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How to Wear a Denim Jacket? Here are your 101 Tips!


How to wear a denim jacket? Well, there are many ways to wear a denim jacket, and all of these are stylish and excellent options for many outfits. The casual dressing can be your relaxed way of wearing it.

How to wear a denim jacket can be playful and exciting. Like what I did when I ran out of styles and all that is left are my jackets. There are many ways on how to look impressive while wearing a denim jacket.


What is the right color?

Owning a denim jacket is one of the things you need to invest in. You have a lot of choices, but you need to know what is the right fit for your body. A loose and oversized design can favor you if you want a relaxed appearance. But you can still look fit and sharper while others are wearing a denim jacket by a classic cut.

If you are done choosing the right denim jacket, it is time to choose the right colors. There are three shades of denim jacket that you can try – blue, black, and gray.

As for me, I wear a blue denim jacket during spring and summer. Sporting light blue shade can look brighter while the dark hue of blue is more appropriate during colder months.

A black denim jacket is my favorite. It is the most stylish denim jacket. I can pair this with anything in my wardrobe. Aside from it is versatility, it is the best color to be paired with any color of my clothes, even with footwear.

How about choosing a gray denim jacket? If you want to look fresh and unique, grab a gray denim jacket. A contemporary look will be your outfit in the gray shade of denim jacket.

How to wear a denim jacket with other outfits?

How-to-Wear-Denim-Jacket-04Wearing a pair of slim black jeans with a blue denim jacket will give you a rocking style and perfect casual outfits.

To look smart with your denim jackets, you can wear trousers. You can do this if you do not want to wear double denim outfits and it really suits your style.

Are you planning to wear a T-shirt inside? You may look for simple designs of t-shirts and not a rocking t-shirt with your denim jacket. However, it is a no-brainer, and you can choose different types of t-shirts as long as you will have the right combination and can be paired with a variety of pants and any shoe styles you want.

Speaking of shoes, how to wear a denim jacket with the right footwear is not that hard. Sneakers can be the most excellent choice with a denim jacket. But you can try wearing mother boots if you want to look edgy. You can try a smarter look by wearing leather or suede shoes.

The denim jacket is a good pair with your jumper. It is ideal for layering and a stylish urban appearance. What to do? I tried wearing a hoodie jacket under my denim jacket over my jumper. And surprisingly, I get the right combination of a super-stylish denim jacket.

The perfect outfit for denim jackets

Only a few men can enjoy wearing a denim jacket. That is why I will share with you how to wear a denim jacket.

First, try wearing a denim jacket and a pair of matching shades of blue for an eye-catching outfit; A perfect choice of deciding bold and seeking a more subtle style of jacket and jeans in different hues. It may look softer appearance, but sometimes you need a break for some sharp and edgy style with a denim jacket.

Are you trying for a traditional denim jacket? You probably want to include the denim jacket, but the length is waistcoat only. That is an excellent style with your usual casual collared shirt. It will perfectly go with your pair of trousers—a sleek and comfortable outfit for how to wear a denim jacket. Wear loafers to slay this denim vest outfit.

When beating the cold, a denim jacket can be your trusted ally. With a flannel shirt and denim jacket, you are going to appear in a stylish, rugged look. You accessorized with boots and scarves to keep yourself warm.

How to layer a denim jacket


Thanks to my buddy, who loves to mix and match denim jacket in the most exciting ways. Layering with different pieces of items like shirts, rollneck sweaters, vests, and lightweight parkas can look awesome with a denim jacket.

For a casual look, a denim jacket can be partnered with any items in your closet. Even your weekend wardrobe can be paired with an excellent tailored and shade of denim jacket.

Make sure you choose a fitted denim jacket if you want to wear smart casual outfits.

Sharing My Thoughts

When you think that wearing a denim jacket is not a big thing, think twice because most people, especially men, liked to wear denim jackets than anything else.

Okay, to get your perfect outfit with your denim jacket, you need to look for a denim jacket that will fit based on your style. The color of your denim jacket can be in different shades, but make sure you find the right one, which can build confidence in you. Stop looking for something that you only think that will go right to your skin tone and body shape because you just saw it wore by a celebrity.

Personal Style, Your Very Own Unique Fashion Statement


Personal style has been the constant effort of making the fashion to be unique and recognizable. There are different fashion trends that you can try, but what is truly exciting to wear is your particular style.

Personal style comes in many forms, and you can adjust your outfit any way you like it. This style is about comfort and portraying yourself, the real you without losing your confidence.


Some styles can come in outrageous designs and the increase of influencers in social media. But you can deliberately change it the way you want to look. Personal style comes from trend and fashion styles, but it reflects more of your attitude and character.

However, if you still have no idea of some styles to wear, you can try some of the classics and experiments below in combination with the new fashion trend.

Head Turne

Do not be confused with all the fashion designs and styles that are going around. So better catch up with the one that fits you.

Classic Style

Personal-Style-Your-Very-Own-Unique-Fashion-004It is the favorite of many – vintage styles. Most of the personal styles come from this classic look of the past. From footwear to the headdress, you can begin with new methods like choosing retro designs.

Bohemian Style

If you want to look extraordinary and non-traditional, you can try wearing a bohemian style. This look comes with wild patterns and extravagant designs. The textures of clothing can be exotic, and you can see the difference easily from the usual personal style you have been trying. A gypsy or hippie look is some bohemian style that you can wear. A Boho look we mean, for example.

