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Style Tips for Teens and Cool Fashion Ideas to Try on


Style tips for teens are worth trying if you want to see your teenage girl go easy with her fashion ideas. Teenage years especially for girls are tough times to decide the styles and fashion that they will have.

Style tips for teens are quite tricky if you want to help teenagers to have their own fashion statement. Doing some style tips for teens may have a significant impact on building their confidence. You may not see it instantly, but over time these style tips for teens really make a big difference.

Fresh fashion style ideas for teens are a bit confusing because, at this stage of their age, they tend to have an individual style and fashion. The influencers of style tips for teens are mostly young celebrities, peer groups, and even making their fashion styles.


So if you are looking for another level of fashion style tips for teens, here are the most exciting outfits for teens. The fun and fresh fashion tips for teens are what you should check out.

Best of the Style Tips for Teens

Fashion ideas for teens come in different own styles and comfort levels. Teenagers are usually anxious about the clothes they are wearing, and if they need to do some alteration with their outfit, here are some style tips for teens’ ideas.

How to style layered fashion?

Clothes layering is a fashion trend that is perfect for all ages. This style covers all ages and never became an awkward fashion style. So why is layering one of the style tips for teens?

Layering is one of the style tips for teens because it helps them try all their clothes with different colors at once. For instance, you can suggest a colorful style with a shirt or jacket as the top then pair it with basic types of denim and sneakers. A crossbody bag can be an accessory on top of the colorful layered clothes.

There are many ways to style layering since teens can be so imaginative, especially during the onset of summer and winter seasons.

When summer…

Style-Tips-for-Teens-and-Cool-Fashion-03For summer feels, teens can enjoy layering style with a crop top. A crop top is a big hit in a fashion that even adults are wearing. For a decent and straightforward crop top, make your first choice a striped crop top in neutral tones. A black and white can be the perfect pair with your types of denim. Then accessories with natural makeup should complete the classic style tips for teens with a crop top.

For winter…

On the contrary, you cannot wear a crop top when summer. But you can perfectly enjoy the layering style with color matching. Since winter season is the time for your body to have some extra heat, layering is the best option for style tips for teens.

The technique is a combination of two items with a color of choice—for example, a bright teal woolen cap and scarf. Then the rest of the outfit should be in neutral or light tones. The focus will remain on the bright color. In this style of layering for winter, minimize the bright color and, as much as possible, wear only two items of the same color.


Then another fashion that will hit for the winter season is the basic vest. It is an accessory that your teen should have. A jacket can be paired with a blue pair of types of denim and simple bright sneakers. And with the vest on top, it is better paired with a scarf, shirt, t-shirt, and a jacket.

Why do jackets a “go” for teen fashion?

Everyone loves to wear a jacket. For style tips for teens, a blue denim jacket is the best choice to have. It can be fashioned with different accessories that everyone should have. It is a go for fashion when a jacket can be paired with other clothes. A sample outfit with a coat is wearing it over a dress, regular skirt, and top. A vest and denim combo can be the right choice, then try it over a formal attire and buttoned-up jacket with a black pair of denim. A denim jacket and pants can be a good pair with simple top and accessories.

How about shorts and stockings?

Qvgtr7xdThese fashion style tips for teens can be a right outfit if you know how to match it with the entire outfit. A stunning style can be made with shorts and stockings. Look for denim shorts and a netted stocking underneath. Then pair this with a white crop top and colorful pair of sneakers. Accessories for these fashion styles can be a cap or aviators, which can be one of the best teen fashion tips.

What makes the glasses perfect for teens’ accessories?

Speaking of glasses, this is a significant style statement both for teens and adults. When it comes to glasses, you can choose the type of look you want to create. There are different colors, shapes, and styles of glasses. The frames of glasses depend on the style tips for teens. A big and chunky frame, for example, is a popular style of glasses. A pair of glasses with the same color or multiple colors in them can be more vibrant and help brighten up a plain look. That is why glasses are one of the accessories that help style tips for teens, may it formal or casual wear.

How to choose a fashionable boot?

There is something in wearing boots that every teen wants to wear them as fashionable as it is. The boots are available in a variety of colors and styles, so you have options other than the classic black and brown colors.


What color should match the style tips for teens? Well, for starter, pick two pairs of favorite colors and wear them with outfits that match with your boots. If the boots are colorful, opt for outfits with neutral or plain colors.

What makes the perfect dress and accessories?

The perfect dress can be of any style, color, and design as long as it fits the body shape perfectly. But for teens, floral patterns in pink or lavender with lace and frills models can work best. Wearing this kind of dress can match with jackets, stockings or leggings. Of course, when it is winter, though.

For accessories, bagels and bracelets are essential to emphasize the style tips for teens. The bigger, the better bracelets and bangles become stylish with a layering effect, and that can add character for a regular and plain outfit.

Sharing My Thoughts

Style tips for teens can be creative in many ways. The fashion tips above are a few of what teens can do for their fashion statement. When it comes to fashion, there are no boundaries and limits. But there are simple rules like an important one to emphasize certain fashion accessories and colors. The fashion style should increase confidence, not the other way around.

Women Handbags: Best of the Versatile Fashion Designs


Women handbags are my first love when it comes to fashion. I find it hard to resist when the topic is handbags. Women handbags are my obsession, but I am not sticking with only one design.

Women handbags do not come in a single design. I made sure that I have a collection of women handbags to change up with different outfits. Well, of course, I am not perfect in choosing and purchasing different bags.


So here are different tips that I would like to share in choosing great handbags, which are both practical and beautiful. There are different styles of handbags, but not all of them can go along with your outfit.

How to choose fashionable and practical women handbags?

Comfortable to Carry

Fitting your fashion needs to make you comfortable and confident in what I learned about choosing the perfect women handbags.

