Body Shape Workout at Home: Effective Exercises for Fat Loss!


The body shape workout at home will blow away your mind if you are wondering how to get to the gym now that a pandemic crisis is ongoing. Exercises at home can allow you to stay in shape and maintain to be physically fit. Yes, it is possible to have your body shape workout at home.

The body shape workout at home can give you a daily sweat like you used to have when kicking the gym. Now you will be asking what the exercises you can do for shaping your body are. 


There are many workouts for body shape, and you can do it. I suggest you should start with basic since it is the beginning of your daily routine exercises. 

As for me, my first try of the body shape workout at home is not that easy. I faced difficulties perfecting the routines. But guess what, I overcame it after a while. My body got used to it, and with the daily routine, it changes my body shape. No more body fats and cellulitis are awkward while wearing shorts and mini skirts. 

The difficulties that I faced for the first few weeks are mostly about the time and familiarity of the movements. So I looked into different methods on how to perform body shape workout without getting injured.

How to Do Effective Body Shape Workout

Now, before getting started, there are a few things that you need to prepare and consider.

First, you need to have enough space, such as your living room. Also, you need to see if you have some substitute for equipment for the workout you will be engaging in. 


Body-Shape-Workout-at-Home-Effective-05I know you are familiar with the deadlift terminology. For the body shape workout at home, you want to try the single-leg deadlift. This workout is best for the body as you will be working your back, especially the glutes, hamstring, and back muscles. Also, this exercise improved balance for women.

To perform:

  1. Your starting position is standing on your left foot while holding a pair of dumbbells.
  2. Then lift your right foot behind you while bending your knee. This position will make your right lower leg parallel to the floor. Make sure that you keep your core engaged and your chest up during the entire movement.
  3. Next is to bend forward at your hips while lowering your body slowly. Do not push yourself in this position. 
  4. After that, push your body back to your starting position. While doing this, use your glutes to push your hips forward. Repeat this workout for 10.


Aside from deadlift, you can perform a plank. This body shape workout targets your deep inner core muscles or the abs muscles. The side plant is a good exercise that will stabilize your spine and power your workouts.

To perform:

  1. Start this workout by lying on your left side with your knees straight.
  2. Then prop your upper body on your sides with your left elbow and forearm.
  3. While in this position, raise your hips until forming a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders. Be still in this position for 30 seconds. As you progress, you can add up between 45 to 60 seconds per side.
  4. Afterward, turn to your right side and repeat from the beginning. 

Push Up


Do you want to burn more calories than performing a side plank? Well, doing a pushup workout can make your entire body move. The muscles are working to burn more calories and body fats. This exercise trains your body to function in a pattern that improves performance for the whole duration of body shape workout.

To perform:

  1. Your starting position is your hands and feet on the floor. The distance should be more extensive than your shoulders but in line. The feet are close together.
  2. Then keep your hips lifted, and your core braced the entire time. While in this position, lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. 
  3. After that, push yourself back to the starting position. Fifteen repetitions can make the perfect push up workout for you.

High-Intensity Interval Training

This workout will need more of your power and strength. High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is one of my favorite exercises. For women, there are different levels, and this time we should start for beginners. So you would ask why HIIT? This workout will only need a shorter amount of time or a slow endurance exercise. But performing HIIT should only be twice a week or alternate with your other choice of body shape workout.

In HIIT, you will need cardio equipment like jumping rope, treadmill, bike, etc. Then for the duration, you can perform 3 minutes, but it will give you only half of the maximum effect. Other options are like 20 seconds for a 75% max effect and 10 seconds for the 100% max effort. You can repeat it ten times.


sfO4NGl5Rmh5weqgsdStep up targets the muscles of your glutes and hamstrings. It creates more muscular legs and a tighter booty, which makes this workout one of the best exercises. The body shape workout performing the step-up required an excellent knee resistance. 

To perform:

  1. Your starting position is standing in front of a bench. Then place your left foot firmly on the step.
  2. While in this position, keep your chest up and your core engaged the entire time. By pressing your left foot into the step, it will push your body up until your left leg is straight.
  3. Afterward, lower your body back down until the right foot touches the floor. Do ten repetitions per side. Make sure you will not lose the balance and avoid leaning too forward or backward.


Body shape workout can be seen in your glutes and back muscles. Perfect leg workout for women helps to create sculpted butt. But, the bridge workout will improve this exercise.

To perform:

  1. Your starting position is lying on the floor, face up with the knees bent. Make sure your feet stay flat on the floor.
  2. Then raise your body to form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees.
  3. While in this position, lower your body to go back to the starting position. Do 20 repetitions for this.

How does it affect our bodies?

Performing the body shape workout it will give your body movements and a lot of cardio. Following the routines will help you lessen the tension and schedule the perfect body shape workout.

The cardio workout will help you lose fat faster than other exercises. It also helps build strength. When you do workout for your core and lower body, you are building power for your entire body.


While doing the workout for your perfect body shape, make sure that your movements are focused on the target muscles. Also, you can perform other exercises alternately. It will prevent you from getting boring.

To work out your lower body, make sure you are performing lunges and high knees to get the best result. It will also train your body on how to achieve balance. 

For the core, the workouts for this muscle group do not require equipment. These kinds of exercises are the easiest to perform at home. Since no equipment is needed, you can perform variations of the workouts for the core. 

To increase flexibility, you can perform several yoga poses. Yoga calms our muscles and improves brain function. With this, it also benefits our digestive systems and boosts immunity.