Chic Style


Are you trying to look smart and nerdy yet trendy? Chic style is a personal style that you can follow if you want to get a striking look. For instance, you can choose intense colors, yet it will be comfortable with the eyes. It is not a casual style but with more touch of your character.

Artsy Style

If you have a creative personality, you can show it with an artsy style. This style does not follow the traditional norms, so you can grab the chance to innovate the trends and create your unique fashion.

Sexy Style

Personal-Style-Your-Very-Own-Unique-Fashion003Sexy styles come with skin exposure. You can wear clothes that can be seen as some flesh of your bodies like your chest and stomach. So you may get it now that this personal style is not for conservative type. Skin exposure in this fashion is extreme, and you should know if you have the guts and confidence to flaunt it to everyone. Otherwise, look for others’ styles.

Casual Type

In this kind of fashion, the casual type is about elegance and comfort. If you are trying hard to look fabulous, you should take it easy. Prioritize comfort rather than wearing something that will limit your freedom. For instance, a casual person with a personal style is wearing a white t-shirt and black pants. With this pair, you can match some accessories to highlight your personality.

Sophisticated Style


Sophistication is one of the hardest characters to achieve. Some are lucky if this trait is natural with them. Nevertheless, you can do this as well. A sophisticated style, for instance, can be your personal style. Make a statement with quality and polished with manner and culture. These are vital points. You can see this style with the dress-up of a businesswoman. If lifestyle and luxury is your unique style, then this one’s for you.

Boyish Style

Not all women are fond of wearing dresses or clothing like other ladies. Tomboy style is one of the personal forms that perfectly fits with women who want to wear dark shades of color rather than pink, red, or alike. Also, if it fits your personality, this style portrays a little baggy, and the designs and prints of the clothes focus on graphic designs.

Rockstar Style

rockgirlleatherjacketSometimes, you might feel like making yourself look like your favorite rockstar. Then probably you should try the rocker style as your personal style. People may call this versatile style of fashion, but choosing this depends on what rock music you are going to portray. Some accessories to complete this style are metal giants but avoid the baggy method. You can opt for smaller sizer clothing and a hoodie jacket for a more intense rocker style.

How to Identify the Perfect Personal Style

After knowing the different fashion, there are techniques that you should know. These techniques can help you figure out the best style and way for you.

Know your body shape.

It is the primary know-how if you want to get the best dress for yours. Fashion will always look good if you know your body shape. Try to look for celebrities with the same forms as you. It is the easiest way to find what style you can wear.

Look for the signature piece.

A signature piece is something that will help you look gorgeous on any unexpected occasion. It can be accessories, the design or pattern of the clothes can be one of your choices to find the signature clothes for you. Then you can invest in these items which you can wear over time. No hesitations but will give you confidence.

But pay attention to details that might compromise your fashion. Look for the designs and pieces that make your self-esteem low. Then you should toss these stuff aside and replace it with some accessories and clothing that will make you feel fantastic.

Look for the right colors.

Of course, perfect fashion styles depend on your skin tone. Look for colors that will give power to your complexion. Mix and match the colors as you have seen to fashion magazines and TV shows.

Create a unique wardrobe.

Making a personal style comes with an organized wardrobe. Make sure you have not more than 50 pieces in your wardrobe if you want to get your unique perfect style. Never underestimate what you got in your closet.

Make a “terno” sometimes.

Wearing a “terno” is one of the classic looks you can wear, and you should not be afraid of it as your fashion statement. You can wear this on any occasion as long as you know the proper designs and patterns. There are loud designs and simple patterns that you can choose from.

New fashion should not be the focus.

Your attention should not focus on new fashion trends. You should also look for other fashion like the vintage and those that look classic. Then add some elegance and sophistication to it. Your personal style should not always depend on a new fashion statement. Instead, you can restyle your look with some fashion that fits your character.

Our Insights

Indeed personal style is a fashion statement that reflects your character and attitude. If you do not want to exert effort in always finding the right piece, you should look for some brands that fit your body shape and skin tone. Branded clothes offer most of the time, the shape and design. You can also look for a good tailor that can make your personalized fashion items. Also, try some DIY accessories based on the popular signature items of your favorite celebrity icons. See that personal style should not always copy the one that you can see in fashion magazines and TV shows.

How to be More Stylish and look like a Famous Celebrity


How to be more stylish when you want to have a practical fashion. Of course, you will need to be more elegant if you are going to use some of your precious items. Regardless of how old or new, being stylish needs to be tricky.

How to be more stylish using some of your items in the wardrobe should be guided. There are styles that we think are alright, but the truth is it is not as fashionable as we dream about.

To be stylish, you do not need to be an expert to become one. You just need to be yourself and think of how you will achieve your style. There are many ways to be more stylish by doing some basic fashion techniques.


So what are you going to wear to be more stylish? Here are different ways to get your fashion.


Whatever you wear, always make sure that you are wearing the proper shoes, and you will look not that short. The most important when you wear sandals, you should add it to your outfit and complete your look for the day. It will give you the confidence and the perfect feeling of wearing jeans and with your summer dress.

Necklace with Pendant

How-to-be-More-Stylish-04Wear your necklace with a unique pendant. Not everyone can wear this kind of jewelry, but make sure that you are wearing the right one and will not catch too much attention. Necklace, with an elegant and unique pendant, can complete your outfit and fashion style.

Look for a Designer Bag

When it comes to a classic handbag, look for a bag with a unique design that will pop up in public. The purse that stands out and enhances the overall look. You should know what the selections you can choose from.

Blazer with Attitude

How to be more stylish when it comes to your blazer is a little tricky because you will have to know the attitude of the blazer you are going to wear. A blazer can complete your fashion style, but if you have a polished and comfortable design and style.