To make sure it is comfortable to wear, the handbag should not slide off on the shoulder while carrying. It should also fit under the arm.

A common problem while carrying a handbag is the comfort of pushing it to your arm out and if it slides off your shoulder easily. And a good question, is it your style?

Women handbags should not only consider its design but the comfort of carrying as well.

Lightweight, Not Too Heavy

The women handbags do not need to be a heavyweight. My previous choice of bags is too heavy to carry because of the designs and materials. So I look for more designs and materials that are lightweight, and I came up with leather bags.


Yes, this is my favorite handbag now. One of my favorites because it is more practical as well. I can totally polish a leather handbag, and classic design can match each outfit I desired.

Right Size

Other than designs and weight, it is important to note that women handbags should be right in size. Though, the designs will fit perfectly to your outfit, the size matters, and the pockets it has.

For my choice, my handbag should have a pocket for several things that I am carrying all the time. Like my glasses, pen, cellphones, and the one that should never be left behind the alcohol. Alcohol or hand sanitizers should perfectly fit it in my handbag, or else I would not buy it.

I also consider handbags with a zip pocket and a key pocket for money, keys, and some spaces for some of my makeup powder, lipstick.

As long as you can put your essential things in your handbag, like my choice, you should purchase it. Just make sure you consider the weight, though.

Pick the Right Color

There is no wrong color when choosing women handbags. But the most important is color. Since handbags are going to be one of your accessories, it will be wise to select the right fabulous color.

It can be reasonably plain or colorful in design, but the most important is the color that will match your outfit.

For my choice, as a color of elegance and simplicity, most of my women handbags collections come in black. A black handbag can match with any fashion outfit that you prepare. Make sure you pick the right color and shape.

Different Types of Handbags

Now that you have your hands full with the design and color of handbags, I have here are a different kind of women handbags. Instead of buying the same types of handbags, you can have different stylish handbags that will surely match your outfit.

Shoulder Bag

Want to have the classic handbag? Well, a shoulder bag is the main cast if you’re going to sport a perfect purse. It is comfortable to hold and can go over either the shoulder, hand, and a clutched. It is the design that can suit a night out.


weeg7n6QKke02Well, well, well, a crossbody is the type of handbag that known to have a hands-free appeal. Wearing it with your boyish outfit, it comes across your body and forgets the struggling to carry.


Hear me out with this kind of handbag. A tote bag, an oversized bag to be specific, should be able to fold and snuggle under the arm. This type of women handbags can look best with fitting trousers or mid skirt. You can use the tote bag when you are up for shopping or running errands to grocery stores.

Bucket Bag

A chic handbag that never gets out of style is the bucket bag. It was out of the light in recent years, but it was renowned because of the style that has been renewed. Some of the best design that a bucket handbag can offer is the leather material with butterfly design and embossed styles.


Oh yes, this is one of my favorites when going night out. I mentioned that I looked for handbags with pockets, especially when going out for parties and gatherings. A shoulder handbag converted into a clutch is a wise choice. Choosing women handbags with dual-purpose is very practical when purchasing them.


The design I love for clutch handbags is those in vintage styles. The fabrics that can elevate the evening look is perfect.

Sharing My Thoughts

Women handbags are accessories for specific purposes. Each of the types comes with designs, sizes, and colors that can fit your outfit. But, aside, you can convert it from shoulder to clutch handbag; it needs to be versatile in design.

The versatile design of women handbags should follow your different outfit for work, casual gatherings, night party, and simple occasions but needs to be elegant.

Before I forget, for my guide in choosing the perfect color, I start looking for handbags that match my hair and eye color. The shade of handbags should not too far with the colors of my outfit. Otherwise, your fashion will be ruined. Look for a versatile women handbags so you can slay any fashion styles you are going to have.

Styling Tips for Tall Men – The Essentials for your Fashion Statement


Essential styling tips for tall men is as important as finding the right girl. Well, admittedly, there is an awkward fashion when you are tall. And if we say tall, you find it hard to choose the proper way and styles for you.

Essential styling tips for tall men can be the key if you want to be more confident. It is also one of the styling tips that you should consider when you are making your fashion and style.

So how will you slay the fashion when you are tall and if you do not want to catch too much attention. Since you are tall, you will require some fashion tips that will complement your style preferences.

Styling Tips for Tall Men 01

What are the essential styling tips for tall men?

Being tall is great when you do fashion, but some specific designs and styles will not fit your height easily. So here are the best tips so you can conquer your height when you fashion.

Customized your Dress Shirts

Styling Tips for Tall Men 002What are dress shirts? If you are not aware, these kinds of clothes are the t-shirt that you will be wearing. Some of the ready-to-wear garments you want to wear are not just fit in your shoulders, arms, and collars. So the solution is to make it customized. Go to a reliable tailor and make some improvements with your shirts. It will cause you a bit more money, but it will suit you better.


Big is different from Tall


Do not be deceived if someone told you that you are big, so you need to wear some clothes with bigger sizes. Being tall is different from being big. Essential styling tips for tall men is knowing the difference of clothes fitting in tall men versus to bigger men. So if you are just tall with a slim fit, then you can choose a proportioned size. Otherwise, you can choose plus size if you are tall and big.

Subtle Plaids and Textures

tll04Plaids and textures depending on your height and size. When you are tall, you do not need to wear vertical stripes. It will make you seem taller, and your height will shadow the crowd. Instead, look for subtle or simple plaids and textures. Set aside vertical stripes so it will not be your problem in the future and more space for shirts that essentials styling tips for tall men.

Pay attention to your necktie


One of the essentials tips for tall men is the size of the necktie. When you are tall, you should know that your tie should complement the length of your torso. Avoid short ties and make sure that the length is on top of your belt buckle or waistband.

