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Best shoulder workout: Your Top Picks Easy Exercises


Best shoulder workout can be performed by using the right equipment and by following the proper sets and repetitions. Shoulder Muscles are the foundation of your arms and chest as well as your back to perform the daily functions efficiently. So here are the top picks for your shoulder exercises!

Best shoulder workout includes exercises that improve your strength and endurance. Since you can move your arms in full rotation, you will need full shoulder workout. For some people, lack of shoulder exercises can lead to their shoulders to become stiff. Upon waking up or doing heavy chores at home, many observed painful limitations in their movement. As people have felt this, they tend to use some muscle pain relievers from time to time. Many don’t realize that little shifts in your shoulder muscles cause the pain.

Before starting to do the best shoulder workout, you have to ensure that your body is prepared. When doing these exercises, either at home or your local fitness centers, you should always be in proper workout attire. The perfect attire when doing your workouts will be the following: sports shoes, preferably those cross-training ones, dry-fit or sweatshirts and gym shorts for men.

Women can wear yoga pants or cotton leggings, gym shorts, cross-training shoes, sports bra and comfortable shirts. Also, make sure you wear socks, carry a face towel, and bring hair ties or bandanas to the gym. Further, never wear jewelry and accessories that may harm you when you do your workouts.

Always remember that you’re not there to do a fashion show but do your routine workout to get a well-defined, sleek and fit body.

Best Shoulder Workout using Dumbbells

Like other workouts, you can use dumbbells for your best shoulder workout. For instance, you can do various shoulder workouts like front dumbbell raise, dumbbell lateral raises, seated dumbbell overhead press, and dumbbell incline row.

Front Dumbbell RaiseFront Dumbbell Raise

For front dumbbell raise, you will need to get hold of the dumbbells. In standing position, make sure your palms, while holding the dumbbells, are facing your thighs. Then lift your dumbbell to the front with a slight bend in your elbow. Make the full stretched of your arms until parallel to the floor. Move your two arms simultaneously and complete the repetitions for better result.

On the other best shoulder workout, you can do the later raises. Of course, you will still use dumbbells for this one. This exercise will make your shoulder movements more at ease. You can have defined shoulders in no time. So, you can start by making your feet apart equivalent to your hip width while in standing position. Grab the dumbbells in each of your hand and place it by your side facing your thighs. Raise your both arms until shoulder level and lower it after a while. You can do as many repetitions as you can. But make sure that you have warm up your shoulder and arms muscles before the workout.

You can also do exercise your shoulder while seating on a bench or chair. Hold your dumbbells with your two hands and place to your side. Rotate your wrists outwards before lifting your dumbbells to your shoulder height to both sides. Then you can lower your dumbbells slowly. Complete the recommended repetitions for best results.

Aside from seating on a bench, you can also do dumbbell incline row. Use a neutral grip for dumbbell in each hand. Straighten your arms, retract your shoulder blades, and bend your elbow to row the dumbbells to your side. Complete the recommended repetitions and go back to your starting position.

Barbell for the best shoulder workout

Barbell for the best shoulder workout

If you can handle more weight, then you can use a barbell instead of dumbbells. Some best shoulder workout using barbell are push press, upright barbell row, and barbell standing military press.

In barbell push press, you will begin your movement by lifting the barbell from the floor to your shoulder level. Then, make a slight bend to your knees and start moving the barbell from your shoulders above your head. You can lower the bar slowly to your shoulders. Make sure to perform this exercise with the repetitions needed. It will strengthen your muscles in your shoulder, arms and to your back.

The upright barbell row is another exercise to improve your shoulder muscles. Your starting point is to get a barbell with an overhand grip that is less than your shoulder width. The bar should be resting on top of your thighs with your arms extended and your elbows slightly bent. Make sure your back is in a straight position while raising your elbows to the side. The barbell should be in the level of your chin so you should keep the bar close to your body as you raise it. To get into your starting position, you will need to lower your back down slowly. Complete the repetitions.

If you can only raise the barbell to your chest level, you can do that as well. The barbell standing military press is lifting the barbell against your chest before lifting it over your head. Before doing this exercise, you will need to choose the right weight for your barbell. So, if your barbell is above your head, your shoulder and back muscles will make some pressure. Bring down the barbell slowly to your chest level and the necessary repetitions.

Machine Rear Delt FlyMachine Rear Delt Fly

Other than barbell and dumbbell, you can use the machine rear delt fly. You can do the best shoulder workout with this machine. Before seating on the bench facing the machine, you will need to adjust the weight selection first. Also, change your seat and the handles. Once done, sit on the bench and get a hold of the handles. Pull out your hands to your side and back, contracting your rear delts. Move-in semicircular motion with your arms slightly bent. In this movement, your shoulder muscles will be the focus of the exercise. You can slow down in your rear action and return to your original position. Make the necessary repetitions for best result.

Thoughts to Ponder:

Doing the top best shoulder workout can have modifications as long as you seek advice from your trainer. While doing each exercise, you need to have proper breathing. Breathing is essential as proper pacing in your workout. You need to follow the recommended sets and repetitions to each exercise.

Your workout plans also depend on your capability and health status. Before getting into a workout program, you will need to prepare yourself. Getting the body shape you want cannot be achieved in a single workout or one-day exercise. You will need a routine or workout plan to have an excellent form of your muscles.

Furthermore, you can maintain the excellent body shape you desire by eating the right food and doing some routine exercise. Making yourself fit both mentally and physically can make a difference in your life.

To wrap up, best shoulder workout with proper skills and equipment can help you achieve your goals to have perfect and well-toned muscles.

Bodybuilding Chest Workout for Perfect Shape Pecs


Bodybuilding chest workout is essential for the perfect upper body shape. And to have the ideal form, you need to make sure you are doing your routine correctly. So, you will need the best exercises for your perfect shape chest using your dumbbell and barbell!

Bodybuilding chest workout, like other workouts for your muscle group, should be performed to balance your pecs. Pecs or pectorals are your primary muscles in the chest. It has two categories—major and minor.

As you will read along, you will learn about the best bodybuilding chest workout. You will have to know the best exercises on how to build chest muscle that will balance the form to your major and minor pecs. Upper pecs are the large fan-shaped muscles, which you can see as the chest wall. While small pecs are not visible to your eyes, they can be found under your major pecs. Minor pecs are your muscles that connect the shoulders and chest to function simultaneously.

Best bodybuilding chest workout

Also, the importance of doing the best bodybuilding chest workout is to keep your arms work well in lifting objects and other daily tasks that you are doing. Now, let us get moving to make your chest admirable to everyone.

Barbell Bench Press

You can start your bodybuilding chest workout using your barbell. The barbell is one of the essential tools in bodybuilding. So we take advantage of it in this exercise. Your starting point in the barbell bench press is to lay your back flat, and your feet stay flat on the ground. Make sure that the barbell is placed on the bench’s rack. While in this position, lift the bar slowly off the shelf and hold it above your chest in a proper distance. Hold it for a second, then raise the bar slowly. Place the bar on the rack once sets and repetitions are completed.

The bench press exercise is useful for building body mass, especially in your chest. Just make sure that at your first try, do this with just enough weight that you can lift and grasp.

Incline Barbell Bench Press

Another form of a good bodybuilding chest workout for a barbell is the incline bench press. Your starting position is the same as the bench press. But you will have to set up your pad in an arched form that should be comfortable with your hips and lower back. Extend your arms upward and remove the bar from the rack. Then, you can lower the bar slowly to your sternum by flexing your elbows. With the proper distance, extend your elbows to return the bar after completing the sets and repetitions.

Incline Dumbbell Press

Incline Dumbbell Press

Other than a barbell, you can use dumbbells for your bodybuilding chest workout. Using the dumbbells, you can create and define muscles in your chest by doing incline dumbbell press.

Your starting position in this exercise is lying on an incline bench and holding your dumbbells in each hand over your thighs. You can adjust the bench to your preferred angle. Make sure your hands are facing each other. Then you can raise the dumbbells slowly to your shoulder width while rotating your palms facing front. At this point, it is vital that you have a full grip of the dumbbells. Also, you will need to lock your arms at the top and hold it for some time. You can raise and lower down your dumbbells with the recommended sets and repetitions. After completing the repetitions, you can place the dumbbells back on your thighs first, then on the floor. It will be the more comfortable and safest way to finish the incline dumbbell press.

Incline Dumbbell Pullover

You can also do the dumbbell pullover by starting in the position wherein you lay on the bench press with your shoulders are only supported. Then, place your feet on the floor. Make sure your head and neck are at the edge over the bench. Your hips and shoulder should not be aligned so position your hips in lower angle than your shoulders. If you have done this, you will need to get hold to your dumbbells with your hands crossing in a diamond shape. Your palms should be facing the ceiling, then move the dumbbells over your chest with your elbows bent 10-15 degrees. Hold and slowly lower the dumbbells backward over your head. Make sure your arms are in line with your upper body and parallel to the floor. The movement of your dumbbells should be in an arc-like motion.

While doing the incline dumbbell pullover, make sure you squeeze your chest. Repeat the exercise’s recommended sets and repetitions.

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press

With flat bench dumbbell press, you will need to lie on a flat bench with dumbbells in each hand. While holding the dumbbells, make sure your palms are facing forward. Then you can bend your elbows slowly upwards until your upper arms are parallel to the ground. Make your arms in the straight position while pushing the weights outwards in an arc shape. Lower the dumbbells slowly. You should feel a stretch in your chest, muscles and shoulders. Do the recommended repetitions and sets.

Machine Decline Press

Machine Decline Press

Other than dumbbells and barbells, you can use the machine decline press to enhance the muscle functions of your lower pecs. It offers more stability for beginners.

For bodybuilding chest workout, you can use the machine decline press. First, you have to make adjustments on the seat of the machine. The handles should be aligned with the lower portion of your chest. Your back should be rested on the pad of the machine. To feel some stretch in your chest muscles, press the handles to move your hands to extend fully. Just make sure your elbows are not locked. Hold this position for a while, then return to your original position. You can perform this exercise to your capacity.

Incline Cable Fly

You can also have the incline cable fly for a bodybuilding chest workout. In this exercise, your starting position is the same as the previous workouts for your chest. You get to set the pulleys at the lowest level of the machine before you lay down your back on the pad. Make sure your pad is set at 45 degrees in between the pulleys, and the weights should be just right to your capacity to hold. While lying, hold each handle to your sides and pull it over in front of your face with your hands together. Then make a slight bend of your elbows and lower your arms at both sides in a wide arc until you feel some pressure to your chest. Return your arms back to the starting position. Complete the recommended repetitions for this exercise. Make sure to maintain the motion and weights as you continue.

Peck Deck Machine

Peck Deck Machine

If you want a more intense bodybuilding chest workout, you can try using the peck deck machine. It is a weight machine, which you can sit and have two levers behind the seat. The bars can be pulled toward each other. Another device that you can try is the peck deck machine.

You will need to sit on the platform and make a rest to the pad. Place your forearms against the deck levers and hold the handles. Then, pull your arms carefully toward each other. If you feel the pressure to your chest, release the handles. Do the recommended repetitions to build more muscles in your chest.

Dips for Chest

Dips for Chest

For a simple bodybuilding workout for the chest, you can use the dips for the more effective building of chest muscles. Also, it can jump-start the muscles in your chest before a more intensive workout. Also, you can improve your balance and control over your body weight. On the other hand, if you want your chest to broaden, you should start using dips. One of the disadvantages of using dips is to develop your chest to be more extensive.

So if you want to use dips, hold each side of the dips and lean forward. You need to place your elbows a little bit wider than your shoulder. Then move your knees forward while contracting your abs to maintain the position. After holding your position for a while, make sure that your head is aligned with your spine as you go down the dips. To increase bodybuilding chest workout using dips, you can load some weight to your back. You can also slow down in doing repetitions for this exercise.

Thoughts to Ponder:

Doing the bodybuilding chest workout have the modifications as long as you seek advice from your trainer. While doing each exercise, you need to have proper breathing. Breathing is essential as proper pacing in your workout. You need to follow the recommended sets and repetitions to each exercise.

When doing exercises, either at home or your local fitness centers, you should always be in proper workout attire. The perfect attire when doing your workouts will be the following: sports shoes, preferably those cross-training ones, dry-fit or sweatshirts and gym shorts for men.

Yoga pants or cotton leggings, gym shorts, cross-training shoes, sports bra and comfortable shirts can be wearing of women. Also, make sure you wear socks, carry a face towel, and bring hair ties or bandanas to the gym. Further, never wear jewelry and accessories that may harm you when you do your workouts.

Always remember that you’re not there to do a fashion show but do your routine workout to get a well-defined, sleek and fit body.

Another thing your workout plans depending on your capability and health status is before getting into a workout program. You will need to prepare yourself. Getting the body shape you want cannot be achieved in a single workout or one-day exercise. You will need a routine or workout plan to have an excellent form of your muscles.

Furthermore, you can maintain the excellent body shape you desire by eating the right food and doing the same routine exercise. Making yourself fit both mentally and physically can make a difference in your life.

To wrap up, bodybuilding chest workout with proper skills and equipment can help you achieve your goals to have perfect and well-toned muscles.

Banana Nutrition Fact Provides Overall Health Benefits

banana nutrition fact

Banana nutrition fact has a significant impact on our overall health. Daily consumption of banana will give the nutrients we need. But you need to consume it in the recommended amount. Otherwise, it could lead to some serious health problems.

Banana nutrition fact provides all the nutrients we need. It is a versatile fruit that promotes right health conditions in our body and has a soft curved flesh. The size varies from three inches to six inches long.

