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Castor Oil – Making Beauty Tricks to Happen in No Time


Castor oil can be categorized as oil for all occasions. It has been caught the attention of many that it can be used as a remedy for treating skin conditions, infections, digestive problem, and hair care products. But aside from that, castor oil can be used as a stimulant to support the immune system and as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Castor oil, since its versatile oil, has many roles for different functions in our body. It is one of the essential ingredients to most home remedies in our hair and skincare. Beyond that, castor oil can be used as a supplement.

Yes, it has been discovered that castor oil can be used more than for hair and skincare products. We have collated most of the widespread medical problems that it can address. And you are a lucky one because we are sharing it with you right here, right now!

Natural Killer of Arthritis using Castor Oil

Battling for arthritis for a long time? Since castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties, there have been remedies utilizing this oil to address arthritis. Arthritis is the condition of the joints, muscles and nerves experiencing inflammation. And what we have here are some ways on how to use it to treat arthritis.

When we experienced arthritis, we find ways to have some relief from the pain. Since taking pain reliever most of the time is not advisable, it is essential to know different remedies for your joint and muscle pain.

What we have here is using it in preparation of a pad from cotton fabric. Folding it to four layers, you can soak it in castor oil then place it over the affected joints. How long will you leave it? Just secure your joints for at least 45 minutes. It will reduce pain and inflammation in your bones.

Another way we can see how to use castor oil to control arthritis is taking it orally. However, we recommend that you should ask for your doctor or physician for an allergic reaction. If you have no allergic reaction, add a tablespoon of castor oil to your favorite drinks. How often will you do this? Just make sure you will follow instructions from medical professionals.

When things get worst of your arthritis, grab ginger powder and dissolve in a boiling glass of water. Once dissolved, make sure the water is cold enough and add two tablespoons of it. Mix it thoroughly before drinking. Better absorption of this mixture is the time you wake up and before going to bed.

Say Goodbye to your Stretch Marks

What really causes stretch marks can not be blamed because it happens as we age. Also, some factors are hormonal imbalance, sudden weight loss and sometimes too much swelling. Now, if you are facing too many problems with stretch marks, you can consider using castor oil.

Castor oil has been found as useful for treatments of different skin conditions. With the dominant fatty acids content, it makes the perfect moisturizer to our skin. And with complete moisturizer, we can say goodbye to our stretch marks.

How will you use it to your stretch marks? Follow this simple step. Get a drop of castor oil and massage it to areas with stretch marks. Make sure you have full coverage for the entire affected area. You can also make another layer using coconut or almond oil. The caution in using castor oil is to refrain from applying to broken skin. By doing this, it will harm your skin.

Getting Away from Acne with Castor Oil

Do we consider acne as broken skin? In this case, acne is skin condition from impurities and inflammation which caused by accumulating contaminants in your pores.

In the market, you can see different remedies and when you try everything, but your acnes are still there, well maybe you missed this one. What we have for you is remedies made from castor oil. But is it safe? Acne is different from broken skin that we are referring to. And using castor oil to your acne is safe because it has a natural ingredient that draws out dirt and dead skin cells. Another thing is, castor oil has its way of removing excess oils and bacteria without making your skin dry.

To use it before going to bed, you will need to place a bowl with boiling water on the table. Let your skin feel the warmth of the water. This is a preparation for your skin to allow castor oil to penetrate deeply in your skin. Afterwards, apply a small amount of castor oil to your skin. Rub it in a circular motion and leave it overnight. Then in the morning, remove it using a damp towel. Use cold water to wash off totally the oil to your skin. Contrary to warm water, cold water can shrink your pores. Apply some facial cleanser to make sure no oil left behind your skin.

Depending on your acne problems, use it for two weeks for better results.

No More Wrinkles and Fine Lines

After acnes, common problems are wrinkles and fine lines. As a sign of aging, wrinkles and fine lines are natural stages of our skin. Why is this happening?