Belt and shoes should come together

tll01To complete your style, make sure that your belt and shoes complement each other. Do not experiment with colors that are too loud and different. Can you imagine what will happen? Well, you will look like a clown. Being tall, men should know the segmenting and shortening your height rule when it comes to shoes and belts. You can always try to have two colors that are in contrast with each other. It will slay your whole outfit.

Some Reminders to Keep your Height Illusioned

If you want to be more stylish when you are tall, you should know what outfit you look more confident and what makes you feel down. And the latter you should avoid before making a scene at the party.

Textures, layers, and some patterns should be avoided when you want to minimize your height.

Know when to best layered.

When you are a tall man, you should know that breasted jackets can be worn comfortably. Double-breasted jackets or vests can be worn correctly with tall men. So if you are looking for coats, there would be no problem with you. Just make sure you choose the unique and distinguishes look that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Look for dashing shoes.

When you are tall, one of the essential tips for tall men includes patterned, textured, and a bit colored leathers. It will make your outfit more elegant, and with your height, it will be a killer to your fashion and style. It will also make your feet a bit shorter when wearing leather shoes. Of course, this kind of shoes can be worn when you have a business to attend and formal and smart-casual occasions.

Oversized is not your thing.

Oversized clothes are not your thing when you are tall. You should stick with the exact size to your height. Why? Because making your styles with the right patterns can restrain your height, which will help you to try some outfit that can match with it. You can always look for moderation and mix them with stripes as possible as you can. The moderation in mixing the lines is one of the essentials styling tips for tall men.

Shorts and Shirts that will balance your fashion.

Shorts and t-shirts when you are tall are challenging styles and fashion. You should know that it will help you balance and your clothes are not too big for you. Also, you should consider your shirt to have the size to compliment your waist.

Our Insights

Essential styling tips for men consider the size if you are skinny or heavyset. It is one problem tall men are facing because when you are thin, you can have slim-fit clothes. Otherwise, you can choose subtle prints and patterns. For tall skinny men, you can have more textured clothes like weaves and heavier cloth so it can make you shorter than your actual height.

Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Leggings at Work!

Leggings at Work or Office Fashion Statement? Pick your choice!

Leggings at work are the most comfortable to wear aside from dress, which gives no limitations to your legs. Another thing when it comes to leggings, you can pair any tops with it. 

Leggings at work, however, for many is not favorite to wear, especially when they have to attend some meetings. The look and impression at work are essential to portraying, so people will know you mean business.

Nevertheless, wearing leggings at work is an option. There are lots of leggings that you can choose from. Most leggings are worn when people do yoga, but some also select to wear them when going to the office.

Leggings for Yoga

Leggings for Yoga

Some leggings for yoga have pockets that can hold things even if you are doing many routines. But most of us are looking for leggings that give comfort and softness. Remember that leggings are tight when being worn, so you have to consider the fabric being used. Do not look after the brand, but take note of the quality.

Quality is essential above all because leggings should be durable so you can stretch without worries. The length should also consider because you can have leggings that high waisted. It is the right choice if you want to cover your belly. But some leggings make your stomach look more prominent, and you should not fall for that leggings.

There are leggings like capris. These are the most comfortable and stylish leggings. It will keep you warm so better try this kind of leggings for summer fashion. Look for leggings that will look great under your dresses and tunics. Leggings are a good pair with the silhouette. Your style will not impress to be heavy and hot.


When you decide to wear leggings at work, you have many fashion styles to choose from, among others. Here are some of it.

Make sure you have one coat or blazer to mix and match.

Choose the most versatile piece of coat and jacket. Having the perfect jacket can create an ideal layer for your work fashion. Imagine that you have the most versatile jacket and coat that you can match with different outfits you want to wear each day. Go for the jacket or coat that comes in neutral colors and hues.

Choose the right tops.

When you are working five times a week, you will need different tops that can pair with your skirt and pants. Choose tops in silk and high necklines. It is a classic and straightforward tank that will give you a simple look. It will elevate the elegance in you. 

Then you can choose a white shirt. A white top is the most classic item you should have in your wardrobe. You will have an easy match with your coat and jacket and to your footwear.

You will also need a short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops with designs and prints. Button downs and sweaters can be your choice with a neckline that is not too revealing. Remember that what you wear at work will reflect what your personality is. Then make sure that you have a good pair of leggings to match it with your tops.

A Skirt and a Reserve One

You probably wonder if you are not able to get with your leggings at work sometimes. Well, because at work, you will need to be in business attire. Aside from pants, you will need to have two skirts that you can mix and match with your tops.

A skirt in pencil cut with mid-length is the right choice. Then you can also have a longer length one that is more directional and perfectly fit with your top. To sport your tops and skirt, you will need to tuck in your shirt. You will have to consider a neutral with patterns and colorful versions. These work fashion can give a good impression to the people around you because your attire will speak of your personality.

Do not forget the dress.

If you want to skip pants and skirts at work, and like to wear leggings rather then, you will need to get a dress that will show your curves and emphasise your shape. You can have a shirtdress if you want to have a more casual work fashion. Also, the leggings will work best with your shirtdress. It is a little bit more of a winter style. Then you can pair with pumps. Do not forget that you can have your sleeves rolled up if you choose a dress with long sleeves.

Classic Pairs of Pants

A pair of pants is not enough if you want to be more fashionable at work. Because leggings at work are more casual and informal, you will need another pair of pants. You can have a straight cut or distinct shapes pants that can emphasise the shape of your legs.

Versatile Footwear

Footwear is essential if you want to be comfortable and relaxed. Stilettos, pumps, slip-on shoes and doll shoes can be your best friend if you’re going to complete your work fashion. Leggings at work are okay, especially when you pair it with pumps. Getting ready with any of your outfit should be matched with your footwear.

What can we say for leggings at work?What can we say for leggings at work?

Work fashion will need to be presentable, comfortable and reveal your personality with confidence. Therefore, it is best not to stick with leggings at work only.

