready-made salad dressings in the supermarket have preservatives and artificial ingredients like sugar. You can also bake cookies and muffins with walnuts bits.

Replacement for Gluten Food

Walnuts nutrition comes with more fiber nutrients. The number of calories that we can get from daily consumption of walnuts can replace food with gluten and carbohydrates. Refined grains can contribute weight gain and increase blood sugar which results in type-2 diabetes over time.

As a replacement, include some walnuts to your recipe. Walnuts can replace carbohydrate intake with fibers. Fibers are essentials for a weight loss program because it cuts off your consumption of carbohydrates and other unhealthy foods.

Walnuts as Snacks

Other quick recipes are making walnuts as snacks by combining with fruits, measuring ¼ cup unsalted. It is essential that you should choose unflavored walnuts to avoid preservatives that can alter the natural walnuts health benefits.

Walnuts can be blend together with your favorite classic yogurt. You can also add walnuts as toppings to your side dishes to have some flavorful taste.

Walnuts have a natural flavor that will make your side dishes more exciting and addictive to eat. It can also add a twist to your smoothies and can replace other nuts if you have allergic reaction except for walnuts.

Our Insights

The health benefits of walnuts can have a direct effect on our body. Not only for weight loss but as well as heart attack, diabetes, cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, brain functions, and sperm health.

Indeed, walnuts play a significant role in our health. From hair and scalp to the skin, you can see the walnuts benefits. If following the recommendations of consumption, you can feel the improvement to your health.

Walnuts are available in most supermarkets and grocery stores. Before deciding what to buy and choose from different varieties of walnuts, make sure the walnuts have a mild nutty and sweet smell. Given this, you will be assured that the nuts you will buy are fresh.

How to store properly and to determine if walnuts are fresh?

Walnuts with foul-like paint thinner smell should be excluded from your choices. These characteristics show that nuts are not fresh and already exposed for a long time.

To ensure that your walnuts will not lose its freshness, you need to prepare proper storage. Walnuts and other nuts need to be stored in an airtight container fit to be placed in the refrigerator, crisper drawer or a cold temperature container. When putting inside the fridge, walnuts should be isolated from other perishable goods with a strong aroma like spices, fish and seafood. Proper storage of walnuts will ensure the freshness and nutrients after some time.

If you are following a meal plan for your weight loss program, you have to avoid the flavored walnuts. You need to have the plain ones to get the best walnut calorie to maintain your weight goals.

Side effects of Walnuts

Considering walnuts in our diet and as beauty products, there are side effects that we should be aware of.

First, if you believe that you have allergy with nuts, it is crucial that you seek advice to your doctors. There are components in walnuts that can trigger your allergy. For that reason, you should look for other healthy foods that can provide an adequate amount of nutrients which are likely to have an equivalent of what walnuts benefit provide.

Second, when you consume more than the daily recommended serving, it can result in stomach bloating and diarrhea. Also, over consumption of walnuts can lead to an increase of uric acid and blood pressure.

Lastly, black walnuts variety contains irritants that make your skin red and swollen. Therefore, before applying beauty products with walnuts ingredients, double check the labels and have a small number of tests on your skin to prevent rashes. Also, make sure that walnuts beauty products are safe to use daily.

Walnut benefits should not be taken for granted because of its size. It comes in small size but the nutrients we can find in it make a difference in our body.

Whole Grain Benefits for a Healthy and Fit Body

Whole Grain Benefits

Whole grain benefits our body to lose weight and become healthy. There are lots of diet plans to be healthy and fit. Also, cutting down on sugar and carbohydrates will help us to keep our body in shape.

For some diet meals, wheat and gluten should be excluded as well, but this is entirely false.

According to the USDA, it is good for our health to consume enough amounts of grain, but it should include whole grain. Excessive intake of processed grain can cause serious illness like obesity, inflammatory and heart diseases.

Nevertheless, the whole grain can be beneficial to our health. It can lower our risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

What are the components of the whole grain?

Since we consider that eating whole grain is healthy for us, we might want to look at what makes it for us to be healthy and fit?

We get whole grain from kernel parts—bran, endosperm, and germ. Each element plays a role in the active components of the whole grain.

Given this, the hard and outer shell of a kernel, which is bran, contains fiber, minerals, and anti-oxidants. You can have carbohydrates from the endosperm, the middle layer of a kernel. For the inner layer, Germ has vitamins, minerals, proteins, and plant compounds.

However, our methods in the processing of grain can affect its components to be considered as whole grain. If grain will be rolled, crushed and cracked with the germ, bran, and endosperm included, it will be still regarded as whole grain. If the germ and bran will be removed and the endosperm will be retained, you can deem it as refined grain.

Refined grains have vitamins and minerals, but mostly it consists of carbohydrates because of the endosperm. The nutrition from it is not the same as with whole grain.

How can we tell if certain foods have whole grain properties?

There are various choices of foods with whole grain properties. You can consider the quinoa, whole rye, wild rice, wheat berry, buckwheat, barley, and sorghum. Although, oats and black rice are the most common whole grain foods. Also, you can consider some products like bread, pasta and cereals as whole grain as well.

We always encounter differently with the processed products with whole grain in the supermarkets and grocery stores. However, these products are not entirely honest with us. If you look closely to the list of ingredients of the product, it indicates that it is not 100% whole grain. It usually has a mixture of whole and refined grain. Also, you need to look at the sugar content. Remember that sugar and carbohydrates defeat the benefits of whole grain in our body.

Being cautious about your food intake has significance to your health. Labels with ‘no sugar added,’ ‘0% fat’ or ‘100% whole grain’ has been one of the market strategies of food companies. For some, it may be true but let us be sure and look for our self what is the real deal with the labels.

The following discussions of the health benefits of whole grain can be your guide to be fit and healthy. Just a reminder, anything more than the amount may lead your health in a terrible situation.

Fiber-rich Foods include Whole Grain

To keep yourself healthy and fit, see the benefits of whole grain. Your food intake must be the key.

Our body needs fiber daily. We can get fiber from whole grain as one of its health benefits. The fiber can be soluble and insoluble, which are both beneficial to us.

Whole grain, especially with oats and black rice, are rich in fiber. You can get the right amount of fiber by eating them daily. Eating fiber-rich food like whole grain can help you feel full for a more extended period compared to refined grain.

Fiber can reduce blood sugar, bad cholesterol and trim down the risk of colon cancer. Therefore, we can get the right amount of fiber as one of whole grain healthy benefits.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Whole grain foods can make our body reduce blood sugar. Whole grain like oats and black rice are one of the best weight loss foods that will keep us healthy and fit.

Good Digestion Means Healthy Body

Being healthy and fit can be attainable with the help of eating nutritious foods. Healthy foods can lead our body to have proper digestion.