The complete banana nutrition fact includes fiber, potassium, vitamin B6 and C. These nutrients are responsible for making our body healthy. So you may ask this query—does banana have protein? The answer is yes. So how much protein banana has? It only has about 1 percent or 1.1 grams protein in every 100 grams.

This is why a banana only diet can put our health at risk. It can lead to several harmful side effects, as we will not have the necessary protein our body deserves.

According to a study, getting vitamins in banana only for the whole day will not satisfy your body with the nutrients it needs. It is a fact that banana is rich with fiber and potassium. However, your body needs other nutrients like calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are essential for keeping our body energized to perform day-to-day activities.

Banana nutrition fact versus the side effects

Most of us believe that consuming anything in one attempt can resolve our nutrients deficiency. This is entirely false. By doing so, you’re not giving yourself a chance to become fit. Otherwise, you’re just giving yourself the worst problem.

The first symptom that you might have is an abnormal condition of your digestive system. Banana nutrition fact is rich with fiber, and too much fiber can affect our digestion. Most likely, constipation and bloating are few of the side effects that will occur. It will affect the nutrient absorption of our body in such a wrong way.

Another side effect that doctors would notice will be a higher potassium level in our blood. Medical specialist identifies this condition as Hyperkalemia. Potassium is good for our heart when taken in the right dosage. We cannot force our body to process all the potassium. Too much intake of banana daily can have a disastrous result like a heart attack. Therefore, moderation in eating banana will have a massive impact on your body.

Also, when you have only bananas in your diet, you can gain more weight. Over time, you will become a bit sluggish than before.

Too much consumption of banana can make you too sleepy. It is not a normal condition if you are pregnant or taking any medications with a drowsiness effect. The carbs cause this health condition in bananas. Bananas’ carbohydrates blocked the flow of amino acids to your brain, according to a study. The blocking of amino acids creates serotonin, which promotes sleep.

Again, banana nutrition fact is good for our body, but we forbid you to have a banana-only diet if you are planning to lose weight. The quickest weight loss programs are usually the ones that could harm us in the worst possible way.

Significance of eating a banana with the recommended daily consumption

The average serving of banana should be two pieces of medium size. It can be a maximum of seven pieces in regular size. Balance nutrients in our body should be observed. So with the right consumption of banana, you can still eat other healthy foods like fish and vegetables.

On the bright side of overeating banana, it can address your difficulty in sleeping. Many other health benefits prove the banana nutrition fact.

Good source of vitamin B6 for blood regulation

With banana nutrition fact, you can have vitamin B6. It is essential to create red blood cells that prevent anemia. Also, it contributes to the production of antibodies for our immune system.

Vitamin B6 can be an excellent blood regulation to kick off brain function as well. So, healthy brain functions can stimulate sleep. Getting enough sleep will recharge the body’s energy.

Prevents digestive health problems with fiber

One of the banana nutrition facts is fiber.  Enough fiber in our body can absorb the proper nutrients from the food we’re eating. It has a massive role in promoting regular bowel movement. Also, it prevents the formation of hemorrhoids in your anus. Hemorrhoids are common when you have a poor fiber diet.

By eating the recommended amount of banana daily, expect your gut to have some natural laxative properties. It will easily regulate your bowel movement. According to a study, bananas have enough fiber to replace laxative medications. It also has fructo-oligosaccharides features that enhance good bacteria to absorb nutrients.

The banana nutritional fact can be observed over time. The powerful effect of banana fiber creates a lining in our stomach to keep the acid compound away. The fiber maintains the normal pH of your stomach that will reduce in producing acids. These acids can destroy the mucus barriers. The damaged mucus barriers can lead to serious digestive problems like an ulcer. So, if you have digestive issues, banana can save the day.

Furthermore, fiber supports our digestive system after diarrhea and even during vomiting incidents. Banana can replace the lost potassium in our body, which has been flushed out.

Supports the production of white blood cells with cytokine

Other than fiber, white blood cells in our body play a significant role. It is responsible for keeping our immune system on top of everything. Like banana, it supports the production of white blood cells by releasing cytokine.

Cytokine is a compound from banana that helps enhance the proliferation of white blood cells in our body. The white blood cells fight free radicals in the body. It also reduces the risk of early cancer symptoms.

Manages normal blood pressure with potassium

As mentioned, one of the minerals in a banana is potassium. It prevents blockage in the arteries and veins. Healthy arteries and veins reduce the risk of getting heart attacks and mild strokes.

The role of potassium is to provide adequate nutrients for our body that can regulate the average blood pressure level. It helps our vital organs to have optimal function. The combination of fiber and potassium from bananas can remove bad cholesterol easily. Given this, eating the right amount of bananas can enhance the purpose of your cardiovascular system.

Inhibits diabetes with pectin in bananas

Our eating lifestyles have more sugar and other preservatives that we are not noticing. We tend to buy and eat in fast-food restaurants or even in casual dining bistro. All the food we eat has more than the daily recommended servings.

According to a study, pectin found in banana nutrition fact can strengthen our insulin sensitivity. It will increase our glucose tolerance, which can reduce our risk of having diabetes. Pectin is essential to prevent any complications that can lead to diabetes.

Losing and gaining weight with bananas

An argument about the banana nutritional fact for weight loss and gaining weight is a matter that needs to be resolved. How many Banana provides calories and fiber that makes you feel satiety for a longer time. In this instance, an overweight person should avoid eating other foods with more calories and fiber. It will have a better result if your diet includes bananas. Otherwise, you can opt to have different foods with enough calories and fiber.

How many calories in banana nutrition fact? There are about 90 calories in 100 mg of bananas. If you are underweight, then eating a banana is best to normalize your weight. You can add peanut butter or dairy with your banana. You can also increase your banana consumption as long as it is not beyond the maximum allowable intake or in contradiction to your medications. It is also vital that you do not overlook some health problems in your digestive system.

Better eyesight to see the beauty of life

Antioxidants and carotenoids can contribute to dealing with macular degeneration. These nutrients are both provided by a banana. Alongside the other nutrients from bananas, it can lower the possibility of early signs of blindness, cataracts and glaucoma. Therefore, it is significant to make eating bananas a daily habit. With bananas, you have the luxury of enjoying the scenery of your surroundings.

Banana nutrition fact from banana flowers and peel

The good news is, you can still get more nutrients beyond the regular fleshy fruit of the banana. You can also get it from its flowers and peels. Of course, you cannot consume it raw or uncooked. For example, banana flowers need to be cooked to have health benefits.

Banana flowers can improve your pain tolerance during menstruation period. It also enables the smooth flow of blood discharge from your body.

You can also have banana peels to prevent skin diseases. Common skin conditions are acne and psoriasis. With this treatment, you need not cook the banana peel. You have to rub the raw peel in the affected areas. The banana peels will prevent skin breakage, and will surely give your skin the relief and moisture it deserves.

Relieves stress and increase positive moods through serotonin

Serotonin is a compound found in bananas. It is a by-product of the amino acid tryptophan. Aside from promoting good sleep, serotonin also relieves our body from stress and increase positive moods.

So you might again ask—is banana good for you? One of the answers will be Serotonin. This is actually one of the many reasons why people choose to eat bananas when they are feeling down—the lack of serotonin. It also helps fight stress after a long day from work.

Recovering from alcoholic stimulants

Other than caffeine to address hangover symptoms, you can have a banana to reduce alcohol influence in your body. You need to prepare a smoothie with some bananas and coconut milk. Added with berries, it can give you the required rehydration in no time. It will also provide you with higher energy levels while countering some of the effects of alcoholic stimulants.

How to choose banana nutrition fact good for you

Banana nutrition fact has impressive health benefits. We also uncover the harmful effects of banana if you consume more than the daily-recommended serving. That is why you need to know the right selection for banana.

In choosing the right banana, you can select either between Cavendish or Plantain. Cavendish banana is commonly offered as dessert. It comes with sweet yellow flesh. The skin can vary from green when unripe and yellow when ready to eat. When buying, you need to avoid bruises on the surface of the banana. It indicates that there some mishandling of the product from harvesting to packaging. Likewise, it may show unsafe cultivation.

Plantains, on the other hand, are green bananas. The green banana benefits provide carbohydrates when cooked. There is a need to cook plantains when it is not yet ripe. Once you have it matured, you need not cook it and enjoy eating it in its raw form. Just remember that unripe banana should not be placed inside refrigerators. It will disrupt the process of maturity.

For ripe bananas, you should let the banana be a little exposed to avoid rotting when sealed in a bag or box. The lifespan of ripe bananas under room temperature is about 4 days. If you store it in the refrigerator, it can last a couple of weeks. Yes, you can store ripe bananas inside your fridge. The skin will become dark, but the flesh inside can still be eaten.

Some facts about banana nutrients

Aside from the banana eating benefits, other parts of the fruit are edible. Banana flowers and peels of the fruit, banana leaves are also beneficial in the packaging of meats and other vegetables. It is an alternative to avoid using plastic.

We are familiar with the benefits as well as the banana nutritional fact. But are we familiar where do bananas come from? Historians have dated the cultivation of bananas as far as 8000 to 5000 BC. The history identified that banana originated in Southeast Asia and South Pacific. These are the regions where bananas’ were first enjoyed.

Banana comes from the Arabic word ‘banan,’ which means finger. It has been tagged as ‘fruit of the wise men.’ There have been artifacts discovered that are related to banana in Sanskrit 500 BC years ago. This staple food of Asians has saved many lives from starvation.

Bananas don’t come in yellow only. Essentially, the color of banana skin has many variations. Other than yellow, you can actually buy bananas that are brown, purple, or just light yellow or light green. These colors depend on the variety of bananas. From 500 types of bananas, you can enjoy each and every one of them. You might even discover more banana uses. But for its nutritional value, it is safe to assume that there will be only a few differences from each other.

Maintaining food safety for banana

Growing banana needs tedious cultivation. With the recent incidents of fungal diseases in most of the banana plantation, careful observation on the farming methods has been applied. The Panama disease is a threat in our banana plantation until now.

Panama disease is caused by Fusarium soil fungus. It can attack the banana plant by entering in its roots through the water stream. Then it goes up to the trunks and leaves, with nothing left to survive. From then on, banana plantation operators and managers are securing the parameters of their farm. The contamination can spread quickly. But sadly, it cannot be treated easily.

To grow banana, you will need to locate a farm with warm tropical temperature. You need to inspect the soil to test its fertility. It should be a dark soil to achieve the computed yield after harvest. You will need almost a year to make the full harvest of the fruit. Therefore, you need to consider what needs to be done correctly and avoided immediately.

The leading countries in banana production are India, China and the Philippines. These three countries have significant contributions to satisfy the demand of the growing global market. Yearly, they need to increase their production to meet the needs of the market. Also, other countries have already contributed to some factors in the banana industry.

Our insights

Banana is an essential fruit. You can digest it quickly and have all the nutrients you need. But you need to remember that unripe bananas can lead to indigestion. Therefore, make sure to eat the ripe ones to enjoy banana digestion.

Bananas have many nutrients you can enjoy. But you can have other side effects like migraine and dental problems. Migraine can be triggered by banana because of its Tyramine properties. Also, you need to avoid bananas if you have present dental conditions. The starch content of banana can increase the underlying dental problems.

Another thing, you need to know before consuming banana is your allergic reaction with the compounds found in a banana. Try to test it to your skin. If you encounter the symptoms like itching and swelling, you need to consult a doctor for antihistamine. You can have other options the same as with banana nutritional facts.

Bananas can be made into some of the healthiest recipes; You can have fruit salads, smoothies and shakes. You can also add a banana for oatmeals, cereals, and pancake. It will add flavor to your cooking. Also, there are other processed products using banana. You will find banana wine and fiber. Decorations made from banana are appreciated. It is also a source of livelihood for some people.

How to apply Bronzer: Simple Way to Achieve the Perfect Glow Effect


How to apply bronzer correctly is what makes the contouring look perfectly. Bronzer adds some effect of sun-kissed glow in your darken areas. It enhances your makeup color to look more radiant. But what it really takes to enjoy the full impact of bronzing is doing it with contouring.

How to apply bronzer should be learned by many to put some shadow after contouring. Bronzing is the technique to create a natural warm look in your face. You can have a slimmer face that will emphasize your cheekbones and your jawline to be chiseled.

That is why bronzing is essential in our makeup. As you read along, you can define the difference of bronzing with contouring. You can have the techniques and the right bronzer for your skin tone. You do not need to worry about the skin type if you are bronzing. Other skin care products before the application of bronzer have covered your skin type.

Choosing the Right Bronzer

Each beauty product has different types that will complement your skin type and skin tone. Various kinds of bronzer define your contour makeup.

For instance, you can have a matte bronzers to give more depth to your face. You can use this bronzer as a way to contour your cheekbones, jawline and forehead.

The shimmer bronzer is used by stylists to give faces a subtle, luminous and glowing effect. This bronzer can give you a natural glow whenever the sunlight hit your face. Unlike matte bronzer, you cannot use this for contour. Also, you should avoid shimmer bronzer if you have blemishes and bumps in your facial skin. The shimmer effect will bring more focus to your flaws.

With the sheer bronzer, this can give you a natural glow effect. You don’t need to apply too much sheer bronzer. Just the perfect amount will provide you with a noticeable look.

Bronzed your skin tone perfectly

Choosing the perfect bronzer for your skin tone is essential. One wrong shade can ruin everything, from your primer to contour. So, here is your ideal guide to bronze your skin tone.

Make sure to follow the first rule of all beauty products. That is, choose a bronzer with one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Applying too much bronzer or any product will give your makeup an unnatural or exaggerating look.