Plan and Organize your Outfit

Planning what to be your outfit for the week depends on what occasions you will be attending. There are different techniques if you want to wear clothes that you can style with various accessories.

Technique 1: Make a versatile plan.

How-to-be-More-Stylish-03You cannot predict what your appointments will be unless you have a schedule ahead. To make sure that you are prepared, look for an outfit that can go with any occasion. In this way, it can make a stress-free morning.

Technique 2: Inspired with style

Have you ever wondered what the inspirations of women who make their own style and fashion are? Look for something that inspires you and never miss the chance to plan your outfits. Discover the techniques and the things that can create a new fashion that fits your personality.

Technique 3: Overdress? Do it when you are in doubt.

Did you experience doubting what dress you are wearing, but you do not want to be out of style? To be more stylish, bring along a casual layer like jean or cargo jacket. It will create an effortless style and fashion.

Technique 4: New fashion never hurts.

Who says that new fashion can hurt? Well, if you are looking for a new trend, may it changes your whole personality or highlights something in you, you should embrace it. Why? Because new fashion will come and you will probably take a look at it to try, or you can decide later if what will be the changes you will make.

Technique 5: Make a mixed and matched wardrobe.

The very secret that fashion icons can have is a wardrobe that is full of different clothes and accessories that can be mixed and matched. Make sure you invest in classic items to give you an on-the-go look like timeless jewelry and a pair of jeans.

Technique 6: Statement footwear to complete your outfit.

Statement footwear to complete your outfit 01Your look can complete when you know what footwear you can wear with your outfit. There are lots of shoes that you can wear. Heals, flats, and stilettos can be your best options. Make sure you will be comfortable with what you are going to wear, and it should go along with your outfit. Otherwise, your outfit will look like a disaster.

Technique 7: Make sure to have the conversation piece.

Wearing a conversation piece means that you have master mixing and matching your wardrobe. Do not worry about it if you use the most classic outfit and accessories as long as this reflects your personality—nothing to worry too much about it.

Our Insights

How to be more stylish is essential if you are just starting to make fashion for yourself. There are few things you should know before starting – your body shape and age.

First, body shape is essential, so you should know the length, texture, design, and color your clothes will be. Then you can start playing with it and make your own fashion statement.

Then you should know the right accessories for your age. Imagine wearing the wrong accessories if you are trying something new. Make sure you have the right piece together to have the most stylish and head-turning outfit.

Indeed, you can have many options, but choosing the right outfit is the most important, and being comfortable should be your priority. Look for the proper gear and build confidence without losing your personality.

How to Style Handbags with an outfit? Here are the Most Popular ones!


How to style handbags with an outfit is a breakthrough with your fashion statement. In any fashion style, accessories are one of the essentials. These accessories can include jewels, bags, belts, and hats.

How to style handbags with an outfit? Since ladies’ most common accessory is a handbag, you should know that there are different ways to style it.

A handbag is one of the versatile bags that you can carry on any occasion. And you should not forget that it should match your outfit. Ladies, you should not forget that accessory is the final piece for your fashion style. Well, in any fashion style, this is a must.


Famous Style with Handbag

There are countless ways on how to style handbags with an outfit. But we only need the best to match our perfect fashion style. Make sure you will have a purse that can be turned in many ways.

Convert into a shoulder bag.

How-to-style-handbags-with-an-outfit-03One way to style a handbag with an outfit is by converting it into a shoulder bag. If you have a medium-length strap for your purse, you can try it as a shoulder bag.

Look for the details if it will go along with your fashion style. Some handbags are made of leather, which is suitable for boho style. It usually has soft and loose lines that show a carefree style handbag. Then a leather set can be seen as an old satchel—a total look for a bag for boho style.

If you are going to wear formal attire, you can have a baguette handbag. This style of bag has a short strap that can tuck in your arm. It shows sophistication with your fashion style.

Rock it in a crossbody style.

How-to-style-handbags-with-an-outfit-04This style of handbag is the most convenient and secure if it is to be worn. If you are wearing a casual fashion style, this is one way on how to style handbags with an outfit. The crossbody style can secure all the essentials in your bag like phone, keys, wallet, passport, among others. How to wear it? It is convenient as you will just sling it across your body. You can have a removable strap. It can give you a chic look and is easy to carry.

No-Strap Handbag

So how will you carry a handbag converted into a strapless? In some experiences that I encountered while finding a way to bring my purse without a strap, I choose to handle it like a bucket bag.

It is one of the easiest ways to style handbags with an outfit. A casual fashion wearing sundress and sandals or jeans and boots, the bucket bag is a fun way to make it as a fashion statement.

Aside from a bucket bag, a tote bag is an excellent way to carry a handbag like a purse. You can take this on any occasion without hesitation. But do not confuse it with a clutch bag. The difference of a clutch bag from a tote bag is the appearance, of course. But it does not need to be fancy. Instead, you can choose some designs to add to it, like a jeweled clutch bag which is perfect for wedding, Sunday gatherings and some seasonal occasions.

If you are into these kinds of handbags, you should consider well-made bags. It is a good investment since you will be using it most of the time. Well, it depends on how frequently you are going to use it.

Handbags are going into backpacks style.

Since versatility is one of the factors for handbags, you should look for a style that you can convert it like a backpack. It is a vintage look, but who knows it will look good with an artsy style.

You can wear them with cute tops and skirts. Also, jeans and sneakers are your options.

Try it like a belt bag.


