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Best Ways to Exercise at Home-Most Engaging Workout with No Injury


Best ways to exercise at home are essential in our lives more than ever since gym closures are one of the protocols in this quarantine time. However, it should not be an excuse for you to skip exercising. Remember that exercising is one of the things that our body needs to prevent symptoms of coronavirus and other diseases.

The best ways to exercise at home can be in many forms, and there can be various routines you can follow. Still, I will discuss some simple and effective ways to do exercise at home. Since you will do exercise at home, the first thing is to consider suitable the area at your home and the and equipment you will be using. Not to mention your capacity to perform and discipline to strictly follow the schedule of exercises at home is a vital issue to make it a success.


Yes, it will be inviting for you to sit and enjoy watching Netflix that you almost forgot to move around and exercise even a little bit. The best ways to exercise at home should be on schedule. 

Take it from me; my gym schedule is always Saturday to destress and increase emotional balance and improve healthy hormones. But this time of the pandemic, I almost forgot my schedule of exercising. The result? Well, it was devastating.

But it was not a long term effect since I found some options to do a workout at home. These exercises helped me to overcome anxiety and depression. It builds up positive hormones and prevents me from different diseases. 

So here are the best ways to exercise at home. Aside from it will keep your system up and going, these exercises are free, and you can do it without exposing yourself outside.

Engaging Best Ways to Exercise at Home

Small Equipment

JmpdfjRopdassfIf you are like me and always looking for a workout at home using small equipment, I think you should try these workouts.

In my case, since staying at home is the new norm, I tried aerobic, resistance, and exercises for flexibility.

For aerobic exercises, I use jumping rope since we have a porch where I could hop, skip single footed, side to side, running, big jumps, or swinging the string in reverse.

Then I used some bodyweight, of course, the weight should be compatible with what I could carry out. The weights are not necessary. As long as I feel my heart elevates to a certain level and maintains the intensity.

When using resistance bands with weights can add tension, so it will be harder to move the loads. Dumbbells and kettlebells are the best equipment to do with resistance bands. Doubling the pressure of this equipment will give the weight.

At the end of the best ways to exercise at home is self-massage and stretching. It will improve the flexibility of the body.

Virtual Training

Best-Ways-to-Exercise-at-Home-Most-03Staying indoors is not bad for some people as long as internet connections are around. Now, it is one of the essentials and has many advantages. Like for instance, online workout. I got my routines just by watching videos online that give out options on how to do the best ways to exercise at home. It works for some individuals doing a workout at home before the pandemic. And I know it by now why some people are hooked in workouts at home. For this reason, video tutorials for workouts are useful and easy to follow. There are also plenty of exercises to choose from. 

There are also custom training and nutrition plans that you can adopt coming from a professional trainer. Going to a gym will make a difference for sure, but following the schedule will improve discipline and commitment to workout.

Performing circuits is another option if the equipment is not available. Circuits are workout after another workout with repetitions on each set. It involves the whole body and the core while doing this workout. And as you increase the phasing, the body will feel the pressure and tension will become harder and rising.

Body Workouts with no Equipment

First of all, before doing a workout at home, start with no equipment, make sure that all considerations are checked.

To some individuals in self-isolation, pregnant, or with underlying health conditions, consultation with your doctors is essential beforehand.

You see, to be successful in the best ways to exercise at home, strength and balance exercises are essentials. Muscle strengths are needed to increase repetitions and performance of workouts like yoga, resistance training, and other activities at home.

In this pandemic battle, individuals in isolation at your home should not be a hindrance for you to workout. Instead, it should motivate you to move and perform movements and activities. 

These exercises also improve your health conditions while quarantines are being imposed. The long term effects of the coronavirus cannot be reversed instantly. It will take a long process for the body to process the changes. Well, it is inevitable.

So here are the best ways to exercise at home without using equipment and not injuring yourself.

First is the tricep dips using chairs. 

trcepschrThis workout needs a chair at home. While sitting on the edge of the chair, hold onto it with your hands. Preferably onto the front of the chair and place your feet out in front of you. Make sure to have legs either bent or straighten as long as your elbows are in a 90-degree angle before pushing back up.