Natural Skin Tone

What bronzer is shade perfect for your natural skin tone? Natural skin tone, also categorized as medium or olive skin tone, should be one to two shades darker than your skin color. Like other beauty products, bronzer shades should complement your skin tone to achieve the natural warmth of the skin.

Therefore, when you have natural skin, you should have a matte bronzer. It will enhance more the natural warmth of your skin. You can add highlighter for a shimmer effect.

Dark Skin Tone

Shimmer bronzer or the glowy one can lift the dark skin tone. The bronzer that complements dark complexion is the sheer shades. Just make sure to avoid using a matte bronzer to keep away your dark skin tone to look too hollow and dull.

For dark skin tone, achieving the sun-kissed skin is hard to achieve. But, it can be achieved by learning some makeup techniques. One way to make a perfect bronzer for your dark skin tone is by mixing a liquid bronzer to your foundation. By doing this, it can create a natural radiance.

Fair-to-Light Skin Tone

Natural radiance is essential for wearing our makeup. So, light skin tone should have a color palette for light and dark shades bronzer. Having many shades for bronzer will give you more than one option for bronze blending.

Other choices come from illuminating bronzer or powder with a bright finish. Using either of these two can make a subtle finish for a natural look. Just make sure you avoid the shades of reds or browns. It will make you look orangey.

For your skin undertones

Other things you need to consider before applying bronzer is the undertones of your skin. Like with your skin tone, your bronzer should complement with your undertones.

For instance, you will need to use golden brown bronzers if you have warm undertones. Go with neutral shades and avoid red-toned bronzers to work well with cool undertones. For yellow undertones, you will need to have a peach or pink bronzers.

How to apply bronzer: Gels, Creams, Powders, Liquids, and Spray

Different shades of bronzer come in many forms. You can have gels, creams, powders, liquids, and spray. If you have not realized yet, some bronzer can be used for your body and not just on the face alone.

For your perfect bronzer, here are the types of bronzers that you can choose. Make sure that it will complement your skin tone.

Cream-Based Powder

This bronzer works well with dry skin because of the softness and natural blend of the cream. With this, you can apply this bronzer without using a brush. The perfect parts of your face that you can apply your bronzer are the high points of your face.

Powder Bronzers

Among the bronzers, this is the most versatile and user-friendly. However, you can only use this bronzer on your face. Others would already notice that powder bronzers can give more confidence than creams. Powder bronzers have different finish when applied.

Spray Bronzers

Unlike powder and cream, spray bronzers have less consistency when applied. Highlighting is not the forte of spray bronzers. But you can find some spray bronzers that you can use on your face or add with your moisturizer.

Liquid Bronzer

If you are not comfortable in using your cream bronzers, you can have the liquid type. The liquid bronzer comes with a thinner texture than cream. So, you need bronzer brush to blend it seamlessly. You can have liquid bronzer if you have dry skin. It will make your application more comfortable than any bronzers.

Gel Bronzers

For other beauty experts, being an expert in using bronzers can result in a more stunning effect. You can have gel bronzers for an extraordinary impact. If you want to have a more sun-kissed glowy effect, you can mix the gel bronzers to your sunscreen. It will give you a natural looking finish as well.

Make Use of the Right Bronzer Brushes

Of course, you need brushes in applying your bronzer. Given that there are several types of bronzer, you will need different brushes as an applicator of each type. Make sure that you always use a clean brush when applying bronzer. Here are the different brushes that you need to learn and use an applicator.

Synthetic Brush

The bristles of the synthetic brush can only hold a few products. So, this brush can work well with cream bronzers.

Natural Brush

On the contrary, natural brushes will not be useful with cream bronzers. Its bristles can hold much product, which is suitable for powder bronzers.

Round-head Brush

For the quick application of matter or sheer bronzer, you will need this brush. Though this will have extensive coverage, you can have a smooth finish and even distribution.

Fan Brush

Fan brush has an only limited amount of products that it can hold. Since you will only need to apply a small amount of shimmery bronzer, you will depend on this brush. At the same time, the fan brush is lighter than any brush.

How to Apply Bronzer: Step by Step

Application of bronzer is different from contouring. Like what we have mentioned earlier, contouring gives shadows to specific areas in our face. While for bronzer, it gives your makeup the warm effect. So, here is your guide in applying bronzer.

    1. Hold the brush that perfectly matches with your bronzer. Make a gentle brush to your cheeks first. Put a smile on your face to know the tip of your cheeks.
    2. Make a sweeping motion to your temples and forehead for a more blended natural look.
    3. Do some bronzing to the center of your nose. You need to have more bronzing on this part because it has too much exposure from sunlight.

Spread it Right with Ideal Blending Brush

After you put your bronzer, make sure you blend it evenly. It is the final touch for your bronzer. So, you need to choose the right blending brush to make sure that your bronzer will come out naturally.

Kabuki Brush

Choose a kabuki brush with short and thick bristles to work well in bronze blending.

Duo-fiber Brush

This brush can blend both cream and powder products. The lighter tips of the bristles make the blending less messy.

Quick tips in Applying Bronzer

Getting a hold of your bronzer and brush, you will need to keep in mind the following tips and reminders.

  1. Use gradual amounts of bronzer if you are using a liquid or cream formula. Do the swirl, tap and apply routine to your bronzer brush.
  2. Bronzing comes after contouring. Therefore, make sure that you have done the right contouring. Too much contouring can make your appearance unnatural. So, use the bronzer to neutralize the contour.
  3. Shimmery bronze can last only for a few hours. If you want to add a little shimmer to your makeup, make sure you will not get too sweaty. Otherwise, shimmer bronze will wash away.
  4. Make time in applying your bronzer and other makeup. But the amount for you to use should be enough. You can always add more after a while or if your makeup washes off.
  5. Use the right shade and avoid too dark bronze makeup. Darker or lighter shades of bronzer can make your complexion too dull or dingy. If you want to achieve the sun-kissed effect, apply the right amount.
  6. Learn and choose only the part of your face where you need to apply bronzer. Full coverage is not suitable for bronzer.
  7. Make use of the right blending and brush applicator in every type of bronzer. When you have the right brushes, it will give you the result of the perfect glow.
  8. You can have that glow and sun-kissed effect by using the right bronzer. Not all that glitters are gold, so make sure that you will be using the type of bronzer that complement your skin tone and undertones.

Brief reminder:

Indeed, using bronzer can make you look prettier, but it can also harm your skin. Bronzer beauty products can have compounds that may harm your skin if you have sensitive skin. So, make sure to use products with natural and organic makeup. In this way, you can still protect your skin from harmful compounds. You can also opt for hypoallergenic compounds to keep your skin healthy. Indeed, it will be challenging to use the right beauty products, but the most important is to have a consultation with your dermatologist for some medical advice. Making your skin healthy can give you a more glamorous look.

Bodybuilding Workouts to Gain Strength and Confidence!


Bodybuilding workouts are sets of some specific individual movements which you perform during your exercises that complete the transformation of your body. You need various routine activities to make your body in good shape and condition.

In this article, you will learn about how bodybuilding workouts can effectively bring about change to your physical appearance and performance!

Bodybuilding workouts give your body the transformation you need to boost your strength and endurance for strenuous activities. From just training and conditioning your body for other familiar sports, bodybuilding now has also been acknowledged as a serious competitive sport. It happened when people became obsessed with the perfect physique of the human body, wherein the goal is to lose most, if not all, of nonessential body fats and make the muscles more defined.

But in this article, we will focus more on how to use it to maintain a good shape and condition of your body. And hopefully, as a reader, you may give more importance to bodybuilding workouts to improve your health, and also gain confidence and self-esteem in work and life.

So first off, you need to make sure your body type and the various parts of your body to lose the nonessential fats and build more muscles. If you are now decided, you can choose the different types of bodybuilding workouts and equipment you need to use.

Doing bodybuilding workouts is not for the faint of heart. You will need not only patience and discipline of your mind and body but the determination to focus and reach the goals you have set. So, here are some quick tips to guide you on your workouts. These tips are going to help you achieve your body goals.

Bodybuilding Workouts Quick Tips

For beginners, choosing the right equipment is very important. You can start with the necessary equipment like a set of dumbbells and barbells. As you read along, you will learn about the different equipment that you can use in most training facilities, or you may buy and build for your personal gym.

Do some warm-up exercises

If you are now ready to lift some weights, always make sure that you start with warm-up exercises first to condition your nerves, bones and muscles. Squats, deadlift, and barbell bench press can be kick-start exercises. As you will do some other activities other than those, you should know the proper stance and form of each use.

Know your muscle group and workout schedules

Our body has a different muscle group. Your muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, back and legs should have scheduled exercises weekly. It is essential that you have a workout program. As a beginner, you will need a professional trainer to guide you in your workout. Another option is to focus on the basic exercises at home with a video tutorial. For more serious bodybuilding workouts, you can go to your fitness or training facilities in your community.

However, for you to be able to reach your body goals, you need to allow a maximum of four days and a minimum of three days per week for your workout. When you have the proper programming of your bodybuilding workouts, you can increase your exercises every two weeks. Make sure always to have the appropriate posture and never forget a weightlifting belt for lower back protection and other straps and braces for your knees and wrists. Always keep this in mind to prevent your muscles and tendons from unnecessary wear and damage. Any sudden increase in your workout can result in severe damage to your body, including bone fracture.

Food intake for your muscles

Of course, you should always eat the required food with good proper nutrition rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Drink lots of fluids that are high in electrolytes. Adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables can also help your body to recover fast. Never skip a meal when you are doing your workouts. Avoid junk foods, alcoholic beverages, smoking and other harmful vices as this would ruin your body goals. Also, you will need enough sleep to provide enough rest to your body.

Factors that may affect your Bodybuilding Workouts

Other than harmful vices, you will be encountering other factors that may affect your bodybuilding workouts. Most common in all the health condition issues you can have is about your muscle growth and development.

Bodybuilders surpass muscle growth by increasing the capacity to lift. Weight lifting in proper form can create changes in your muscles. These changes to your muscles can lead your body to have more strength and power.

However, the sudden shift of exercises can damage your muscles, which may affect the building of new tissues. Activities that involve lower bicep curl can do more harm than an upper bicep curl. Injuries like a bicep strain or even a tear can happen if you will be brash in your bodybuilding program. Make sure you perform these exercises in average duration. You can have less repetition (reps) for about 45 to 30 seconds of activities. Let’s make sure that we never get hurt or sick in our road to a lean and fit body.

Training before Bodybuilding Workouts Plan

What you can do to prepare your body for a full-time bodybuilding workouts plan is to undergo regular lifting and training. Having enough practice can help your body muscles grow and develop faster and recover in a shorter time. It is essential for beginners who want to be involved in bodybuilding workouts.

Proper training always follows a good plan that may focus on each muscle group or do workouts for the entire muscle group. You can start with some basic training then level it up to full-blown workouts. There are techniques in doing workouts, which can help your routine more comfortable to follow. Make sure you always keep a record of the exercises you have been doing while training. So, it will be less hard for you to determine your workout plans later on.

Preparation for your Workout Plans

Bodybuilding workouts can be challenging for those who are beginning to be in this line of getting physically healthy. For beginners, it will be, literally, a massive change in your physique and body structure.

Preparations for workouts should start with yourself since you will be going to establish your focus and discipline. So, before you begin to have some exercises, make sure you have the time and enough determination. Time is precious for everyone. Therefore, bodybuilders should balance time for their workouts, family, job and other essential things.

Also, you will need to determine what kind of body movements you will execute for certain body parts of yours. The specific parts of your body need distinct exercises to enhance and make your muscles more pronounced.

For your front legs, you can do squats, lunges and box jumps. Deadlifts, hip raises, good mornings and step-ups can bring shape to the muscles behind your legs, especially your glutes. On your shoulders and triceps muscle parts, you can do overhead press, bench press, incline dumbbell press, push-ups, and dips. The movement to pull your muscles in your back, biceps, and grip includes pull-ups, bodyweight rows and dumbbell rows. Last, your muscles and lower back need planks, side planks, and exercise ball crunches, mountain climbers, jumping knee tucks, and hanging leg raise.

These exercises need appropriate sets and reps to see the full effect in your body. In doing sets and reps, avoid doing many activities with 10 sets in each body part. Excluding training and warm-up, you can have about three to five sets per exercise. You can repeat the sets up to 8-10 times.

Know your limitations in your workouts

Bodybuilding workouts need time for each exercise before proper execution. For instance, you can rest for about a maximum of five minutes for three repetitions of the heavy lifting for strength and power. With four to seven repetitions, you can have about two to three minutes of rest.  And one-minute rest if you will make 13 repetitions in lifting for endurance.

Well, you should do the heavy lifting as long as you can carry it. For at least 45 minutes and a maximum of one hour, make sure you follow your workout plans to maximize the time you have. If you go more than an hour, that can give an opposite effect in your body. Keep in mind that you need to have more intense workouts with less time consumed to get better results.

Intense but straightforward routines will be useful if you are enjoying it. Over time, you will get familiarize with these routines. Given that, you can add some additional movements or mix other exercises with your routine to get you off in getting bored with your workout. You can also swap your routines. But before doing this, you should consult your bodybuilder trainer or gym instructors for more accurate workout plans.

Your bodybuilding workouts according to your capacity

Your workout plans depending on your ability to maintain a perfectly shaped body. You can start with simple tasks as a beginner. Some strategies for a bodybuilding workout for beginners include squats and deadlifts. Always remember to have the proper posture and support in doing your squats and deadlifts. You can do these thrice a week. Make sure you do alternate exercises on this one.