Leggings at work can be worn when you are going to have a laid back day at work. But when you know there could be some business to attend, you will need to be prepared, such as wearing the right clothes. 

The quality of the clothes you will be wearing is the key to be more comfortable and presentable. The kind of fabric is also important to give you a classy look. Make sure you wear the footwear that will complete your work fashion statement.

Easy Style Tips for Men – What Most Guys Wanted to be Recognized

Easy Style Tips for Men - What Most Guys Wanted to be Recognized

Easy style tips for men are what you want to have, especially when you have limited time to look sharp. Yes, looking sharp is what you need to influence people, especially when you want to be recognized by others.


Easy style tips for men has something to do with being casual. Of course, when you want to have that natural style, that would be the easiest way to do it. Dressing better is improving your image to the public. What you wear is your icon in society, but it does not mean that you have to overdress.

The first impression to you is crucial, and it truly matters, especially when you are doing business and likely going with people. Creating a good look for a guy comes in many ways, and you can establish your looks by doing some relaxed style.

Easy style tips for men

Tip # 1: It is better to approach your style like a grown-up.

Look at the right angle of your fashion. One of the natural style tips that you can consider is looking youthful and feeling fantastic about yourself. When we say being young, meaning you should get dressed to look more professional and mature. What to avoid? Skip wearing flashy items that can tell your age. Avoid prints and designs that can define your maturity. Of course, say no to tees with slogans.

Tip # 2: Make sure you have a pair of jeans.

Jeans are a timeless and classic relaxed style to look sharp and make a good impression. But there are lots of jeans that you can choose from. Remember that you can have different styles and colors of jeans, but make sure it fits well with you. A dark blue pair of jeans is our favorite pick if you want to look more mature and dressed up like a man.

What to avoid? Baggy jeans are a big no-no if you want to look smart and sharp with your jeans. Skip jeans that reach your ankles. Avoid styles with bleach, rips or distress.

Tip # 3: A pair of chinos can help you look sharp and smart.

A pair of chinos can help you look sharp and smart.

Aside from jeans, you can opt for chinos. Chinos can be in a lighter color, which can be your option if you want to have easy style tips for men. Then you can pair it with red or lime green tops.

Tip # 4: An easy style tips for men with excellent look is changing your footwear.

Aside from sneakers, you can opt for leather shoes. It is a simple trick to complete your look. Your outfit of the day should vary from wearing different kinds of footwear. For leather shoes, you can have a brown color, and with this, you can look sharper.

Other than leather shoes, you can wear desert boots. It is our best choice if you want to go to a casual style for an easy outfit. It is a comfortable option that you can always choose to wear. 

Tip # 5: Go for wristwatch or bracelet.

For easy style for men, do not forget to style your wrist.

For easy style for men, do not forget to style your wrist. When meeting people, this is one thing that people are looking in. Your wrist can be accessorized with a watch or bracelet. If you will notice, without a watch or wrist, something is lacking. A leatherette bracelet of the watch is a classic touch for your casual outfit. But what if you do not want to wear a watch? Then you can have a bracelet. It will accentuate your outfit.

Tip # 6: Go for a casual jacket or fitting blazer that will suit your look.

The ordinary jacket will give you laid back fashion, but if you want to look smarter, you can always look for a blazer or coat that can go easy whatever outfit you are going to wear. Of course, wear a jacket or blazer that perfectly fits your frame. The best color we can advise is navy or grey to match any color of your outfit. Go for casual jacket or fitting blazer that will suit to your look.

Tip # 7: Keep it simple and subtle.

When you want to have easy style tips, you should start by being straightforward. Keep this in my mind because, in any fashion and style, dressing simple is the key. You do not need to overdress, wear simple accessories to be recognized from the crowd.

Our Insights for Easy Style Tips for Men

There are many easy style tips for men that you can have. What we have mentioned is the basic, and with that, you can go on and dress smart and sharp. These are starters for you. Then you can improve later and look for other easy style tips for men. Wearing the right clothes at the right time will give you the confidence you need and the rest will be history. 

You do not need to have expensive accessories, footwear, jacket and clothes. Make sure that you are comfortable and being yourself when wearing the outfit you want. Regardless of your styles, being simple is the key to everything but have your outfit appropriate to occasions.

Classic Hair Tips – Your Timeless Hair Fashion in Every Occasion

Classic Hair Tips - Your Timeless Hair Fashion in Every Occasion

Classic hair tips are my favorite styles when it comes to dressing my hair. Usually, hairstyles are famous for attending different occasions. There are timeless hairstyles that you can have.

Classic hair tips for short and long lengths can be sport based on the looks you want. Countless of hairstyles can be done in traditional ways.

Do you find it hard choosing the right classic hairstyle with your face shape? Well, classic hair tips include different styles that will match the shape of your face. Some hairstyles will make your face look slimmer. Here are some classic hair tips that will emphasize the shape of your face. 

Classic Hair Tips 01

The Pixie

This hairstyle is considered timeless and elegant. It is the look that most celebrities are sporting. Why? The feeling of confidence and getting that kick in your look with your perfect pixie hairstyle.

Another set of hairstyles is the bold pixie. If you want this classic hair tips, you may need to get your hair some volume. It will give you energy.

Bob Hairstyle

Bob Hairstyle

Speaking of a classic? Bob cut is the most classic hairstyle. Anyone can have this haircut. It is a simple hairstyle if you want to have fewer layers and easy to manage. You will have no worries about ponytails or expensive treatment because of the length.

While the French bob is the timeless hairstyle that will give you a classic look, the French bob is like unkempt and put together in one glance.

Side Swept Bangs

Everybody is sporting bangs in their hairstyles. Who would not enjoy the side-swept bangs? Aside from making your face look slimmer, these classic hair tips give personality to your hair. Anyone can rock this hairstyle.