Skin aging is brought by a reduction in elastin and collagen presence in our skin. These two components make our skin look young and radiant, so without these, we are most likely become older in physical appearance.

Many skincare products address wrinkles and fine lines; one of those is using castor oil. With it, wrinkles and fine lines help our skin to hydrate faster. It also reduces our appearance of having fine lines and wrinkles.

How you will you use it? After using your facial cleanser and toner, pour a small drop of castor oil and rub to your face in a circular motion. But before doing that, you need to rub your hands with it to warm up the oil. Then gently massage the oil to your skin that allows to full coverage.

What can we say?

How do we know if using castor oil is safe? As categorized to be a natural remedy, the safety of using it is limited only. Also, you cannot take it orally and use it for a very long time, except when advised by medical professionals.

But you can test it on your own if you have allergic reactions to it. Apply a small amount of castor oil to your skin. This might help you prevent adverse effects if you have allergic reactions to your skin. A small amount of slight redness and itching should be a sign of an allergic reaction. Therefore, it is not safe for you to use. But there are lots of skincare home remedies that you can try. Check our other articles to find out.

Summer Skin Care Tips – Your Skin Shield in this Hottest Season


Summer skin care tips, like other beauty tips, are what most girls always want to have. And this summer season, girls, even boys, want to have the perfect summer skincare tips.

Summer skin care tips are valuable, like diamonds for women. Without these tips, men and women will not enjoy the summer season for real. So what we have here has a significant impact on the summer skincare tips and the beauty within.

Many skin problems brought by summer season; in fact, many look for summer skincare tips to stay beautiful and radiant throughout the season. Sometimes, they want permanent skincare tips so that it will be easier for them to maintain it, rather than starting from the beginning.

So, summer skincare tips cover from head to toe. It leaves nothing when it comes to taking care of our skin. That is our goal – we got you covered from head to toe from the heat of summer season.

How to protect your identity to the world?

According to the dermatologist, summer skincare tips for our face is the most important and priority above all.

Your face is your identity to the world, so your face value is important in all circumstances. To maintain your face to look hydrated and free from breakouts during the summer season, you must have to do some regimen. For instance, you can use some skincare products and routines to keep your facial skin well-hydrated.

You may observe that during the summer season, many experience breakouts and many complain about the dryness of their faces.

So, what’s our solution to that common problem? Simple summer skincare tips – splash some water to your face at least 3-4 times daily. You don’t need to use face wash. Clean water can do the trick for your face.

Help your skin adapt to the weather.

The primary factor of the change in your skin texture is the weather. But don’t blame summer season alone when you experience skin dryness and other problems. Change in weather affects your skin moisture, and that is the start of looking for remedies to keep our skin hydrated.

Since we have different skin types, we also need different moisturizers that can hydrate our skin. The following can be your guide to find the real deal for your skin during the summer season.

For typical skin types, you should use water-based moisturizers. It works best in this skin type.

For oily skin, find some gel-based moisturizers. It should be your preference when you have oily skin.

And when you have extra oily skin, which more likely to have acne in the future, you should always have facial sprays. Always find the option to have natural moisturizers rather those with chemicals that are harmful to your skin.

Moisturizers that you use during the winter season are not applicable to use in summer season – this is the golden rule when it comes to moisturizers.

Go natural for your skin health.

When you have no option left, you can turn to your own kitchen and look for the two healthy foods which can do a lot to your skin. You can use lemon and tomato to make your skin look fresh.  I already tried it once, and it amazes me. The effects of this food can be seen in our outer skin, and when consumed, it can brighten our self from within. The nutrients we can get from tomato is lycopene, which really helps our skin to look young and radiant.

Go wiser and use SPF to your skin

Winter Skin Care Top 10 Tips: What you Need to Hydrate Your Skin

Dry and Dull Skin

Winter skincare needs special routine, especially during the winter season, that you have to give extra effort to keep your skin glowing. Cold weather and harsh winds always dehydrate your skin and make it dry and rough.