Doing the upper and lower split is best for intermediate bodybuilding workout. You can do movements with your biceps, which can impact your back muscles as well. Also, you can do training on your lower body days. You can have this routine three to four times a week.

Preparing your body for more intense workouts, you can do movements in your legs, push and pull workouts. In this scenario, you will have three different sets of exercises weekly. These routines are for advanced bodybuilders. You will do movements for your legs, then chest, shoulders, triceps, and lastly back and biceps muscles. You can do this for four days a week with an alternate routine.

Adding more weights and more repetitions with your workout plans can be set as for advanced bodybuilders. You will need to focus on each body part; therefore, you will need more time to recover from each body part.

Perfect Attire to do your workouts

When doing exercises, either at home or your local fitness centers, you should always be in proper workout attire. The typical attire when doing your workouts will be the following: sports shoes, preferably those cross-training ones, dry-fit or sweatshirts and gym shorts for men.

Yoga pants or cotton leggings, gym shorts, cross-training shoes, sports bra and comfortable shirts can be wearing of women. Also, make sure you wear socks, carry a face towel, and bring hair ties or bandanas to the gym. Further, never wear jewelry and accessories that may harm you when you do your workouts.

Always remember that you’re not there to do a fashion show but do your regular workout to get a well-defined, sleek and fit body.

The perfect equipment for your toned body shape

A perfectly shaped body can only be defined and achieved with appropriate equipment. You cannot transform your body in an instant or without doing some effort or any hardship. There are different equipment that you can choose for your workout.

Workout equipment at home

As a starter, you can have simple equipment that you can use at home. These are handy, which need only small storage space. Here are the lists of sports tools and weights that you can have:

Mini-looped resistance bands

Resistance bands will give more muscles to your glutes and hip as you will be using it to your lower body part exercises. You can use different bands that can provide you with varying resistance.

Jumping Rope

This is a standard exercise tool that is good for a cardiovascular workout. It can give you an overall movement with just a long string.

Mini foam roller

A balancing tool is essential for your bodybuilding workouts plans. You need to practice your balance to be engaged and challenged.

Yoga Mat

Simple yoga mat does not always fit your routine, especially when you are getting too sweaty. But it can be useful for those who do yoga and exercise preparations.


Your dumbbells have always been a staple and the essential tool for weightlifting. It is either adjustable or fixed weight. It can be light or heavy as to your capacity. Women are commonly the patrons of dumbbells. It is also best for isolated muscle exercises and heavy lifting.


This tool is not the same as your usual dumbbells. Kettlebell increases your strength by putting heavyweight in your workout. You can use kettlebell during squats, overhead pressed and deadlifts.

Equipment for Training Facilities

For bodybuilding workouts, simple and necessary equipment are not enough to create a perfect and toned body. Besides the dumbbells and kettlebells, you will need the interventions of advanced workout tools to have your body goals.

The appropriate bodybuilding equipment is designed to use by professional or advanced learners. In a training facility, you will find the gear that will cater to your needs. Therefore, we are providing you with the list to know what kind of equipment you will need to use.

Squat track

This equipment gives you a full body exercise, which focuses on thighs, hips and glutes, quads. It also increases your bones and ligaments strength.


In using barbells, it involves all your body muscles. Since it was developed for strength training, you need to use it carefully. Avoid careless handling of barbells and always seek for the trainer’s guidance.

Bench Press

This equipment is used for upper body training exercises that can build strength. While lying on your back, it can empower your biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and upper back.

Incline Bench Press

Unlike the ordinary bench press, the incline bench press focuses on a single muscle part. You can observe that pressure is applied in your shoulders and triceps.

Cable and Pulleys

You will need this equipment if you want an overall effect on your body muscles. By attaching your grips at the end of the cables, you will feel the strength in your chest and shoulder areas.

Pull-up Bar

Among other equipment, this will give you the exercise you need for strength. By pulling yourself up, you will make a grip and hand position that will demonstrate resistance on your biceps and triceps.

Smith Machine

If you want to have a perfect squat form, you can use this machine. By doing so, it enhances your strength to your shoulder, triceps, and traps.

Preacher Bench

Do you want to train your biceps for a perfect barbell lifting? You can use the preacher bench to focus training on your biceps, brachialis and forearms. It is good beginner equipment for weight lifting.

Lat Pulldown Machine

Lat pulldown machine is best to keep your muscles at upper and lower back in good shape. Your biceps and lats can be beneficial by pulling downwards toward you while keeping your elbows and back straight.

Leg Extension Machine

This is the perfect equipment if you are trying to do a self-therapy to your injury. You can also use this to prevent any muscle damage in your legs.

Leg Curl Machine

Leg curl machine is the equipment that will tone and shape up your legs. Just lay your stomach while facing the floor then lift your legs upwards towards your lower back. You need to squeeze your top and hold for a second or two your hamstrings.

Abdominal Bench

This equipment focuses on your abdominal muscles. It keeps you to perform lifting without weakening your abdominal muscles.

Let us work out those stiff shoulders

Now that you are familiar with most of the equipment, we can focus on different muscle parts of your body. Let us start with bodybuilding workouts for shoulders, shall we?

Shoulders are one of the most in-demand parts of your body. It is the foundation of your everyday tasks. Therefore you have to secure the strength and endurance of your shoulders. Among the parts of your body, your shoulder can do a full rotation in 360 degrees.

But some people experienced having stiffed shoulders from time to time. Upon waking up or doing heavy chores at home, they observed painful limitations in their movement. As they have felt this, they tend to use muscle pain reliever from time to time. Many don’t realize that little changes in your shoulder muscles cause the pain.

Before starting to do bodybuilding workout shoulder for your muscles, you have to ensure that you have enough calories and protein intake. Poor diet also contributes to the poor performance of your muscles.

Workouts for muscles can include the barbell shoulder press that can enhance your shoulder functions. Exercises that you can do to strengthen are barbell shoulder press, dumbbell side laterals, and bent over dumbbell rear-delt raise.

For simple exercises, you can start using dumbbell with a more extended range of motion. By doing so, the joints of your shoulder will have the most weight. Then muscles from your front, middle, and rear shoulder will come to work on it.

Double the Workout with your Arms – Biceps and Triceps

After we work with your shoulders, let us do the workouts with your arms. Bodybuilding workout arms compose of your biceps, triceps and forearms. Balancing your exercises in these three is somehow challenging.

For instance, if your workout will focus on your biceps and triceps, you will create an imbalance build with your forearms. Doing bodybuilding workouts for biceps and triceps, you have to consider balancing to your entire arms.

Bodybuilding workout for arms include bicep workout—you can do barbell and dumbbell curls. Bodybuilding workout arms will enhance muscles function in your upper arm between elbow and shoulder. You can also try doing hammer curls and reverse curls for the muscles in the lower portion of your upper arm, connecting the bottom half of the bicep of your forearm.

To balance your tricep workout, you can do a lying tricep press and close-grip bench press. These exercises will make the muscles below the portion of your upper arm between the elbow and your shoulder.

Make sure that your workout for your triceps and bicep are the same intensity and volume of repetitions and sets.

Easy bodybuilding workout for your forearms

The routine with your triceps and biceps should be applied the same with your forearm workouts. However, you will need more patience to build your forearms to balance with your triceps and biceps.

To build well-shaped forearms, you will need to do the palm-up barbell wrist curls over the bend. This forearms workout will define and create more muscles under your arm. Also, you can have palm down barbell wrist curls over the bench to build strength on the top and outer portions of your forearm.

Moreover, easy workout for your forearm can be achieved by doing the following tips.

  1. Exercise your grip by holding something in your hand. Make sure you should only lift weights that you can keep. Over time, you can add some weights or plates as long as you feel lighter with the current grip that you have.
  2. Do your regular bicep curls and chin ups but make sure your hands or palms are facing to each other. By doing this, muscles in your forearm can create more grip, building more stamina for your forearms.
  3. Create more force by finding other options aside from barbells and dumbbells.
  4. Do some extra movements like climbing or pulling up some things in your training facility. These workouts can enhance muscle functions in your forearms.

Precise Bodybuilding workouts for your chest muscles

Your chest muscle is essential for perfect upper body shape. And to have the ideal form, you will need to make sure you are doing your routine correctly.

For instance, rest your glutes on your bench. When doing an exercise for your chest, your recommended secured position is lying down while weightlifting. As you will do this, never raise your glutes to lift more weight. According to experts, by boosting your glutes, you are more prone to have an injury. So, keep your glutes and hips firmly stuck to your bench while doing your workouts.

One of the bodybuilding workouts for chest muscles that you can do is dumbbell pullover. This bodybuilding chest workout enhances your chest muscles by creating pressured weight and motion that will keep your elbows fixed, and closing and opening your arms in front of your body. You can do push up which strengthen your chest, arms and shoulder muscles. Different workouts that you can do are a pec-deck flyer, decline bench press, cable crossover, dumbbell bench press, incline dumbbell fly, incline bench press, reverse-grip bench press, and bench press.

As you will do these exercises for your chest, make sure your trainers will assist you. As a beginner in bodybuilding workout, you will need guidance from a professional trainer.

Create Abs muscles with an excellent workout

Now, let us move on to perfect core muscles through bodybuilding workouts abs. You can do some of the exercises like superman plank, hollow body rocks, side plank, and dead bug.

For superman plank, this workout can make your body to have an advanced level core exercises. You can start in plank position and begin to raise your left and right foot off the floor simultaneously.

In hollow body rocks workout, lying on your back is the first step. Then you can raise both your hands and feet. You will need your head, chest and legs off the ground, forming like a human rocking chair. Your movement should be back and forth to create pressure in your abdomen muscles.

Moreover, you can do side planks on your left and right. This workout leg involves with your hip and knee on its side position. Your motion will be compared to as one who is doing cycling. Your body should be in a straight line when you begin to raise your top leg. You can do this both to your left and right positioning.

Lastly, you can still have in your list, this abs workout bodybuilding technique—the dead bug. To do this, you should be in a lying position with your heel barely tapping the floor. Performing this exercise, you need to extend your arms and legs alternately. If you will reach your right arm, the opposite goes with your left leg. If you extend your left arm, then the right leg will do the opposite as well.

Learn to appreciate well-built back muscles

Did you know that you can develop your muscles in your back? Well, there are bodybuilding workouts back that was designed to define them. As this is a large muscle group, you will have to add more volume and intensity to your back muscle workout. Make sure that you will do the exercises for your back in a perfect form.

Correctly built muscles at your back are a sign that you are doing your workout accurately. To maintain your workout, you need to continue doing the next bodybuilding workout back:

  1. For lower back, you need to do the hyperextension and stiff-legged good mornings. These exercises pinpoint the cause of your problem in the scapula. So, you will create movement at the top of your buttocks and bottom of your spine.
  2. For the middle portion of your back, the exercises that you need to do are bent-over barbell rows and seated cable row. These muscles are interconnected with your scapula and the spinal column since it is placed in the middle part. It provides rotation of the scapula.
  3. For the muscles in your back that center aligned with your armpit or what we called lats, you will need to do pull-ups, and wide-grip pull down.
  4. Your traps in your back need workouts like barbell shrugs and upright rows.

Workout your legs to have better support

The importance of bodybuilding workouts for legs is as essential with your stamina in your arms. Many skips to do workout leg training because they believe that they already have strong legs. But without proper leg workouts, muscles in your legs tend to tear apart when they are not prepared for intense activities. You will feel a burning sensation, shaking and in some way, your legs will resist if your force beyond what it has been prepared for.

To prevent this from happening, you can do the following activities to make your legs strong and capable of intense activities.

1. Barbell full squat

It involves extension and flexion when the hip is in pull out position. It pinpoints the portion of your upper leg and knee.

2. Hack squats and Leg extensions

This is the exercise when your hip is flexed while in pull out position. It locates your muscles in front of your legs.

3. Barbell Lunges

It increases movements in your hip joint and knee bending capability. It strengthens muscles in the middle part of your thigh.

4. Lying Leg Curl

It targets specific muscle areas in your back middle side of the thigh. It improves axial rotation in your hip joint and knee.

5. Seated Leg Curl

The lower inner portion at the back of your thigh is the muscles to workout in this exercise. It improves knee flexion and hip extension.

6. Standing Calf Raises and Seated Calf Raise

You will also need to upgrade your ankle flexion. So, we are doing this exercise to increase the function of the back portion of your lower leg.

Bodybuilding for Women: A quick start

Bodybuilding workouts are not only for men. Women can also do bodybuilding. There are many ways to start exercises for women without making things complicated for them.

You can still maintain your feminine look and appeal. How can this happen? Here are a few tips to start your bodybuilding workouts plans. According to fitness experts, you can achieve your goal in a 90-day workout.

Workout tip # 1: Thrice a week in do your workout in your fitness center to test your barbells. You can start by doing simple squat and bench lifting. Then after a while, you can increase your weights as long as you develop muscles initially.

Workout Tip # 2: Choose the right cardio. Sometimes your favourite cardio is not the appropriate cardio for your body. Cardio exercises include biking, running and swimming. If you are running, you could alternate it with sprint, walking or jogging. Make this routine about ten minute’s training daily.

Workout Tip # 3: Your eating habits and lifestyles are the keys to maintain your body shape. Even if you are doing well with your workouts, it should be included in your routine. Make sure that you have a meal plan for the week. It will prevent yourself from eating other unhealthy foods.

Workout for Health Benefits

Doing exercises will sure give you benefits aside from well-toned body shape and confidence to your body. In many ways, bodybuilders experienced many improvements with their health.