A handbag so small can be worn like a belt bag. It is one of the coolest ways to rock a style a little more relaxed than a conventional way. You can try this if carrying a purse is boring to you.

Make sure that you can wear it to the next level and not just an ordinary belt bag. A leather and bright colors can add a new tone with your simple black dress or a simple outfit. Make it a highlight of your outfit rather than just an ordinary accessory.

Our Insights

And it is not a big question now that you know how to style handbags with an outfit. Women love to sport different fashion styles, which depend on the mood and occasion, of course. So it is essential to know how to style handbags that can go perfectly with your fashion statement. Make sure that you know what fashion will look perfect to your body shape and skin tone. But the accessories are necessary because they will give the final touch to your style.

Accessories like handbags, jewelry, hairdressing, and belts, among others, should not be taken for granted. Look for a brand and a signature piece for your bags. And most importantly, make sure that it can go versatile to go with your fashion style on any occasion.

Denim Style Fashion 101: Your Ultimate Guide for Versatile Look


Denim style does not only come in skinny jeans. When it comes to denim style, you have to let your imagination fly around you, like a wind that freely goes around without hesitation.

Denim style nowadays has many different forms and styles. Reconsider wearing classic styles and learn to invest in fashionable jeans. Follow my lead when I want to get stylish; I look into my favorite celebrities.

You should not be worried about getting the right fashion styles. Take it from me. My secret to finally get the correct fashion statement and signature items are following my favorite celebrity with their latest fashion ideas.



But I create my own fashion styles. Of course, you will need something to wear on each occasion, so your wardrobe should be prepared.

The best thing that your wardrobe should have is denim. Denim style is a classic fashion signature, and everyone is wearing it and carrying it on different occasions. So do not get it wrong if you see someone walking in a formal gathering with a coat and denim pants.

Now, how can you dress smartly with denim style?

This year you should probably want to keep the old fashion way of denim style. For some celebrities, they still slay wearing denim style in every way they think to be stylish.


Loose jeans

When I want to feel extremely laid back and relax, I do not hesitate to wear baggy jeans or loose jeans. Pair it with a crop top or well-fitted tees. I can feel liberated and free from discomfort. I love to wear this in the summer season.

Below Skinny Jeans

It may seem absurd, but skinny jeans can be the right denim fashion style. Make sure you choose a level up design of skinny jeans.



I have seen celebrities wearing below skinny jeans, a hybrid, and straight jeans, which gives a tighter design to curve with the shape of the legs. You can imagine what it brings if you have toned muscles in your legs and thighs, including your butt.


Classic Jeans

The classic jeans always catch my eyes whenever I see old photos of denim style fashion. If you prefer wearing higher waist jeans, you are getting to wear a whole classic style of denim. These jeans will be hitting your waist as high as they can under your breast. This kind of denim style should consider the height of the person. So be careful wearing this style.

Joni and Jamie Jeans

joniandjamiejeansIt has been the most fashionable denim design. The style comes with straight-leg cut jeans, which can flatter the high waist. If you want to try wearing this, it is better worn with ankle swinger length, a chic shirt, and of course, a statement bag for the accessory. Just imagine you are a formidable model in a magazine and viola!

Turn Up Jeans

It is the long-sleeve version of denim pants. Just a rolled-up cuff, you will end up with stylish jeans. I did this once when I wanted to get casual and effortless. Wearing denim is like freeing yourself from all the burdens of extreme fashion styles.

Split-Front Jeans

It is a fresh design of denim. If you really want to sport a casual outfit, this is the best denim style. The split-front jeans became popular with different options like drainpipe split, cropped kick-flares, and other denim styles with split in front.

Since denim fashion is becoming the crazy trend of clothing design, you should invest in some extraordinary designs.

Earlier, I have given you different styles of denim jeans. Now you have to pay attention because the following are going to provide you with the full list of the latest denim styles.

1. How to style split hem flares?

This kind of denim jeans cannot be categorized as smart or casual styles. So what I did is paired it with a roll-neck or loose tee for grungier events. Then I put on a blazer and wear a heeled shoe to slay the evening gatherings. Now, this is what you called the new concept of split hem flares.

2. How to reboot old denim?

Are you looking for something remarkable and unique denim style? Now is your chance to be creative with your jeans. Making your jeans creative can already catch attention, so your top should be simple, reasonably relaxed. You can try to wear a hoodie if you want to add some chic style.

3. How to deal with wide-leg jeans?

widejeansfashion It is the opposite of skinny jeans. So you should pay attention to the ankle. To slay the denim fashion style with the wide-leg jeans, look for a high-heeled boot. The better the kick, the more style you can have. Then cover your top with a short jacket. You should look neat upwards, leaving your bottom the attention seeker.

4. How to make high expectations of super low rise jeans?

Preparing the look when you wear these denim jeans will need less effort. Even without advice, you know what to do. But for a better look, I paired these jeans with plain white tees and a denim jacket. A cloaking denim style for other classic fashion of denim.

When you know some fashion designs, you can never overlook what you should maintain and avoid.

To pull off the denim fashion, I note down the mistakes I have been repeating. Making a fashion statement is challenging, and it never was easy, especially when you are starting to explore the ideas.

1. When I am in doubt of choosing the colors, I learned to play with it. For a beginner like me before, I started with pairing different shades of denim. There are limited shades of denim, so you will have fewer chances of making a mismatch.

Just a warning, never wear accessories made of denim. Even shoes should never be paired with denim jeans and jackets. This fashion style is sore to every eye.

