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Skincare Mistakes that You are Guilty of Doing Must Stop Now


Skincare mistakes are common for those who took for granted the damage it can cause to the skin. How can we tell if you are making common mistakes to your skins? Here are some of the errors that you are doing unintentionally.

Skincare mistakes can be avoided, so you need not worry if you are guilty of doing one of these. Of course, we do not want any harm to our skin, and all we want is the best. So how can you achieve it?

Taking care of our complexions is one of the essential beauty routines that we need to maintain. But what happens if the damage to our skin already has been done?

As everyone says, prevention is better than cure. So better to understand how we can stop skincare mistakes and focus on beauty routines that can nourish and make our skin glow.

Naturally, skin can be radial and flawless if you have enough vitamins, and exposure to sunlight is essential. The best time to have your skin exposed to the sun is every morning. According to a study, morning sunlight can give your skin the natural glow and brightness.

During winter, there are skincare routines that you can do, but it is still best to know the skincare mistakes. Cold weather can affect your skin. Likewise, when the summer season appeared, some skincare mistakes cannot be avoided. So it is essential to know some of these mistakes.

How can you prevent skin care mistakes?

Never leave your skincare after cleansing.

Skincare-Mistakes-apply-moisturizer-or-lotionA minute is the longest time you can leave your skin bare after cleansing, which includes taking a bath. Why? After cleansing or taking a shower, your skin tends to become dehydrated as the air sucks the moisture out of the skin.

What to do? You will need to apply moisturizer or lotion right after cleansing or taking a bath. It will keep the air in your skin. Also, you can use toner to your skin for additional protection and leave your skin tight and dry.

You are using products that are incompatible with your skin type.

Are you wondering why some skincare products have no results? Do not blame the products. Instead, look in the labels and make sure that it is suitable for your skin type.

What to do? Find out what skin type you are. If you see that product labels as “all skin types,” then you are safe. Now, if you have dry skin, do not use skin products that can make your skin drier. Instead, look for a product with a moisturizer. But if you have oily skin, disregard the products with high moisture content. Look for products that can offer remedies for oily skin. A combination of skin type also has specific products that can make your skin look more radial and flawless. Make sure to read labels so you can prevent skincare mistakes.

Blemishes treatment

Skincare-Mistakes-BlemishesYes, we have blemishes, and you can treat it the right way. Otherwise, you are making it worse. Flaws appeared for different reasons, so one way to stop it is knowing the right way to treat it.

What to do? When you have pimples, you should stop picking it and thoroughly look where you can put some treatment. The treatment should be the right one to treat the breakouts. Otherwise, it can infect or worsen your pimples. The proper treatment can also prevent the recurrence of whiteheads, which can occur on your nose, chin, and jaw areas. It is crucial because, over time, you will have flawless skin.

Too much exfoliation

When skincare products are burning or stinging – you should stop using it right away! It is a myth that many depend on their choice of product. Just to look younger and get smoother, no one is skipping the use of exfoliating products. But how can you ensure that it can give your desire smoothness and younger-looking skin?

What to do? Make sure you know when and how many times you should exfoliate depending on the products you will be using. For instance, when doing exfoliation, you should feel the texture of the beads or grains. If you want to perform exfoliation thrice a week, you should consider the ground grained facial scrubs. But if you’re going to use some products which include chemical exfoliants, you should use it three nights straight and rest, then repeat. Some of these exfoliants are acid serums.

The skincare mistakes when using exfoliation products are creating damage to your skin for moisture, flaking, dehydration, and inflammation. It can also create the destruction of healthy cells and stimulation of melanin activity. The later one is dangerous over time because it can increase hyperpigmentation.

No Sunscreen

Skincare-Mistakes-sunscreenProtecting the skin is essential, and you have to remember this daily. Especially when the summer season is onset, you will need all the protection for your skin. Aside from keeping your body hydrated and eating healthy food, you will need protection for your skin.