Here are the lists of benefits in doing bodybuilding workouts:

  1. It increases metabolism and normalizes blood pressure. With your workout plans, you can reduce chronic diseases symptoms. Regular exercises mean a lot to our health.
  2. All the good moods of people doing exercises are because of the chemical from the brain called endorphin. Given this, it will make you worry less and reduce negative emotions that will threaten your sleep.
  3. People having more exercises compared to those who have no time in exercising had lesser stress. Stress brought many adverse effects in our life once it was there. So, to avoid stress, you need to make a plan for doing regular workouts. Doing exercise is a medium to relieve yourself from stress.
  4. You can feel the same with anxiety and depression. One way to address some negative feelings is to do regular workouts. The effect of treating at an early stage the depression and anxiety can be felt as you will get older.
  5. Workouts relieve tension and stress; therefore, it can relax any one’s mind. It leaves a positive impact on the psychological and physical health of an individual.
  6. Bodybuilding workouts increase your focus and concentration. Having an active lifestyle improves your mental capacity.
  7. Food absorption, when doing regular workouts, are strictly healthy foods. Rich in calorie and protein are the essential foods if you are doing bodybuilding workouts.
  8. Water is essential while doing workouts. You need to keep your body hydrated. Most importantly, you need your brain to detoxified and oxygenated.

Thoughts to Ponder:

In doing bodybuilding workouts, it is essential to know your capability as future bodybuilders. As beginners, you will need the full guide from a professional trainer. Indeed, it is beneficial to learn more about bodybuilding. But there are side effects.

The side effects can be experienced if you are doing your workout improperly. You can experience dehydration, not eating enough food, an overdose of multivitamins, taking dangerous stimulants and not enough sleep.

Make sure that you are doing your workout correctly. It is crucial to balance your workout for perfect form body. Making balance and well-toned body shape, it has a good effect over time.

Furthermore, you can maintain the excellent body shape you desire by eating the right food and doing the same routine exercise. Making yourself fit both mentally and physically can make a difference in your life. In terms of judgment and self-control, you can also achieve a connection between mind and body.

To wrap up, bodybuilding workouts with proper skills and equipment can help you achieve your goals to have perfect and well-toned muscles.

Greek Yogurt Nutrition: A Food Source with Beauty Secrets


Greek yogurt nutrition has a big difference compared with regular yogurt. The health benefits that we can have from Greek yogurt are unbelievable. From food source to beauty secrets, Greek yogurt is full of surprises.

Greek yogurt nutrition comes from the good bacteria it consists of. The Lactobacillus is the live, good organism you can have in Greek yogurt. According to a study, it can slow down the early symptoms of diseases and increase our immune system.

Before we dig this article, let us take a scoop of the facts about Greek yogurt. What is Greek yogurt? What is the difference between Greek yogurt and plain yogurt?

Greek yogurt, traditionally, is processed milk either of a cow or of sheep. It promotes overall proper digestion because of the presence of active live cultures such as Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. These probiotics are good for our body and encourage the absorption of nutrients. Also, it improves our immune system.

The protein in Greek yogurt is double the amount compared to regular yogurt. But the sodium content of Greek yogurt is only half with what of the regular yogurt has. For the saturated fat, you will need not to worry about it. Greek yogurt has about thrice the healthy fat than of regular yogurt.

If you open a regular yogurt and a plain yogurt Greek, you can also see the difference in texture. You can also read the nutritional labels of the two. You can see that the Greek yogurt has a thicker and creamier texture than regular yogurt. The process involves the filtering and separating of the ‘whey’ from the original yogurt. It ensures that all nutrients of yogurt are still intact. Also, the acidic and creamy taste has to be retained. This texture is what makes Greek yogurt nutrition more expensive.

Greek yogurt health benefits

The process of making Greek yogurt has to be delicate. The nutritional value needs to be packed for the health benefits of Greek yogurt. In the following, this article will make you realize the Greek yogurt nutrition is incredible.

At the end of this article, you will find out that Greek yogurt is the best yogurt weight loss. With less sugar content and much denser, Greek yogurt provides you with a yogurt-free of lactose, whey and sugar. Additional advantages of Greek yogurt vs regular are an adequate amount of protein and calcium, and fewer carbohydrates.

Increases bone and muscles health density

Calcium and protein in Greek yogurt are beneficial for our overall body structure. The protein makes our muscles firm. On the other hand, calcium provides strength to our bones.

Protein and calcium are both essentials for our health. Our body will become weak if we have an inadequate supply of protein and calcium. As we grow older, we need a sufficient amount of nutrients. It will help us repair muscular wear and tear. Therefore, we need to supply calcium and protein in our body to recover our strength. Our body cannot produce both nutrients.

Greek yogurt has more protein than meat. You can have a healthy option in protein source food other than vegetables.

Improves weight loss program while maintaining health in good shape

From the calcium and protein that it provides, Greek yogurt has a way to improve our weight loss program. Unlike other diet food, this yogurt retains our muscle shape. It also provides the nutrients we need.

Greek yogurt deals with weight loss very seriously. The focus of weight loss with Greek yogurt is to reduce visible fats in our body. Those fats we see in our waist, thighs, arms, and legs will no longer be apparent if we intake Greek yogurt regularly. As a source of high protein, it keeps the muscles in our body toned and in good shape at the same time.

Keeping us on the go while limiting our food intakes, Greek yogurt is rich in nourishment and probiotics. It can provide natural medications to support our immune system against bacteria and viruses. It will help our antibodies to be stronger than bacteria and virus that became resistant to antibiotic medications. According to a study, bacteria and viruses that have incomplete therapeutic treatment can be resistant with antibiotics. Not having antibodies to support medications will make our self more susceptible to more significant health problems.

In this case, it is significant to promote our body in producing antibodies that can protect us naturally. By making our self more unreceptive to diseases, it means that we have a robust immune system and antibodies.

Helps to have a good digestive system

The probiotic Greek yogurt is genuinely beneficial to our health. Greek yogurt probiotics can improve our digestion. It keeps our body to have regular bowel movements.

Constipation and diarrhea can be prevented with the help of probiotics. Fermented food items are crucial to our gut health. It can aid in our digestion to absorb proper nutrients from the food we eat. Of course, Greek yogurt does not have all the nutrients that our body needs. It just helps us enhance our digestive system.

Other than probiotics, Greek yogurt has lots of enzymes. It helps address lactose intolerance conditions in our body. In this way, we can prevent various health problems related to this condition.

Beauty Benefits of Greek Yogurt

Aside from the health benefits it offers, Greek yogurt also has some secret beauty benefits. The beauty benefits of Greek yogurt can be achieved not only by consuming it. You can also have Greek god perfection just by applying this strained yogurt directly to your hair and skin.

Greek yogurt for skin care

Greek yogurt is dense with nutrients that our skin needs to be healthy. The appearance of healthy skin should be radiant and elastic. It should look hydrated and with minimal skin pores.

The protein in Greek yogurt can alter the looks of our skin and can repair damaged skin. The lactic acids can lessen the appearance of wrinkles. It also reduces the fine lines that cause by skin aging. Aging is a natural process. We cannot prevent it, but we can slow it down.

Therefore, when you have damaged skin, you will need riboflavin from eating Greek yogurt. It enables our body to regenerate and repair the damages in our skin. This nutrient is essential during the dry or summer season. Also, you can use yogurt to calm your skin and provide a soothing effect after being exposed to the heat of the sun.

Greek yogurt also has many properties that fight off fungi and bacteria in our skin. It can prevent episodes of skin conditions. It makes our skin moisturize and healthy. By having healthy skin, you can have your first line defense strong enough to hold infectious diseases. Other than significant beauty effects from Greek yogurt, our skin can protect us from getting sick or even prevent us from having cough and colds. But more importantly, we can have a youthful looking skin because of home remedies for beauty regimens.

Most effective face mask for youthful and beautiful skin

To maintain beautiful skin in our face, a home remedy using yogurt will keep you looking young and fresh. Yogurt face mask is one of the solutions that will cover up your stress from day to day activities. You need to follow this simple recipe.

Making a yogurt face mask will need two tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt and 2 teaspoons of honey. You need to mix the ingredients in a bowl until you have a paste-like texture. You can also add lemon or blueberries extracts to enhance the tissues underneath your beautiful skin. After you have the mixture, you need to spread it liberally over your face and down to your neck. The application should be generously and evenly. Let the compound settle on your face and neck for about 30 minutes. Then you can wash it with warm water.

This face mask is not only for women. Anyone can try this beauty regimen as long as you want to have that fresh and youthful looking skin. Truly, Greek yogurts have many surprises, indeed.

Growing mane with Greek yogurt

Aside from making your skin beautiful and radiant, Greek yogurt can transform your dull hair to vibrant and shining hair. With its protein properties, it can add volume to your hair. You need to get some Greek yogurt applied to your hair.

The same Greek yogurt mixture that you applied on your face can also be used as a treatment to your dry and damaged hair. You need to add yogurt and honey in a mixing bowl. After a while, you need to massage it in your hair. Let it settle for a while then you can wash it away with lukewarm water. The hair mask can give you a healthy glow and soft texture hair.

Effects of Greek Yogurt for Women

Greek yogurt nutrition for women has significant value to sound reproduction. Most women suffer from calcium deficiency. It also has a direct effect during pregnancy.

The common bone deficiency in women is osteoporosis. This condition happens if our body has a calcium deficiency. Medical attention should be given to those with osteoporosis. If left unattended, it can lead to minor fractures over time.

Complete nutrients should be given to women to avoid other health problems. Women have a higher risk of getting health problems than men. According to a study, women can develop issues related to psychological and physiological health issues during pregnancy. Therefore, women need to have a daily consumption of Greek yogurt to suppress these challenges.

During pregnancy, calcium is essential not only for the mother. Also, the growing life inside the womb needs all the nutrients for healthy developments. Pregnant women need to have regular consumption of calcium. Other nutrients that need for pregnancy can be found in Greek yogurt. Aside from calcium, Greek yogurt nutrition has the necessary protein and vitamins.


Effects of Greek Yogurt for Men

Like women, men have unique needs from Greek yogurt nutrition. Physical strength is essential to men. Aside from it, they need to secure a healthy and robust male potency.

From Greek yogurt, men can develop physical strength because of the protein. It is essential for muscle building. Men need to have crucial Greek yogurt calories to burn body fats. Also, they need zinc to ensure the quality of their sperm cell. Luckily, Greek yogurt has zinc properties. These are essential nutrients for men.

Opposing effects of Greek Yogurt Nutrition

From health benefits to beauty secrets, from women to men getting the necessary needs from this fantastic dairy product. Greek yogurt nutrition still has several limitations. These constraints may include opposing effects of Greek yogurt to our health.

Some of the side effects of consuming Greek yogurt is gas problems. Other people have already experienced these gassy conditions. Health experts have concluded that the bacteria in yogurt can bring some tummy problems when large quantities have been consumed. As many people would not resist enjoying the goodness of Greek yogurt, it is still not advisable to take this creamy goodness in large amounts per single serving. Health benefits of Greek yogurt can be achieved over time.

Another side effect of Greek yogurt is having a higher risk of lactose intolerance. It is a condition caused either by lactose or by whey in the Greek yogurt. By removing the natural enzymes from milk, there will be a tendency for some people to have a digestion problem. Common symptoms of lactose intolerance are diarrhea and bloating.

Some dairy products like yogurt can trigger allergic reactions. It can pinpoint the cause of response to the pasteurized milk used in making yogurt. Casein has also been identified that aside from whey, is another major protein compound that can be troublesome to others. It can trigger the reaction of our body to a particular substance. It will result in inflammation and swelling.

Eating Greek yogurt is also not advisable for people with underlying digestive problems. One wrong intake of some foods that do not agree with your body can trigger allergic reactions or create a digestive problem, which can lead to serious health conditions. For example, if you have a previous gut problem, you need to avoid dairy products.

What to Have as an alternative for Greek Yogurt

If you have an allergy reaction with yogurt and other dairy products, you should try drinking raw milk. Organically raised farm animals such as goat, cows, and sheep are believed to have more nutrients than other dairy products. It is also chemical-free and not undergoing a process is a good thing.

It may seem that dairy is the least healthy food for humans. Health experts still insist that alongside other wholesome foods, we should always add some dairy products in our diet. Greek yogurt contains many probiotics. The process of fermentation contributes to the nutrition it offers. Nowadays, human processing has something to do in the making of probiotics. As humans, there can be errors, which can result in different properties of yogurt. Therefore, drinking raw milk is still the safest option for us.

Our Insights

One very misconception about yogurt is eating flavored, and classic yogurt has the same nutrition. Adding flavor with artificial sweetener is a big no-no if you want to lose some weight. Naturally, dairy products have sugar component. Therefore choosing the right dairy without sugar added is a wise choice. It can prevent the risk of getting high blood sugar levels.

It is true that Greek yogurt has many health benefits. You can also claim some beauty remedies out of yogurt. But before jumping into the yogurt bandwagon, medical advice is essential if you want to consider some Greek yogurt in your diet. You might also want to check if you have allergic reactions and lactose tolerance with yogurt.

There have been other uses of yogurt in the livestock industry. The whey from the milk can be used as fertilizer on the farm. With the use of technology, you can convert it into electricity. However, the demands of Greek yogurt are starting to go up recently. And the whey seems to have no place to pile up after processing into Greek yogurt.

It is still unclear if that Greek yogurt has originated from Greece because, since ancient times, yogurt has been a staple diet in Central Asia. The word yogurt itself is Turkish in origin. But historically, the ancient Greeks have always enjoyed a dairy food known as ‘oxygala’. Many experts believe that this might the older form of Greek yogurt.