Second is the top press-ups using the table.

Other than the chair, you can use the table. The incline press-ups using a table are one of the most natural furniture to use compared to bed, chair, or even a wall. Now, for the table, your hands should be placed on it while your legs are stretched behind you. Please make sure they are straight out nicely. Then lower your weight, but keep your elbow tight to your body and press back up. 

The third is squatting using your room wall.

As I said, plenty of time and things to do inside your home, so using the walls in your room is a thing. So, begin to lean on it and sit against it. Imagine that you are sitting in a chair at a 90-degree angle.

Sharing My Thoughts

The best ways to exercise at home have no real secrets. Every workout and exercise needs discipline and motivation to do the routines correctly. Of course, there are safety measures to be first checked before each workout. 

Prevent Coronavirus in Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Family Safe.


Prevent coronavirus from getting mild to severe symptoms through the recommended health protocols of the World Health Organization (WHO). Fear and anxiety surprised the world after hearing about the coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China.

Prevent coronavirus as soon as the first symptom emerges is the most effective way of precautions. But understanding all about the coronavirus is the first thing we should know.


The coronavirus is defined as a virus that causes illnesses from the common cold to more severe diseases. According to the World Health Organization, this virus is likely the same as acute respiratory syndrome and the Middle East respiratory syndrome.


The virus has a solar corona around it when experts saw it under the microscope. Corona is a Latin word which means crown.

The first case of coronavirus has been recorded in Wuhan, China, last January 7. It was later called as COVID-19 by WHO.

The Symptoms

With careful studies and researches about the coronavirus, the symptoms detected and recorded to a patient with fever, cough, and shortness, and difficulty of breathing.  However, these symptoms can only be observed under mild COVID-19.


For severe cases, it can lead to pneumonia, multiple organ failure, and if not properly treated, death can be next.

The incubation period of this virus is 14 days, from the day of infection and the onset of symptoms. But early signs can be seen within 5 to 6 days.

But there is a catch with the infected individuals. There is what experts call as asymptomatic patients. It means that no symptoms at all can be seen through the virus is in the patients’ systems.

What happened to our bodies?

When a virus enters our body, the spread of the virus will start infecting the respiratory system. The virus will begin to multiply in the respiratory tract. Frequent colds, sore throat, runny nose, and fever are mild symptoms as the first levels of getting infected. Then it will move to the next level to pneumonia.

Since there is no vaccine yet, some mild cases became severe cases. After having pneumonia, it will be followed by multi-organ failure and death.

For now, there is no vaccine yet. So what should we do to prevent coronavirus?

How to prevent coronavirus?

A9Cs4AlZxGThis is the question of many, especially the family with children and elderly household members. Well, the golden answer for that is boosting your intake of vitamin C.

Vitamin C improves our immune system. There are sources of vitamin C, like fruits and vegetables. You can also opt to take supplements as a substitute for it.

Also, to prevent coronavirus, you need to protect yourself literally. For instance, when going outside to buy essential needs, doctors highly suggest wearing a face mask and hand gloves. And I never forget to bring at least 70% or more alcohol-based sanitizer in my pocket for extra precaution of personal hygiene.

Indeed, the immune system is vital at this time of battle with the unseen enemy, the COVID-19. But there are other things that you can do to ensure your good health and be fit all the time.

And here is how you do it:

Spend some time outdoors.

Staying indoors during a pandemic is essential. But it does not mean that you should stay at home all the time. You can check the latest pronouncement in your community. If you are allowed just in your yard, you can walk or jog. Since no vaccine yet, make sure you have your protective gear, especially face mask.

Plan your Workouts

Workout at home is one of the essential things you can do during the quarantine. There are several things that you can use to monitor your exercise. Like a journal, tracker, or workout apps, these will help you plan for your workout routines and schedules.