Sharing My Thoughts

Each body shape workout has effects on our body. Regularly doing it increases muscle mass and helps our body lose body fats. An at-home workout is an excellent alternative to doing exercises in the gym. It is also more convenient for the reason that body shape workout at home will give you the perfect sweat.

Chest Workout at Home: Pump Up Those Muscles with 1-week Training


Chest workout at home is a goal since most of us are staying indoors, and hitting the gym is impossible. It is one of the exercises that you should try now that going to the gym is prohibited for the time being. Being at home is not bad, after all.

Chest workout at home can make you build muscles to your upper body in less than a week. It defines the need for your muscles to have some exercise. Imagine being at home and doing some workout that will give your muscles a stretch. Well, this is it.

Years ago, bodybuilders performed the chest workout at home. It is training between sets to improve muscle mass and build more strength for a more advanced workout.

The chest workout at home is more likely the same performance at the gym. Building new meat on your pecs is a new transformation after quarantine, so hold on tight with your t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Why are chest muscles important?

Muscles in your pecs are essential, like other muscle groups in the body. Chest muscles consist of two primary muscles – the pectoralis major and minor. This is why we call chest muscles, “pecs.”


These muscles do not rest in the upper body for anything. The chest muscles attached to the shoulder and breastbone. Without these muscles, we cannot move our joints and hands, which means, how can we do our daily activities without our pecs?

Doing the Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment

Doing daily routines at home and work, basically everywhere, chest muscles are what we need. It supports our upper body for basic and complex movements. This is why we need some workout for our chest to maintain strength and increase power.

No equipment? No problem with that because you can perform a chest workout at home without equipment.


Push-ups are the most common exercise you can do for your pecs; This is a classic workout but with excellent results. This training is for upper body workout to develop chest muscles. Do you want to know the technique? Make sure to use a wide grip.


For a beginner, a regular push-up can be challenging. So here are some ways to start with, so your chest workout at home will not stress you out.

Incline Push up

This push up will help you to have less body weight while doing a chest workout. Remember, the steeper the incline, the less pressure your pecs receive.

Decline Push up

On the contrary, a decline pushes up targets your upper chest. It is not for a beginner to perform. If you have a decline push up as your chest workout at home, more bodyweight will go to your upper chest. Do you think you are okay with this?

The push-ups, as your chest workout at home, can have many variations aside from incline and decline. You can have clap push-ups. This movement gives your pecs a different pressure compared to regular push-ups.

In push-ups, a slow movement to pay attention while correcting the form of your body will have great conditioning results. Before doing another complex chest workout at home, this workout can increase muscle mass. Just by lowering yourself slowly and pushing it back to your starting position, it will definitely give your muscles impact.

Chest Workout with Equipment at Home

Workout equipment can be done at home, and you will be surprised by the quick result. At first, you will hesitate to do some workout at home because you will imagine big workout machines and equipment.

But the chest workout at home only needs equipment that is easy to carry. Just make sure you will have enough space for your workout.

Chest Press using Dumbbellsdumbbell-chest54gh

  1. Your starting position is lying on a flat bench with your hands holding the dumbbells at your side.
  2. Next, stretch your arms over your shoulder. The length should be the same as your shoulder.
  3. Then, descend your elbow slowly, which is parallel to the floor with a 90-degree angle. Inhale while doing this.
  4. Afterward, push the weights back up and exhale. Return to your starting position.

Like push-ups, the chest press has two variations – incline and decline formation.

In incline chest press, you can still use the dumbbells.

  1. Your starting point is lying on a bench with an incline dumbbell in each hand.
  2. Next, lift the dumbbells shoulder-width apart, arms extended, and rotate your wrists so that the palms of your hands are facing each other.
  3. Then, stay in control of the dumbbells at all times and lower the weights while inhaling slowly.
  4. Push the dumbbells upwards using the pressure coming from your pecs.

In decline chest press, the routine is opposite with the incline, but dumbbells will be your equipment.

  1. Before lying down with the dumbbells in each hand, make sure to secure your legs at the end of the declined bench.
  2. While lying down, move the dumbbells above your shoulders. It should be facing each other.
  3. Lower the weights slowly with your elbows parallel to the floor.
  4. Then bring the dumbbells up while exhaling. Your pecs should be contracting in doing this chest workout at home.

Chest Fly

  1. Your starting position is lying on a flat bench with the dumbbells in each hand, facing each other.
  2. Next, extend the arms above your chest, keeping it shoulder-width apart and your elbows flexible at all times.
  3. Then lower your arms on both sides, forming a wide arc to feel a stretch in your chest.
  4. After that, bring the dumbbells back upwards.

Make sure that this movement should be on the level of the shoulder joint. Not the arms and elbows.

Sharing My Thoughts

Indeed, the chest workout at home is just the basics of more advanced and sophisticated exercises. But the impact of this workout can be seen in just a week. If the routines are correctly done, the results will exceed your expectations. However, the exercise should not stress you out to lose weight instantly.

Home Workout Plans for Busy Mothers: Easy, Fast Routines to Burn Fats


Home workout plans for busy mothers should consist of simple routines. Considering different workloads in the office, you will have lesser times for other things like workouts or exercises.

Home workout plans for busy mothers are exercises that will not consume so much time. The workout should be performed within 30 minutes to burn some calories. Therefore, choosing a set of activities to do should be based on quality rather than quantity.

Most mothers do not need weights. Everyday household chores like doing laundry can be useful to train to lift. Cleaning around the house can burn some calories with all the floor sweeping and mopping.