Layered –  Crop

Need some more personality to your hair? The layered-crop is full of character when you style it to your hair. Compared to other hairstyles, if you want low maintenance, you can have this. Instead of using hairspray and volumizer, the layered crop does not need this. 

Shag Haircut


This style is super classic and versatile that decade after decade; it is still one of the favorites. How can you achieve this classic hair tips? You should consider the lengths, hair texture, and face shapes if you want to have this shag hairstyle. The signature of this look is the ultra-layered look, with a center part and bangs. You can also consider the frames of the face. 

Blunt Hair

Another classic hairstyle is blunt. It is one of the most popular haircuts. If you want to sport this hairstyle, you may need to focus on the end of your hair. The sleek texture and framing of the face will give you a fantastic chic look. 

The Bangs

It is the super classic hair tips that anyone has been sporting for their new look – the bangs. The bangs are the easiest way to style your hair. You can have a charming and stylish hairstyle using your bangs. For instance, you can have a full bang. It is the look you want to have if you’re going to look young and chic.

No Layer and Center PartedNo Layer and Center Parted

For the classic hair tips, you can always have the most straightforward style. The center-parted with fewer layer hairstyles can give you the poise, and it can frame the face. Make sure you have a natural straight or thin hair so you can have a look that will need less maintenance.

Side Crop

When you have enough of centred or brushed up hairstyles, you can always make a side-swept. These classic hair tips can be seen to celebrities, and you can also try it. If you have straight hair, this hairstyle will help you work rather than change it.

Curly Hairs

Curly Hairs

Well, curly hair is not an exception when you want to have classic hair tips. Curly hair natural or permed is gorgeous if you know how to style it with your passion. When you have it, and you want it to be layered, when you need to have plenty of layers. It will make your hair lighter and less volume.

Speaking of layers, if you want to get bold and fun, you can have the natural curl looks. Make sure you have a top layer to make your hair look lighter and a reasonable volume.

What can we say?

Classic hair tips include the layer, volume, waves and length of your hairstyles. You can go with different styles, but what truly matters is your confidence to have it. Make sure you can feel the beauty and grace of your hair. The length of your hair is also significant because when you know the waves and volume of your body, the right length will follow. It is the essential and classic hair tips that you need.

Style Tips for Curvy Women – Your Lucky 13 Simple Ways to be Confident

Style Tips for Curvy Women - Your Lucky 13 Simple Ways to be Confident

Style tips for curvy women accentuate the curves, giving women confidence in dressing fashionably. Of course, you will need to know the secrets to be comfortable while wearing clothes that will suit your personality as well.

Style tips for curvy women are simple yet very helpful and not so expensive. You will need to know what should be done and what to be avoided when you are creating your style. Well, every woman needs to have its unique fashion style that will portray their characters.

For instance, curvy women have some typical things to avoid when they decide to be fashionable. Arms, abs and thighs areas are the most common parts of the body that they want to cover. 

And we can help you with that. Though you are not curvy, and you have big arms, thighs and abs, you also can try some of our style tips for curvy women. 

Effective Style Tips for Curvy Women

Tips 1. Sort out your wardrobe.

Men and women should do this. Sorting out the wardrobe will help you find some useful clothes and those that need to be tossed up aside. It is essential so you should decide what to buy. 

Tips 2. Choose comfortable clothes.

Comfort is the most important thing when you do fashion. And happiness starts with your underwear. If you are uncomfortable with your undies yet, you are looking great with your fashion style, then it will reflect on your overall look. Style tips for curvy women when it comes to underwear, choose the pair that will not reveal your seams and edges. You know how it looks like if you let it.

Diffuse your wide hips.Tips 3. Diffuse your wide hips.

When it comes to choosing clothes, remember the shape of your body. Curvy women tend to have wider hips than other women. For more full hips, avoid clothes that will increase your waist. Pick clothes like blouses, tunics and cardigans, which can reduce the size of your hips.

Tips. 4. Accentuate small areas.

You don’t need to emphasize the size of your breasts if they are big enough to be noticed. Instead, focus your fashion and style to areas that need to accentuate. For instance, a style tip for curvy women is essential when it comes to your big breasts. You will need to consider wearing monochrome dresses, blouses and v neck sweaters. Avoid laces and flounces designs for your top.

Tips 5. The belt is for petite and straight body shape.

Again, be mindful of the shape of your body. When you have an apple shape body, you should avoid wearing belts as an accessory. But if you still want to wear a belt, you will need a neutral width. 

Flaunt your perfect curves with knitwear.Tips 6. Flaunt your perfect curves with knitwear.

When you have a curvy shape, you can flaunt it by wearing knitwear. It is one of the style tips for curvy women because embracing your form is the only way to be confident. And to do that, knitwear can help you smoothen your curves and hide away all the irregularities in your curves. Just make sure you are wearing the most lightweight knitwear.

Tips 7. Learn to mix and match the colors of your clothes.

Wisely choose what you wear as your top or bottom. The colors, prints and designs of your clothes will speak of your character. For instance, if you will wear a solid color or prints as your top, then you should pick neutral colors or designs as your bottom. You can do vice versa. Avoid wearing like traffic lights or in different colors and designs. 

Tips 8. No off-shoulder blouses.

Many curvy women are mistakenly wearing off-shoulder blouses. But this is a big no-no. Our style tips for curvy women – cover your shoulders. Choose shirts that have short-sleeved. Also, you can choose ¾ sleeves that will make you look elegant. 

Tips 9. Antiperspirant under your breast.

When summer or hot weather, sweat marks in our clothes is the common thing, we want to avoid. Especially for curvy women, sweat under the boobs is irritating, and it makes hilarious marks underneath. So to avoid that, use antiperspirant. Evenly apply it so you can control the sweat-producing under your breast.

Bodysuit is way better than swimsuit.Tips 10. The bodysuit is way better than a swimsuit.