Surely, whole grain will make your digestion in good shape. The fiber-rich foods like oats and black rice make our bowel movements regular. It keeps us from having constipation. Furthermore, you can avoid other irregularities like diarrhea, inflammation, and pain through eating fiber-rich foods.

Whole grain especially oats and black rice have nutrients that contain lactic acid to promote good bacteria in the large intestine. It gives aid to our digestion.  Whole grain provides better nutrition absorption. If we can get the nutrition that our body needs, our immune system will keep us from getting sick and having diseases.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Whole grain foods have a significant role in digestion for better absorption of other nutrients. When our body can digest food properly, it will help us to keep our body in good shape.

Maintain Good Cholesterol for Longer Life

Not all cholesterols have harmful effects on our body. There are good cholesterols that we need to be healthy and fit.

Whole grains do not provide oils in our body. What it does is control the absorption of bad cholesterol in our body.

Lowering bad cholesterol contributes to less risk of having heart disease. Based on a study, women with 2-3 servings of whole grain products in their meal daily have 30% less likely to experience a heart attack or any sign of heart diseases.

Healthy benefits of whole grain affect the lowering of blood pressure. If you have normal blood pressure, you will have no risk for heart diseases. According to a study, men who have 7 servings of whole grain for their breakfast have a 19% lower risk of hypertension.

Oats and black rice are good examples of whole grain. Just make sure that when eating oats, it should be steel-cut, and black rice should be organic.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Whole grain foods promote good cholesterol in the body. When we include whole grain in our diet, it will be beneficial for our body to be fit and healthy.

Healthy Foods Fights Obesity Disorder and Gaining Weight

Gaining weight is one of the problems that each of us is dealing with. Fact check, we are cautious with our body however we have less care with our food intakes.

Consuming the right healthy foods has a high impact on our metabolism. Planning our daily meal can guide us on what to eat and avoid.

Whole grain can keep us full for a longer time than eating refined grain. Too much sugar and carbohydrates in our meal can make our metabolism to function irregular. Irregular metabolism will make you gain weight faster and later on; you will be in a state of obesity.

According to the study, eating oats, black rice, dark bread, and other whole grain can contribute 49% lower risk of becoming obese. For about 12 years, middle-aged people who include high fiber in their meal daily lose 3.35 pounds compares with those who prefer refined products.

The process of losing weight takes some time. Therefore, you need to make it a habit to eat more of whole grain foods and avoid doughnuts, white, and other refined products. Remember that refined products have more carbohydrates and sugar contents.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Whole grain foods make us feel full which is good if we are trying to lose some weight. It keeps our metabolism to function normally.

Lose that belly fat with Whole Grain

Who would be happy if they see a bulge of fats around their belly? Other than losing all the confidence, belly fats show that you have “central adiposity,” increase the risk of diabetes and other health diseases.

Whole grain’ health benefits include losing those belly fats. It cuts down the absorption of fats around your stomach and helps your body to make use of it. You can feel over time the effects of losing fats around your tummy. It will decrease your risk of diabetes.

You really need to cut down on eating unhealthy foods. Try to replace it with a whole grain like oats and black rice all the foods you are taking with a high content of sugar, carbohydrates, and preservatives.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Without belly fats, you can be physically fit. Moreover, we are far at risk of having chronic diseases like diabetes and heart attack.

Regulation of Blood Sugar

Normal blood sugar level reduces your body to be exposed in the radar of type 2 diabetes. One of the common diseases among us is diabetes which can lead to more severe health issues.

Keeping our self from consuming refined grain and other foods with high content of sugar, we can avoid the risk of diabetes. Instead, whole grain should be eaten with your meal daily.

Aside from fiber, a whole grain like oats and black rice help regulate your blood sugar. Oats in steel cut are a good choice than instant oats. Instant foods, not only oats, contain preservatives and artificial sweets which can lead to a high risk of diabetes. On the other hand, black rice can be a healthier replacement for white rice in your meals. According to the study, white rice contains sugar that leads to type-2 diabetes.

Indeed, whole grains influence the regulation of blood sugar. As the saying goes that prevention is better than a cure, we should be cautious about what we eat and what we consider as part of our diet. Not properly balanced diet can further lead to other health problems.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Proper intake of whole grain foods can be a huge help to regulate our blood sugar. Whole grain foods like oats and black rice are gluten-free; therefore, it is one of the best weight loss foods.

Some Vitamins and Minerals from Whole Grain

Who would have thought that whole grain consists of vitamins and minerals, and can get more nutrients from whole grain?

To be precise, we can get Vitamins B and C from eating whole grain. Moreover, you can have minerals like protein, iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium as well.

Whole grain can be a source of Vitamins B and C. On the other hand; you can find the vitamins in the bran part of the kernel. Both vitamins play a role in proper metabolism function of our body. Vitamin C boosts the immune system that keeps us from getting sick. Vitamin B helps the body to form red blood cells and prevent congenital disabilities in babies.

The minerals in whole grain involved in the transportation of oxygen throughout the body. It prevents anemia, keeps the bones in good condition and protects against oxidation. Like vitamins, minerals keep our immune system in fighting shape, as well.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Other than fiber and carbohydrates, whole grain foods contain minerals and vitamins. Your body will be fit and healthy because of these nutrients.

Less Risk of Asthma

The first sign of asthma can be observed among children. One way to prevent and decrease the chances of getting asthma is the eating of foods with whole grain.

Whole grain’s health benefits include reducing the risk of having asthma. According to a study, children who eat oats as infants have a high chance to avoid getting the asthmatic condition. Whole grain with fruits and vegetables will fight the high risk of chances of asthma. We need to avoid meat and refined foods in the early years of the child for prevention of asthma conditions.

Furthermore, healthy foods intake with whole grain while at a young age make way to healthier and disease-free years ahead. Over time, you will see the difference between eating whole grain than eating more refined foods and meat in your meal daily.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Aside from the regulation of blood sugar and weight loss, whole grain foods can lessen our risk of having asthma. Early age who are consuming whole grain foods is less likely to have asthma over time.

Natural Anti-inflammatory Solutions

You can find anti-inflammatory components in many foods. Whole grains have anti-inflammatory properties that help our body fight related-diseases in natural ways.

According to a study, whole grains like oats and black rice have nutrients that can reduce the symptoms of inflammation in the gut. It has no direct cure for inflammation, but it prevents the occurrence of inflammation in your body. Again, prevention is better than cure.

Another natural prevention that we can get from whole grain is the reduction of C-reactive protein in our body. Inflammation symptoms are linked to heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, and problems in pregnancy. You can avoid all these dilemmas by eating healthy foods with whole grain.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

The health benefits of whole grain foods include the anti-inflammation properties that it can provide to our body. Adequate amounts of anti-inflammations can prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Lower Risk of Cancer

It is given that what we consume can result in the condition of our health.