But for best results, nothing can beat the workout being done in the gym. However, you can do the same at home by using some of the things in your house.

Home-Workout-Plans-for-Busy-Mothers 002

Workouts for Moms


Circuit at-home is one of the home workout plans for busy mothers. While their kids are focused on their homework, a towel is the best tool if you will perform a circuit. This workout can benefit your lower body with 15 repetitions of hamstring curls; upper body by doing 10 repetitions of push-ups; lower body with 20 repetitions of jump lunge; and finally, the core muscles with towel pikes of 15 repetitions.

If you can spend some time going to the gym, mothers can do some circuit exercises. For 30 minutes, they can do 12 repetitions each of barbell thrusters, dumbbell squat and Press, single-leg dumbbell deadlifts, and push up with knee tuck.

Do the towel hamstring curls.


Multi-tasking is a regular thing being a mother. So doing a workout is a good thing as a stress reliever. How to do it?

  1. To begin, bent your knees and heels backward using a towel on the floor.
  2. Lift your hips and squeeze your glutes by performing a bridge.
  3. While your hip is at full extension, extend your legs by pushing your heels out as far as you can.
  4. Make sure your glutes are not touching the ground.
  5. Once your legs are extended, engage your hamstrings then move your heels into the ground.
  6. Next is lift your hips and pull back in towards the body.

Finish push up with clapping.


Let us add some routine while doing a push-up. If getting the fats is the problem, mothers can do a push up in between free time. For better results, here are the steps on how you achieve it.

  1. Your starting position is the traditional push-up. Make sure that your hands are more extensive than shoulder length, and your elbows should be around 45 degrees.
  2. While doing a push-up, squeeze your glutes, core, and lower your body at the same time.
  3. Perform the push up with clapping of both hands while pushing up yourself. It is a challenging routine to add to your workout.

Jump from a lunge position.

Jumping from a lunge position 005

Since being a mother is taking a toll with body shape and weight, making a jump lunge is one of the home workout plans for busy mothers. Mothers can try this exercise to get rid of extra calories and fats.

First, prepare your body in a lunge position:

  1. While standing straight and tall, take a step forward with your right leg.
  2. Then bend your knees about 90 degrees. While doing this, the right knee should be aligned with your ankle.
  3. The left knee is hovering over the ground.

Then ready your body in a jump position:

  1. While in a lunge position, jump into the air.
  2. Then alternate your legs while in the air so you can reach the ground with your other leg in the front position.
  3. Alternate the legs in each repetition.

Squat and Press using a dumbbell.

Squat and Press using a dumbbell10

For some busy mothers, doing squats and Press is one of the effective workout plans, and below are the simple steps to achieve it.

  1. Bend your one leg slightly and lower your torso to extend your upper body forward with your opposite leg behind.
  2. Make sure your body is hinging from the hip and glute.
  3. Maintain a neutral spine position throughout the exercise.
  4. Hold your dumbbells close to your body and lower to the ground. While doing this, be sure to stop around knee height.
  5. Make sure you feel stretched to your leg muscles and gluteal area.
  6. Afterward, you can pull the hips through. Then return to your position by standing up tall.

Quick Workout Plans for Mothers

We understand those busy mothers have no time to go to the gym. So these quick home workout plans for working mothers are essentials like preparing healthy food.

One way to burn calories and fats for busy moms is these 10-minute workouts using a jumping rope.

How to finish the 10-minute workout?

Using a rope, stand with your feet together. Then jump as high to clear the line under your feet. Land softly with knees slightly bent and aimed for one bounce per swing of the rope. You can do this for 2 minutes.

After that, land with your feet together, then the next jump, land with your feet apart. For two minutes, you can do this – the jumping jacks.

Now, let us level up with a little difficulty.

You can do squats with curls. It is a 30-second squat, so it should be quick. While standing with feet apart, make sure that it is shoulder-width apart before double up your jump rope. Then hold it down in front of your thighs with palms facing out. Bend your knees and lower your butt like you are going to sit in a chair. This is the squat position and maintains this position for a count of two with your elbow bend. Then you can start in your place and repeat this routine in 30 seconds.

You can do the jumping rope alternately for 2 minutes. Just hop first on your right leg for 10 seconds then do the same to your left. You can continue this alternately for every 10 seconds.

Okay, now that you know the squat position in jumping rope, you can do another routine with it. Doing a squat with overhead raise, you will need to have your elbows bent while holding the rope at shoulder height. Make this with your palms facing out and straightening your arms overhead. Count to two while maintaining this position and return to start. You can repeat and complete this routine for 30 seconds.

Afterward, you can jog for 2 minutes. Landing on your right foot, then the other foot is the right way to jog while jumping rope. Tiring, but you will enjoy it, so look closely at your watch.

Jumping rope is one of the home workout plans for busy mothers. So as the finale, you can do a high-knee march. For 30 seconds, you can do this by putting your rope to the side for this cool-down interval. Then you can march in place and bring your knees up to your thighs and parallel to the ground.  Then your elbows should be bent and swing your arms with each step. And you can return to your starting position.

Our Insights

Mothers should not be weary if you cannot go to the gym. With these home workout plans for busy mothers, you can do shortcut workouts but will burn calories and fats. Make sure you are in good condition, and all the household chores are settled before starting any of these.

Bodyweight Moves for Smaller Guys – What you need to know


Bodyweight moves for smaller guys are worth trying as long as you are not taller than 5 feet 8 inches height. Smaller guys can do many bodyweight movements. Can you imagine you are making some moves like squats, bench presses, and deadlifts?