Take Virtual Sessions and Classes

9DY0pueLD3Since going to the gym is limited for the time being, you can look at online classes and sessions. This will improve your workout at home and, at the same time, will keep you updated with the routines you can perform at home. Self-training can be difficult at first, but with proper guidance, length and intensity can be improved.  

Develop indoor games

Boosting the immune system needs emotional and mental health as well to prevent coronavirus. Quarantine makes a person annoying and builds the emotion of anxiety. So you can have indoor games with your family to strengthen more ties. As a workout, there are virtual games that you can play.

Sharing My Thoughts

To prevent coronavirus, a healthy lifestyle, and proper hygiene are essential to take into account. These are the crucial things you should consider.

Enough and regular exercises are your body needs. At home, I schedule my daily activities to improve my health. Exercises cleared my mind and gave me an adrenaline rush.

Staying motivated to follow these various methods on how to prevent coronavirus is a bit challenging. The disruption and stress from the pandemic make it harder. Believe me, but knowing what the virus can make to our body, it helps me focus on things to do to prevent coronavirus.

Making a schedule to everything like meal plans that can help maintain healthy eating foods. Also, the routine workouts to follow and avoid are included in my list.

Since quarantine is giving me a more schedule than before, I can do lots of things for myself. Taking myself is one of the ways on how to prevent coronavirus.

Wearing Masks are Essential Hygiene: The Dos and Dont’s on wearing it!



Wearing masks also needs proper hygiene to ensure that wearing it has no side effects or adverse effects. Not all of us know how to wear masks properly. For beginners, wearing it is a little uncomfortable, especially for those who wear eyeglasses.

In my case, the first time I wore it, it became a hindrance to my eyeglasses. When I exhale, the air goes into my eyes which makes me touch my eyes. I had no choice but to wear it at this time.


Since we all required to wear masks, it is wise enough to know its effects.

The functional effects of wearing masks are apparent as long as it is appropriately dressed. Before the pandemic, we knew nothing about the specifics of the masks except for medical professionals who studied and understood the need for it and knew what the best mask to wear.

The coronavirus should be taken as seriously as how we have taken our daily hygiene to keep us healthy and safe. In a published data report of the Tenessee Department of Health, Rutherford county has reported a high percentage of COVID19 positive cases. The common implications of the spreading or increased in positive cases may have come from asymptomatic patients who are difficult to identify unless testings will be conducted. On this matter, it will be a benefit for everyone to really follow strict precautions which include requiring to wear masks. There are different options based on the materials to stop the virus from penetrating you. Aside from viruses, bacteria cannot also pass through.

Classification of Masks

According to the CDC researchers, there are two characteristics of masks – treated and untreated. There are types of masks – N95 and Surgical. Below is the table to know the difference between each.



Mask TypeTreatmentSize (cm)MaterialsWeight (g)Thickness (mm)
N95Untreated12.5 x 13.2polypropylene and polyester8.993.87
Treated with nano functional materials(same size)The filter material used: polypropylene9.645.17
SurgicalUntreated17.3 x 15.8Both layers used: polypropylene3.260.80
Treated with nano functional materials(same size)With the same layers of the untreated surgical mask, but the middle layer is melt-blown.3.390.85


The treated and untreated masks can be easily distinguished. With the size and weight plus the appearance, untreated masks can be recognized as standard, while professionals are more likely to use prescribed masks. Or those who have high exposure to viruses.

What happens when wearing a mask?

Reports are circulating about wearing masks and their adverse side effects on our health. In some countries, increases percent of deaths continue to rise and the high percentage of casualties belong to adults. The risk of getting respiratory diseases can be prevented with regular hand wash and taking medicine or vitamins. One of the recommendations of Americans with the WHO mandates against coronavirus is social distancing. Aside from cleaning surfaces, this should be slowed the spread of coronavirus. Meanwhile, the advice of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends the publications of the updated document to release the volumes of clinical respirators providers. The increase in the testing of individuals in communities classified infectious coronavirus patients with milder symptoms. At first, I did not believe this, not until I experienced some of it.

Like I said a while ago, wearing masks became a problem with my eyeglasses.