You should be seen fit and healthy, inside and outside of our body. Whole grain consumption defeats cancer cells that damage our internal organs.

Nutrients like minerals and vitamins in whole grain help our body to be fit from head to toe, inside and out. However, our body still needs to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and the right amount of white meat and lesser processed foods.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Prevention of damage cells in our body is very important. Consumption of whole grain will significantly impact our metabolism and overall function in our body

Our Insights

Whole grain health benefits prove that daily eating adequate amount of it can provide the nutrients that we need. However, if you are not into eating whole grain foods, you can try to eat other healthy foods with the same benefit.

To remind you that prevention at a young age and to eat nutritious foods over time lead us to be fit and healthy. We can avoid serious health problems and learning some ways to improve our eating lifestyle.

On losing weight, there are other options like fruits and vegetables. You can have vegetables as one of the sources for fiber-rich foods. Fruits, on the other hand, provide plenty of minerals and vitamins that our body needs.

But the most essential about whole grain foods are gluten-free carbohydrates. Carbohydrates that are gluten can promote the high risk of type-2 diabetes. Likewise, when too much consumption of whole grain foods, it can develop deficient effects in our health. Therefore, we should take in moderation every meal we are to consume. By following the right daily serving of each food, we can achieve our goal to be fit and elegant.

Every diet plan that we need to do; eating healthy foods are just one of the factors. We need to do it with exercises and adequate amount of sleep to recharge.

Grapefruit Nutrition: Simple yet Nourishing Fruit on the Table

Grapefruit Nutrition

Grapefruit nutrition is rich in vitamins and minerals that are proper for your body especially when you are trying to lose weight.  Also, it is high in fiber. You can never go wrong with all the grapefruit nutrition it offers.

Grapefruit nutrition does not magically make you lose weight in a snap. Also, it is a very low-calorie food which can help speed up your metabolism and reduced your body’s insulin resistance.

Enjoying a grapefruit as a snack or an appetizer can help you feel fuller because of its high fiber content and stop you from overeating at mealtime. Plus, it enables you to suppress your appetite, reducing low-calorie intake for the rest of the day.

Dieticians studied the effects of grapefruit after including it in the diet. The study showed that eating half fresh grapefruit before meals can lead to weight loss of 1.6 kilograms or 3.5 pounds.

Colourful Grapefruit Nutrition Choices

If you want your grapefruit recipes like salad dessert, smoothies and dishes to be colourful, you should know that adding grapefruit can make it lively. Grapefruit varieties have different characteristics and colour. Just choose below the type that fits your taste.


Pomelo is one of the most common grapefruit in the market. It has a thick cover with a layer of yellow flesh and a bit taste of bitter. You can easily peel the skin, so you do not need to use peeler or knife. The pulp bits of pomelo are great to include in salad whether it tasted sweet or sour. It can instantly go along with the taste of your salad.

White Grapefruit

The white grapefruit has the slightest sweet taste, but it has the most intense and vibrant aroma. Given this, it is one of the favourite fruits in the kitchen. Also, it has bright, creamy yellow skin.

Ruby Red Grapefruit

On the contrary, Ruby Red grapefruit has no hint of sweetness. It has more taste of bitterness which beliefs to be the effect of the red colour. The pulp bits of Red grapefruit have lycopene nutrients that can prove to resist cancer cells and prevent further complications. It also promotes antioxidants with beta-carotene.

Duncan Grapefruit

Another choice for grapefruit juice is Duncan. This variety considered to be the highest quality grapefruit. The pulp bits are juicy with intense flavour. It has an intensely sweet taste compared to other grapefruits variety. The Duncan grapefruit is larger than Pomelo, and the skin colour is yellow. The harvest time of this variety is earlier than other grapefruits.

Lavender Gem Grapefruit

The Lavender Gem grapefruit is the favourite of the chef because of the diverse uses in cooking. It can be used for food preparation like meat or fish marinade. Because of the juicy content, you can make juice and beverages from it. You can also add it to your favourite fruit salad. The pulp bits of Lavender Gem grapefruit have a light and delicate flavour. Its peel can be seen in colour pink or lemon-yellow, and its size comes with mini-grapefruit.

Oro Blanco Grapefruit

When pomelos and white grapefruits are mixed in farms, you can produce the Oro Blanco variety. The thick skin colour of Oro Blanco is a combination of bright green to lemon yellow. Its pulp bits are one of the sweetest with no hint of bitterness.

Pink Grapefruit

Pink grapefruit comes between the Red and White grapefruits characteristics in terms of sweetness and colour. The sweet and sour taste of Pink grapefruits makes it one of the favourite grapefruits for making juice and beverages. The strong flavour of Pink grapefruit can complement your favourite fruits and vegetables salad and smoothies.

Melogold Grapefruit

The first known variety of grapefruit is the Melogold. It can be in different sizes, but it can also grow as large as Pomelo. The skin of Melogold grapefruit can be peeled off easily and has a smooth texture. It can be considered as seedless because you can still count the seeds in its pulp bits. The taste of Melogold variety is like with the oranges. Also, this variety can be used in salad dressings and beverages.

Marsh Grapefruit

Another unusual variety of grapefruit is the Marsh; it is the variety of grapefruit with three classifications, the white, pink and ruby red. The pulp bits of White Marsh grapefruit come in yellow-white colour. It covers with yellow skin with a sweet-acidic taste. For Pink Marsh, it also has yellow skin, but the pulp bits are colour pink with a shade of blue. It is less sweet than White Marsh but with the same acidic flesh. The last one, Ruby Red Marsh has yellow to light-red skin with a red colour pulp bit. It tastes sweeter but less acidic than the White Marsh.

Flame Grapefruit

More attractive than Ruby Red grapefruit is the Flame grapefruit. Its colour comes with a shade of dark-pink colour which is more noticeable than other grapefruits. The tastes of its pulpy bits are sweet and juicy. You can enjoy eating the Flame grapefruit because it has less seed which makes it uncomplicated to eat.

Pink Grapefruit

If you want to know the best variety for grapefruit recipes like smoothies and juice, you should pick the Pink Grapefruit. This variety comes with a sweet taste. The colour of the skin is in the middle of red and white.

Star Ruby Grapefruit

Star Ruby grapefruit comes with yellow skin and pulp bits in red and pink colours. In this variety, if you see the pulp bits in super red and getting the hot red colour, it means the taste is getting sweeter.

Sweeties Grapefruit

Another variety that carries the sweet taste is the Sweeties grapefruit. It has a sweet taste, but it still looks unripe because of its green colour.

Each variety of grapefruit has distinct colour so you will have an easier time to pick and buy the perfect one that will you add to your grapefruit recipe.