Bodyweight moves for smaller guys can be achieved when you observe proper repetitions. You may also need to consider the range of motion since shorter guys can do different movements without causing injuries.

It is unusual to have workouts for smaller guys. Bodyweight moves for smaller guys are far from bigger guys. Well, this is an advantage for shorter guys.

Now, what are the workouts for smaller guys, and how can you perfect the bodyweight for smaller guys? You can do many things when you are below the average height of men.

Bodyweight Moves for Smaller Guys

If you are one of the smaller men and want to know what bodyweight you can do, here are the best and easiest workout plan for you. Our tips for smaller guys will explain that there are many moves you can do compared to taller guys. You can practice different bodyweight moves without getting fatigued, and you will be encouraged because there are lots of simple routines for smaller men.

Remember, as one of the bodyweight moves for smaller guys; you can do lift. You can add more tension per set as well as additional time for the routine. You will need strength and conditioning routine to improve muscular stabilization on both sides of the body. It will keep your muscle fibers under tension for longer.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of being a small guy is your hands are too small, and the grip of the bar might be too big for your hands. Given that you are short in height, you can find that pulling exercises using your back and legs are too weak. You can overcome this by practicing the move with these lifts regularly.


Plunk Pushup

Any men with different height and build are encouraged to do pushups. So why, pushup? Because pushup is a great way to give more impact to your joints and tissue if you want to build some muscles. However, be careful to follow proper moves to avoid risking injury. If you are a smaller man, how will you do it? Make sure you are pressing the floor while in the position of pushup until your hands leave the ground. Then make a clap, but be careful if you will do this; make sure your hands will land to where they started and prepare to cushion the landing.


One of the exercises you can do if you are short in height is squat. Because when you have long legs and ranges of motion, squats, especially a pistol, are impossible to perform. Even if you have an average height, the squat sometimes is impossible to perfect. But this move is essential so your one leg at a time and can correct size and symmetry imbalances.

What tricks can you do when you are doing squat? Make sure you are holding your leg in front of you, using both your arms extended for counterbalance. Then sit back on your grounded leg and slowly make a squat. Keep your knee cave outward and reach for your full depth while returning to your position.


Do not forget that pushup is a package of strength, control, and stability. But when you have a small height, your arms are shorter, and your body weight is lighter. It will be a real struggle, especially if you are overweight.

To successfully do a pushup when you are smaller men, make sure your hands are on the floor, next to your head and kick up, so your feet are resting against the wall. Your arms should be far from your hands or slightly wider than your shoulder width. Then slide up and down the wall while performing inverted presses. Make it a point that your head can nearly reach the floor. For safety, place a mat under your contact pin.

Dragon Fly

1007Why choose dragonflies when you are smaller men? Even if you are short in height, bodyweight moves for smaller size when you do dragonfly, it gives pressure to your core and makes strain on the lower back.

To make this move, make your starting position by setting up on the floor with your hands secured around an immovable object. Then lever your entire body up as one rigid unit until you reach a vertical position and lowering yourself on the floor. It makes your abs brace, but make sure you are not breaking any parts of your body, especially from shoulders to toes.

Ab Workout

For short men, bodyweight moves for smaller guys can have a direct effect on your ab. The core strength can hurt your lower back, but doing it using an ab wheel can make a difference. Your rib cage should stay and lead your hips toward the floor while kneeling on the floor. It should make a full extension pulling your arms and bringing the wheel back in.

Ring Dipbody

It is another workout routine when you are trying to find bodyweight moves for smaller guys. This movement creates an immense amount of instability, which results in damage. So, a workout that is easier for guys to reduce the range of motion.

It is one of the exercises that you can perform efficiently. Make sure that you keep your shoulders brushing the straps, which can hold the rings at all times. It is like rubbing against you with complete repetitions.


NDup0ehrXBIf you are doing a pushup, you will need to do some pullups. Why pullup? When you are doing a pullup, it is like lifting your chest all the way up that requires a more exaggerated range of motion. It can give you more contractions.

To do it, make sure you are starting from a dead hang position. Then pull simultaneously with your body facing the ceiling. Make sure that your body is as horizontal as possible, combining a pullup with an inverted row. Then make contact on the lower chest before returning to the starting position.

Our Insights

Trying to get your body fit and healthy, when you are seeking the bodyweight moves for smaller guys, you should consider doing it regularly and with guidance from your fitness instructor. So any of your movements will not cause injuries.

Powerlifting Equates to Building Strong Muscles and Gaining Strength


Powerlifting is all about strength. When you need to improve your strength, you may need to know how to do powerlifting. Powerlifters are the ones who do this exercise, and they should be capable of lifting even the heaviest weights.

Powerlifting is all about strengthPowerlifting allows you to build more muscles and, of course, burn fats. You can compare it with squat, bench press or deadlift. But powerlifting strengthens your skeleton; therefore, reduce the risk of injury during sports activities.

When doing powerlifting, you will need to focus on your strength and proper posture. There is a powerlifting routine that might improve your skeletal muscle. For instance, you can do squat to work on your legs and hips. Then, perform some deadlifts to strengthen your back and legs. And for your upper body, you can have bench press. These are exercises that can assist you in improving your powerlifting.

Another advantage of doing powerlifting is burning calories and fats. Given this as intense and resistance training, your metabolism will improve, which affects burning calories and fats.

