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Health Benefits of Being Outdoors: Underlying Truth

Health benefits of being outdoors

Health benefits of being outdoors can help treat and prevent diseases. Being outdoor can give your health a break from spending your time in front of your laptop, computer and just sitting in your house all day.

Health benefits of being outdoors

Health benefits of being outdoors can decrease your chance of acquiring different kinds of diseases. Many good things staying outside can give you. You will have the opportunity to feel nature and will have a connection with your environment.

Some outdoor places like the park, mountain trails, beaches and you can even consider your backyard as well for doing different kinds of exercises and activities.

If you notice, you will see some choose to spend exercising or even just walking at the park or the beachside. Most of them are making it a habit to spend some time to improve their health condition and also support their medications.

Medical practitioners always suggest patients, especially when under medications, to enjoy and feel the environment and be with nature.

According to some studies, the health benefits of outdoors having many effects on our bodies. One of the significant effects of being outside is decreasing the chances of getting health problems.

1. Decrease the risk of getting obese.

Obesity is a common problem nowadays. Gaining weight can lead to more severe problems. You are what you eat – this is a fact that applies to everyone. 

Why people gain weight? Eating healthy foods does not remain the only way to keep your weight at an average level. The health benefits of being outdoors, decrease the risk of getting obese has been counted as an option too.

Spending time outside can give you some health benefits and maintaining your shape is one of those. The significance of performing physical activities outdoor can give you another level of satisfaction. According to studies, one of the health benefits of being outdoors has something to do with the influence of other people to perform exercises. This way, you can reduce the chances of getting overweight or obese and increase body muscles.

2. Improve blood pressure levels.

Hypertension and blood pressure have some of the dilemmas when your lifestyle of eating has been in the red zone. The red zone of eating means that the foods you are eating are imbalance. Imbalance eating of food can lead to abnormal blood pressure levels.

improve blood pressure level by doing outdoor activities

Another factor in improving the blood pressure level is doing outdoor activities. One of the health benefits of being outdoors is combating hypertension. According to the study, at least 30 minutes of being outside can reduce the high blood pressure by 9%. It is a significant number over time.

3. Increase serotonin levels for mental health.

One of the health benefits of being outdoors and doing exercises is getting at least a 7% increase of serotonin levels that can reduce your chances of getting depressed, anxiety and stress. Spend at least 30 minutes outside, and you can increase your moods, which relate to your eating lifestyle.

The seasonal affective disorder can be identified when someone experiences depression. And to avoid this kind of sickness, you can do some exercise outdoors.

4. Produce healthy skin

Exposure to sunlight helps the skin to look more vibrant. Yes, skincare products are not only what we need to keep our skin to look brighter. Naturally, we can get vitamin D from sunlight; therefore, this becomes one of the health benefits of being outdoors. And if you can see how your skin looks like, it can also lead to healthy bones. Healthy bones mean stronger bones.

Improve eyesight5. Improve eyesight

Problems with eyesight have been one health condition that even at a young age, we can experience it. So how we can prevent it?

One of the best ways that we can prevent it is exposure from the sunlight. Doing outdoor activities for at least 40 minutes can improve eyesight. Taking some time off staring at your computers and cell phones or televisions can increase visual stimuli for your vision.  

6. Increase functions of lungs

Healthy lungs is one of the health benefits of being outdoors

If you compare the health of a person spending more time indoors rather than a person spending enough time outside, you can see the difference in breathing.

Healthy lungs are one of the health benefits of being outdoors. However, make sure that the environment you are going to spend at least 30 to 40 minutes are clean and comfortable. Most areas that you can find fresh air and a clean environment are parks, mountain trails and beachsides. 

The clean and fresh environment has a significant impact on your health, especially to your lungs. It dictates that some pollutants can affect your lung’s health condition over time. Some harmful pollutants come from smoking, pollen, molds and dust. Specific contaminants triggered allergic reactions. So knowing your surroundings first before doing outdoor activities is essential.

7. Lesser the chance of getting injured

Pain from getting injured can be lower when you have enough space in your surroundings. You can allow yourself to exercise to the full extent wherein you can move your muscles and joints freely. In this way, the health benefits of doing outdoors activities are strengthening your muscles and joints and improve your capability to balance during workouts.