The Nutrients and Benefits of Grapefruit

Vitamins and minerals can be sourced out from grapefruit. We can get the highest vitamin C content in grapefruit. Also, we can have an ample amount of vitamin A from it. Other nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, and fiber are present in grapefruit. Minerals like potassium, thiamine, folate, and magnesium can also be found from it.

To know the details of the nutrients and minerals that we can get from consuming grapefruit, here are the details for grapefruit nutrition:

Source of Highest Vitamin C

We can get the highest vitamin C from grapefruit. Vitamin C plays a significant role in our body.

An adequate amount of grapefruit vitamin C can boost our immune system. It has antioxidant properties that protect our body from diseases. Vitamin C helps our body to recover quickly from cough and colds. If we have a low immune system, we can get sick fast. We have no protection against infectious diseases and cancer cells.

Typically, a functioning immune system can be seen through our radiant skin. Yes, if we have radiant skin, we can say that we are healthy inside and out. Our body will have the antioxidants that protect our self from damage cells and any harmful substance in our body.

With this, we keep our body from the development of cancer cells. Also, we can have anti-inflammatory properties. These properties maintain blood pressure and cholesterol levels that can lead to chronic conditions if not reasonable.

The health benefits of grapefruit play a significant role in the immune system of our body. Our body can fight diseases with enough vitamin C to maintain our immunity against it.

Grapefruit nutrition includes Vitamin C is abundant in grapefruit. Therefore, it is essential as one of the best weight loss foods. The grapefruit health benefits empower our immune system.

Boast with Citric Acid

An organic acid from grapefruit promotes the removal of waste material through urine. Citric acid can be found in grapefruit. It is essential in the prevention of kidney stones and other kidney-related health problems.

When our body is removing waste materials, one way is excretion through urine. If these materials build up in our kidneys, it will form crystal-like substance. Over time, kidney stones will be developed. Large kidney stones can block the urinary system which will result in more severe kidney problems. In some cases, it can result in kidney failure. It is a tragedy for us because we need to undergo dialysis if this happens to us.

Regular consumption of citric acid can prevent kidney stones and keep our kidney in good shape. It will support the organs to flush the waste material in the body. However, excessive intake of citrus can lead to other problems. Therefore, it is important to consume only the right amount of nutrients to avoid other health problems.

Grapefruit nutrition including citric acid is essential for individuals who are dealing with urinary tract infections and other kidney related diseases. Given this, grapefruit health benefits improve our body for proper waste disposal.

Adequate Amount of Fiber

The nutrition of grapefruit comes with a sufficient amount of fiber. The fiber in grapefruit is beneficial if you are trying to lose weight. You can add texture in your meal plan to increase your digestion time.

In this case, it will make your stomach to empty slowly. It has a suppression capability that can stop you from having a bigger appetite. The suppressant will prevent you from consuming foods rich in calories and fats. The practical way to eat grapefruit is before a meal. Consumption of grapefruit before meals will affect your eating habit for the rest of the day. The fiber helps your digestion to work at pace and keep you from eating between meals.

The grapefruit nutrition in our diet is highly noticeable. The effects of fiber together with vitamin C and other nutrients can keep your body healthy and fit over time.

Rich in Potassium

Believe it or not, grapefruit contains potassium which is essential to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Our heart is the very core of our body to operate normally. Grapefruit potassium reduces the factors that will risk the safety of our hearts. It should be the primary concern above else. Regular intake of grapefruit can also promote a healthy blood pressure level. It will make our hearts to function normally.

Grapefruit nutrition is good for the heart. The nutrients it offers to our body prevent heart diseases. High blood pressure and cholesterol can be avoided if we are going to eat healthy foods.

The grapefruit potassium helps protect the heart in keeping the blood pressure and cholesterol levels at an average rate.

Other Minerals and Vitamins

Aside from vitamin C, fiber and potassium, grapefruit provide vitamin B, zinc, copper and iron. These vitamins and minerals have to do with the normal function of our immune system. Combined with vitamin C, it improves our health and body for day-to-day purpose.

If we have all the vitamins and minerals that we need, our body will be strong enough to fight all the virus and bacteria around us.

Also, you can have a small number of grapefruit calories, making it the lowest-calorie fruit. It is an excellent reason to include grapefruit as one of the best foods for weight loss.

Included grapefruit nutrition is carbohydrates. Grapefruit carbs only measure about 26 grams in a grapefruit. It serves lower carbohydrates than other fruits. The protein and fats in grapefruit are considered 0% to less than one gram of half size of grapefruit.

Other nutrients in grapefruit prevent our body from insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes.

What is insulin? Insulin is a hormone that regulates the blood sugar in your body. High insulin and blood sugar levels can result in type-2 diabetes.

In a way, grapefruit controls the insulin levels in your body. Normal insulin levels reduce the likelihood of becoming insulin resistant. If you eat fresh grapefruit before meals, you will experience a significant lowering both insulin levels and resistance over time.

In our meal plan, adding grapefruit does not only lead to weight loss. It also plays a role to maintain our blood sugar and insulin to normal levels. The health benefits of grapefruit offer the regulation of blood sugar and the reduction of insulin resistance. If these two functions are working harmoniously, you can prevent type 2 diabetes.

Our Insights

The health benefits of grapefruit are impressive. Making it a habit to have a dosage of grapefruit in our daily meal can make a difference in our body.

The nutrition that we can get from grapefruit helps our body maintain good health condition. However, excessive intake of grapefruit can result in health problems like tooth enamel erosion. The thing is, every excess in the amount of food that we intake will result in some issues over time.

Like other fruits, grapefruit is considered as the highest source of vitamins C. If you are not familiar in eating grapefruit in its pure form, you can make some twist on it.

Moreover, you can eat grapefruit in many forms. You can make juice with basil leaves and mint to neutralize the taste. To add more aroma, you can boil it with cinnamon. But the most common recipe of grapefruit is toppings in your favourite fruit salad. Adding it to your favourite snack or making it a replacement to your dessert food, grapefruit is a less complicated fruit to prepare. You don’t need to worry about the time you will spend when preparing. To add flavours in your grapefruit, you can blend it with other fruits and veggies without adding artificial sugar. Sweets can ruin your diet, and any fake foods are considered dangerous to our health. Also, combining it with kale and avocado, it can give you an exaggerating twist of nutrients in a salad.

Grapefruit Daily Consumption

You cannot take a bunch of grapefruit to feel the effect quickly. It is still better to consume daily of a variety of fruits and vegetables to prevent any damage in our body.

Eating large quantities of grapefruit in pure form can lead to hormonal conditions. Therefore, if you are having a hormonal imbalance and taking medications, you should avoid consuming grapefruit. Also, if you are breastfeeding and on-going pregnancy, eating foods with grapefruit content more than the recommended daily serving can lead to severe complications. So, before putting it on your meal plan, get advice from your physicians.