What is powerlifting if it does not build stronger muscles. Problems with skeletal health result in osteoporosis. One way to combat this health issue is to practice resistance training. Resistance training, like powerlifting, increases bone mineral density. It also reduces risk factors affecting bone health.

Powerlifting is one of the athletes’ choices to improve their speed and ability to jump vertically. If you want to run faster or jump higher, build a bigger squat through powerlifting. The strength of your back is essential for many other activities, including martial arts, wrestling and fighting.

Best Techniques for Powerlifting

Best Techniques for Powerlifting

Partial repetitions are high for developing strength and allow you to lift more than usual. Also, they can build strength during your weak point to perform better. But to improve powerlifting, you will need to use a power rack to lockout position in this exercise. Also, the area of your movement should have the appropriate training for the assigned repetitions.

More so, proper handling of weight is essential if you want to handle a massive amount of weight. You will still need the assistance of a power rack to lock out whatever position of a movement you need working on.

Variations of Powerlifting

Farmers Walk

Farmers Walk

As of powerlifting variations, this helps you to build overall strength and sufficient grip.

How to do it: You can do the farmers walk by grabbing two dumbbells and walk around with them.

Farmers walk exercise looks plain and simple, but the longer you do this; it will improve your grip strength. Also, it builds muscles in the abs, legs, and shoulders, meaning you build strength in your whole body. You can try other tools to increase your grip strength.


squats powerlifting

As one of the core exercises in powerlifting, the squat is going to be one of the significant workouts in your routine if you’re a powerlifter. It increases your lifting strength. It helps with everyday activities like lifting objects, or if you have to help someone move.

Squats are one of the three most essential lifts in powerlifting, and they are crucial to your success. They are critical to building core strength and improving your overall strength.

Power Cleans

This variation of powerlifting works great for your lower and upper body. These are great for powerlifters, weightlifters and bodybuilders because of the compound exercises aside from lifting. So before trying it out, it will be best for you if you know how to do them. Otherwise, you will be at a higher risk of hurting your muscle joint.



Doing push up is not necessarily means that you are doing a powerlifting exercise. You can do pushups in your house without any equipment at all. Why is it essential in powerlifting? In powerlifting, you need a lot of chest strength for the bench press. Pushups can be useful for warming up your upper body to get ready for big bench lifts. Even for beginners, it is relatively easy, and they are a great way to warm up and avoid injury.

Overhead Press

Overhead Press

Compared to other powerlifting exercises, this needs less main powerlifting workouts. The overhead press mostly works your shoulders and chest. It helps you gain overall upper body strength. Also, it improves building strength to improve your bench press.

Injuries from powerlifting are a lot common to acquire than injuries for bodybuilders or casual weightlifters. It usually depends on how much weight you lift at once. Lifts like the overhead press and bench press, where you’re lifting the weight above your body, are even more dangerous. It is because there’s the risk of the load falling onto you, potentially causing colossal injury.

It is a different exercise for powerlifting, but it is highly intensive. Though it may look simple, it is worth trying. Aside from building muscles, this exercise is cardio intensive.

What you will need are hammer and tire. Take the stick over your shoulders and slam it into the tire. You can repeat this for more tension.

While doing this, it works out most of your muscles to your body. Just brace yourself with your legs and your entire upper body and core muscles when you swing the hammer.

Bench Press

Bench Press

The bench press is the first of the three main powerlifting exercises. While there is a core group of powerlifting workouts, there are thousands of activities that will build your strength.

Bench presses give strength to your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Put a few weight plates on your bar, lie down on the bench flat, and pull the weight up and down vertically. Push down through your feet, which must be touching the ground.

Remember, it is vital to keep a perfect posture, even if you have to carry a lighter weight of just one or two plates.

Bench pressing is considered to be one of the most critical lifts within the fitness community. It is in part due to the raw strength that it takes to perform, as well as building multiple muscle groups.

Bent-Over Row

Bent-Over Row

If you want to do some workouts on your lats and upper-middle back, you will need to do the bent-over row. Bent over rows helps you increase the strength for deadlift. It is excellent for core and lumbar strength. Strengthening this area is essential, not just if you’re a powerlifter or weightlifter. It is necessary to avoid injury in daily tasks.

How to do it: Start by bending over and holding the barbell. Next, pull the bar to your chest level and drop it back into the first position. Maintain a good posture and make a set of 10 to 20, and finish a few sets of that.



One of the three core exercises of powerlifting. It may look complicated, but in reality, it’s easy to master. Though it is more complicated than some other activities, mostly because of how many variations there are for it. Your stance starts by lifting a massive weight off of the ground with no momentum, and it’s hard.

Deadlifting can cause injuries to your back and legs if you do it wrong. Always make sure you’re lifting safely, have a spotter, or at the very least, have someone in the gym with you.


Perfect Forward Lunge

Lunges work your hams and quads and will stretch your hips out. One of the great exercises is walking lunges. Building your leg muscles is vital for powerlifting because 2 out of the 3 main workouts involve leg strength. Having strong legs is beneficial outside the gym too.

What is the advantage of doing it?

Advantages of Powerlifting

It focuses and builds strength.

Getting stronger is beneficial to any fitness-related goal, from building muscle to burning fat. For the powerlifter, everything starts and ends with strength. Different purposes usually require focusing on other qualities in addition to power, but building a good base of resistance should be a big part of your focus.

It improves good posture.

Powerlifters emphasize good form. And the excellent way in powerlifting means using a full range of motion. While functional programming is essential, the best thing a trainer can do to help is teaching proper technique. What separates good trainers from bad trainers is the ability to get clients to execute the program well.