Regardless of whose culture might have that eureka moment and started this strained yogurt health craze, we have to thank the “gods” for having this nutritious fluffy goodness on our tables. Let us have Greek yogurt nutrition as a food source with beauty secrets. Opa!

How to Apply Concealer: The Art of Facial Concealment

how to apply concealer

How to apply concealer for newbies needs full guidance. As well as for those who are still working with shades of concealer, they need quick tips on that. On top of every makeup, concealer is essential to our full-face makeup.

How to apply concealer is necessary for us to learn so we can cover our facial imperfections. Eye bags, blemishes, and pimple marks are common types of these flaws. And what does concealer do? Putting concealer helps to build the confidence and self-esteem of an individual.

We need to know that there are types of concealer for each skin type. Knowing your skin type before applying concealer to your face is helpful to identify what kind of concealer you will need to use.

For instance, if you have dry skin, go for a liquid concealer with a matte finish. If you have enlarged pores, avoid creamy concealer. Then, if you are creating a natural look, get a medium coverage concealer. Make sure that the color of your concealer will match the color of your foundation. You should not choose other shades of concealer that are far from your foundation color.

A Handful of Tricks on How to Apply Concealer

Yes, you are going to know some tricks on how to apply concealer. Since you are familiar with what to do on your skin type, you will need to learn how to apply concealer. Here are the steps to applying concealer.

Step 1. Start with your eyes. Before applying some concealer, make sure you put on your foundation first. Then, you can put concealer to your dark circles under your eyes. Start the application of your concealer from the inner corner of your eyes. Apply your concealer in a patting motion and gently brush it. Afterwards, cover it with powder for the final touch.

Step 2. Next, you can do your nose. This is the part of your face, where makeup wears off easily. So, apply a moisturizer for proper preparation. Then, you can put your concealer. For the final touch, make sure you put powder to keep it longer.

Step 3. After that, look for blemishes and breakouts. After taking care of your eyes and nose, cover any breakouts and stains if you notice. Make sure you put your primer then follow by concealer and foundation. For blemishes and breakouts, it takes some extra steps.

Step 4. Focus on your scars. For some reasons, if you have thick scars, you need to use a creamy but lightweight concealer. It will make the portion of your scars even to your skin. But if you have flat scars, you might want to use a concealer with a matte formula. For the final touch, make sure that you put on powder to keep it longer.

How to Apply Concealer with the Proper Brush

So, if you want your concealer application messy and effective, you need to have these powerful brushes. It will keep you from refraining in applying your concealer.

  1. You can have a fluffy brush. This brush is the perfect tool for buffing and smoothing to conceal dark circles under your eyes. Make sure you sweep lightly to blend the liquid or creamy concealer for a natural finish.
  2. The other brush is the flat head brush. This brush works equally with the concealer. You can use it to pat and blend the concealer in your skin. It can cover large areas of redness and pigmentation.

Choosing the Right Way to Conceal

Holding the proper brush, you need the correct concealer to have a smooth and well-even looking skin texture. So what concealer to use? As you read along, you will learn about the different kinds of concealer and what will you prefer to buy and use. Here are the top listed types of concealer that made for your skin types.

  1. The liquid concealer has less coverage that works well with oily to normal skin. The less coverage means that you only need just a little to apply to your undereye circle and redness. On the other hand, if you are looking for a liquid concealer for acne-prone skin, make sure it has non-comedogenic and oil-free ingredients. For dry skin, liquid concealer will work after applying a moisturizer first.
  2. Balm concealer has more coverage that works from oily to normal skin. This type of concealer comes as color correctors. Color correctors are usually used under your foundation to cure blemishes. You will read more about color correctors as you read along.
  3. The cream concealer has less coverage for normal to dry skin. The texture of this concealer is thicker compared to other concealers. It will work perfectly to cover the dark circle under your eyes. As the surface is denser, it provides hydration to your skin.
  4. Stick concealer has more coverage from average to dry skin. The texture of this concealer is semi-solid, so it is not easy to spread out. You can have this concealer anywhere you go.

Techniques in Color Correcting Concealer

As mentioned earlier, color corrector concealer is a technique used for makeup to cover your blemishes and dark spots in no time. You can have any of the color correctors that will work for each skin tone. Here are the lists of the color correctors:

  1. Green concealer works well with redness and acne. It will provide base before applying foundation.
  2. Orange concealer is best suited if you have a darker skin tone with dark circles under their eyes. This concealer will go wrong with lighter skin.
  3. Pink concealer is the best for lighter skin tones, even if you have dark circles under your eyes. You can find the pink concealer in salmon or peach color; it is a combination of the color red, orange, and yellow.
  4. Yellow concealer is perfect for dark purple bruises and veins. It means that if you have blemishes with a purple tone, you can use this concealer.
  5. Purple concealer can be used for yellow skin tones and can perfectly work if you have a dull complexion.

You can use each concealer, knowing what kind of blemishes and skin tones you have. By following what concealer is best for your skin tone, you will have the complete concealment of dark spots and stains.

Things that Need to Avoid in Applying Color Correcting Concealer

Tired of the mistakes in concealing your blemishes and dark spots? Here are the things you need to prevent in doing color-correcting concealer:

  • Avoid making thick layers because it will show through your foundation.
  • Do not use shades that will not match your skin tone.
  • Do not use color corrector if you have minimal blemishes. You can only use color correctors if your scars are strong in appearance.
  • Do not use a brush to cover your face with concealer. Make sure that you have a makeup sponge for blending in small areas.
  • Do not overuse color corrector only use it to cover every pigmentation and blemishes in your face. You can use a regular concealer that will show off your natural beauty.
  • Try to find the best color and texture to use a color corrector for under eyes.

Let us make easy the application of concealer

So, how to put on and where to apply concealer? There are many techniques to make life easier in doing your concealer. Different skin tones and skin types need different ways of using concealer.

For instance, if you have dry skin, make use of your moisturizer before concealer. Then, dust it with powder, unless you are using a matte concealer which you can skip the powdering part. Make sure that you blend the edges at the end of the line. Don’t forget to use a highlighter under your concealed your eyes.

Moreover, there are things that you need to avoid so that you can achieve the perfect concealing. Make sure that you are using separate concealer for dark circles and pimples. Color correcting for dark circles must need a different concealer. Each concealer has a different formula for dark circle and pimples. Also, keep in mind the correct color for your concealer. The shade of your concealer should match your skin tone. When the application of concealer, it is practical to use your finger to apply the concealer. However, use a concealer brush for blending because this would make your concealer blend evenly to your skin. By doing so, you will get rid of the lines.

Most importantly, always check the expiration of your concealer. No one wants to use an expired concealer. But if you missed out the expiry date, check the color of your concealer. There will be some changes in the color of your makeup, as well as its odor. These are signs of expired cosmetics.

How to Apply Concealer under your Eye

How to apply undereye concealer? In some occasions, you will need to use eye concealer to cover dark circles and wrinkles under your eyes. Not to mention the blemishes and pigmentation sometimes become visible in your facial skin. These are signs of aging.

Therefore, to apply concealer under your eyes, make use of correct concealer brush. Gently tap and dap your concealer in the center by using the flat part of the brush. Then use the bristle tips to blend the edges. Then add some foundation afterwards. If you notice some uneven texture, use a sponge to remove excess concealer or foundation.

Using sponges or beauty blenders will be very handy in blending your concealer and reducing the edge lines. Gently dab the narrowest part of the sponge to the concealer and tap it to the area than rubbing. Rubbing it against your skin may result in irritation.

Tricky Ways on How to Apply Concealer

The skin under your eyes is the most sensitive and delicate part of your face. So, you need to take care of these areas in your eyes as well as your entire face.

One of the most common problems that many addresses is the puffiness of the eyes. Puffiness and the dark circles under your eyes can be a result of allergies or thinning of the skin. To minimize these problems, you can place ice to the area for about 20 minutes. You can also try a cucumber slice. Place a slice of cucumber to your closed eyelids.

If the puffiness and dark circles are gone, you can apply your concealer and have the effect of concealing your flaws. The proper way of putting concealer in the area is color corrector, foundation, then concealer. Remember that you can use your finger for application of concealer. Then you can use your brush and beauty blenders for a smooth texture and perfect concealing.

If you have eye bags, avoid putting concealer in the areas. Otherwise, the concealer will accelerate the puffiness of your eyes. Just put concealer below the eyebags. It will help flatten the area.

Brief reminder:

Beauty products have compounds that may harm your skin if you have sensitive skin. Make sure that you will consider natural and organic makeup. You can also have those beauty products that contain hypoallergenic compounds if you insist on using makeup. However, the most important that you need to do is to consult first your dermatologist for some medical advice. No one wants to sacrifice your health just to look more glamorous.

Health Benefits of Turmeric Improve our Life in Natural Ways

health benefits of turmeric

Health benefits of turmeric can turn your health from red to green light. Turmeric has many nutrients that aid to lower risk of health problems. But, what is it really mean to have turmeric?

Health benefits of turmeric can be traced back to South Asia history. At that time, turmeric has been used to cure many health problems. It includes asthma, rheumatism, and fever. Further studies have been able to unlock other health benefits of turmeric. Most of the diseases that it can prevent from developing are cancers, gout arthritis, liver, and digestion problems.

Given that, you are wondering about the safety of using turmeric as medicine. Yes, it is safe to use turmeric. You can have it in the form of capsules, tea, tablets, and extracts. However, there are precautions for taking turmeric because of the side effects. You need to choose the right amount and follow the suggested daily consumption. With that, you can enjoy the health benefits of turmeric.

What are turmeric and its health benefits?

First, let us describe the turmeric. What is turmeric? Are the uses of turmeric only involves in medicinal purposes? In what way can it change our lives?

Turmeric comes from the root of the high plant. Also, you can call it Indian saffron or the golden spice because of its bright yellow color. Turmeric and ginger come from the same family plant. However, turmeric has more beneficial use than ginger.

Provides anti-inflammatory

One of the benefits that you can have from turmeric is to aid the inflammation between your joints. The curcumin in turmeric acts as a pain reliever with the same effect as ibuprofen medicines. But, the catch of curcumin is not like an ordinary pain reliever.

According to a study, turmeric is one of the most valuable anti-inflammatory food sources. It has a significant contribution to managing pain from different circumstances. You can have turmeric to help you control pain from an injury, burns, and dental and gum problems.

Adequate amounts of anti-inflammatory can help ward off the early symptoms of brain dysfunction. It has been proved that curcumin in turmeric can undo the neurotoxins in our brain. The presence of neurotoxins in our brain may lead us to early signs of brain abnormalities. You can prevent this by consumption of food that rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

Improves liver functions with antioxidant nutrients

Another nutrient that we need is antioxidant to protect our vital organs such as the liver. The antioxidant properties from turmeric keep our liver in good shape. The liver has a significant role in cleaning out toxins from our body.

These toxic substances are dangerous. It can lead to the formation of cancer cells in our body. Over time, it can increase the risk of developing cancers.

Cancer patients usually undergo chemotherapy treatment. During the treatment sessions, the radiation is not killing the damaged cells alone. But, it also destroys healthy cells. That results in weakening the immunity system of our body from bacteria and viruses.

Eventually, it will take a toll from our body. The complications will be the problem as the chemotherapy continues. However, to avoid this from happening, our body needs turmeric as an antioxidant to create healthy cells. It can provide support to our immunity system and resist complications. Then, it can prevent the spreading of cancer cells. Even the aggressive form of pancreatic cancer can be avoided because of turmeric curcumin.

So, it is fundamental that our body can flush out every toxin to prevent serious health problems. Sufficient amount of antioxidant empowers our liver to regenerate. It will keep us disease-free and cancer-free individuals.

Normalize blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity

In case you are wondering about other health benefits of turmeric, this part might interest you. Most of us happened to be conscious of sugar intakes. It is because unconsciously we might be included among the type 2 diabetics.

Our current eating lifestyles can increase our chances of having type-2 diabetes. It occurs when your body has abnormal insulin sensitivity. You can observe some symptoms to know that you have high blood sugar level. These symptoms include frequent urination, wounds too long to heal and blurred eyesight. If you have one of these symptoms, getting a blood sugar count will be your next step.

Type-2 diabetes is a silent threat to our health. The complications of having diabetes can result in being blind and getting tired quickly. It can also affect your kidney functions, which can lead to kidney failure. Once you have it in your body, it will take time to revert and normalize your blood sugar level.

However, in 2009, according to a study, turmeric curcuminoids or curcumins can reduce the risk of getting type-2 diabetes. Our body’s glucose levels can normalize if we have an adequate amount of turmeric curcumins intake. Further studies will develop treatments to reverse the occurrence of diabetes fully. Also, turmeric can prevent the failure of your kidneys. Kidney failure happened because of the diabetic neuropathy caused by a high sugar level. So, taking turmeric can help reduce the risk of diabetes as well we kidney problem.

Promotes normal cholesterol levels

On the other hand, you may be asking again what is the health benefits of turmeric. Another health benefit of turmeric is getting our cholesterol levels healthy. The anti-inflammatory feature of turmeric helps reduce the risk of high cholesterol levels.

According to a study, the curcumins in turmeric dramatically affect the level of cholesterol in an individual. It can also suppress the factors of being obese. Being obese is a result of having many health problems that need to address each one at a time. To alter obesity, a special diet that includes turmeric should be prepared.