Appreciation of your curves does not mean you should flaunt it. During summer, our style tips for curvy women are picking bodysuit over a swimsuit. A bodysuit can smooth your tummy and stays put even if you move into different directions. 

Tips 11. Wear underwear that fits you well.

Underwears are essential, so it will not go wrong when you move. Perfect fit underwear can boost your confidence and cover specific body parts the right way — no more wardrobe malfunction.

Tips 12. Always go with cotton.

When the temperature is rising, you wisely need to choose what kind of fabric you will wear. The answer is simple – select to wear cotton fabric. Cotton is better than polyester though most clothes are made of polyester.

Tips 13. Do not over cleavage; it is not sexy.

Well, for some, they choose to wear clothes showing their cleavage. But our style tips for curvy women, choose a top that will tone down your cleavage. Naturally, curvy women have division, so you should add fewer layers of clothing when you want to have enough cleavage. 

Style Tips for Curvy Women - Your Lucky 13 Simple Ways to be ConfidentOur Curvy Insights

Our style tips for curvy women are plain and simple. Why? Though curvy women have many curves and edges, still, they have different classification of what parts of the body are bigger or smaller. If you have more full hips and smaller shoulders or vice versa, you will need a different style of fashion.

Most importantly, you should be comfortable with your fashion. It should boost your confidence and highlight the parts of your body. Like, make up, learning the style tips for curvy women is essential to cover the unnecessary curves. 

These style tips for curvy women can be developed and improved. It is just a stepping stone to build confidence and accentuate the assets of your body. 

Practical Style Tips for Moms – Best Affordable Fashion to Look Awesome

Practical Style Tips for Moms - Best Affordable Fashion to Look Awesome

Practical style tips for moms are essentials, especially when you need to be prepared right away to work or even in gatherings. Being a mom needs to be practical in many ways because you have to balance everything at your hand.

Practical style tips for moms can be easy and quick techniques on how to dress, put on accessories and wear makeup. But make sure that even useful tips for moms are needed, it should be comfortable and builds confidence to you.

While there are many styles and outfits that you can choose from, you will still need to find the perfect practical style tips for moms. Because, if you consider yourself being a mother, you will need to look for everything that can lessen your expenses. In short, being practical is one of the mom’s traits.

But when we say practical, it does not mean that mom should stay low class or choose styles that looks inappropriate to occasions.

Practical style tips for moms

Let us start with accessories to have Better Practical Style Tips for Moms

Your accessories can be a pair of earrings and a necklace, then add bracelets that will go along well with your dress. Practical style tips for moms also includes makeup. Choose a little pink blush on or lip gloss that will define your face. You can wear a scarf around your neck and a simple belt to highlight your curve. Another choice of accessories as practical style tips for moms is a cute bag. Make sure that you have a bag with patterns and designs you love and a color that you desire, which can go in any fashion style you will wear. Also, it will be practical if your bag can carry all the things you need for your baby. In other words, put some style in your bags.

Heel or boots can be sexy for momHeel or boots can be sexy.

Forget flats or doll shoes if you prefer to be a mom with style. Another practical style tips for mom are wearing heels or boots. No ladies cannot be seen good with heels. One reason that women choose to wear heels because it made them look sexy and making their legs slimmer. Moms will be comfortable wearing heels with 1 to 2 inches height — no need for stilettos since it will be hard for moms to perform the daily duties with it. If moms are not into heels, you can look for alternative shoe wear like boots. Make sure you will find trendy yet affordable boots that can go along with any fashion you will choose.

Choose pants right to your shape.

Trendy pants do not matter when you know the shape of your legs or lower body. If you want to choose skinnies, make sure you do not have pear shape lower body. Otherwise, choose a boot cut. Try dark denim so you can pair it with top of any color.

Avoid wearing stretched clothes.

Well, being a mom will always be a challenging role, and even after giving birth, you will need to pay attention to what you should wear. Our basic rule on this practical style tips for moms is – do not wear your maternity dress or clothes after you gave birth. For sure, it was already stretched.

Add some coat to your layers.

Mom Safhion wear layers and top with a pretty coat

When winter hits, you can wear layers and top with a pretty coat. The simple jacket can add some finale to your exciting layers. Try to do some mix and match your moms’ fashion. Your layers can be leggings, topped with shorts or skirts. Then, your top can be a lacy shirt or blouse with vibrant designs and patterns. For your coat, you can have classic, comfy or some bright colored to give the final touch to your practical style tips for moms.

Your hair speaks it all.

When you are a mom, you should not let your daily mom duties to distract your fashion style, which includes your hairstyle. Make sure you make time to look in the mirror and maintain your fresh look.

Try to wear cardigans instead of a jacket.

To be in your best style, try to wear open cardigans instead of wearing a sweatshirt or jacket. Especially when you love to wear leggings or skinny jeans, you can be more stylish when you try wearing cardigans. It will give you a casual chic fashion style, but it will not stop you from doing your mom’s daily duties.

Wear a dress to move freely.

Your movement when you are a mom is significant, especially when you have kids at toddler’s age — wearing a dress but flowy, so it will allow you to move freely. But do not forget to wear a pair of tights underneath, so it will not make you hesitant to go around with your kids.

Floral_Jumpsuit mom fashionJumpsuits and rompers – you’re on the go fashion.

It is nice to see if you are going out, you wear a jumpsuit or rompers. Pick a color and designs like basic black, floral print or geometric pattern. Try this if you want to have other practical style tips for moms.

Leggings in many forms.

There are different kinds of leggings. You can wear simple leggings, but you can have a variety of leggings. If you cannot get enough with simple leggings, you can add to your wardrobe the Ponte pants. It is usually made of knit rayon, polyester or spandex material. These pants can give you a more comfortable feel compared to ordinary leggings.