2. f you want to cover some areas of your body with stubborn fats, you can use denim shades. You can still use the general rule of shades – light shades to cover the body areas and darker shades for slimming effect. And most ladies go after the darker tones with their bottom or the jeans. And the top can come in a lighter shade. It is how I play with my fashion.

Just a warning, keep off the denim with the same shade. It will overdo your creativity in terno.

3. Ripped jeans, for some people, are intimidating, but you should not judge this denim style as liberated. When I first do this to my pants, yes I actually ripped it by myself, and I appreciate the outcome.


What can we say about it?

Denim style is one of the fashion statements that many have been trying to flaunt. But some mistakes should be avoided. Though these mistakes are minimal, you should be mindful of it. When it comes to fashion, a little mistake can make a big difference to your look. So watch out carefully and make sure you feel confident with your style. Then you can carry it with a high chin, your heads up high as well.

Work From Home Outfits: Clever Outfit Ideas while Staying at Home


Work from home outfits is one of the craziest ideas while staying at home and following strict home quarantine because of the coronavirus. Professionals are not used in wearing pajamas while working through it has a comfortable feeling.

Work from home outfits is possible, but of course, it has limitations. Unlike the formal outfit and office styles, work from home outfits should be comfortable and cozy. You do not need to think of complying with what to wear. But believe that you need to feel comfortable but not too comfy that you will be lazy in doing your work.

There is no doubt that everyone is staying at home. Even freelancers and influencers need to work from home. Adapting in this new normal is hard, but take it as a new challenge, and coping with it needs a little encouragement.


Thinking of some encouragement, work from home outfits do not need to be extravagant. You just need to be comfortable, like I said a while ago. There are no specific criteria.

Also, it does not become harmful to incorporate some traditional style as long as you are comfortable.

Well, for me, I have some bright ideas for work from home outfits. My old fashion statement is awkward for others but wearing it at home as work from home outfits is a different story.

Clever Ideas for Work from Home Outfits

After almost two months of staying at home and continuing the self-quarantine to fight the coronavirus pandemic, it feels good to have outfit ideas that will work fine as work from home outfits.


Shirt Dress or maxi dress? Well, you can wear both without causing trouble while working. There are lots of dresses that you can try on while working at home.

But for me, a shirtdress and maxi dress gave me satisfaction and another level of comfort while working.

A shirtdress is quick and easy to wear. It does not need ironing, and most of my shirtdresses are made of cotton garments.

The maxi dress is longer than any dresses. It is an option for me when I want to wear a sweatshirt that will add heat since the maxi dress will make you feel more cooling than any other suit.

Layered Outfits

Speaking of sweatshirts over a maxi dress, how about layering your clothes for more style?


I tried the layered work from home outfits. I experimented and played around layering and wearing a bright shirt under my favorite tee. Then I wear some joggers. Perfect mixing and matching of clothes is a new discovery for me since work from home is the new normal thing right now.

How about jeans and a sweater? It is another level of layered work from home outfits. But if you feel a little hot, then this outfit is not suitable for you if you are working at home.


Trying midi skirt and cardigan can be a playful outfit if you are trying to a new trend at home. Well, as for me, it is fun to experiment on layered work from home outfits. You can also wear short instead of a midi skirt.

To feel the coming spring season, you can opt to wear white pants. This is ideal when you are just staying at home, and your only worry is getting stains from the food you are eating. Since spring is coming and summer is almost at hand, a blazer over a slip dress can be the perfect outfit. The summer dresses and styles will complete your summer work from home outfits.

Are you looking for prints and designs? You can wear plaid pants and a wrap top. It is an eye-catching combination, and you are going to love this. Choose a print that can easily be paired with your other clothes. The power of mixing and matching depends on your chosen prints and designs.

Leveling Up your Styles and Outfits

When boredom strikes me, I make outfits that will slay other fashion styles of work from home outfits. For instance, a jumpsuit and sweater can be a good pair as long as a belt is wrapped around your body. The midsection belt will give emphasized your curves and shapes.

A boiler suit can be stylish when blazer and leggings are paired with it. Then some hair accessories can give your fashion style more attractive and a little bit of sparkle.

Of course, the classic will be the best outfit like jeans and a t-shirt, but you can level it up with a button-down jacket or blazer. It will work well with your work from home outfits.

Sharing My Thoughts

Work-from-home-outfits-004Another fashion is emerging in the form of work from home outfits. This style can be trendy now that everyone around the world is strictly following the stay at home new typical to control the spread of coronavirus.

But self quarantining cannot stop our fashion. As a matter of fact, style can be adapt from each scenario given the seasons coming to us. There are many options and no rules when you are making your own fashion statement as long as it will make you feel better and uplift your personality.


Classic Men Hairstyles – The Timeless Look for All Occasions!


Classic men hairstyles can be acquainted with your personality. But some of the excellent haircuts which men should have are those that can go with every occasion you will attend.

Classic men hairstyles are the favorite of most men since you will have no worries about what you will look like. For instance, if you are about to go from formal to casual, classic men hairstyles will suit your outfit. You will not be bothered with the styles of your hair.

So what are the classic men hairstyles we have for you? There are primary and everyday hairstyles that you can choose. These are simple, yet you can have it as your hairstyles most of the time.


Here are your classic men hairstyles:

French Cop

Classic-Men-Hairstyles-01If the shape of your face cannot be easily matched with your hairstyle, the french cop is best suited for you. This hairstyle is low maintenance, which is suitable for those who always need the on-the-go hairstyle. Just a little spray and you are ready to go.