Powerlifters take the time, in the beginning, to hammer proper home techniques to the point where it becomes automatic before they worry about anything else. They know that the appropriate method is more effective and safer.

Stay focus and ditch out unnecessary movements.

Focus on your movements will increase the squat, bench, and deadlift. And the goal never changes. A successful powerlifting program has a great job of making sure that every muscle is working. In any case, the most successful people are those with clear and defined goals that stick to the same purpose for an extended period.

Lift the right weight for you.

A proper technique for powerlifting purposes is not always an adequate technique for physical appearance or performance training purposes. The powerlifting goal is to move as much weight as possible, whereas most non-powerlifters perform exercises intending to work specific parts of the body optimally.

In a nutshell

Indeed, powerlifting consists of compound movements that feel good to you. It means that you contact them working the areas you’re looking to work, and they don’t cause pain. You should not worry if the exercises you like are deemed to be preparatory exercises by the powerlifting.

If the powerlifters’ workout goal is to build a bigger chest, but you have never felt the bench press much in your pecs or benching gives you shoulder pain, you should be much better off switching to an incline press or a low-incline dumbbell press. More so, if squats bug your knees or lower back, or if you always seem to turn your squats into something that is more closely resembling a good morning despite working on your form, try front squats, Bulgarian split squats, or low-handle trap bar squats.

No Gym Workout for Perfect Summer Body in 7 days


No gym workout for seven days? It can happen, and you will be amazed at how you can achieve this body without going to the gym. You will see the results within seven days without squeezing your schedule to workout.

No gym workout can make your life easier, especially when you need to juggle your schedules to make sure everything is being done on time. This kind of exercise is useful, and the results can be seen quickly.

The no gym workout can be crazy as it may sound, but many recommend this workout, especially for professionals. What you need is to know the time and chance to perform it. In this workout, you don’t need to go to the gym or use the workout equipment. All you have to do is to make sure your body has enough preparation to perform no gym workout.

Set your Own Time

In every workout, time is the most crucial factor in assuring the success of your exercises. If you have no time for a workout, you will need the no gym workout. But when you get time for your workout, discipline is the key to perfect the no gym workout.

For no gym workout, time depends on your daily fitness and energy. Practically, our body has a different level of energy each day. And that particular situation will dictate us what workout we will perform.

As you can feel, when doing exercises, it helps our heart to burn more calories, which increases our metabolism. And as the process goes, it will give our body strength and our muscles to work on its own.

Small Tools for your Workout

No gym workout small tools like resistance bands or stress balls can give you more advantages to achieve quicker results. If you are results-oriented, you may want to invest in these tools. You don’t have to worry about the space it will require in your suitcase or bag. Since it is small, it needs a small storage space only.

Your No Gym Workout Starter Pack

Quick Jumping Jack plus Pushup

The combination of jumping and pushup is one of the workouts that require no gym. This combined exercise is what we call burpees. Fitness instructors recommend burpees if you are into no gym workout. The only requirement you will need to have is time and space if you don’t want to be a nuisance to everyone. This workout provides our body to have a short but intense physical activity.

No Chairs at the Office

Sitting versus standing, what do you prefer? You will choose to sit in the office. But if you think about the health benefits of standing once in a while, you will think twice. Because standing in the office is considered as one of the workouts if you have no time to attend gym classes. Taking a break and standing at the side of your work station can make a big difference in your health.

Planking and Wall Sit

Aside from pushups and jumping, you can do planking and wall sit. How to do this? An expert trainer recommends that you can do 30 seconds wall sit and then half minute planking. The only precaution that you will need to remember and avoid injury is to maintain good form while performing this no gym workout.

Smaller Thighs

No gym workout exercises target our thighs, and this is one of the reasons why women are into this kind of workout. Since going to the gym takes time, many are considering the no gym workout. But the trick to get smaller thighs is to use resistance bands to squeeze.

Take Advantage of your Weight

Your weight is your ultimate workout equipment. With the no gym workout, you can decide to do a full-body workout to maximize the time you have. You will have phasing when you do a full-body exercise. You will need 45 seconds for the training then 15 seconds for recovery and transition. A minimum of three rounds and a maximum of ten rounds for each exercise can give you the results you have been waiting for.

Take Stair Once in a While

I know that taking stairs going up and down can be exhausted. But making it a part of your daily exercises will pump up your heart for sure. Many personal trainers and coaches advise taking stairs rather than using the elevator. Except for rushing into meetings, you can add some routines while using stairs. You can combine this by doing lunges and squats.

Do some Chores and Make it a Habit

There is no harm in doing household chores like cleaning, laundry and simple gardening. When you do cleaning, isn’t it evident that you are doing a full-body exercise? From sweeping, mopping and scrubbing the tub, your core is pulling your body, and it keeps on challenging your muscles. Washing dishes can be a simple chore, but you can do a no gym workout with it. While doing this, you can raise your calf or stand on your toes. Do this to your legs alternately.

Couch Potato Workout

When you want something to be done, but at the same time you want to rest, then all you have to do is take advantage of the occasion. While doing couch potato, you can do a little exercise. All you have to do is do exercises during commercial segments like squats, pushups, lunges and crunches. Taking a rest like couch potato can be more exciting and fun if you add some twist like making a no gym workout routine.

Make Use of your Towels

When you hold your towel, you can perform these three exercises – the overhead, biceps and triceps and ab blaster. These exercises can repeat 10 times. For instance, while holding your towel overhead, you will need to bend side to side. Then you can also try to work your biceps and triceps. And the ab blaster can also be done using a towel. All of these exercises can be performed while seating. Repeat ten times, and you will feel your heart is pumping.