According to a study, up to 30% of postmenopausal women who consume more than a quarter of grapefruit juice will have a high risk of developing breast cancer. Grapefruit can increase estrogen levels in women’s body. On the contrary, it decreases the synthesis of estrogen in the body.

Indeed, to achieve the full benefits of grapefruit, we should follow the doctors’ recommended daily intake. Grapefruit nutrition focuses on promoting our immune and digestion system. Vitamin C maintains our immune system at its fullest to protect our vital organs. Furthermore, it makes our skin look healthier and radiant. The most amazing in grapefruit is potassium. An adequate amount of potassium can lower the risk of heart diseases and other heart problems.

Like other fruits and vegetables, you know that the real secret to being fit and elegant is to eat healthy weight loss foods. Also, doing exercises and sports at the same time will have a better result.

For getting fit and healthy, you need disciplines. There are no shortcuts but to follow the simple rules in weight loss program and that is—to eat healthy foods and do some exercises.


Salmon Health Benefits for a Healthy Life

Health Benefits of Salmon

Salmon health benefits promote our overall body function. It provides all the nutrients preventing deficiencies in our health and acts as one of the best weight loss foods.

Our bodies have different reactions to our food intake. We need the nutrients to be in good shape. Being fit and healthy is the health benefits we can get from eating salmon.

If we eat foods that lack nutrients, it can lead to obesity and other metabolic diseases. How can we avoid this?

Other than fruits and vegetables, we can consider eating fish and seafood. Fish like salmon contains high-quality protein and healthy fats. It has essential nutrients like vitamin B, selenium and potassium.

Adequate consumption of salmon boosts our metabolism. It can also improve brain function and helps us lose weight. From it, we can get other nutrients like vitamins and minerals to support ourselves for a healthy and fit body.

You cannot go wrong with salmon health benefits. The nutrients that we can get from salmon contributes to our overall health.

Salmon Health Benefits: Vitamin B Complex improves metabolism

One of the benefits that we can get from salmon is B vitamins. It prevents deficiencies in our metabolism. It also provides energy for our overall health.

Salmon has thiamine or B1, which helps in the conversion of nutrients into energy. Also, it has riboflavin or B2 as antioxidant properties and niacin or B3 for DNA production and repair. Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid is good for the production of hormone and cholesterol. Besides, pyridoxine or vitamin B6 is for red blood cell production and amino acid metabolism.

Moreover, salmon contains B7 or biotin that will control of carbohydrate and fats. Lastly, folate or vitamin B9 promotes cell growth and development and vitamin B12 or cobalamin for the health of nerve tissues.

And we all know that it is always better to get our vitamins from the right food source. It is not advisable to take supplements alone. Furthermore, salmon vitamins are essential as part of our weight loss program.

Salmon Health Benefits: Omega-3 Fatty Acids as Anti-Inflammation Nutrient

Other than B vitamins, salmon can be a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. An adequate amount of omega-3 fatty acids provide anti-inflammatory properties. These nutrients aid our body to be in good shape all the time.

Researches reveal that many of our health problems are related to inflammation. Arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and cancers are inflammation-related health conditions.

Having salmon in your diet can achieve the much needed omega-3 fatty acids. The many benefits of omega-3 include prevention of age-related mental decline like Alzheimer’s disease.

It can fight off depression, prevent heart attacks, and combat diabetes. Also, it improves bone and joint health, reduces fat in the liver, and stimulate better skin.

Furthermore, if you have the right portions of omega-3 fatty acids, you can have a pleasant sleep. It will reduce mental anxiety and depression which can link to suicides.

Salmon Health Benefits: Lean Protein for Good Shape

Another nutrient from salmon is protein. Enough protein in our body can support our muscles and promotes weight loss. Like omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins, amino acids is one salmon health benefits that we can have.

Salmon is the best source of lean protein. The lean protein will give you fewer calories. It is better than protein from higher fat meat, such as beef. These calories will keep us from eating extra foods. Being full of the right nutrients can help us avoid eating unhealthy fatty foods. It is also good for a weight loss program.

With all the lean protein in your diet, you can build more muscles. Our body needs strong muscles to burn daily calories.

Protein in salmon has a good effect on the ageing process of a person. It helps our muscles maintain its mass. Therefore, our body requires us to have enough protein daily. Not enough protein may result to slow healing process of our body and loss of muscle mass, primarily.

Salmon Health Benefits: Iodine in Salmon is Good for Thyroid Glands

From protein, we go to iodine in salmon. It has a direct contribution to the thyroid function. A healthy thyroid function results in our overall health.

Having imbalance iodine in our bodies can lead to an overactive or underactive thyroid. Scientific study shows that a lack of iodine in the body may result in improper thyroid function. Given this, you will have a problem with your metabolism and immune response.

Also, it will affect your bone health and development of the central nervous system. According to researches, iodine deficiency may give you sooner than the usual health problems.

The effects are uncontrolled weight gain, hair loss, fatigue and weakness, and slower heart rate. You will also notice dry skin, memory loss, and that unsightly goiter around the neck.

Salmon Health Benefits: Provides Immunity through Selenium

What are other salmon health benefits? Selenium promotes immunity and increases our antibodies. Protecting our body from infectious and contagious diseases is essential.

However, too much amount of selenium will result otherwise. It is considered a trace material; our body only needs a tiny amount of selenium. The recommended serving is 3.5 ounces of salmon. It can already provide 59-67% of daily suggested consumption.

This amount will be enough for bone health protection and reduce the risk of cancer. It will also increase thyroid antibodies with autoimmune thyroid disease.

Salmon Health Benefits: Reduce Heart Diseases with Potassium

Moreover, our body needs to have potassium. An adequate amount of potassium can reduce the risk of heart diseases. Regulating blood flow in our body is essential.

Most people don’t know that salmon contains more potassium than the banana. Daily consumption of salmon has a significant effect on the regulation of blood pressure.

It can also reduce the risk of heart attack because of its high potassium content. Potassium is the mineral and electrolyte we need to help our muscles better perform. It includes the muscles controlling, breathing and heartbeat.

Depending on the type, salmon can yield from 300 to 600 mg of potassium, and on rare occasions up to 900+ mg. According to the World Health Organization, the recommended daily intake of potassium is 3,510 mg per day.

Salmon Health Benefits: Salmon Antioxidant from Astaxanthin

Let us go over with other salmon health benefits. The astaxanthin is an antioxidant component from salmon. It is a compound link to several incredible health effects.

The astaxanthin is what makes the color of salmon to be reddish. In this way, the survival of salmon in very harsh conditions is possible. For humans, astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant.