Also, when you want to have leggings paired with shirt dresses, then you are good to go. This practical style tips for moms is a genius because you do not need to go out and buy some new clothes to have this comfy style. Most moms will go after the comfort level rather than wear fashionable clothes, yet the movement will be limited.

Maternity pants still have a purpose after childbirth.

Most women will say that maternity dress cannot be used after giving birth. But we tell you now that this belief is a myth. As being practical, you can use maternity pants if you decide to do some yoga or exercise. Imagine the comfort level you will experience if you have this kind of pants.

Be versatile for your tops.

Your tops as being a mom are essential because it will give you a look of a chic rather than a mom. Of course, there is no harm to be a mom, but wearing clothes and fashion style like a classy casual mom can boost your confidence. So, if you will choose your tops, you should consider the color, fabric, styles and patterns. These are the factors that can affect your fashion style as a mom.

Practical style tips for momsOur Final Touch

When it comes to fashion style, every individual has something prefer to wear. It depends on the occasion and situation. In some instances, wearing practical style tips for moms is better than following the high fashion style. It is in the matter of adding accessories and some mix and match of clothes in the wardrobe to achieve the look of a chic mom.

French Beauty Secrets: Your Natural Glowing Look

French Beauty Secrets

French beauty secrets are not as complicated as we imagined. There are lots of techniques on how to achieve french beauty styles. The secrets are no longer secrets because many followed it because of its being photogenic.

French beauty secrets have become the new addiction of many who want to have a naturally glowing skin. Of course, this kind of beauty can be achieved if you understand how to carry french beauty makeup.

So how will you achieve the french beauty secrets? First of all, you need to follow some routines and apply them while doing the french look.

Top French Beauty Secrets and Tips

Here are the top of our French beauty secrets that can be done when you want to achieve the look.

You should remember that french beauty comes in being straightforward. A simple makeup can enhance more of your natural beauty. Of course, covering blemishes and skin imperfections is part of the makeup procedure. But make sure that your makeup is in moderation. It is one of the basics of French beauty secrets.

While keeping your makeup in moderation, make sure that you have a makeup that will emphasize your assets. For instance, you can wear vibrant lipstick and make smudgy eye makeup to attract the attention of people around you. Remember that in doing this to your lips and eyes, you should maintain the rest of your makeup in simple and less dramatic. It is how you can achieve the best French beauty secrets.

Your makeup should be natural, so no need to maintain a perfect makeup look. You can choose the natural colors of your blush and other makeup like contour, highlighter and bronzer. Keep in mind that you should maintain the natural look of your makeup to prove that French beauty secrets are no longer secrets.

How about your eye makeup? Well, aside from smudge eye makeup, you can have curly eyelashes. French beauty secrets include curly eyelashes and the thicker, the better to attract attention.

And do not forget your lips. Like other makeup tips, your lips to be natural with vibrant color, choose to use lipstick in matte form. You will never go wrong with it.

So how to achieve French or Parisian makeup look?

With all the tips you have, you should know how to make a French makeup look. This kind of makeup look has a natural look, which means that your makeup should be minimal, yet leaving you a flawless finishing. Your french makeup should go along with your hair if you will just tousle your hair naturally. Also, this makeup should be an effortless application that does not need to be formal.

Then, you should start preparing your skin for French beauty secrets.

1. Know and choose your skincare products.

Your skincare products are essentials, especially knowing the ingredients. Before starting the application of your makeup, you should make sure that you use a gentle cleanser to your face. An overnight mask is also recommended if you are planning to wear makeup daily. Some makeup products can cause dryness of your skin. Then you can have anti-ageing treatment wherein the focus area of your application is under your eye. And the last but not the least is the application of moisturizer. Before any makeup, moisturizer is essential. Choose a subtle, vibrant moisturizer that can give you a natural glow to your skin.

2. Put a light coverage as a primer to your skin.

When it comes to coverage of your skin, you should choose a primer that can work well with your makeup and the type of your skin. If you find the perfect primer, you do not need to apply foundation. Why primer? Because this is one of the basics of French beauty secrets when it comes to makeup.

With this, you can skip using contour and bronzer. It will just ruin the natural look of your French makeup. Just do not forget to deal with dark circles and blemishes using your concealer.

3. Highlight your assets naturally.

Earlier it was mentioned that French beauty secrets highlight the assets in your face, so keep the features in your face more attractive. Flaunting your assets should be done with a highlighter with a natural look. Make sure you will not use a highlighter with dark colors which can create shadows. Highlight your cheekbones and cupid’s bow of your lips. It will do the trick to enhance your natural beauty.

4. Subtle blush for glowing cheeks.

Blush on can make a big difference to your French makeup. Make sure that your blush on is subtle and not so vibrant. One of the French beauty secrets is not overdoing it. From blush into lipstick to eye makeup. Keep it simple and natural.

5. Make your eye look wide.

This technique with your eye makeup will not fail you, especially when you only need to accentuate your eyes. To look it natural, avoid doing eyeliner. Just use mascara to enhance your eyelashes. Also, it will give dimension to your eyes without putting vibrant eyeshadow and eyeliner.

6. Red is the final touch.

Your French makeup is incomplete if your lips are pale. Natural lipstick is not ideal if you want to follow French beauty secrets. Just make sure you add some vibrant color to your lips.

Wonderful Add-On Tips

When you are in the middle of your Parisian makeup, you should know the following routines. It is the French beauty tips routines that you can add to your bucket list if you are planning to put on French makeup.

Eat, Drink and Sleep

All the beauty comes within, and this is what most French women practice to achieve the perfect glowing skin. To have the perfect glow, you should know that you are doing a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy, drinking enough water to keep yourself hydrated and completing your sleep to have healthy skin. Though you applied all the French beauty secrets and tips, your skin is the primary factor in your makeup.