Without sunscreen, there are skin problems that may occur, and one of these is aging or an early stage of wrinkling. Because of the daylight and UV rays, your skin can experience dryness and sunburn. Wherever you are, make sure that when you are outdoors, you will need to apply sunscreen to your skin.

What to do? There are skincare mistakes when it comes to protecting your skin. If you want to keep your skin glow and radiant, you need to apply skincare with high SPF. Do not underestimate the sun’s heat even if the weather is gloomy. It is not the sun you should be worried about alone, but you should consider the wind, which can cause windburn. It is why you should be prepared, especially during the summer season.

Our Insights

There is no harm in making your body clean all the time. It is part of the hygiene, and you should be proud of it. But consider using a shower gel or body wash instead of using bar soap. Unlike body wash, bar soap contains harmful chemical ingredients that can strip the moisture in your body. You should also consider using moisturizers to alleviate dry skin but stop overusing it. Moisturizer with thinner coats is better because it will not cause clogging of pores. There are plenty of skincare mistakes, and what we have mentioned are only a few among them. Just make sure that if you feel something is wrong with skincare products that you are using, you should stop right away. Consult your dermatologist for more professional advice.

Skin Care at your 30’s? Here are the Perfect Tips for Worry Less Aging

skin care 0312

Skin care at your 30’s? Well, thirty is the age when you are all set with your career, family and stable financially. When you start feeling relax, your skin starts to prank you. You get time for yourself and find out the sign of aging in your skin.

Skin care is one of the most ugly truth face of women when they are at their 30’s. For women, it is almost a nightmare. Not in teen, youth is gone- nothing left in life- have you ever thought this way? If yes then cut out this fear from life. You can enjoy your 30’s if you take care of your skin regularly.

sign of aging

What you need to do for skin caring?

During 30, your body faces some changes. So, wrinkles, dark circles, and aging sign start to appear. That is why your skin needs extra care at this time. Only using cleanser and moisturizer will not enough for glowing skin at this age. You have to make sure the products you are using are right products for your skin. You may need additional beauty products such as serum and night eye cream at this age. Here is the best way to go about it.


Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are necessary for skin care. These are essential at any ages but when you are at 30’s you cannot forget them. Proper cleansing protects your skin from damages and also helps them to function well. As you are at 30’s, use cleanser that suits your skin. Talk to a dermatologist to choose the right cleanser for you.


Skin exfoliate helps to remove dead skins. Thus your skin will look young and fresh. Try to exfoliate your skin at night times. You can do this twice a week. Some of the exfoliation compounds are glycolic, lactic, or salicylic for the better result.


Do not forget to use sunscreen before going outside. Sunscreen protects your skin from sunburns. You got early wrinkles due to sunburn. Wear a sunscreen spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection. Use them even in winter season and rainy days.


Use anti-oxidant, Vitamin E, Vitamin C serum to make your skin more radiant. It will help protect you from oxidative stress as the main contributor to early aging.

Use Oil

During 30’s your skin loses its softness. You have to keep it hydrated. Use oils rich in fatty-acid. You can also use almond oil, vitamin E oil, and sesame oil. For better result, add few drops of oil in water and pour it in your body.

Use Fruit Peel

At 30’s your skin becomes dull. Therefore we suggest fruit peel. It will help your skin glow well. Try using enzymatic skin peels such as pineapple enzyme, glycolic or mushroom peels.

Extra Care at Night

Your skin needs extra care at night. Use eye cream before sleeping. Clean your face again. Use a moisturizer before sleep. If possible apply the homemade mask at night time.

Other than that, always be gentle with your skin. Drink plenty of water and add vegetables and fruits to your daily meal. Try to go to a skin expert once in a month, and also you need facial according to your skin tone once in a month. Above all, you need to keep yourself stress-free. Proper diet, exercise and regular skin care routine will help you enjoy your 30’s.