However, I want to share some helpful tips with you here below on how to address and stay safe while wearing a mask.

Getting Foggy Eyeglasses

Wearing-Mask-Essential-Hygiene-03A total discomfort indeed when you wear both masks and eyeglasses at the same time. A foggy effect in your glasses can irritate your eyes. So how to avoid getting your eyes hurt? First reactions to irritants are a temptation to scratch or touch your face. If you cannot resist doing this, make sure you wash your hands with soap. 20-second handwashing can be helpful to get rid of viruses and germs in your hands. Imagine the things you hold like door handles, elevator buttons, surfaces, and packages that germs are situated.

Fitting the Right Mask

Wearing mask which has the same fit in you is rare to find. But most coverings have a universal fitting in your mouth that you can adjust. Make sure that you choose cotton material for better ventilation that can trap less of the moisture which can happen when there is build up from breathing and sweating.

For the right fit of mask, follow the rule of “snug, not tight” around the face for prevention of droplets from escaping or coming in. If it hurts your nose and chin, it is time to adjust the fitting that will give you more room for breathing.

Airflow Restriction for People with COPD

COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a condition of a person with shortness in breathing. So how does wearing mask improve their health?

People with this condition should find another method to control the transmission and infecting other people unconsciously. This time of crisis, evidence shows that if a person who is COVID-19 carrier or has symptoms should seek professional medical guidance. Including in the protocols of the World Health Organization, if a person is tested positive with coronavirus, self-quarantine should be followed. Perhaps, no need a mask if the symptom is a problem with air-breathing.

Conversations are Compromised

Maybe not only me who observed that wearing a mask makes people have a closer conversation because of the speech volume and, of course, the quality. For some people, they exercised “lip read” for them to understand quickly what the other person is talking about.

But this talent is useless since a mask is a necessity for each person when going outside. You can be closed with the person you are talking with but maintain a 6-feet distance. This will prevent community transmission. Any viral infection can make you sick if the proper distance cannot be observed.

The Mask is Not a Cure

Wearing a mask does not mean that you are invisible to viruses. The mask is not bulletproof that can give you a sense of security. But we are wearing masks to protect us from getting infected. Including in the study are effective ways on how to prevent getting coronavirus such as proper handwashing and physical distancing. At home, workplace, and many places, frequent disinfection of surfaces is needed as different evidence surfaced in publication.

Can Cause Skin Irritations

Wearing-Mask-Essential-Hygiene-04Before I forget, there is also a washable mask. The common materials of this mask should be cotton, and the thickness should follow the recommendations of medical authorities. Otherwise, irritations and other health problems can occur.

In a study, if the mask is not properly clean, there are germs, bacteria, and viruses in it, which can cause you more harm. Unknowingly touching of masks could have developed underlying conditions and situations carrying other diseases. Remember that wearing a veil should stop the spread of the virus, not the other way around.

How long should you wear it?

Each type of mask has the duration for the wearer. Experts compared the measures and recommended the details on patients to avoid widespread. For instance, the N95 masks can be worn two times as long as it is adequately decontaminated. This process will maintain its capability on protection and to reduce the spread of ncov. As to this writing, there are still ongoing studies on how to decontaminate the N95 mask properly. But surgical masks are one-time usage only. And you can only wear them for 4 hours.

There are also safety routines in wearing it to prevent all adverse effects. Aside from washing and proper fitting, preparation before wearing it is needed.

Apply moisturizer before wearing a mask. It can prevent skin irritation in areas where the cover rubs the skin of your face. Sad to say, but this time, you have to let go of wearing makeup, even a foundation. The makeup is one of the factors that decrease proper breathing.

Also, maintaining clean facial skin before and after wearing a mask is essential to avoid skin problems.

Sharing My Thoughts

Being a responsible citizen in this time of the pandemic, wearing a mask is a sign of giving support to our health workers, the frontline individuals. Based on the survey, shortages of medical equipment like personal protective equipment (PPE) and masks have been a problem around the world.