Buzz CutClassic-Men-Hairstyles-02

The buzz cut is a timeless style, and if you get the right cut, it will give your head a great shape, especially when you have a square jaw. Otherwise, you can still have this by making a little more length on the top. Make sure that your barber knows how to give you the classic men’s hairstyles.

Slick Back

Slick Back01And we mean to be classic by the slick back hairstyle which was made in the 1920s. It is one of the famous men’s hairstyles that your hairstyle will not be messed up even if you wear a hat literally.

Side Hair PartingSide Hair Parting01

The side hair parting is one of the popular classic men hairstyles that has been revived last decade and more natural to achieve an alternative to slick back. The style for this one is a simple short back and side with a versatile that will suit your hair types and face shapes. Then you can use a styling product that will make your hair thicker and add some denseness to your hair.

Hi-Top Fade

Hi-Top Fade01One of the classic men hairstyles is the modern hi-top fade. This look is fashionable, like an afro shape, which gives variations and interpretations. If you choose this, you can get a “Will Smith” hairstyle.

Pompadour HairstylePompadour Hairstyle01

It is a 1750s haircut that can be labeled as one of the classic men hairstyles. It was initially a women’s hairstyle and imagined if you are looking for this style, then you really want to have a vintage look. This hairstyle will need to grow from the front to out. If you have three inches of hair at the front, then you will be able to create the front length for this hairstyle.

Quiff Hairstyle

Quiff Hairstyle01If you do not want to carry the pompadour, you can have the quiff. It is an iconic style that can have any age, faces shapes, and personal styles. So this is the ultimate classic men hairstyles. You can choose from contemporary and traditional. The classic has a softer back and sides, which are short length, while contemporary is a dramatic contrast between long hair at the top, which creates a disconnected effect.

Textured Cut with FringeTextured Cut with Fringe 01

If you are looking for dramatic classic men hairstyles, you can try the textured cut with a fringe. When you want to get your hair done, you should know the texture of your hair. With this hairstyle, it is wise to know what will fit your face shape.

What can we say?

When we say classic men hairstyles, you will need to know how long you would love your hairstyle? These haircuts can be achieved once you know how long and what hairstyle you want to have. One important thing you should get ready is your hairstylist. They will suggest what haircut is suitable for your face shape and texture of your hair.

Classic men’s hairstyles are not always short length. You can try a more extended cut and add some layers. It is like a beach-ready textured look. Remember, when you are decided to cut your hair and regret it in the end, you cannot bring back the length. So you should know that before deciding what haircut you will have, look for some styles with range and how you will manage it later on.

So to prevent any regrets, make sure that you mention with your hairstylist what your limitations are. You can have messy and choppy, but when you manage it to work together, this is the hairstyle suitable for you.

The style depends on your hair texture. If you are curly or straight, you can choose a hairstyle suitable for you. Straight hair cannot be styled easily, and in curly hair, it will be challenging to smoothen.

Also, when using styling products, you will need to get the strongest that can support your hairstyle. You can try to add some softness and keep your messy hair aside. Make sure that your face shape will go along with the hairstyle you will have. Otherwise, your hairstyle will be awkward.

Men’s Street Style and Fashion that You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Mens street style and fashion

Men’s street style and fashion is essential as this will be the ultimate for guys for their everyday look. A casual and easy-go manner will result in having the most fabulous trend on the go. Aside from women, men are also looking for new designs and fashion to wear while walking down the street.

Men’s street style is continually evolving, and the best way to keep up with the latest street fashion is going after the latest designs and creations. Like other fashion styles, men need to be in the newest form, so it will not be awkward for them to see how ridiculous they are wearing.

Mens Street Hottest

So what are the hottest fashion for men’s street style?

First, you will be looking at different magazines and outlets to find what is the best way to have men’s street style. You can choose to have the designer’s creations or pick the hottest fashion online.

But what exciting is making your own men’s street style while using the hottest items on fashion trends?

The Trousers

Mens Street TrousersWhen you want to wear trousers, men’s street style with high-waisted pants is one of the coolest fashion trends. It is a flattering style that can complement the outfit and you can wear it any time of the year. So you will not be worried whether you are dressing in summer or winter fashion style.

Why keep it high waisted? Men’s street style with this trouser can be paired with plain tees, or if you want to make it a bit modern, wear it with an open shirt. You can choose from the navy to the cream t-shirt.

Collared Shirts

Speaking of tees, this is one of my favorite tops when doing the men’s street style. With the collared shirts, I can have it in many different designs like bold prints or solid colors. It depends on my mood and occasions.

The Shorts

And yes, we will not forget the over-the-knee shorts for our men’s street style. It is the most comfortable and casual fashion that I can have. Especially when it hits summer, I choose to have this kind of style fashion to be more at ease while enjoying the outdoor activities. You can have it in bold colors and stable prints. Do not forget to pair them with sneakers.


When you hear about blazers, do not attach it with women’s fashions. Because men’s street style also includes oversized blazers. Like 80’s fashion, you can look less formal yet smarter casual. And blazers can go with just a basic tee and a pair of jeans. Your choice of shirt, pants or shorts, as long as you are free of mixing and matching with blazers.

Body Bags

Mens Street body bagsMake another choice for your cross-body bags. It is one of the classic accessories for men. And when you do the men’s street style, you have to look for cross-body bags rather than an ordinary body bag for men. Why? Practically speaking, when you are using cross body bags, the pockets will be more accessible, and you can have larger pockets for your gadgets and mobile phones.

