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Styling Tips for Tall Men – The Essentials for your Fashion Statement


Essential styling tips for tall men is as important as finding the right girl. Well, admittedly, there is an awkward fashion when you are tall. And if we say tall, you find it hard to choose the proper way and styles for you.

Essential styling tips for tall men can be the key if you want to be more confident. It is also one of the styling tips that you should consider when you are making your fashion and style.

So how will you slay the fashion when you are tall and if you do not want to catch too much attention. Since you are tall, you will require some fashion tips that will complement your style preferences.

Styling Tips for Tall Men 01

What are the essential styling tips for tall men?

Being tall is great when you do fashion, but some specific designs and styles will not fit your height easily. So here are the best tips so you can conquer your height when you fashion.

Customized your Dress Shirts

Styling Tips for Tall Men 002What are dress shirts? If you are not aware, these kinds of clothes are the t-shirt that you will be wearing. Some of the ready-to-wear garments you want to wear are not just fit in your shoulders, arms, and collars. So the solution is to make it customized. Go to a reliable tailor and make some improvements with your shirts. It will cause you a bit more money, but it will suit you better.


Big is different from Tall


Do not be deceived if someone told you that you are big, so you need to wear some clothes with bigger sizes. Being tall is different from being big. Essential styling tips for tall men is knowing the difference of clothes fitting in tall men versus to bigger men. So if you are just tall with a slim fit, then you can choose a proportioned size. Otherwise, you can choose plus size if you are tall and big.

Subtle Plaids and Textures

tll04Plaids and textures depending on your height and size. When you are tall, you do not need to wear vertical stripes. It will make you seem taller, and your height will shadow the crowd. Instead, look for subtle or simple plaids and textures. Set aside vertical stripes so it will not be your problem in the future and more space for shirts that essentials styling tips for tall men.

Pay attention to your necktie


One of the essentials tips for tall men is the size of the necktie. When you are tall, you should know that your tie should complement the length of your torso. Avoid short ties and make sure that the length is on top of your belt buckle or waistband.

Belt and shoes should come together

tll01To complete your style, make sure that your belt and shoes complement each other. Do not experiment with colors that are too loud and different. Can you imagine what will happen? Well, you will look like a clown. Being tall, men should know the segmenting and shortening your height rule when it comes to shoes and belts. You can always try to have two colors that are in contrast with each other. It will slay your whole outfit.

Some Reminders to Keep your Height Illusioned

If you want to be more stylish when you are tall, you should know what outfit you look more confident and what makes you feel down. And the latter you should avoid before making a scene at the party.

Textures, layers, and some patterns should be avoided when you want to minimize your height.

Know when to best layered.

When you are a tall man, you should know that breasted jackets can be worn comfortably. Double-breasted jackets or vests can be worn correctly with tall men. So if you are looking for coats, there would be no problem with you. Just make sure you choose the unique and distinguishes look that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Look for dashing shoes.

When you are tall, one of the essential tips for tall men includes patterned, textured, and a bit colored leathers. It will make your outfit more elegant, and with your height, it will be a killer to your fashion and style. It will also make your feet a bit shorter when wearing leather shoes. Of course, this kind of shoes can be worn when you have a business to attend and formal and smart-casual occasions.

Oversized is not your thing.

Oversized clothes are not your thing when you are tall. You should stick with the exact size to your height. Why? Because making your styles with the right patterns can restrain your height, which will help you to try some outfit that can match with it. You can always look for moderation and mix them with stripes as possible as you can. The moderation in mixing the lines is one of the essentials styling tips for tall men.

Shorts and Shirts that will balance your fashion.

Shorts and t-shirts when you are tall are challenging styles and fashion. You should know that it will help you balance and your clothes are not too big for you. Also, you should consider your shirt to have the size to compliment your waist.

Our Insights

Essential styling tips for men consider the size if you are skinny or heavyset. It is one problem tall men are facing because when you are thin, you can have slim-fit clothes. Otherwise, you can choose subtle prints and patterns. For tall skinny men, you can have more textured clothes like weaves and heavier cloth so it can make you shorter than your actual height.

Hairstyles like The New Trendy Hair Buns to Create Impression

hair buns

Hairstyles are essential to creating an impression, and it tells a lot about a person’s image. Whether you have beautiful hair or not styling your hair is necessary. Even if you do not have healthy and beautiful hair that can create a negative impression; you can overshadow it by styling your hair correctly.

Hairstyles for women around the world creates impression. However, sometimes it is challenging for them to find an appropriate hairstyle that suits their look. For that, many women do not try different hairstyles. They go for traditional and common hairstyles that are easy to do.

You cannot deny the fact that repeating the same hairstyle over and over is always boring. You must want something new. If you are looking forward to getting a hairdo that goes well with a casual look, party look and all; that is hair buns of course. Different types of hair buns can give you casual yet elegant look and fit any outfits. Whether you are wearing a gown or t-shirt; buns match with them.

Celebrities are also spotting with hair buns in runways and parties. You can choose a hair bun style from them of your choice. Hair buns are the trend in this year. You will see different types of hair buns in 2018. Some of them will be in a pattern for 2019 also. Let’s take a look at some hair buns styles that can be your next choice for styling your hair.

Hair Buns Styles

The Low-Slug Bun

Hairstyles The Low-Slug Bun

The low-slung bun is beautiful yet simple. It gives a classic look, and you can make it at home with minimal equipment. Undoubtedly, this hair bun will provide you with a glamorous look if you want to be party ready.

The Sleek Side Bun

Hairstyles The Sleek Side Bun

If you want to look ultra-polished, try sleep-side bun. It will give you an elegant look. You can beautify this bun using hair accessories also.

Braided Bun

Hairstyles Braided Bun

For centuries, women are using braid to style their hair. If you want to give that braid a modern look, make a bun of it. Now a day, braided buns are famous among college girls.

Space Buns

Space Buns

Space buns or double buns will give you a fresh look. They will give you a feeling of your childhood. They are easy to do, cute and unique also. Space buns are perfect for spring and summer as it will make sure you are looking fresh and young.

Messy Bun

Messy Bun

Girls love messy bun looks. It will give you a lazy-girl version look, and you can try this hairstyle with any of your outfits.

Flowery Bun

Flowery Bun

Flowery buns are easy to do, and they are admittedly cute. It goes well with casual, semi-formal and formal evening parties.

Beach Bun

Beach Bun

Beach Buns are utterly perfect for summer. It adds an extra edge to your face, and these buns are super trendy.

Sock Bun

Sock Bun

Sock buns are classic and fashionable. These buns are perfect for your summer look. Using sock, you can make this bun. Sock buns are an obsession for many girls.

Avoid repeating the same hairstyle again and again. Try these buns and enjoy styling your hair daily in new ways.