So most people with talents make masks out of cloth. Using a cloth mask has approval from medical groups as long as the covering fits comfortably to your face, ear loops, and allows breathing without restriction. Cloth masks are not disposable. The fabric should be in multiple layers, and it can be laundered and machine dried without damage and deformation. Though comfortable, the unfiltered masks do not provide and are short in reducing inhalation of carbon dioxide and sars particles, preventing to be safer during this pandemic. There is no time for an experiment in masking based on the internet. FAQ for COVID-19 can be checked with the WHO website.

Indeed, wearing a mask is part of the new normal as long as there is no vaccine. But keep this in mind that wearing a mask of under the age of two is prohibited as well as to someone who has trouble breathing and unconscious.

Self Care at Home, The Recommended Spa-Level at your Home


Self-care at home does not need to be a professional stylist, derms, and manicurists to make a spa-level at-home beauty. Let us grab this opportunity while staying indoors to learn self-care at home. There are plenty of the best ways to achieve a spa-level skincare routine.

Self-care at home, aside from maintaining your beauty while staying indoors, can be a way to relax your mind. It is not a secret that this quarantine manifests the feelings of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Emotion and mental health at this time are crucial, so the best way to avoid this argument is to bring a sense of relaxation, such as a spa.


At home, I did some spa-level self-care. The spa is my favorite self-relaxation, and it helps me cope with the quarantine. Staying indoors is all time is not that easy, and going to my favorite spa, salon, and derm clinic is impossible.

However, it should not stop you or me from getting a self-care routine. I tried many DIY skincare routines. Also, I gave my hair some treatment, and even manicure and pedicure did not escape my beauty remedies at home.


Why do we need to cleanse if we are staying indoors? Well, as part of any beauty care routine, cleansing is essential.

For my self-care at home, I do the double cleansing to prepare my skin. I used an oil-based cleanser for deep removal of makeup and unwanted dead skin cells. Then my second cleansing solution is foam or cream-based. Cream or foam-based cleansers are gentle cleansing solutions compared to oil-based. It keeps the pores cleaner.

After I did the double cleansing, I used warm water and a soft clean cloth, pathing my face. I made sure of the areas where oil and congestion of dirt reside.


This second step of my self-care at home depends on the type of skin. There are different types of exfoliation that you can try.

As for me, I got oily skin, so the exfoliation solution that I used has enzymes, a powder that can exfoliate and polish skin after cleansing.

I tried using a liquid formula for exfoliation. But it became too harsh on my skin. My derm doctor advised me to skip using a liquid method unless there is a presence of blend chemical exfoliants. Also, it is better not to go over and do more exfoliation, which can damage the protective skin layer.

Facial Mask

Self-Care-at-Home-The-Recommended-Spa-03It is not the surgical or N95 mask. Beauty face masks are essential, especially staying indoors has a different effect on our skin.

Oily skin is prone to breakouts, so a clay-based or facial mask with vitamin C is what I used during my facial mask session. It is my favorite self-care at home because I feel relaxed whenever I use a facial mask. And I see the difference in the morning. My skin is no longer dehydrated, dull, and oily.


So you want to feel the real spa experience while staying at home? Well, I suggest you should do steam as part of the beauty routine.

I tried doing steam once. I fill a bowl with hot water and position my face over the bowel. Then I put a towel over my head. It will let the skin open up. For a twist of steam, you can put slices of oranges in the bowl. That will soften your skin while opening the pores.

Moist and Massage

For my finale of self-care at home, I used a quality moisturizer and an excellent massage to my face. The moisturizer will keep my skin hydrated. The massage, on the other hand, will give my facial muscles to boost blood circulation. Make sure that behind ear lobes, around the nostrils and forehead have been massaged. These areas are most neglected, so do not forget it.

Why is self-care necessary?

Self-care is essential even if you stay indoors. My self-care at home does not only focus on beauty, but I also mind my physical, mental, and emotional state. While staying indoors is required around the world, I never missed the chance of learning how to eat healthily, reduce stress, and exercise regularly.