The Designs

Oh, of course, do not forget the designs and colors of your men’s street style fashion. If you want your clothes to be more loud and proud, patchwork prints can be your ally. At first, it will be awkward to wear, but when you have the right styles and colors with your white tees, there you have it. You will stand out in the crowd wearing the best fashion. It is like sporting modern and traditional ways in one style.

The Street Style Suiting

Mens Street Style SuitingWhen you are in the formal outfit, you can turn it to be more casual. How will you do that? You can pair it with sneakers and a white shirt to have a laid back feeling. If you wear the blazer, you can button up. This style can be worn with so much confidence.

How about sunglasses?

Men’s ultimate weapon when they do fashion is sunglasses. But for men’s street style fashion, sunglasses do matter to protect the eyes from the sun. My favorite shade during summer is the cool shade in a futuristic and sleek manner. These are the best accessories for men, and the impact is outrageous that it can give you a powerful punch when you see this fashion.

The Footwear

When you do men’s street style, you can choose two-strap slides for your footwear. It is traditional footwear that can replace your shoes, but it doubles the support to your feet. So not bad and extra cool as you walk down the street. Neither brand shoes nor ordinary footwear, the important is the sole of it that can give you total support and relaxation. Especially when you walk down the street, you will need more comfort.

Our Insights

Men’s street style is essential for guys who love to go outside and do some outdoor activities. Walking down the street with fashion can give you the iconic piece of style that can make you give you the street style you want to be the inspiration for others. You can also create your own men’s street style with the ideas above.

Effective fashion nowadays does not come by copying the style of others. You can make your style. Different methods can be inspiring, and this can give you a unique way of doing your fashion. As long as you feel inspired and confident, nothing to worry about.

Hailey Bieber Street Style – Revolutionary yet Elegant statement


Hailey Bieber street style is the latest news around. So what is in it and why people are looking for it. Some people are trying to duplicate it. So let us look closely at the Hailey Bieber street style?

Hailey Bieber street style is a new fashion around the corner. But when you look at it closely, it is like an ordinary street fashion. The only difference is that Hailey Bieber street style is a fashion statement with elegance and class.

Then let us get started. Some of Hailey Bieber street style is the looks that have inspired and not just mixing and matching the clothes in your wardrobe.

How will you do a street style like Hailey Bieber?


Fashion Item no. 1:

Make sure you have oversized blazers or coats. An oversized blazer is a necessity during summer and winter. What color will you pick? Well, it depends on your skin tone and undertone. Most importantly, you will need to have different designs, like prints. But you can look forward to beige.

Speaking of blazers, do not forget the jackets. When you want something to be more stylish and chill, you can choose for puffer jackets. It is one of the favorites of many during winter. The bold and big insulating jackets will keep you warm.

To have the Hailey Bieber street style, you can pair your jacket to skinny jeans and heeled booties to get the balance.

When you are looking for something to pair with puffer jackets, you can have a sequin dress or a crop top with bold prints for more fun and fashionable street style.

Fashion Item no. 2:

Leg trousers is another of the Hailey Bieber street style. You can have pants in a different color, so you have to know the right color for you. For Hailey Bieber, she chose a pop color for the trousers. It undoubtedly stands out and makes the right color and shape, but you have to know the trendy colors when it comes to trousers. You can have red, pink or warm brown. But when you have pants in these colors, you must maintain a subtle or simple top. A silhouette top will complement your bottom.

Fashion Item no. 3:

When you want to feel cozy, you can have a knit sweaters or wool pants. For Hailey Bieber street style, knitwear is here off duty look, yet she still resembles a good look. Add some wide-sleeved pullovers to complete the look with knitwear.

Fashion Item no. 4:

Jumpers is a classic fashion style. For many years, jumpers come in many styles and colors. A stylish jumper for Hailey Bieber street style comes in color red. The red jumpers is a fiery hue yet fashionable edge. You can pair a turtleneck, sweatshirt, and a loose-knit with the red jumpers. Make sure your top is in neutral shades like black, white and creams.

Fashion Item no. 5:

Sequin dress can be your best friend when you are going to evening events. This perfect dress can create an eye-catching ensemble. The dazzling sequins combinations are white gold and silver, and the least you can expect is pink. Well, if you can care about the pink sequin confidently, you will love the idea of the designs. More flattering and balanced when you skip bright colors in sequin patterns.

Fashion Item no. 6:

Wear the tees you love, and for Hailey Bieber street style, you want to try a band tees. It will give you a break from feminine edgy and attitude designs. The band tees are fresh and show a rock and roll fashion statement. So try to be a little punky style and comfortable at the same time. The street style is achievable with amazing punk designs tees.

Fashion item no. 7:

Sometimes you want to feel and look candy, so wearing pink from head to toe is the right choice. Get a pair of pants and jackets in different colors, but you can wear hats, shades, and shoes in pink. Then you will still have a balance in your street style.

Fashion item no. 8:

hailey-baldwinyjySunglasses are timeless, especially when it comes to black. You can have different designs depending on the shape of your face.

Fashion item no. 9:

Tops are essential when it comes to street style. So you will need a crop top to complete a gorgeous street fashion statement.

Fashion Item no. 10:

Earrings are the accessories you will need, so do not forget it. What kind of earrings should you wear? Gold hoop earrings can do the trick. It can emphasize your face and make your casual look fantastic.

Some Hailey Bieber Street Styles

There are other tips that you can have if you want to achieve a great street style. You have to make it simple yet elegant.

Tip no 1: Beige and monochrome look is what we need to pull off the street style of Hailey Bieber.