Antioxidants are essential to reduce the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Therefore, salmon lowers the risk of heart diseases.

Furthermore, pharmaceuticals companies have been using astaxanthin. It has an excellent result for the treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Because of its anti-oxidant properties, researchers and doctors are now using it to treat age-related macular degeneration, liver diseases, and high cholesterol. Furthermore, it prevents cancer.

Salmon Health Benefits: Bioactive Peptides for Bone Health

Looking for additional salmon health benefits? Bioactive peptides in salmon promote minerals and collagen in our body. It has calcitonin that can help our bone health.

Our body makes our calcitonin in the thyroid gland according to Dr. Douglas Harold Copp and B Cheney at the University of British Columbia. They said that the calcitonin in our bodies could help regulate and stabilize the balance of minerals. It includes the collagen in the bone and the surrounding tissue.

Moreover, calcitonin helps ward off osteoporosis by promoting healthy joints and cartilages in our bones.

Currently, researchers are trying to learn more about the potentials of calcitonin in salmon. They wanted to know how it could help in our production of calcitonin.

Other Health Benefits

To keep your body fit and healthy, fish is one of the best weight loss foods. Salmon like other fishes and seafood have distinct nutrients that your body needs. It is a better healthy alternative source of fat than meat.

Moderate eating of salmon can produce enough nutrients. It will keep your metabolism healthy. Moreover, it is useful if you have a calorie-restricted diet to lose some extra pounds.

The difference of Farmed Salmon and Wild Caught Salmon

However, there are two types of salmon that you need to understand. You would notice all salmon in the market have the same physical appearance. But it’s hard to know if it is farmed or wild caught salmon.

Does it make a difference when we consume a farm or wild caught Salmon? In some way, it will. But you should choose to get the wild caught salmon.

According to a scientific study, some varieties of farmed salmon contain high levels of cancer-causing chemicals called PCB. We might eat these chemicals from salmon fish meal and fish oil.

If you have no chance on getting wild-caught salmon, there are procedures for farmed salmon that you need to follow. The preparation before cooking involves the removing of skin and fat layer underneath it — harmful chemicals store in this area of salmon fish.

We can have an adequate amount of salmon calories that our body needs. Most of it is omega-3 fatty acids. With a maximum of three servings weekly, salmon fish can lower the risk of chronic diseases. It can also prevent early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and eyesight degeneration.

Fishing Farm and Areas

Fishing farms and areas need to consider before choosing the right salmon for consumption. Assessing the effect on our health is essential. As mentioned before, wild caught salmon has lesser chemicals compared to farmed salmon.

It is a fact because wild salmon grows freely and naturally. Salmon can be caught only in the wild during the summer season. Therefore, it has more nutritional value than farmed salmon as it is not cultivated in a controlled environment.

The only limitation for wild salmon is overfishing. Given this, farmed salmon begins to be popular in the market. It is the solution for the demand for salmon.

Proper Handling of Fish Farms

Salmon health benefits are affected by the handling of fish farms. There are human-made pollutants in fish farms. If not properly disposed of, it can affect the neighboring ecosystems. Also, residual feeds from the fish farm are harmful chemicals that can alter the environment of other fish.

Proper labeling needs to implement of farmed and wild salmon for the welfare of consumers. It has also affected by human practices for both cultivated and wild salmon. Malpractice of fish farms can result in waste displacement in natural ecosystems where fish and seafood are living.

Other fish farm caters salmon breeds that are not an inhabitant in the area. Over time, it will affect the balance of nature wherein inhabitant salmon may carry parasites and diseases among the other fish. It can also challenge other species for reproduction and food.

Therefore, proper handling of the fish farm is vital to maintaining the balance of the natural ecosystem and the controlled environment of fish. They can still propagate wild salmon to satisfy the market if only provided with proper handling. It can increase the health benefits of salmon. It will also lessen the side effects of farmed salmon over time.

But not all fish farm for salmon has a bad reputation. Likewise, not all wild salmon are pollutant-free. There are still fish farms that offer healthy farmed salmon. Moreover, there are natural ecosystems with large deposits of chemicals and toxins.

Salmon Variety – Appearance

Salmon varieties differ in appearance as well as the health benefits it offers. The varieties contribute to some of the problems when we buy salmon in the market.

Some of the labels for frozen vacuum sealed salmon have no indications. You cannot find tags on farmed or wild caught salmon. So, for the consumer, it will be difficult to differentiate. How will you do the trick to know the difference?

At first, you will notice the fat contents in farmed salmon are greater in amount than wild salmon. You can see the fat because of the round shape of farmed salmon. In wild salmon, you will notice minimum or unnoticeable fat in its less-round way.

Farmed salmon also has different colors, depending on the food program that they used in their fish farms. You should take note also that salmon farms are too crowded. In this case, it will result in a limited supply of oxygen. This condition can affect the growth of salmon.

Also, farmed salmon has strict command in the operation of the environment. The breeding and feeding of salmon are entirely controlled. In some cases, they need to medicate the salmon to prevent mortality rate.

Salmon Recipes

After we know the benefits and types of salmon, we can prepare some recipes. These recipes can bring a twist of flavor when eating salmon fish. But, it will not affect the health benefits we can get from salmon.

These salmon recipes can be your alternative if you are planning for a weight loss program. There are many ways you can have salmon and can find many exciting recipes on the internet as well. You can have it grilled, fried, baked, and steamed. You can induce lemon to your grilled salmon. With grilled vegetables as a side dish, you can flavor it with some spices too.

Furthermore, you can have your fried salmon dipped into your favorite guacamole. You can prepare it with garlic and honey-dipped. It will add more flavor for your taste bud.  Moreover, you can try baked and steamed salmon with lime and ginger.

Citrus like lime and lemon is a right combination with salmon. Since salmon has a neutral taste, you can perfectly match it with citrus. It can increase the milky taste of salmon.

Without consuming meat, you can have healthy options for omega-3 fatty acids. Other nutrients like B vitamins, protein and potassium promote adequate salmon health benefits in our body.

Salmon helps our mind and body to function normally. It will make our response as quickly as possible. Not enough nutrients can slow down our metabolism, brain function, and digestion. Also, our immune system will become weak.

Our Insights

There is no doubt that salmon health benefits are impressive and can provide all the nutrients that our body need to live a healthy life. Moreover, like other fishes and seafood, salmon have distinct nutrients to maintain good health.

There are many advantages to a healthy and fit life. For that reason, consumption of salmon can be beneficial to us. It can provide the nutrients we need to perform tasks at hand.

Indeed, you cannot compare it to any food because of the omega fatty acids contents. The suggested serving of salmon in a week should be at least twice. It can provide you with the nutrients you need. Also, it will reduce the risk of chronic diseases and other health problems.