8. Longer sleep at night

Doing outdoor activities can help you sleep during the night.

Sitting all day without doing any activities will not improve your sleep. Doing outdoor activities can help you sleep better during the night. What will be the explanation of this? It is because when you exercise, you will feel your heart is pumping blood to your body.

9. An option in your free time

Aside from the health benefits of being outdoors, one choice for your free time involves doing exercise. Drinking alcoholic beverages and doing other vices as pass time has been one of the reasons why doing outdoor activities is essential.

We all know that doing activities outside is inviting as it helps us spend more time with our friends and families. Social media applications are one of the roots of why many of us choose to stay indoors.

Though connecting with friends abroad is essential, but keeping yourself out from outdoor activities with your friends and families will cause you getting united actually and sharing ideas with people you like.

Health benefits of doing outdoors activities do not limit a person from doing indoor activities especially when the weather is bad and the surroundings are unfriendly.

Our Final Thought

The health benefits of doing outdoors activities do not limit a person from doing indoor activities, especially when the weather is bad, and the surroundings are unfriendly. 

Outdoor activities are beneficial, but it does not mean that when you are under medical conditions, you should go outside. Make sure that you seek advice first before considering outdoor activities.

Foods Naturally Eaten can Make you Sleep Better? Here’s how to Achieve!

foods naturally Sleep Better

Foods naturally eaten can give you essential health benefits. One of those is sleep. Sleep is a vital part of human life. Our body is dynamic, and during the night it heals itself the cell damages that occur during the daytime. Therefore, it is crucial to have a better sleep naturally at night.

Foods naturally is equivalent to sleep better naturally at night. People who have experienced severe tossing and turning during sleep, only they know how painful it is. For many, getting sleep is a war in bed on the other hand sleeping is a piece of cake for some people. Experts say sleeping trouble happen due to stress, travel, illness, or other disruption which is a standard routine of life. Though it can hamper your mental and physical health and leading to memory loss problems, weight gain, impacting your energy, heart disease, and depression also.

According to National Sleep Foundation, 40% Americans reported having symptoms of sleeping problems. Indeed, it is a significant percentage! However, if you are one of them, and have trouble to fall sleep better naturally at night, then I am sure you do everything possible to get proper shut-eye. Maybe, you read, listen to songs or you stopped foods that contain high sugar.

You would be surprised to know what I do to get better sleep. I eat! Yes, I eat for getting a better night sleep. Surprised? Even I was astonished when I came to know about these foods when I was experiencing trouble sleeping. At that time, I did not want to take medicines instead I desired to get rid of this problem naturally.

What are the foods naturally eaten?

Nevertheless, I started to surf the internet, but that experience came out to be terrible! So many articles on what to do or what not to do for better sleep. By following these articles, I tried everything like avoiding late-night caffeine, keeping the bedroom dark and cozy before sleep and all; still, stuck with tossing and turning during bedtime. Finally, I came across with some articles where I found some tips that actually worked for me.

You don’t need to work so hard to sleep better naturally as you will get to know about some foods that will brilliantly work for you to get a proper night sleep. Scroll through below to know about those foods.

Complex Carbohydrates

foods naturally Sleep Better carbohydrates

Complex Carbohydrates like whole-grain bread, cereals, pasta, crackers and brown rice help you to get better sleep.


foods naturally Sleep Better salmon

Eat fish that contains Vitamin B6. This vitamin contains sleep-promoting hormone. Add Salmon and Tuna in your diet and see the results.



Like fish, chickpeas are full of Vitamin B6.  A small amount of this tasty vegetable will give you better sleep at any time.



Some drinks can promote sleep also. You can drink a glass of warm milk or herbal tea such as chamomile or peppermint.



Bananas are packed full of both potassium and Vitamin B6. Eating a banana before sleep assist you to achieve a better night sleep.



Many researchers have suggested that food contains calcium can help you fall to sleep faster. You can add yogurt to your diet which is full of calcium.



Almonds are highly plentiful in magnesium. Magnesium is an essential component for better sleep.

What can we say?

Now you know the secret of how to get proper sleep. No more tossing and turning in bed. Try these foods and get a proper shut-eye.