Stuck in Traffic

When you are stuck in traffic, you want to have other things to think rather than the red lights you see ahead of your way. So while you are in the traffic for almost an hour, you can do some exercise. You can work on your biceps and triceps by getting some weights if you are wise enough to store some of your 3-pound weights. But you can also get some bottled of water or resistance bands if you have one. You can start curling your arms towards your shoulder. Of course, you cannot do this while moving in the traffic though in moderate, safety first.

Your Take Away for No Gym Workout

Indeed, no gym workout helps many of us, and unconsciously we are doing some of these exercises regularly. Most of the time, we choose a high-intensity workout, but we don’t look for a simple routine first. Our goals in this simple exercise are to train our body to be flexible and resistant. Also, empowering cardio is our primary objective here. So if we do these mentioned above consciously while doing our other daily activities, then we are good to go. So that, even in simple exercises like no gym workout can build endurance to our muscles and flexibility.

Pushups Every day Improves Strength and Build More Muscles


Pushups every day have been categorized as the most common yet effective way to build more muscles. If you want to build more muscles and strength, then this one is for you. But is it a simple exercise?

Pushups every day can transform your body into a broader and stronger buildPushups every day can transform your body into a broader and stronger build. If you want to have the perfect pushups, there are techniques that you can use to perform it correctly.

Upper body workouts or pushups have many elements that you need to follow. For instance, I perform pushups every day. And there are fitness tips that I can share with you to master the basics. Over time you can handle more repetitions of pushups which have good results of perfect muscles in your chest, shoulders and triceps.

Pushups everyday can give you more muscles, increased strength and faster results of other workout routines that you will perform. In this article, we want you to learn the basic techniques of the perfect pushups every day you do it.

To be More Productive

Squeeze your core muscles and glutes.

Squeeze your core muscles and glutes.

When you want to avoid running around your spine and doing back pushups, you might need to squeeze your core. By pressing this can reduce the risk of injury and make engagements to your center. Push-ups can level your body to increase strength in your spine.

Who said that your glutes don’t need to have some exercises? If you don’t have the idea that your glutes are the most prominent muscle groups in your body, then you will need to think about how to work on it.

By doing pushups every day, it will improve posture, give you full-body tension and maintain the health of your spine. Thus, it will protect your back.

Put your elbows toward your sides.Put your elbows toward your sides.

When you do pushups every day, avoid flaring your two elbows outside. If you continue doing this, it will lead your shoulder and rotator to have some issues.

So instead of doing it, make sure that your elbows are at your sides with less space between your armpits. Then place your hands under your elbows while located under your shoulders. It will improve the long-term health of your shoulders. Also, it will create more motion in the shoulders and chest.

Position your hand like holding and pushing the floor.

Make your hand position in which your thumbs are facing each other. Next, open your fingers and grip the floor. It immediately creates more full-body tension, tightens the lats and your triceps. It will also help engage more upper-back muscles.

The common mistake of many while doing pushups every day is pushing the ground away from you. In this position, you will use more muscles and make the pushups more of a full-body exercise. The essence of doing pushups does not attain. Therefore, instead of pushing the ground or floor away from you, make the tensions in your body by trying to lift itself above the ground. It will make your muscles working in full extent.

Go up with your arms straighten and go down with your chest on the floor.

A bigger range of motion means more significant gains. When it comes to pushups every day, you will notice two things. You can go up until your arms are straight while pushing the floor. Then you can go down, but your chest should not rest on the floor.

Move your hips and shoulders, a lot.

And yes, you have to move your hips and shoulders. The more of your body can run over a greater distance; the more muscles will work. When I performed pushups, my body is not a straight line at the top of it. But it does mean my muscles get a better workout and I have my abs tighter, and there is no stress on my lower back.

Hold your back.

Speaking of back, pushups every day can make your back muscles tighter. After I enjoy doing pushups, it helps my back to be tight and keep my shoulder blades in form. It will bring less stress to your shoulder joint but making your chest and shoulder muscles work better.

Keep pressing the floor for your wrist.

Keep pressing the floor for your wrist.

Doing pushups every day with your hands on the floor can build stronger wrists, hands and flexible joints. In my case, I am familiar that I have weak wrists. So before I perform pushups every day, I see to it that I already have more strength and flexibility. But medical conditions like arthritis, doing pushups every day is not advisable.

Place your hands equivalent to shoulder width.

More extensive hands need to be in the same measure with your shoulder width. Otherwise, its more comprehensive hands will shorten the range of motion at the joints and place more stress on the wrists. This is not a proper position when doing pushups every day. That distance should be enough to go up while doing pushups.

Do some inward rotations of your upper arms.

Make some inward rotations for your upper arms will make your shoulder socket sort of like you are rotating the pit of your elbows forward. This slight rotation will place far more stress directly into your target muscles. While, it takes that same stress from the joints of your wrists, elbow and shoulder.

Our advice

Pushups every day can make a lot of difference towards many people. Many would say that this exercise can only build little strength and muscles before you need to use weights.

Well, those are other people’s opinions. But based on my experience, pushups every day are beyond strength and muscles. Pushups every day can build as more muscles and strength than any workout machines.

The secret is doing the perfect pushups every day is discipline and making a healthy diet. Though you are dedicated to having more strength and muscles, you will need to follow a healthy meal plan.