While turmeric addresses the cholesterol levels as well as obesity problem, it targets the prevention of stress and inflammation that causes other health problems. The daily consumption of turmeric can prevent the growth of fat cells.

Increase blood circulation

Further included in the health benefits from turmeric is lowering the risk of thrombus formation. Thrombus formation is the blood clotting due to improper blood circulation. If you want to avoid this condition, you have to take prevention right away.

Over time, if thrombus formation has not been appropriately addressed, it will worsen. You can use turmeric to prevent further complications of blood clotting. Symptoms of acute thrombus formation are leg pain, cramps, and swelling. It can be commonly seen in your arms and legs.

Other use of turmeric to lower uric acid level

You may still be wondering about the benefits of turmeric. You will be happy to find out that it is excellent against rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition similar to gout and both caused by the increased level of uric acid in our body. So how does turmeric helps out?

Curcumin in turmeric can reduce the uric acid level by restraining the production of cortisone in our body. According to a study, turmeric can prevent the circulation of xanthine oxidase, which is responsible for the production of uric acid. Once it is controlled, the swelling in joints due to gout attack will lessen little by little over time. Your body can flush out the crystal form of uric acid in your blood.

Therefore, curcumin in turmeric is a healthy alternative way for gout treatment. As anti-inflammation, the pain in the gout-affected area can be reduced.

Turmeric is good for the digestive system

With all the health benefits of turmeric, it has great significance in our digestive system. Consuming it in any form can provide us with all the nutrients. It has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory, which are useful in our health.

Turmeric supplements come to be beneficial in preventing digestion problems. Common problems in our digestive system are irritable bowel syndrome disorder and gut inflammation. You can experience symptoms like abdominal pain, stomach cramping, bloating, and either diarrhea or constipation.

Treating digestive disorders need to be in the long term. You cannot address it with a snap of a finger just like that. So, make sure you have a proper diet and healthy lifestyle with recommended turmeric intake.

Address health problems with anti-depressant

Turmeric has other health benefits aside from what already discussed in this article. Since it used to improve brain functions, it can also address the emotional imbalance. Extreme mood swings have been one of the challenging health problems to deal with.

With anti-depressant properties, turmeric triggers the nerves in the brain to deal appropriately with your emotions. It has a connection for preventing brain dysfunctions. It has the same effect with fluoxetine compound that used for depression attacks.

What can be the source of emotional problems? The psychological issues have a connection with the lifestyle of the individual. For example, if you have depression, you need to have an outlet to release your depression. It goes the same with anxiety and stress. These are common situations with professionals. Therefore, you need to take a break. You can have some turmeric tea to ease the tensions in your life. Also, you can also have turmeric capsules to take as prescribed by your doctor.

Gives you the radiant skin

When you have stabilized your emotional health, you can have radiant and glowing skin as a health benefit. But you can still make some home remedies for skin care using turmeric. You can achieve this beauty in your skin using a paste made of turmeric.

You can also use turmeric paste in calming your pores. It has a soothing effect that will make your skin hydrated. You can use it to avoid acne and can cure scabies in less than a month.

However, if you have a history of skin allergy, you need to test little amounts of turmeric in your forearm. Observe if you will have reactions within two days. If you have no adverse reactions, you can apply it to your face and other skin parts that need medications.

Is turmeric good for anyone with no side effects?

What is turmeric health benefits that appeared to be effective with adequate daily consumption? Without professional medical advice, the results can be the opposite. You can be more satisfied if you take precautions before taking turmeric. Like other healthy foods, supplement is not advisable to consume at large amounts. It will be risky and can create the following harmful effects.

Large amounts of turmeric, when consumed, can aggravate underlying health problems in your digestive system. Turmeric can increase the production of gastric acid in your stomach. It is a case-based situation. Meaning, other people can feel no side effects, even consuming large amounts. But, other individuals have totally different reactions that can lead to serious health problems.

There was also a belief that turmeric aroma can make childbirth delivery earlier than expected. Long ago, there have been incidents of pregnant women to give birth after smelling the turmeric aroma. However, pregnant women have been advised to keep away from turmeric. The thinning properties of turmeric can affect pregnancy. There are studies that turmeric can make your blood thin. In this case, you can be susceptible to bleeding easily.

Turmeric can cause allergic reactions. Usually, it happens after exposure of turmeric in your skin. The symptoms are similar to rashes. Other side effects are nausea and diarrhea. If you experience all of the side effects mentioned above, you need to stay away from turmeric. More importantly, you need to have medical advice before taking turmeric.

How can you be précised in turmeric selection and proper storage?

Health benefits of turmeric can be achieved with organically grown turmeric. Turmeric, like other herbs and spices, needs to be free of radicals from the start of their cultivation. You can find many quality and fresh turmeric in local spice stores mostly. Ordinary supermarket and grocery stores have plenty of turmerics. However, most of it has low quality. Also, the freshness is not the same as what you can find in a spice shop.

Also, you need to remember that turmeric color has no relation to the nutrition it offers. It has the same health benefits but different hues.

For proper storage, you need the turmeric powder to be sealed container. You need to place it in a dry area with room temperature. On the other hand, the fresh cut turmeric roots should be placed in the refrigerator.

How to enjoy home remedies from turmeric?

After you have selected the best quality turmeric, you can prepare your own recipes as home remedies. The most common turmeric home remedy for gout is made up of turmeric, lemon and apple cider vinegar.

You can add some turmeric in your favorite almond milk. Your salad can have a more vibrant color if you add turmeric in your egg. Spices like turmeric can make your rice to have a more pleasant taste and look. It will go perfectly with your curry dishes — just a pinch of turmeric powder over your curry to increase the aroma and color.

Our Insights

As simple as it looks, health benefits from turmeric are promising. The use of turmeric in recipes and as supplements can be beneficial to our health. As one of the herbs with many nutrients, high-quality turmeric supplements should be made from organically grown turmeric.

With all the benefits of turmeric, the first people who use the plant for medicinal purposes are the Chinese. Centuries ago, the Chinese already used turmeric for their medicines. They discover the powerful combination of turmeric and black pepper. These two spices are significant for more comprehensive health benefits that our body needs.

Piperine is a significant compound in black pepper. This compound has the capacity to breakdown the curcumin in turmeric upon reaching in the gut and liver. The curcumin has to be absorbed in our intestine. Our body with a combination of healthy fats and oil can digest it fully. Therefore, the best way to absorb all the nutrients of turmeric is making it a part of your recipes. But black pepper has no role to take for the absorption of curcumins in our gut. The only thing that piperine does is to retain higher levels of turmeric compounds in our body. If you are taking medications, it also affects breaking the compounds of other medicines.

Taking turmeric in your diet or considering it as one of your food supplements is your choice. After all, you know yourself better than anyone does. If you agree with all the benefits and take all the precautions seriously, you need to consult your medical doctors. It is essential to have a healthy life in natural ways.

Is Sweet Potato Healthy Enough to Include in Our Diet?


Is sweet potato healthy enough to be considered as one of the best weight loss foods? What are the health benefits it offers us to be in good shape and healthy? Why is sweet potato nutrition better than your average starchy vegetable?

Is sweet potato healthy as a root crop vegetable? Yes, it is one of the root crops that serve many purposes. The appearance of the sweet potato comes in different shapes and color. The covering layer of the plant is brown and thin. The flesh inside can be in different colors—white, purple, yellow, or orange. The parts of the sweet potato plant are edible, unlike your regular potato which has poisonous leaves. Therefore, you can make recipes from the roots and leaves.

Sweet potato offers vitamins and nutrients. You can have sweet potato proteins and the unique phytonutrients like polysaccharide. The proteins you can get are called sporamins, which have antioxidant properties. Also, you can get vitamin A from sweet potato as beta-carotene.

Other nutrients that you can get from sweet potato are B vitamins, potassium, vitamin C, and fiber. With this, you can have sweet potato as one of your diet food. The health benefits of sweet potatoes can be acquired in a single cup serving. For example, sweet potato offers 438% of vitamin A that our body needs daily. You can get up to 30% B vitamins and 25% potassium of the daily-recommended amount.

As to your diet needs, sweet potato can provide a quarter of fiber you need in a day. Also, if you consume the medium size, you can have 103 sweet potato calories and almost 24 grams carbohydrates.

Indeed, sweet potato is not a complicated food but excellent food for your weight loss program. It is a simple yet reliable food source of many vitamins and minerals.

Now, let us briefly point out the classification of sweet potato. The significance of these facts is for us to understand better our question – are sweet potato healthy to consume?

Variety of Sweet Potato

Is sweet potato healthy with different varieties? Sweet potato can be categorized according to its flesh color variations. You can have yellow-orange, white, and purple sweet potato. Even that they are classified differently, the nutrients and health benefits that they offer are almost the same.

The most common sweet potatoes are those of yellow-orange flesh color. Its color has significance because of the beta-carotene or vitamin A it possesses. According to various studies, there are about 100-1600 micrograms of vitamin A in 99 grams of sweet potato. It is equivalent to 35% to 90% vitamin A to sustain our body.

On the other hand, the purple-flesh variety is a good source of anthocyanins, one of the flavonoids with antioxidant. Also, it comes with anti-inflammatory properties that promote our digestive system. An adequate amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory can reduce the risk of health problems. It can eliminate and prevent the spreading of free radicals and harmful chemicals.

According to a study, the purple sweet potatoes have 3.2 higher antioxidant compared to other berries. Including the flesh and skin of a sweet potato, it can offer antioxidants. If you use sweet potato leaves for cooking, you can also have enough supply of antioxidants.

If you are wondering about the similarities between the purple sweet potatoes and the purple yam, then wait no further.

They are different in all angles. Though yam is also a root crop, it has very different characteristics as compared to the purple sweet potato. Yam comes from the West African term ‘nyami,’ which means to eat. Yam is commonly grown in African and Asian countries. Once grown, you can harvest them at a larger size than any sweet potato.

Sweet Potato Health Benefits

Is sweet potato healthy considering as part of your meal plan? Then you can have the most amazing nutritional value in a very simple healthy food. However, some things need to be cleared for us to understand the health benefits of sweet potatoes fully.

Keeping your blood sugar level normal

For instance, we always need to eat healthy food that can regulate our blood sugar for us to maintain its average level. You can try the white sweet potato to promote insulin sensitivity.

For us to use all the sugar we intake, we need to have sufficient insulin that can instruct our cells to absorb and process the glucose in our blood. The improvement of insulin will help normalize this process. Given this, sweet potatoes promote the average level of blood sugar.

According to a study, sweet potato has anti-diabetic properties. Caiapo is a type of white sweet potato that offers these properties. In the study, a group of people with high blood sugar levels provided with four grams of caiapo. After six months of daily consumption of caiapo, their blood sugar levels have been reduced.

It proves that sweet potato plays a significant role to keep our blood sugar level reasonable. Keep in mind that sweet potatoes have high fiber contents. Fiber’s significance in our health is to absorb the sugar content of the food that affects our insulin sensitivity. You can have an adequate amount of fiber from sweet potato. Medium size can have 15% of the fiber you need daily.

Fights early warnings of Chronic Diseases

As mentioned earlier in this article, sweet potato is rich with antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential compounds that promote nutrients at the cellular level. It keeps the damaged cells away from the healthy ones to lower the risk of diseases. The most common diseases that result from free radicals are diabetes, heart attack, and cancer. All of these are chronic diseases that can affect your health if they cannot prevent firsthand.

You can have a sufficient amount of antioxidants by having a purple sweet potato in your meal daily. Making it a practice can prevent early warnings of chronic diseases. Adequate amounts of antioxidants in your body can maintain your regular vision and healthy lungs. You can also have radiant skin that can protect you against infectious diseases.

Improves Cognitive Function

Purple sweet potato can also improve brain functions because of the nutrients and antioxidants it offers.

When we age, our brains will begin to have a slower performance like memory ability, focus, and reflexes. Aging is a natural process, but we can slow it down and support our brain to perform even well.

It is another health benefit of sweet potato, the purple variety. It protects our brain from further damage and boosts brain function for daily tasks.

Promotes Immunity and Fighting Mechanism against Diseases

Yellow-orange sweet potato offers the most needed vitamin to protect our body. Vitamin A plays a vital role to improve immunity and increase our fighting mechanism against diseases.

A medium-sized yellow-orange sweet potato has 438% vitamin A of the daily recommendation. Vitamin A promotes our immunity by increasing the production of immune cells in our body. The immune cells are responsible for warding off disease-causing bacteria. According to a study, having an adequate amount of vitamin A in our body can prevent the spread of damaged cells. These usually have a higher chance of becoming a tumor in our body.

Deficiency in vitamin A is connected to some death caused by complications. It means that if we have a low immunity system, we have a high possibility to have infectious diseases. It can also lead to other health problems like blindness, dry eyes, and a condition of losing vision.

Kick-off of Weight Loss Program

The most common health benefits of sweet potato are weight loss. The fiber in sweet potato aids our digestive tract to cut our cravings. It also helps us avoid snacking food between meals.

According to a study, a single cup of sweet potato can provide 6.6 grams of fiber. This is almost 26% of what our body needs in a day. The purple sweet potato had gain recognition as a weight loss champion. In a study conducted, it found out that you can lose weight and lessen the fat that your body absorbs. This result was taken after 3 months of purple sweet potato consumption.

Aside from losing weight, sweet potato is also suitable for people who are into bodybuilding. Similar to a weight loss program, bodybuilding requires healthy food that promotes slow digestion and provides long-term energy. Imagine that you will no longer need to have something to eat during between regular meals. This can be possible with the daily consumption of sweet potato.