Some side effects of eating salmon

There will be a problem if you take more than the recommended serving. Eating more than twice a week of salmon fish can result in the buildup of trace materials in your body. The trace material that can be found in salmon is the mercury.

Too much mercury in our blood can cause poisoning. It can also produce brain defects in pregnant women. Other than salmon, there are fish that contains high-mercury.

One thing we need to be aware of is the allergic reaction to salmon. Rashes can develop while eating salmon. It is one of the common allergies we can get from eating fish and seafood.

These rashes can become serious health problems. If you see it, you should take antihistamines. You can also consult a doctor if you notice symptoms of allergy. Despite being rich in amino acids, you can have other healthy alternatives to the protein food source.

Therefore, eating the right amount of salmon fish is essential. You cannot achieve the health benefits of consuming salmon right away by just eating a huge serving of salmon daily.

Avocado Nutrition Facts for Better Health

Avocado Nutrition Facts

Avocado nutrition facts have a great impact on our health. You cannot go wrong with avocado if you are looking for significant nutritional benefits in a single fruit.

Avocado nutrition facts are the nutrient value that we can get from this fruit. Avocado that makes us healthy and lose weight over time. Similarly, some diet plans that contain plenty of fruits and vegetables can alter the high risk of health diseases.

Avocado or the Alligator pear can be cultivated in warm climates. It has a creamy texture that provides a substantial amount of healthy mono-unsaturated fatty acids.

Avocado in our weight loss program meals highlight the nutritional facts it contains. The nutritional value it offers improves digestion, reduces depression anxiety and boosts the immune system against cancer.

Some impressive avocado nutrition facts

One serving of 49 grams avocado contains mostly of 64 calories, 6 grams of fat, 3.4 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of fiber. It has a little amount of sugar. These are facts based on the USDA National Nutrient Database.

Like other fruits, avocado is loaded with a great source of vitamins C, E, K, and B. You can have minerals like riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, and potassium from avocado. Other essential nutrients like lutein, beta-carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids.

On the other hand, you will notice the fat contents in avocado is not bad. The fats in avocado are essential nutrients that need our body. It helps us feel full and satiated. Omega-3 fatty acids in our body imply our brain to keep out our appetite while it slowly breakdown carbohydrates in our body. In this process, it will regulate healthy blood sugar levels.

However, not all fats are harmful in our body except for too much consumption. Avocado fats have nutritional value in our body. It supports skin health, enhances the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Other than that, it boosts the immune system, keeping us healthy always. You can achieve better results if you combine avocados with other fruits and vegetables in your daily meals.

Fortified our Hearts from Chronic Diseases

Other than vitamins and minerals, avocados are rich in fiber that protects our hearts. Healthy hearts mean that our body is in good shape. We are free from diseases and symptoms of future illness.

We can protect and safeguard our hearts from chronic diseases with adequate intake of avocado that is full of nutrition facts. Most certainly, the 25 milligrams per ounce in avocado has a natural plant sterol called beta-sitosterol.

According to a study, the sitosterol property has significant contribution to maintain our hearts in functioning normally.

Moreover, avocados contain high fiber. Increase intake of high fiber can lower the risks of developing chronic diseases like coronary heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. It can prevent the occurrence of diabetes, obesity and gastrointestinal disorders.

For the record, the effects of avocado in the prevention of chronic diseases have been researched and studied. It was made in the Department of Internal Medicine and Nutritional Sciences Program of the University of Kentucky.

The studies show that eating avocados over time can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It can also improve insulin sensitivity, and enhance weight loss for obese individuals.

Good for the Eyesight

Avocados have nutritional benefits to us especially in the improvement of our eyesight. The phytochemicals and beta-carotene found in avocado sustain our visions to function generally over time.

Good eyesight means that our body has complete nutrients that keep functioning normally – this is because of avocado nutrition facts. There are two phytochemicals, lutein, and zeaxanthin, that sustain good eyesight.

The phytochemicals contain antioxidants to protect the eyes and minimize the damage from ultraviolet light. The nutrients absorbed in the tissues of the eyes. Eventually, regular eating of avocados can preserve normal vision and repair the damaged tissues in the eyes.

Also, omega-3 fatty acids have another role in our body. Avocados support the absorption of beta-carotene, a beneficial fat-soluble antioxidant. Beta-carotene helps to reduce the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration. It is an early stage of vision problem among us.

Lowering Risk of Cancer

Indeed, avocado has extraordinary health benefits in our body. Blended with other fruits and vegetables in your meal plan regularly, it will give you these benefits.

The occurrence of cancer can be prevented with the intake of healthy foods. Proper nutrients of avocado play a role in cancer treatment.

Furthermore, a research finding shows that the phytochemicals found in avocados can slow down the growth of precancerous and cancerous cells in our body. It can eradicate the cancer cells and encourage the proliferation of immune system cells as well.

Given this, the phytochemicals increase the healing of chromosomal damages from cyclophosphamide during chemotherapy session of cancer patients.

Another nutrient that needs to be taken sufficiently is folate. Folate protects our internal organs like colon, stomach, pancreatic, and cervical from cancer cells. Researchers believe that folate protects our body against undesirable mutations in DNA and RNA during cell division.

Support Healthy Pregnancy

We can get folate from avocados. This nutrient makes a difference in your body if it is included in your daily meal. The folate in avocado can do the trick to have healthy babies in the future. It is the most essential nutrients in conceiving a child.

Enough folate in our body can sustain a healthy pregnancy. However, inadequate intake of folate can increase the chances of miscarriage and neural tube defects.

According to McGill University, 30% higher incidence of a variety of congenital disabilities in baby mice conceived using sperm from mice with a folate deficiency compared with mice conceived using sperm from mice with adequate folate levels.

As a result, this study clearly shows that folate has a significant role in pregnancy. Ample intake of folate supports you to have a healthy pregnancy.

Lower Risk of Depression Anxiety

Regular consumption of avocado can lead to lower the risk of depression anxiety. It contains folate that normalizes our moods.

As one of the nutrition facts, avocado hinders depression anxiety in the person. It normalizes your moods and prevents moods swings.

The nutrient of avocado that contributes to lowering the risk of depression anxiety is folate. Aside from a healthy pregnancy, it slows down the build-up of homocysteine as well.

Also, the homocysteine is a substance that can impair circulation and delivery of nutrients to the brain. Avocado prevents the symptoms of excessive secretion of homocysteine in our body.

Nevertheless, too much of it in our body can interfere with our mood, sleep habits and appetite.

Absorption of Right Nutrients

Our body needs enough fiber to have our digestion functioning normally. Abnormal digestion will fail our body to absorb the right nutrients which can lead to further serious health problems.