Having dry skin always lessens your confidence, and you don’t want that. However, it is also tricky to skip this condition in winter. So, you need to give extra care to your skin so that it remains hydrated. If you are thinking about how to manage time for that, then no need to worry as here I will be sharing some super tips to take care of your skin in winter.

I used to be worried during the winter season as it left my skin dry and dull. A few years ago, I came to know about these tips from one of my friends and tried these, and the result was priceless. Now I always follow these tips, and it came out to be super helpful. Have a look at them.

Skin Care Tips during Cold Weather

Tip # 1: Avoid Taking Long Hot Baths

Though it feels good to use hot water in winter, however, hot water can take the moisture off from the skin. Instead, use moderate temperatures of water for a short time.

Tip # 2: Apply Moisturizer

Winter is the time when you will need more moisturizer for your skin. Apply moisturizer after washing your skin and after taking a shower.  Choose a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin.

Tip # 3: Regular Exfoliation

Regular exfoliation will help to remove dead cells from the skin and make your skin smooth and glowing. Try exfoliation mask on your face and lips.

Tip # 4: Protect your Skin

Protect your skin from harsh winds as it can make your skin dry. Use sunscreen. Winter sun is also as damaging as the summer sun.

Tip # 5: Overnight Hydration

Apply moisturizer before sleeping. Apply it in your hands, legs, and elbow. For better result, you can use a thick moisturizing balm.

Tip # 6: Choose Right Products for Your Skin

In winter, the skin needs extra care. So choose your products carefully. Before using any product, think about your skin type.

Tip # 7: Use Masks

Nutrition Facts of Carrot Juice, and its Amazing Health Benefits

Carrot Juice

Nutrition facts of carrot juice is unquestionably a healthy food. Carrot juice is considered to be one of the most versatile vegetables in the world. Cooked or raw, people from almost every culture have taken this healthy and colorful vegetable in different forms.

Nutrition facts of carrot juice is unbelievable and that is why carrots are essential part of every kitchen. Carrots are a rich source of molybdenum, biotin, vitamin k, vitamin c, vitamin BI, B2, B6, copper, potassium, and phosphorus. These nutritional properties are beneficial to prevent some severe diseases like diabetes and cancer.

However, did you know imbibing carrot juice is more beneficial than eating carrots? At least 4 to 5 carrots will need to make Carrot juice that make this juice healthier. Carrot juice is full of nutritional properties and other vital minerals such as Vitamin K, manganese, and potassium. So, everyone should make it a habit of drinking carrot juice daily. Find some reasons why you should add this juice to your daily meal.

Nutrition Facts about Carrot Juice

Reduces Cholesterol

Carrots are a rich source of potassium, and that helps controlling fluctuations in cholesterol levels. That is how; it curbs the risk of heart disease. If you have cholesterol problems, embrace carrot juice instead of having commercial pieces of stuff.

Protects Eye Health

Some nutritional components like lutein, beta-carotene, and zeaxanthin within carrots improve eye health. Different forms of eye disorders occur due to lack of Vitamin A. Beta-carotene is a form of Vitamin A. Zeaxanthin, and lutein decreases the age-related vision loss risk. Regular drinking of carrot juice will assist you to keep your eyes healthy all through the life.

Prevents Cancer

Different shreds of evidence show that antioxidants in carrots play a vital role in curbing the risk of several types of cancer such as breast and ovarian cancer. Some studies have suggested that daily consumption of carrot juice increases body resistance to fight against cancer.

Improves Bone Health

Vitamin K in carrot juice plays a significant role to promote the protein-building process. It fill-ups the deficiency of calcium in the body that helps to heal the harmed bones quickly. Carrot is also a good source of potassium that improves bone health.

More Nutrition Facts about Carrot Juice