Before quarantine, my self-care starts visiting my favorite spa, salon, and derm clinic. But with the busy schedule, these things became my last priority.

So other than beauty routines for my self-care at home, here are some over-all care to do.

Complete Rest

Self-Care-at-Home-The-Recommended-Spa-004Sleep is a massive effect on our health, both emotional, physical, and mental. With the quarantine being implemented, everyone is advised to stay indoors. So the tendency is sleeping late and waking up late. That could contribute to significant health issues.

My routine for proper sleeping is drinking enough water and eating at the right time. I skip drinking caffeine and sugar that could keep me awake until past midnight. I also make sure that my bedroom has enough light for me to sleep but keeping the bright light of the sun in the morning, which can wake me up too early. And no distractions like television, computers or laptops.

Workout at Home

Since going outside nowadays is not feasible, I simply make a workout routine at home. There are lots of exercises at home, like push-ups, yoga, sit-ups, and some workout that needs equipment.

Exercises while at home are necessary to boost your physical and mental health. At first, it will be hard for you to follow the sets and repetitions, but with a proper routine, the results will be surprisingly practical and visible.

Eating Healthy

ferecommended-Spa-05Aside from sleeping and exercises, I also make a diet for me as part of my self-care at home. Of course, it will be useless if I sleep and exercise correctly, but I have a poor diet. All the discipline will be of no use, after all.

For my diet meal plan, my secret for a healthy meal is avoiding artificial sugar, high carbohydrates, oily foods, and salty snacks. I choose to eat fewer carbs and high in protein. I avoid red meat and switch to white meat (chicken) and nuts for protein substitution.

On the bright side, I learn to prepare and cook my own food. Since I can do this, I control what I eat, and I can avoid those unhealthy foods.

Get Organized

Another self-care at home that I did is organizing my things. Decluttering my wardrobe, makeup kit, and shoe cabinet made my thoughts focused on what should be done more importantly.

Sharing My Thoughts

The effects of self-care at home can be felt when there is self-discipline, and you are focused on your goal. The results of self-care that you can do should have effects that will satisfy you.

Staying at Home – The Beauty and Health Benefits of Staying Indoors


Staying at home offers many opportunities for people who seek beauty benefits, and they can be addictive. Imagine you are not going to be exposed so you can do all your DIY or explore homemade products. Just make sure you are not getting yourself injured or do anything that may lead to an irreversible outcome.

Staying at home has many side effects – emotional and mental distress. But what you must do during this time of social distancing is enjoy life and have a little time for yourself. In other words, let yourself experience self-love and care.

Staying-at-Home- thumdg 01

Before social distancing, most of us tend to address our beauty problems and maintain our beauty routines in a salon and day spa with professional beauty artists. I was not exceptional; I, too, am guilty of relying on beauty experts and let them handle skincare routines and hairstyling for me.

Since we are staying at home for our safety and as well as others due to COVID 19, thankfully, I sought advice to my friend, who is a fan of homemade beauty products and DIY. I told her about my main problem, which is dryness. Irritations come next after the drought. I started feeling a little dry in my hands and nails. Then I observed dryness in my face. Staying at home is not as easy as it may seem, especially when you cannot go to your favorite salon and spa treatment.

So, my friend told me that my beauty problem is not a matter of life and death. Meaning, there are home remedies that I can do to prevent irritations due to dryness.

At first, I was hesitant to try DIY beauty remedies. But I cannot let these problems be a hindrance to my beauty routine. So I tried and experimented with a few homemade beauty remedies while staying at home is the most important.

Staying at Home DIY Benefits

Staying at home can be difficult when you are not used to doing it. So one way to enjoy staying at home and have benefited out of it, I tried the following DIY beauty remedies:

Hand Moisturizers

The most obvious problem I have while staying at home is dry hands, which cause my hands to be irritating.

When you want your hands to be clean and moisturized at the same time, you can use a mixture of olive and avocado oil. This homemade cream should cover your hands at night and put some gloves or wrap your hands with towels so you can get the best results.