Based on my experience, doing pushups every day in right repetitions can lead to have more strength and build more muscles in the upper body.

Pushups are the Perfect Form of Exercise to Reduce Heart Attack


Pushups, for many, are an excellent way to make your body fit, stronger and to have balance. But do you wonder what pushups do to our bodies? Did you know why many choose this form of exercise rather than other workouts?

Pushups are the perfect form of exercise because it engages your body from top to bottom. In short, it works out your body for full performance – your muscle groups in your arms, chest, abdomen, hips and legs.

Modified pushups can also give you some progress. For instance, I tried adjusting the speed, angle of my body and my hand placement. While doing this, I add more or less intensity or focus on specific muscles.

And for what I have read in a published article, according to a study, pushups perform best with the hands placed halfway inward from their normal position. And also, hand placed outward work the triceps more.

When I read about this, I started to feel the difference. I noted the effects of pushups on my body, before and after. Here are a few of them.

Pushups give more strength to our overall performance.

When I do pushups, I observed that I begin to feel the burning encompassing in my muscle. I think that all my muscles are working to beat gravity.

In doing pushups, Major muscle groups, such as your biceps, core muscles, triceps, anterior deltoids and lower body muscle groups are activated to support your body while stabilizing your movements. It is what called a compound exercise as multiple muscle groups are used for this exercise.

It improves the health and vitality of our muscles.

But the muscles that I feel the pressure are my biceps and back muscles. As I lower myself to the floor, my back muscles are stretched right away. Then, as I push up myself, I started to feel my biceps in a full stretch. In this position, it improves health and flexibility for a solid foundation of the body.

Prevent injuries and builds an attractive appearance.

Perfect exercise like pushups protects my shoulders from injury and helps me get an attractive appearance. According to a study that I have read, the joint damage to our shoulders is a rotator cuff injury. As I have searched about it, I discover that one way to prevent is doing the proper pushups.

The standard pushups become one of the most effective ways to safeguard your shoulder joints from injury. This injury is common to older adults. Therefore, doing pushups can eliminate this injury by stabilizing muscles, which surround the rotator cuff joint. This area of the body is strengthened and conditioned for dynamic movements. It lowers the risk of having this injury by supporting the strength and health of primary and secondary shoulder muscles.

Other than that, I observed that I started to have good posture. Many take good posture or attractive appearance for granted, especially when it comes to shoulders and back. But for me, a good position is significant because it affects my health and my comfort as I age. Keep in mind that we are not going to be stuck in our age right now. So better invest in health as we grow old.

So when I started to do pushups, I discover that it gives strength to my core muscles. Our core muscles are responsible for providing us with good posture and an attractive appearance.

This is how it works: To properly hold our shoulders and back, our entire core must be strong enough to support its vertical positions. If you do proper pushups are executed, you will strengthen your muscles, which are responsible for supporting posture. Regular doing of pushups will make your body submit to have healthy and stable posture overtime. In my experience, it is the most advantage of doing pushups.

It helps to avoid lower back injuries and pain.

Pushups helps to avoid lower back injuries and pain.

Before I do pushups, I am aware of the pain in my lower back, and thankfully, I did not have any injuries. My lower back pain started in simple movement of my daily tasks. Some exercises also make my lower back pain. Then I searched for some activity that can prevent my lower back to be painful, and I found out that pushups can stabilize the movements of my torso.  And what I have experienced, it also strengthened my lower body. So, doing pushups cultivate muscles to reduce lower backpressure, which is essential to reduce low back injuries.

Pushups are time-saving and no-cost exercise.

All the while, I was worried that the work schedule I have, I will not be able to manage my time to do exercise. To balance work and training is something that needs adjustment. But later on, I figured out that doing pushups don’t need much time.

At first, I started to work on a few repetitions. Then later on as my body adapts the exercise, I made some modifications. And the results are amazing.

And what makes it the best exercise is because I did not spend some dimes on it. I watched videos on YouTube for basic pushups, as it is my first time to do it. Then, later on, I took the liberty to try more advanced pushups.

I realized that I don’t need to go to a world-class gym or use some expensive equipment to build strong muscles and overall excellent performance.

As I engage myself in pushups exercises, I effectively workout my major and minor muscle groups. Pushups provide the same benefits as a traditional full-body exercise performed at the gym on expensive equipment.

Pushups are more than muscles definition.

Other than muscles, I discover that pushups promote the human growth hormone. How does it work? In every movement of a pushup, you urge a wide array of primary and stabilizing muscles. Pushups involve more muscle mass over time, resulting in more excellent the production and release of a specific hormone known as HGH, or human growth hormone. By calling upon such a wide array of muscles, the creation of HGH is triggered, which ultimately results in muscle growth.

The most essential of doing pushups is to improve the cardiovascular system.What can I say about it?

The most essential of doing pushups is to improve the cardiovascular system. Honestly, this is the main reason why I am into pushups nowadays. As I mentioned earlier, pushups are classified as a compound exercise as it calls upon multiple muscle groups. So how does it relate to reducing heart attack?

A doctor of mine explained how it works. When you simultaneously engage large muscle groups, your heart must work harder to deliver oxygen-rich blood to muscle tissue. This activity results in an effective cardiovascular exercise, which supports heart health and promotes the reduction of stored body fat.

As records shoot up of those with heart disease and at the same time, heart attack incidences are increasing, it is crucial to be aware of how to prevent it. Pushups are one way to ensure our heart health. It is a simple process, but it is vital to incorporate into our daily routine.