Taking Good of Your Skin

Achieving healthy skin is a long process. You cannot have a youthful and glowing skin if you are not taking good of your skin. A good cleanser is what you need. Choose a cleanser with natural ingredients. Make some homemade natural ingredients to keep the natural moisture of your skin. Also, do not forget to put SPF to your skin if you plan to go out or if you are going to expose your skin under the sun.

Looking and Feeling Good

Cosmetic products should not be taken for granted. Choose the products with quality, which means it will complement your skin to make you feel good. Confidence comes in two ways, inside and out. Of course, when you know you use the products and make you feel beautiful, you will feel the confidence.

Less Complicated

French beauty looks is a good example of a no-makeup look. This kind of makeup is what most women want to achieve to have a natural yet glowing look. It is hard to do, especially when you want to cover some blemishes and wrinkles or fine lines. But with properly taking care of your skin, you can achieve the French beauty secrets, which is about simplicity.

What should you remember?

The real beauty of makeup is something that will make you feel good. It is not a factor to make you sad and humiliated.

French beauty secrets and routines are definitely the ideal makeup style you should wear. Try our best advice to achieve the look you want.

Beard Growth for Black Men: Learning the Secrets


Beard growth for black men is the ideal beard growth that most men want. There are no secrets for having an enormous beard growth for black men. The only important thing each man needs to have is the best hygiene practice, exercise, and healthy diet meal plan.

Beard growth for black men needs proper care, and when we say adequate care, men should look into more details. There are things that men should consider before making their beard growth or while on it. The routine for beard growth for black men is straightforward to follow. However, to get the perfect beard, you will need to follow the details.

Perfect beard growth for black men can have influenced by other men, but having a beard is the most attractive thing for most women. So here are the best practices for your beard growth.

friendly hair and skincare products for your beard.

They say that the first thing that could damage your skin and hair is products with harsh ingredients. Busted the myth when you will safe that hair and skin care products for women are safe to use; definitely, you are in trouble.

When you talked about the beard, you are talking about skin and hair. Then the best things you should need for your skin and hair products are natural ingredients.

In washing your face, make sure you choose alcohol-free. You can use foaming wash if you want to get rid of excess oil and dirt without drying your beard. Instead, it will leave soft, moisture and condition the beard.

After you wash, you can use a soothing balm. It will make your increased your beard growth and prevent dryness, split ends and tangles.

Aside from balm, you will need to apply oil. Essential oil is essential to moisturize your hair and the skin. If you feel a bit itchy and irritation to your beard hair, you will need something to set the conditions for both your skin and hair.

Like other typical hair, your beard hair will require brushing, so you will need to use a good comb. Well, not just a good but also the best comb should use for your beard to set the best style of beard. Beard brush is essential to prepare your hair follicles in growing into a beard. Therefore, from the beginning, you will need to use a brush for your beard hair. Other than a brush, you can also beard comb if you want to have like beard growth for black men.

Perfect timing is important.

You can achieve the perfect beard growth for black men by following a simple rule – wait for your beard to grow. Of course, you cannot make your dream style of the beard if you do not have the length you need. Every form of beard needs to have each perfect length. Meaning, complete beard growth for black men does not happen in a glimpse of an eye. It takes time, though.

For beginners, you will experience a little itch. However, this is temporary and for a few days only. To get through this smoothly, you will need to maintain proper hygiene, like cleaning your face. Use anti-bacterial facial wash so you the itchiness will subside a little. Over time, as your beard hair will grow this feeling will pass through.

Keep calm and let your beard hair grow.

Keep calm and let your beard hair grow

Keeping yourself relax as taking yoga classes will make you stay calm. With relaxation, your hair will grow faster. According to the study, negative emotions like stress and anxiety increase cortisol in our bodies. Cortisol decreases hormones, testosterone, which is significant in beard hair growth. So, when your stress is at its highest all the time, it will prevent your body, specifically your blood vessels, to deliver proper nutrients to your hair follicles, making your beard hair growth at bay.

So we suggest that you should watch out for your stress level if you are into making the perfect beard styles.

One way to consider making you relax is by doing some exercises. There are many benefits of doing exercises, and one of them is growing your hair healthier and faster. Aside from increasing testosterone levels, it can also boost metabolism, which contributes to hair growth.

Eat healthy food and grow it right.

Aside from exercise and yoga classes, one thing that can make you relax is eating the right and nutritious food. Remember, one of the benefits of eating healthy foods is getting beautiful skin and improve hair growth. Then, eating the right food has something to do in getting ideal beard growth for black men. So if you want to have the perfect beard you dreamed about, skip eating junk foods and other foods with fewer nutrients and vitamins. Your beard will not grow on its own.

Perfect Routine for Beard Growth for Black Men

Growing and preparing for your beard style is not that easy. It takes time and an ideal routine to grow your beard hair as you wanted. If you get lost in making the perfect beard growth, you will need to have a method throughout.

So let us make it simple.

Start by washing your face, but when it comes to your beard, you will need to use shampoo and conditioner. It will make your beard hair more manageable. Your conditioner and shampoo should be organic or no harmful chemicals because you are going to this daily. Then, apply beard oils. Choose oils that come in natural ingredients. After that, you will have to use the balm to keep your hair and skin moisture and soft. The last thing you should never skip is brushing your hair. Choose a good comb and do it twice a day, morning, and evening. It will keep your beard hair in style.

Our Little Secret for Beard Growth for Black Men

maintain combing your beard hair daily

Looking for the secret of beard growth for black men, you can start by a simple step and later on taking multiple beard styles.

For instance, you will need to get proper exercise and a healthy meal diet. Good hygiene is also essential when you need to get the beard style you want.

Naturally, there are some things you that have to avoid if you are in the process of achieving the length. Like for example, you have to avoid scratching your beard to keep it from irritation. You will need to maintain combing your beard hair daily.