Avocado Face Masks


I am surprised that a face mask can be done at home. Just using avocado and honey, you can make a face mask. This type of face mask can nourish and moisturize your hair. Mixing avocado and a teaspoon of honey can give you radiant facial skin. Then in my next application after a week, I added a tablespoon of plain yogurt. Why? Because I want to have an extra glow to my skin.

Loving My Nails

Of course, who would deny making your nails look polished all the time? Do not be selfish with self-care while staying at home. At first, you will not see the difference between your nails without a manicure. So this is a fair warning to you ladies. You should really give time to your nails if you do not want to have nails like a crap.

So here is what I did to my nails while staying at home.

  1. The first thing I do is make sure that I wash my hands properly, and no hand cream applied. Why? Because it will be hard for you to continue doing manicures. Then I see to it that I remove old polish. I am used to polishing my nails.
  2. I am then checking my nails if it is too long. If it is too long, I make sure to clip or cut it according to the shape that I wanted. For instance, if I want it to be oblong or square, I just need a filing tool to perfect the form.
  3. If my nails are well cut and shaped, I started to apply a thin layer of clear base coat. It will keep the first layer of nail polish to be absorbed.
  4. When I applied nail polish, I saw that there were no unpainted gaps between the sides of my nails and skin.
  5. But I am not done yet! After the first coat, I am ready to apply the second coat. I just follow the shape of the previous first coat. Make sure you move fast, and you do everything right.
  6. Now, for the final touch, I will apply a clear coat to maintain the beauty and style of nail polish—no worries about the polish to my skin. Just make sure you have a remover soaked into nail polish remover to remove excess polish besides the base of your nail.

Use SPF cream.

Staying at home does not mean that you are protected from UVA and UVB. Sunlight does not only have harmful and damaging effects on your skin. Take note of the light coming from your mobile phones and computers. Did you know that lights coming from your gadgets may harm your skin? Well, I admit before knowing this, I have no intention of using SPF cream to my face. But when I found out about this, I became cautious of putting in some SPF cream. I highly recommend such cream with sunscreen that can protect your skin. It is also better to use an SPF cream that can go along over your makeup.

Tame those eyebrows.


An obvious problem of each lady is maintaining those eyebrows. Well, for me, it is not a big deal because my eyebrows are well maintained. Since I started to go to the salon, I decided to retain the shape and thickness of my brows. You do not want to experience getting out of hand those eyebrows of yours.

So how will you do it on your own since staying at home can give you fuzzy eyebrows? First, you need to brush it up using a brow brush. If you see some strays from below your brow line and between brows, those hairs need to be plucked. Be patient when doing this and do not attempt to experiment for shape. Just focus on how you will clean the messy hairs below your brows. Well, you have all the time since staying at home is the new normal thing now.

Aside from eyebrows, you will start to notice unwanted facial hair. In my case, when I began seeing unwanted hair, I used a particular type of razor to remove fine hairs instead. Well, I do not expect it like a professional service of hair removal. But at least I tried beauty tips to bring beauty in me.

Frizzy hair no more


Do not expect that you will have gorgeous hair when you stay at home. At first, I ignored my hair. I did not bother myself to check the colors and texture of my hair. So when I noticed it and I was shocked by the results. My hair is not the same as before.

I started to think of some remedies to treat damages and to maintain the color of my hair. Aside from not shampooing most of the time, I began to use a dry shampoo. A good brand of dry shampoo can help you extend your time between washes.

But still, my hair is kind of kinky, and it looks unhealthy since staying at home prevents me from going to the hair salon and spa. So to make sure that no more frizzy hair, I used some hair serum to restore and add moisture overnight.

I understand that staying at home will make you feel bored. When I get bored, I look into some hairstyles online and how to do it. But I did not cut my hair, though. I just look into some hair accessories. I tried wearing headbands, hair clips, and checking on hair color, imagining what hair color will suit my skin tone and type of hair.

Sharing My Thoughts on Staying at Home

Staying at home does not excuse you for physical fitness, exercise, and workout. Aside from beauty tips, you should make time on how to train your body muscles.