Tip no 2. If you are unsure of beige, you can always go in wearing black and white pieces of gold accessories. It can make your outfit more elegant. For instance, the leather blazer is a classic top you need.

Tip no. 3. You cannot avoid wearing neutral staples. Then you can add some neon sweater to balance the color of your outfit.

Tip no. 4. A hoodie can be more attractive. Make sure you try pairing it with winter puffer for a comfortable go ensemble.

Tip no. 5. Replace your jeans with leggings. Then pair it with sweatshirts and sneakers.

Can we stop the street style?

We cannot stop the Hailey Bieber street style. But we can follow it and make some improvements. Of course, street style cannot be copied directly. So have it your way and feel the confidence.

Back to school style: Guaranteed, Simplistic Tips For Success.


Back to school style doesn’t have to be stressful. You can create your style in many ways that you will enjoy and be comfortable with. Most fashion in schools comes from your imagination. Well, who would know what you want to wear?

Back to school style starts as early as a few weeks from the opening of classes. You can have a different outfit, whatever you feel like wearing. As students, you can start by wearing the basic. You can try wearing jackets over your favorite tees or shoes with colors and designs that suit your outfit of the day.

Some basic outfit comes with the style that can make your school look to be fashionable. Wearing the right style and fashion attracts other students to follow your style, and some are improvising what they saw from other students. 

If you are wondering what these back to school styles are, well, you should probably need to read about our tips on how to fashion during this season.

Back to school style 001

Go with Florals with Your Back to School Style

Do you imagine yourself wearing florals? A classic look and refreshing fashion statement for back to school style are getting dressed in florals. 

There are two ways to get fresh with florals. You can try to wear it as layered and as overall. When you layered florals, make sure you follow the three-finger rule, meaning you will need to get the best floral dress to put on your tank top.

The overall florals mean to wear a heavy flowery jacket. You can match it with shorts.

Try wearing a suit.

When we say wear a suit, you might think this is only for professionals, but it’s not, you can also try this when you are sporting a back to school style. Mostly a suit is worn during an internship with sneakers, jumbo hoops and a crop graphic tee for a more chic look and to look more fabulous.

You can also trade your romper for tomboy jumpsuit, and practical styles to give a piece of harsh edge.

Rock and roll with Denim

4321787078a3920e3d7cdc206e3d75e1Denim is a classic look for back to school style. Though this look is more on the ’70s, it means that you have to embrace patchwork. This denim style is a successful fashion when you have a denim shirt that can match mini and finish modern accessories.

You can try mismatch denim by layering different hues and all your denim pieces at once. 

But sporty Denim is a game-changer. Try to wear a light-washed denim-on-denim and see the styles that you can match the Denim.

Try the classic back to school style with leather.

Looking for leather back to school style, you can have leopard designs. Leather can have many patterns but careful about it because most forms of leather are out of school dress codes. But for sure, you will consider the leopard dress in your wardrobe. This one of the classics and you can pair it with buckles boots.

Mix and match prints to get in style.

Try to get back in retro prints, but balance it with your sneakers rather than retro sandals. Wearing an overall retro from head to toe will sore your eyes. 

And it goes the same with other prints like animal print. A bold print of animals in your tee can go along with your printed cardi or metallic kicks. Just don’t forget your classic jeans and you are ready to go.

Going classic with prints means that you will need bold stripes. Your back to school style with lines will be an excellent preppy statement, matching your sweatshirt.

But if you want to go on the next level of your back to school style, you can mismatch your prints and add some polka dot designs. You can also mix and match your summer dress with long sleeve shirts and switching your summer sandals for boots.

Wear oversize

For many, oversized polo and sweatshirt can be the perfect back to school style as long as you can pair it with some trendy accessories. When wearing a sweater, look for a hoodie jacket and match it with your sneakers that will give an equation to your first day of school.

What are you going to wear for your bottom?

Skirts and pants can be the right choice when you want to try for your back to school style. Then you can have high top sneakers. Your pants, for example, you can have it in plaid, then pair it with sneakers and a crisp white button-up. It will make you feel relaxed at school. Wearing shorts can make is a good try if you want to feel comfortable. When wearing them during class, you can pair it with your hoodie, and of course, sneakers. When you get over wearing shorts and pants, you can always try a mini skirt. A styling trick for a mini dress can be paired with hoodie and sneakers. It is the best outfit for the first day of school.

Layered Clothes Back to School Style

Once you get to learn how to dress in layered, make sure that you pick a classic color, a bright color, and pairing it with your white t-shirt. You can also play the layering with your accessories. For instance, you can wear a necklace that will give additional sparkle to your clothes.

Other Details 

Look for embroidered clothes that will make a remarkable impression on your classmates. You can have a significant decorated and match it with a bag to complete your back to school style.

Then add some sequins that will make a proper layering on your tank. If you are worrying if sequins can be too loud, then you can tone it down with sneakers.

For metallics, make sure it is subtle that you can blend with your outfit, especially when you want to try a denim jacket to keep your look casual. Speaking of a denim jacket, you can still pair it with a white dress. It takes the negativity out of your life.

The textures and styles when you are doing a fashion will help you decide to choose a bright hue. It will keep you busy and not dull and the same way to look at your style attractive to others.

Instead of a black jacket, you can try the white version. It will look elegant while sporting a classic look. 

What can we say to your back to school style?

Back to school style can be a game-changer for your usual fashion when going to school. It is an excellent way to impress people around you without making too loud a fashion that will displace yourself from others.

Remember that fashion is not just about clothes or styles. A real trend should increase your confidence and motivate other people the same, not to impress or show off.