Other benefits of Sweet Potato

The glycosides in sweet potato support our health by providing nourishment that has antibacterial and antifungal properties. These properties in sweet potatoes are beneficial for our body to fight off diseases. It can also promote the prevention of fungal infections and disease-spreading bacteria that can cause a lot of health problems.

Sweet Potato Recipes

Is sweet potato healthy when cooked? There are two categories of sweet potato when cooked. The first one is sweet potatoes that are firm and dry, while the second is soft and moist.

We cannot consume sweet potato in its raw form. It is essential that we cook it to achieve the health benefits it provides. According to a study, sweet potato nutrients especially the anthocyanins properties can be preserved through steaming. For more positive results to our blood sugar levels, you can try to roast and boil the sweet potato.

If you are making baby food, you can try using sweet potato flour. It is all natural and safe for the baby’s health. To store the flour for longer shelf life, you need to use a vacuum-sealed jar and place it in your refrigerator. The flour can be stored up to 6 months. If you will put it in your pantry, you would only have a month to use it.

One of the typical side dishes in your kitchen is mashed-potato. But, instead of using potato, you can replace it with sweet potato. You can have a new flavor, just by adding some honey and sugar. And you can enjoy it better than your ordinary mashed potato.

We know that fish and chips are one of the favorite cuisines that are very hard to ignore. With sweet potatoes, you can still keep your diet but also enjoy this food just by replacing the ordinary potato chips. In this way, you can really be sure about the nutritional value you will have with sweet potatoes.

Is sweet potato healthy to consume without side effects?

Almost all the foods that we are eating have side effects. The side effects can be caused by allergic reactions, or even unusual effects while on medications, or just by overeating it.

One of the fatal sweet potato side effects is due to medication prescribed for heart diseases. Beta-blockers can have an opposing effect on sweet potato potassium.

The effect of beta-blockers in our body with sweet potato consumption can multiply the potassium content in our blood. It will not be a problem as long as your kidneys are functioning normally. Otherwise, it can cause some serious health problems.

Also, sweet potatoes have compounds, the oxalates, which tend to crystallize when it exceeds the right amount in our body. The crystal formation of oxalates combines with calcium. It would result in kidney stones. Therefore, an excessive amount of oxalates in our body can affect the kidneys and gallbladders. The elimination of urine and other toxins from our body is important. As a result, before including sweet potatoes in your diet plan, you need to get professional medical advice. This could avoid serious health problems that may occur when you have excessive oxalates in the body.

Another side effect of sweet potato can happen if you have a sensitive stomach. The sensitive stomach can be triggered by the sweet potato’s sugar called mannitol.

Mannitol is a sugar compound of sweet potato. If you have a sensitive stomach, you will feel stomach pain after eating sweet potato. You can also experience bloating and diarrhea.

Therefore, try to eat only a small amount of sweet potato to know if you have a low tolerance for food with mannitol compounds.

Choosing and Storing of Sweet Potato

If you are now decided to have some sweet potatoes, you should at least have some knowledge in choosing for the right size that will fit your servings.

You should look for the sweet potato that has a thick and chunky form. But make sure that you still choose the medium size without bruises. The bruises of sweet potato can produce strange taste and color insides. You should also remember the type of sweet potato based on its flesh color. It is because your recipe will depend on it.

The storage of sweet potato does not require cold temperature. You can store it at room temperature, without sunlight that has good air circulation. If you will place it in your refrigerator, there is a tendency that the flesh inside will harden. Exposing sweet potato in this state can ruin the flesh. Sunlight should be avoided because it will make your sweet potato to start growing buds. You should also avoid washing the sweet potatoes if you are not going to cook it yet. The water will penetrate the inner core of the sweet potato and will shorten its shelf life.

Our insights

Is sweet potato healthy for us? Indeed, sweet potato plays a big part in our health. You can easily find sweet potatoes around the corner of the market. It will not even add burden to your daily routine when you are craving for it.

The nutrients it offers targets our body to provide immunity and enough fiber. The antioxidants can boost your cells to be free of radicals. Sweet potato fiber, on the other hand, can promote proper digestion. Both of these nutrients can sustain our body to be fit and energetic with our daily tasks.

If you have kids or you just prefer to have pancakes in your meal, you can use sweet potato instead of ordinary flour. Knowing the health benefits of sweet potato, you will have no worries for the nutritional value it offers. Sweet potato carbs are lesser when compared to the instant pancakes flour being sold in the market.

Sweet potato vitamins slow down the aging of our brain. It stores cognitive function as we age. With proper nutrients for our brain, we can prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Most importantly, we give emphasize that before including sweet potato as your diet food, you need to consult with your doctor. Sweet potatoes may have many health benefits, but it still comes with some side effects if not adequately eaten. And you should not take them for granted because these can be fatal over time.

So if you still doubt if you should buy some sweet potato, and are still unsure if sweet potatoes are healthy for your family? Then worry no more because the answer is yes. It is safe to eat some as long as you cook and prepare them properly. Then again, all vegetables are safe to eat if cooked properly.

How to Put on Mascara: A Guide for Natural yet Trendy Look Eyelashes


How to put on mascara that will look natural and trendy every day? You might find yourself looking in the mirror and thinking of how you will make yourself presentable. With all the shades of color, you need to be careful about what will suit you best.

How to put on mascara for several occasions is a challenging role for beauties. Well, we all care about how we can always look natural yet trendy. Typically, we do not like to overkill our makeup, especially the mascara.

We all consider mascara as one of the essential beauty products that all beauties must have. Also, aside from choosing the eyeliner and eyeshadow, we should always plan and prepare ahead on wearing it.

As you read along, you will find some tips and styles on how to do on mascara. You may feel a bit awkward in your first try. But later on, putting on a mascara will be less messy and hassle-free for you.

How to put on mascara: Tips in getting the perfect flicking eyelashes

To achieve the perfect eyelashes, you need to avoid these shortcuts when doing your mascara.

In applying mascara, you need to start from the bottom eyelashes. You have to angle your head forward. Make sure that you have enough space for it and to your eyelashes before the application. Because it is very important for you to avoid smudges when you are just starting with your top eyelashes.

Another tip for your fashionable eyelashes is to make sure you only dip your mascara once in its bottle. There is no need for you to plunge the entire wand in and out of the bottle. In doing so, it will dry faster. Dried mascara is the same as your old one. In that state, it will only just become a part of your throwaways.

Also, try to have different types of mascara. Later in this article, you will find a wide variety of mascara choices that you may choose for your various occasions. Knowing and learning about it can make your eyelashes more dashing.

However, you need to remember, that when it comes to applying on your mascara, you have to wipe first and curl — wiping off your eyelashes before the application can take away the excess mascara that may cause too many smudges. Then, curling is another part of the eyelashes preparation. Your starting point in curler is from the eyelashes’ roots, near the eyelids, going to the end of your eyelashes. When you curl your eyelashes, make sure you avoid your eyelids get into the curler. Also, a 10-second press of your eyelashes is very much needed to have the perfect flick. Remember to do this before the application of mascara.

What to avoid in your first attempt of mascara application?

Many suggest that waterproof mascara should be the first coat of your eyelashes. Well, it is actually effective in holding the curl of your eyelashes. But, you need to avoid these waterproof formula every time you are doing it. As the name suggests, waterproof mascara involves a lot of cleansers to wash it off. Aside from that, it needs a bit more rubbing to take off some residue in your eyelids.

Aside from that, you are applying the mascara direct to your eyelashes. When putting it, you need to avoid the clumping of your eyelashes. Make sure you comb your eyelashes with a special brush after applying the mascara. Another way to prevent the clumping is to try to wiggle the mascara wand while applying it to your eyelashes. Move your wand in ‘Z’ shape direction while stroking upward.

The most frequent denominator to lose the style of it is when you give up the quality of your beauty products for the cheaper ones. In a way, top of the line beauty products has a more glamorous effect than regular ones. Always remember to consider quality to keep off negative results over time.

Well-packaged guides for beginners’ beauties

The best way to maintain and radiate our inner beauty is to keep away from those overkill makeup. Using too much makeup to stand out from everybody can be annoying. It also loses the goals of putting on makeup.

So, here are simple guides for all the beauties who want to enhance their looks. If you are new and looking for the best ways, here are some guides in chic and sophisticated mascara.

Guide no. 1: Make sure to identify the curl, volume, and length of your eyelashes. Find the perfect color and shades for your looks.

Guide no. 2: Mascara should be the last eye makeup to apply. If there are smudges, better to clean it if it is dry already, wiping the stains right away will result in more catastrophic filth around your eyes.

Guide no. 3: Three in, three out – basic rule to maintain the classy look of your eyelashes. It means to make a gentle stroke thrice inwards and outwards. In this way, you can avoid the clumping of your eyelashes as well.

Guide no. 4: Mascara models are too good to be true. To know the real deal of mascara, see the difference of false eyelashes to natural ones. In most cases, mascara beauty models use false eyelashes to emphasize beauty products. Therefore, you need to know the basic mascara rules – curl, volume, and length.

How to put on mascara: Quick guide for you

If you already read the guide, the next thing is to perform it on our eyelashes. Of course, your first try will not be as perfect as you imagine. So, we prepared a quick step-by-step guide for you.

Step 1: After you finished with your eyeshadow and eyeliner, you are now ready for your mascara. Make sure you find its right color and waterproof formula.

Mascara colors come in as many, as you will decide what and where to use. Basically, the color that you choose will give the impression of your personality. It goes with every beauty products. The most popular is the black mascara, which complements every eye color. But, the black mascara will not fit with your blonde hair. So, you have to look for a brown one.

If you decide to use the waterproof-formula mascara, make sure you have the proper makeup remover for that. As we mentioned before, it is too tedious to get off the waterproof mascara.

Step 2: Before the application, you have to curl it. Curling before putting on some mascara will give you more volume. It will also be easy for you to stroke the eyelashes.

Step 3: After wiping off your mascara, start coating your bottom eyelashes from roots to end. Do not forget to wiggle it in ‘Z’ shape to have a good texture. Then you can finish it off in your upper eyelashes.

Step 4: You can apply a second coating to achieve more volume. If not, use an eyelash brush to get rid of the clump. In this way, your eyelashes will look more natural.

Wear it with personality and behavior eyelashes

If you want to try the trendy mascara styles developed by famous stylists and makeup artists, you are lucky to find it here, right now! You can try it for more exciting eye makeup.

Why not try to have that high-point style. The only focus of the mascara is in the middle part of your eyelashes. Then, you can have the fluttery fringe. This style is the product of two false eyelashes. You need to put the other eyelashes on top of the other one. Then use a white mascara for coating. The fluttery fringe is the most aggressive eyelash style.

However, if you are into a more natural look, no shadow necessary is the style for you. Wearing full mascara can outwit the eyeshadow. It will give you more natural yet elegant look as well.

In some occasions that you will need to adapt with its colorful theme, you can have the glitter, glitter everywhere style. If you have this, you do not need to wear one in your eyeliner. In doing so, it will give an overkill glitter eye makeup. It is too much for the eyes!

If you want to give power to your eyes, you may try the greenery effect. It will emphasize your eyes by adding those bold colors in the outer corners of the upper eyelashes. In this style, you will need to use colored mascara that comes in a green shade.

But, if you are not a fan of green, you can try the blue eyes style. In this one, you will need to have a blue mascara. The application will appear only in our upper eyelashes. Leave your bottom eyelashes in its natural color. This style can create a sparkling effect for your eyes, without using glitters.

Choosing the appropriate mascara color

After knowing the different eyelash styles, you need to be aware of the mascara color you want to use. You need to consider how it will complement your skin tone, hair, and eye colors. Keep in mind that the perfect mascara can keep you away from wearing eyeshadow and eyeliner. So, learning how to put it will make your eye makeup easy.

Try to wear on your eyelashes some vibrant colors like blue, green, or purple. These colors will be fresh for deep brown eyes.

Well, you cannot go wrong with the black color mascara. It always gives you the class and elegance of natural eye makeup in any occasions.

White mascara can be used on some occasions if you want to give some twist in your eyelashes. It goes with other colors, or it can stand alone in your eyelashes. Wearing a white mascara is an option.

Quick tips for mascara

Wearing it alone is a trending beauty looks nowadays. It outwits the eyeshadow and eyeliner makeup for some busy people. So we come up with simple mascara tips.

Tip # 1: Use waterproof formula as necessary only. There is no need to use it daily. According to beauty experts, there are chemicals found in waterproof mascara. The damage can be a result of removing it from your eyelashes.

Tip # 2: Make sure that you use mascara primer as the base of your eyelashes before the application as its effect is satisfying. The primer can make your mascara stays longer. It can prevent too many smudges. It is excellent when you have to attend an all-night occasion.

Tip # 3: Sleep without makeup. Makeup has many ingredients that can harm your facial skin. Even those beauty products that claim to have natural or mineral ingredients; it can make your skin dry and dull if you sleep on it. Be sure to wash off everything before going to sleep.

Tip # 4: To wash off your makeup, use appropriate makeup remover. There are beauty products with equivalent remover. It will make it easier for you to remove your makeup easily.

Tip # 5: If you want to try the color combination and texture of it with your skin tone, you can always try the testers at the back of your hand. Do not use it on your eyelashes. Always keep in mind the hygiene concerns of most beauty products.

Brief reminder:

Beauty products have compounds that may harm your skin if you have sensitive skin. Make sure that you will consider natural and organic makeup. You can also have those beauty products that contain hypoallergenic compounds if you insist on using makeup. But the most important that you need to do is to consult first your dermatologist for some medical advice. No one wants to sacrifice your health just to look more glamorous.