In my case, I engage myself with exercises. Remember that body movement are essential to maintain proper blood flow in your body. Getting adequate sleep before midnight is one of the beauty secrets that you should not ditch out.

Work From Home Outfits: Clever Outfit Ideas while Staying at Home


Work from home outfits is one of the craziest ideas while staying at home and following strict home quarantine because of the coronavirus. Professionals are not used in wearing pajamas while working through it has a comfortable feeling.

Work from home outfits is possible, but of course, it has limitations. Unlike the formal outfit and office styles, work from home outfits should be comfortable and cozy. You do not need to think of complying with what to wear. But believe that you need to feel comfortable but not too comfy that you will be lazy in doing your work.

There is no doubt that everyone is staying at home. Even freelancers and influencers need to work from home. Adapting in this new normal is hard, but take it as a new challenge, and coping with it needs a little encouragement.


Thinking of some encouragement, work from home outfits do not need to be extravagant. You just need to be comfortable, like I said a while ago. There are no specific criteria.

Also, it does not become harmful to incorporate some traditional style as long as you are comfortable.

Well, for me, I have some bright ideas for work from home outfits. My old fashion statement is awkward for others but wearing it at home as work from home outfits is a different story.

Clever Ideas for Work from Home Outfits

After almost two months of staying at home and continuing the self-quarantine to fight the coronavirus pandemic, it feels good to have outfit ideas that will work fine as work from home outfits.


Shirt Dress or maxi dress? Well, you can wear both without causing trouble while working. There are lots of dresses that you can try on while working at home.

But for me, a shirtdress and maxi dress gave me satisfaction and another level of comfort while working.

A shirtdress is quick and easy to wear. It does not need ironing, and most of my shirtdresses are made of cotton garments.

The maxi dress is longer than any dresses. It is an option for me when I want to wear a sweatshirt that will add heat since the maxi dress will make you feel more cooling than any other suit.

Layered Outfits

Speaking of sweatshirts over a maxi dress, how about layering your clothes for more style?


I tried the layered work from home outfits. I experimented and played around layering and wearing a bright shirt under my favorite tee. Then I wear some joggers. Perfect mixing and matching of clothes is a new discovery for me since work from home is the new normal thing right now.

How about jeans and a sweater? It is another level of layered work from home outfits. But if you feel a little hot, then this outfit is not suitable for you if you are working at home.


Trying midi skirt and cardigan can be a playful outfit if you are trying to a new trend at home. Well, as for me, it is fun to experiment on layered work from home outfits. You can also wear short instead of a midi skirt.

To feel the coming spring season, you can opt to wear white pants. This is ideal when you are just staying at home, and your only worry is getting stains from the food you are eating. Since spring is coming and summer is almost at hand, a blazer over a slip dress can be the perfect outfit. The summer dresses and styles will complete your summer work from home outfits.

Are you looking for prints and designs? You can wear plaid pants and a wrap top. It is an eye-catching combination, and you are going to love this. Choose a print that can easily be paired with your other clothes. The power of mixing and matching depends on your chosen prints and designs.

Leveling Up your Styles and Outfits

When boredom strikes me, I make outfits that will slay other fashion styles of work from home outfits. For instance, a jumpsuit and sweater can be a good pair as long as a belt is wrapped around your body. The midsection belt will give emphasized your curves and shapes.

A boiler suit can be stylish when blazer and leggings are paired with it. Then some hair accessories can give your fashion style more attractive and a little bit of sparkle.

Of course, the classic will be the best outfit like jeans and a t-shirt, but you can level it up with a button-down jacket or blazer. It will work well with your work from home outfits.

Sharing My Thoughts

Work-from-home-outfits-004Another fashion is emerging in the form of work from home outfits. This style can be trendy now that everyone around the world is strictly following the stay at home new typical to control the spread of coronavirus.

But self quarantining cannot stop our fashion. As a matter of fact, style can be adapt from each scenario given the seasons coming to us. There are many options and no rules when you are making your own fashion statement as long as it will make you feel better and uplift your personality.