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Depression can Seriously hurt, here is how to Rise above it.


Depression is a serious health problem that many took for granted. Well, who does not want a life like a fairy tale? Those fairy tales we used to read in our earliest days and dreamed of being in such an amusing world where everything are perfect. But when we grow older, we start to understand the reality of life.

Depression can happen to everybody at any given time. As explained, deep inside there is a child who always wants to play with the color of life. That child inside you runs for happiness. When happiness is your goal you try every single way to make yourself happy. You try to find your joy in your success, in earning money or in your loved ones.

Nevertheless, we cannot deny the fact that things do not always work like our dream and sometimes this hunt for happiness can put you down and make you disappointed. Disappointment creates sadness. Gradually, grief makes you frustrated which end up with depression.

What is Depression

Here arises a question, what is depression? I am not going to use medical terms here. Simply, Depression is a medical illness that controls (somewhat in a negative way) your feelings, thoughts, and acts. You should not ignore “Depression” as it can lead to mental illness.

Before you want to know some straightforward ways to overcome depression, find below some common depression symptoms, which you can easily avoid.

  • Feeling Sad
  • Sleeping problem
  • Less interest in activities
  • Lack of concentration
  • Feeling low
  • Weight loss
  • Wants to cry aloud
  • The thought of suicide, sometimes even start to plan or take an attempt at committing suicide.

The Causes

There are several possible causes of depression. It can be genetic, hormonal, situational, etc. If you are depressed then try to overcome it. It’s your mind, so try to have control on it. You cannot let Depression control you.

Things you can do to overcome:

  • The very first step to overcome your Depression believing in yourself.
  • There are lots of articles on Depression and how to overcome it, read those and try the ways which you like most.
  • Religious Practice can be helpful to get rid of this unnatural mental state.
  • Involve yourself in different activities. If you like traveling, do so. If you like reading, spend money on books of your favorite author. Play with children, observe their childlike behavior, their innocence- trust me you will really feel good. In short, do whatever you want to do which make you feel better.
  • Above all, if you think you are having difficulty to deal with it, take help of an expert. We have a mindset that people who go to any psychiatrist for any help are mad, insane, mentally ill etc. Try not to hear them. Depression is an illness which is treatable, and you are going to have treatment.

Like other illnesses, Depression is also a part of life. Though it is difficult you can figure out a way to overcome it. Stand-up Comedian and actor Robin Williams said you would have bad times, but it will always wake you up to the good stuff you are not paying attention to. So be positive, think positive. Somewhere I read stars cannot shine without darkness.