One of the avocado nutrition facts is rich in fiber than measures up to 14 grams per fruit. This fiber is enough to absorb nutrients from the food we intake. With the high amount of fiber, avocado prevents us from experiencing constipation. It helps us maintain healthy digestion and lower risk of colon cancer.

Organic Anti-oxidants for Detoxification

Avocado is an organic anti-oxidant because of the high fiber content. Therefore, it is one of the fruits that good for weight loss program.

Avocado nutrition facts include normal excretion of toxins from our body through bile and stool. It is the key to feel healthy — meal plans in weight loss program set aside the intake of avocado, which is false.

We should include avocado in our diet because of its high fiber content. According to a study, dietary fiber can regulate the immune system and inflammation.

Osteoporosis Treatment and Prevention

What makes avocado, so special in bone health is the regulation of calcium in our body? Vitamin K increases calcium absorption and reducing urinary excretion of calcium.

Some of the avocado nutrition facts include vitamin K, which is essential for bone health and saponins nutrients that reduce knee osteoarthritis. Therefore, the daily recommended intake of vitamin K in our body is 25%, which we can get from half a slice of avocado.

Vitamin K is essential for bone health. Consequently, it plays a role in osteoporosis prevention and cure. Other nutrients like calcium and vitamin D offer the same nutrients in our body.

Saponins are nutrients that can be found in avocados. It contributes to slow down symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.

According to research, the extraction of saponins from avocado can come up with a pure substance which can determine the long-term effect in our body.

Fight against E-Coli

Avocados can be used to fight E-Coli contamination in our food. It is a microscopic organism that causes food poisoning. Therefore, you cannot see it with your eyes.

One of the benefits of avocado nutrition facts is to address E-Coli. It is a leading cause of food poisoning. There are substances in avocado that contains antimicrobial activity which fight E-Coli. The importance of this substance can prevent food poisoning in our body.

Promotes Strong Muscles and Immunity

Knowing that we can consume protein from avocado, we can include it with our meal plans. It is also a valuable avocado nutrition fact that we need to remind of ourselves especially if we are choosing a healthy lifestyle.

One of avocado nutrition facts is to promote strong muscles and immunity. To keep our bodies immune and maintain healthy and strong muscles, the inclusion of avocado in our meals and diet program will give us nutrients like protein.

Avocado Protein

Moreover, avocado protein is one of the healthy alternatives to protein-rich foods like meat, which is also another good option for vegetarian. Protein in avocado can be considered high in amount. They believed it higher than milk products.

Indeed, protein in our body plays a significant role. If we have an adequate amount of protein in our body, we can reduce the risk of immunity deficiency, muscle and tissue loss, prolonged unhealed wounds and abnormal height.

We need to intake protein for the reason that our body has limited production of amino acids. Hence, amino acids are from protein. These are by-products of protein, meaning when we take protein-rich foods, our body stabilized it that becomes amino acids.

We can get almost complete amino acids in avocado. You can get from avocado the omega-3 and 6 fatty acids along with the eight important amino acids. Our body uses amino acids to promote functions of our muscles to protect our bones, skin for protection from infectious diseases and develop enzymes for digestion.

Protein in avocado contains all the essential amino acids that our body cannot synthesize on our own. Given this, a protein found from avocado and other fruits and vegetables is healthy because it consumes with fiber. On the contrary, Protein from other foods like meat has other components that can harm our health over time.

Other Health Benefits

Avocado is a diverse fruit with all the nutrients it gives to our body. It can be used as beauty products as well as early foods for baby. Avocado nutrition facts include avocado oil and other different forms. Avocado oil may be utilized in cooking when processed. You can also apply it as moisturizers in hair and face.

Probably, these can be confusing for the consumers, so you need to check the labels thoroughly if it is for cooking or beauty products.

Avocado as Baby Food

Avocado can be essential as one of the first foods for baby. We can make avocado food for baby because of the nutritional value that it contains. Avocado has vital nutrients for a baby of six months old and above.

For the first six months of babies, the only food they can consume is milk, breastmilk or formula milk. However, when they reached six months, it was suggested that parents should introduce other foods.

It is an important practice by parents as part of the preparation for their babies to familiarize with the nature of other foods. The change in providing foods with our babies will teach them other methods for food intakes aside from milk.

The first thing to consider is the nutrients that will be fed to the baby. It is essential because the taste buds of the baby are sensitive. The foods that they will eat until they become one year old will be their preferences as they grow.

As a result, you can serve avocado as one of the early foods for baby. Most common early foods for babies are banana, apple, cereals, squash, and potato. But we considered avocado seldom.

The most significant avocado nutrition fact for baby is the healthy fats which improve brain development of a baby. Avocado can also reduce the cravings of the baby for sweet foods as it is known for having no sugar content in it. Even a ripe avocado has a neutral flavor and pleasant texture for baby.

Avocado Recipes

There are several avocado recipes that we can make to produce an exciting dish and salad out of avocado. Most common preparation for avocado is adding sugar and milk to it for some creamy and sweet tastes. But if you are trying to lose weight, this is not the right mixture for avocado. You should opt to prepare a healthier and refreshing infusion for avocado.

Similarly, you can combine avocado slices in your favorite dish, or make coleslaw and salad from avocado. Some people use avocado guacamole to add a twist to their spread.

In some countries, people also eat avocado as their breakfast. Serving it with bread toast or in a smoothie; avocado can go perfect in any dishes. You can combine it with other fruits like melon, apple, and grapes added by honey for more delicious taste.

For some, eating avocado alone is boring compared to other fruits with a sugary taste. We tend to look for fruit desserts with sweet taste after a meal.

We eat ice cream or yogurt with flavors of fruits except for avocado flavor. It is a practice of our lifestyle that we develop at an early age. Moreover, we are not careful about our consumption of food unless the doctor says.

We know that avocado is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has exceptional nutritional benefits.

However, merely the benefits of avocado nutrition facts will not help us either eating it alone will give us the whole package of the nutrients we need.

We need to have proper discipline towards eating as well as do regular exercises.

Given this, we should take the opportunity that avocado offers by adding it to our meal plan and enjoy a healthy body and live a fit and elegant lifestyle.

Our Insights

As we go through the avocado nutrition facts, our insights show it is one of the best weight loss foods. It can be a key for us to lose weight quickly.

Avocado nutrition facts proved that it could reduce symptoms of illness and diseases in our body. It can increase our immune system and improve digestion; both are a great influence to function our vital organs normally.

When we consume avocado, we should know that a 100-gram avocado is equivalent to 160 calories. However, what we eat in avocado has fewer carbohydrates and no sugar content at all.

Avocado has many properties that contribute to weight loss. As a fruit, you can include avocado in your meals along with other fruits and vegetables. Given this, it can be eaten raw and in portions.